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imulations for gamma-spectrometric measurements with well-type germanium detecto rs.pdf shielding and background reduction.pdf simultaneous measurement of radon and thoron using lucas scintillation cell.pdf transfer of natural radionuclides from soils to plants in a wet marshland.pdf 040710 a monte carlo method for performing difficult geometry solid angle corrections.p df a sei-mempirical efficiency curve for a ge(li) detector in the energy range 50 t o 1400 kev.pdf calculated efficiencies of ge(li) detectors.pdf calculated gamma ray response characteristics of semiconductor detectors.pdf calculated total efficiencies of coaxial ge(li) detectors with small disc source .pdf calculation of angular correlation attenuation factors and efficiencies.p df dead time correction of pulse height spectra with a computer.pdf direct compensation for intensity losses due to random-summing effects in solidstate and scintillation spectrometers.pdf experimental gamma ray response characteristics of lithium-drifted germanium det ectors.pdf fast neutron bombardment of a lithium-drifted germanium gamma-ray detector.pdf inite solid-angle corrections for ge(li) detectors.pdf monte carlo calculated efficiency of nai(tl) detectors imbedded into (or externa l to) cylindrical sources.pdf monte carlo simulation of several gamma-emitting source and detector arrangement s for determining corrections of self-attenuation and coincidence summation in g amma-spectrometry.pdf reaction independent analysis of gamma ray angular distributions from ge(li)-det ector measurements.pdf the summing effect correction of correlation coefficients.pdf 080710 a computer code for calculation of absolute areas of overlapping peaks .pdf a computer programme for the determination of accurate gamma ray line intensitie s from germanium spectra.pdf a method for automatic identification of peaks in the presence of background and its application to spectrum analysis.pdf a method for the evaluation of the dose-sensitivity of gm counters as function o f the energy.pdf a method of determining the fast neutron dose equivalent.pdf a new detector for neutron capture cross section measurements.pdf a peak-fitting and calibration program for ge(li) detectors.pdf a well-type ge(li) detector for sum-coincidence studies.pdf accuracy of coincidence measurements.pdf analysis of two-dimensional coincidence spectra.pdf analytical applications.pdf automatic analysis of gamma-ray spectra.pdf bbfc426ed01.pdf calculated relative efficiency for coaxial and planar ge(li) detectors.pdf calibration of γ-spectrometers.pdf ce312b49d01.pdf completely automated measurement facility (pavicom) for track-detector data proc essing.pdf corrections in the gold foil activation method for determination of neutron beam density.pdf correlation techniques in radioactivity measurement.pdf critical consideration of the statistical model analysis of photonuclear isomeri c cross-section ratios.pdf cross sections for the photofission of zszth.pdf

curves for the response of a ge(li) detector to gamma rays in the energy range u p to 11 mev.pdf d57dadf1d01.pdf deadtime corrections reduced by electronics.pdf determination of peak area.pdf efficiency calibration of semiconductor detectors in the x-ray region.pdf experimental study and theoretical consideration of the isomeric ratio in the ph otonuclear reaction 197au(γ, n)196m,gau in the giant dipole resonance region.pdf f3bf127ad01.pdf gas photodetectors with solid photocathodes.pdf giant dipole resonance in photonuclear experiments of various types discrepancie s, reasons, methods of overcoming, consequenses.pdf giant dipole resonance in the absorbtion and emission of gamma quanta by interme diate and heavy nuclei.pdf improved methods in the analysis of non-statistical beta spectra.pdf laser ultra sensitive analysis of low elements concentrations.pdf low-level radioactivity measurements.pdf neutron spectroscopy investigations with gelina.pdf nuclear fission simulation.pdf nuclear fission.pdf nuclear power plants.pdf on sources of systematic errors in efficiency tracer measurements.pdf peak area determination for ge(li) detector data.pdf photofission cross-sections of 2~ 232th and 23su above i gev.pdf photofission cross sections of several nuclei with mono-energetic gamma rays.pdf photopeak method for the computer analysis of gamma-ray spectra from semiconduct or detectors.pdf plugin-nuclear%2009%2008%2027_clean.pdf precision measurement of thermal neutron beam densities using a 3he proportional counter.pdf precision measurements of gamma-ray intensities and energies in the decay of 152 g, 154eu, 56co, 110mag and 125sb.pdf preparatio of thin sources, a review.pdf radioactive x-ray standards.pdf relative nuclidic masses.pdf relative measurements of cross sections for the photofission on the bremsstrahlu ng spectrum.pdf relative photofission cross sections of seral fissionable materials.pdf remediation of radioactive waste by stimulated radioactive decay.pdf separation and identification of complete fusion reaction products, further deve lopment of the methods (mass determination of heavy nuclei).pdf shielding against neutrons in the energy range 50 to 400 mev.pdf simple and accurate calibration technique for measuring γ-ray energies and ge(li) detector linearity.pdf some general aspects of radioactivity measurement methods.pdf some special problems in coincidence measurement.pdf special methods of source preparation.pdf spin structure of nucleons experimental status.pdf statement of results of experiments and their accuracy.pdf statistical methods applicable to counting experiments and evaluation of experim ental data.pdf study on the isomeric ratios of (γ,p).pdf the isomeric ratios in some photonuclear.pdf the natural nuclear reactor at oklo a.pdf tracer method for pure beta emitter measurement.pdf treatment of errors in low-activity measurements.pdf you are entitled to access the full text of this document.pdf 130710 a method for the analysis of complex peaks occurring in gamma ray pulse height d istributions.pdf

an automatic single channel spectrometer for quick quantitative analysis.pdf background of coincidence type beta-ray scintillation spectrometer.pdf backscattering and noise in a scintillation detector for a beta-ray spectrometer .pdf finite solid angle corrections for nai(tl) crystals when pulse height selection is employed.pdf some considerations on counting statistics.pdf theory of shower γ-spectrometers.pdf 140710 a convenient calibration technique for neutron detectors.pdf a fast coincidence system for semiconductor detectors.pdf a high efficiency 4n neutron detector.pdf a method for absolute calibration of ge(li) detectors using effective interactio n depth.pdf a monte carlo code for predicting the response of a ge---nai(t1) compton supress ion spectrometer.pdf a new method of element analysis using nuclear resonance scattering of gamma ray s.pdf a new technique for calibrating a nai(tl) scintillometer used to measure gamma d ose-rates in archaeological sites.pdf a simple and accurate measurement method of current density of an electron accel erator for irradiation.pdf a simple method for determination of nuclear lifetimes in the region 10–100 days a nd its application to the decay of 181hf.pdf a thick target method for the measurement of neutron differential scattering cro ss sections.pdf an analytic approximation to the peaks obtained from ge(li) and si(li) detectors used in gamma spectrum analysis.pdf an automatic correction of the photoefficiency in ge(li)-spectrometry.pdf area estimation for filtered gamma ray spectra.pdf bias in a least square method of analysing decay data.pdf calculated absolute photopeak efficiency values for true coaxial ge(li) detector s in the γ-ray energy region 0.1–3.0 mev with annular source geometry.pdf calculation of angular correlation attenuation factors and efficiencies for lith ium drifted germanium detectors.pdf calibration of ge(li) detectors for level structure study in proton and neutron capture reactions.pdf comparison of calculated and experimental scintillation crystal photofractions.p df detection efficiency of a plastic scintillator for neutrons between 0.2 and 3 me v.pdf determination of detector efficiencies for gamma ray energies up to 12 mev i. ex perimental methods.pdf determination of detector efficiencies for gamma ray energies up to 12 mev ii. m onte carlo calculation.pdf determination of the 235u content in enriched samples by the fission track regis tration technique.pdf efficiency evaluation of gamma-ray solid-state detectors.pdf efficiency of ge(li) and si(li) planar detectors in the 2–5 kev energy range.pdf energy deposition in thick targets by high energy protons measurement and calcul ation.pdf experimental determination of the slow-neutron wavelength distribution.pdf figure-of-merit measurements for ge(li) detectors.pdf finite solid angle corrections to angular correlations for square ge(li) gamma d etectors.pdf fitting techniques for k x-ray multiplets in ge(li) spectra.pdf gamma-ray spectra from inelastic scattering in niobium.pdf geometrical - factor determination using a monte carlo approach.pdf high-purity germanium crystal growing.pdf insensitive zones in the intrinsic region of ge(li) coaxial detectors.pdf

light collection on a photocathode from a cylindrical scintillator.pdf measurement of total photonuclear cross sections using a novel method of photon spectroscopy.pdf monte carlo calculation of source-to-detector geometry.pdf monte carlo calculations for the photofractions and energy loss spectra of ge(li ) semiconductor detectors.pdf monte carlo calculations of gamma ray response characteristics of cylindrical ge (li) detectors.pdf multiple scattering of fast neutrons in 10b-glass scintillators.pdf neutron induced reactions in silicon semiconductor detectors.pdf peak total-ratios for nai(tl)-crystals a criticism.pdf photopeak and double-escape peak efficiencies of germanium lithium drift detecto rs.pdf pixe set-up for routine analyses.pdf precision measurements of gamma-ray intensities. ii. 152eu, 154eu and 192ir.pdf proton recoil spectrometer for neutron spectra between 50 and 450 mev.pdf proton-excited x-ray analysis