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• Askmore Communications Ltd are one of the leading providers of

Telecommunication Equipment and associated services to Public Sector
Organisations and SME companies nationwide.

Askmore is a story of investment, innovation and customer service, but

above all the ability to deliver the tremendous benefits of modern day
communication techniques.

Askmore work with 6 product partners, each partner playing a key role
in the success of our business. We have carefully selected the partners
based on their ability to support our needs commercially and
technically in the field, as well as maintaining a high level of
investment in research and development of new products.

Askmore Communications Voice

We concentrate on the provision of high quality telecommunication
resources throughout an organisation’s internal infrastructure.
Whether it’s a single office or a series of offices throughout the world,
we can provide the right cost effective solution.

Being a truly converged company, we can integrate your

telecommunication requirements and your IT needs enabling the use of
Voice Over IP, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), Unified Messaging
& Core Application Integration such as CRM, as a real solution.

Askmore Communications Ltd, working in conjunction

with Siemens, could provide and install the very latest
state of the art telephone system FREE OF CHARGE.

Askmore Communications Call Management and

Hospitality Management For Hotels

The Callista Group has a long and successful history in the design and
development of call management and hospitality management systems. Their
solutions are sold in more than 17 countries worldwide and they have
successfully delivered their products to the UK for over 10 years.

Callista is known for its innovative software design which incorporates state of
the art components to ensure accurate call management and hospitality
management while simultaneously remaining easy-to-use and completely cost
effective - even for the smallest businesses or the smallest hotels, B&Bs and
hostels. Callista has forged longstanding relationships with most of the world's
largest PABX manufacturers to ensure that its systems can be as widely used as

Askmore Communications Broadband Billing and Internet


Ezinet are specialists in delivering both wired and wireless High Speed
Internet Access Controllers to both the hospitality and commercial sector.
Ezinet can help hotels keep control over the use of the internet at their
premises and can provide the opportunity to create a profit centre whilst
providing a valuable, reliable service to their guests.

Ezinet’s management, accounting and billing software is suitable for any

multi-tenanted premises, for example shopping centres can provide their
retail units with internet access, cafes and restaurants can attract diners
by offering access with their meal or Halls of Residence can provide
students with an essential educational tool – the examples are endless.

The Ezinet Broadband Internet Billing Solution bridges the gap between
your broadband supply connection and your rooms, acting as a
distribution, access control and billing point. The Ezinet solution bi-
directionally interfaces with many front of house software systems.

Askmore Communications Mobile

The provision of mobile telephones is a major part of the Askmore

Communications world. We have the ability to meet all mobile
requirements from single handset connections through to multiple
corporate connections.

There are many solutions available in the marketplace today and it is

our aim to provide the most cost effective solution with the best overall
coverage for your working area.

We can supply connection of mobile communications from all of the

major names in the mobile communication arena, names such as
Vodafone, Orange, O2, and T- Mobile, with all tariffs, share plans,
company caller and anytime users available.

Our range of handsets covers brands such as Nokia, Samsung,

Ericsson, Panasonic and many more; we would undoubtedly be in a
position to meet your mobile communication requirements.

Askmore Communications WiFi

Moovera Mesh Networks have become market leaders in the world of

WiFi connectivity. In fact, Moovera products are responsible for the first
major roll-out of a city wide connection (Norwich). This network covers
35 square kilometres in total.

Moovera have also developed a 100% nomadic WiFi connection via

HSDPA. Coach companies throughout the UK have been looking for
ways to increase passenger numbers. On some of the UK’s commuter
routes Moove Box M devices have been installed onto coaches which
provides a 1.7 meg DSL connection throughout the coach enabling
passengers to browse the web and download emails whilst on the
move. This in turn has passenger numbers rise by 17% since the initial

We have the ability to provide wireless networks with user logons

leaving the all important user profile behind. This can be used in many
ways such as local advertising and information bulletins, but moreover
when producing an open access point you must retain certain
information for security reasons, and as a provider you must show due

City-Wide Case Study – Norwich

•UK’s largest outdoor Wi-Fi network

•APs mounted on street lights
•Public sector access @ 1Mbps
•Free Wi-Fi @ 256Kbps
•14,000+users in first six weeks

©2007 Moovera Networks

Askmore Communications Least Cost Routing And Line


We can offer you great savings via the Askmore LCR Network for local,
national and long distance calls. We keep an eye on the market
constantly, and can therefore react to changes very quickly, thus
maintaining the very best rates for our clients. We can offer local and
national call rates well below most providers, and in most cases we
should be able to show significant savings over your current provider.
Coupled with our line rental department we can provide a one stop
shop for both calls and line rentals.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of landline

call traffic. We can guarantee a seamless transfer of calls and land line
billing from your current carrier onto the Askmore LCR billing platform,
giving peace of mind that you won’t miss any vital business calls.

We make our bills easy to read with no technical jargon. All customers
are given a web interface with password and login to view current and
past billing information.

All of our line rentals rates are approximately 15% cheaper than BT’s
best rates. We also provide, as standard, care level 3 for all line
rentals. This once again gives our clients comfort that should a
problem occur you will receive the highest level of technical
engineering available to resolve the problem. Speedy response times
and continual feed back keeping you up to speed from start to finish

Askmore Communications Ltd have a Direct Customer Support Desk

available to deal specifically with all our clients. We are therefore
able to respond and offer all customers the best technical support for
system faults, BT network service faults and the very best reporting
solution for call billing, providing easy to read bills. This department is
also responsible for Like 4 Like transfer of line rentals to the Askmore
Communications Ltd platform.

Askmore Communications DATA

Our strategy is to work in partnership with potential clients and

organisations to provide and support their IT infrastructure. We have
the experience and expertise to provide the right solution for a wide
variety of needs;

• Consultancy
• Network Management
• Technical Support & Management
• User Support
• Hardware & Software Provision
• System Security
• Anti Virus Policies
• Data Communication
• Leased Line, CAT 5, 6, Fibre And Wireless
• Satellite and Mobile GSM
• Disaster Recovery
• Remote Access & Working

Askmore Communications Ltd are committed to providing all

aspects of communication in accordance with the rules laid
down by Ofcom. Each engineer has been trained to the
highest standards.

Askmore Communications Vehicle Tracking

With over 100 years combined global experience in the commercial vehicle
communications industry, Fleetrac offer the most up to date location sensitive
technology tailored to suit every business by delivering efficient and specific
information to benefit every company.

Save on direct costs with fleetracweb

By using fleetracweb you will have the ability to change the way your staff think
and perform, thereby achieving the following:

30% Reduction in fuel cost

Reduce man hours
Reduce insurance Premiums
Improve efficiencies

By using fleetracweb the utilisation of fleets improves beyond belief. Our

customers have enjoyed:

improve productivity by over 30%

Reduced mileage
Extended service intervals
Reduced wear and tear
Increase jobs/activity per engineer/employee

Use fleetracweb and its unique Geo Location Mapping creates a real-time view
of a vehicles allowing:

Ability to manage client’s proactively

Current location when on the move
An accurate time of arrival
Locate of nearest Engineer /Vehicle
Location, ETA and stage of delivery

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