on whole blood using a small accelerator.pdf pulse shape distributions from gamma-rays in lithium drifted germanium detectors .pdf quy trình chuẩn phân tich kich hoat.doc radioactive neutron source spectra from 9be(α, n) cross section data.pdf radon concentration in the soil air measured by track detectors.pdf some statistical considerations in the location of mössbauer lines.pdf sum peak formation in neutron damaged ge(li) detectors a method to identify dama ged crystals.pdf the determination of non-linear parameters and their standard deviations from le ast-squares residuals.pdf the effect of high gamma-ray doses on the track-registration properties of natur al mica.pdf the energy calibration of neutron velocity spectrometers.pdf the rate of energy loss and intrinsic resolution of silicon detectors.pdf total absorption of 100 mev protons with a ge(li) detector.pdf variation of the intrinsic efficiency of a cylindrical planar ge(li) gamma-ray d etector with source distance.pdf ГОСТ 18300-87.pdf ГОСТ 25905-83.pdf ГОСТ 859-2001 МЕДЬ.pdf 150710 a detector for (n, γ) cross section measurements.pdf a method to improve the energy calibration of a ge(li) spectrometer.pdf a method to measure average neutron activation cross-sections by neutron sources the average neutron activation cross-section of some (n, p) reactions for a 241 am---be source.pdf a new method for calibrating low intensity neutron sources.pdf a simplified procedure for reactivation of ge(li)-detectors.pdf a single-difference bremsstrahlung unfolding technique for the measurement of hi gh energy photonuclear cross sections.pdf a technique for measurement of thermal neutron distributions at the surfaces of cylinders.pdf a tissue equivalent semiconductor detector for in-vivo dosimetry.pdf calculation of bremsstrahlung spectra from a thick tungsten radiator as a functi on of photon energy and angle.pdf calibration of the efficiency of a si(li) photon spectrometer in the energy regi on 5 to 125 kev.pdf cascade summing in gamma-ray spectrometry in marinelli-beaker geometries the thi rd efficiency curve.pdf coincidence summing corrections in ge(li)-spectrometry at low source-to-detector distances.pdf coincidence-summing corrections for extended sources in gamma-ray spectrometry u sing monte carlo simulation.pdf

computer program for neutron activation analysis with the slowpoke reactor.pdf counting yield calibration of nai(tl) detectors for complex geometry samples by use of californium-252.pdf determination of the optimum-size californium-252 neutron source for borehole ca pture gamma-ray analysis.pdf deterministic analytical method for the caculation of semiconductor detectors in gamma ray spectrometry.pdf development of a monte carlo code for the caculation of gamma ray trasport in th e natural enviroment.pdf development of etched nuclear tracks.pdf efficiency calibration of semiconductor x-ray detectors in the energy range 3–200 kev.pdf energy calibration a new method with a ge detector.pdf epithermal neutron activation analysis of food.pdf errors in instrumental neutron activation analysis.pdf erros in instrumental neutron activation analysis.pdf gamma-ray measurements of naturally occurring radioactive.pdf instrumental neutron activation analysis as a means of evaluation of reference s ample homogeneity.pdf international intercomparison of gamma-ray emission-rate measurements by means o f germanium spectrometers and 152eu sources.pdf measurement of fast neutrons using nuclear track detectors.pdf method for determination of silicon in plant materials by neutron activation ana lysis.pdf monte carlo dose calculations for breast.pdf monte carlo simulation of the backscatter region in photon-excited energy disper sive x-ray fluorescence spectra.pdf neutron energy spectra of 252cf, am-be source and of the d(d,n)3he reaction.pdf on the efficiency calibration of semiconductor x ray detectors.pdf on the use of the single escape peak in ge(li) spectroscopy.pdf practicable monte carlo calibration of hpge detectors for.pdf precise γ-r y energies for calibration of ge semiconductor spectrometers to 3.5 me v.pdf pulse shape analysis in coaxial ge(li)-detectors.pdf radiation transport calculations for hiroshima and nagasaki.pdf radiochemical activation analysis of arsenic, selenium and antimony in biologica l samples.pdf radium determination in soil samples using a gamma-ray coincidence spectrometer. pdf self-absorption corrections for well-type germanium detectors.pdf some aspects of x-ray fluorescence spectrometers for trace element analysis.pdf some important considerations in the use of solid state nuclear track detectors for radon gas concentration measurements.pdf some important factors affecting the track registration characteristics of solid state nuclear track detectors.pdf spectrum interpretation problems with well-type ge(li) detectors due to self-abs orption variations.pdf statistical errors of dose estimation in personnel neutron monitoring with albed o dosimeters.pdf the accuracy of k1-standardized inaa applied to a gold-lined well-type detector. pdf the attenuation of fast neutrons in shielding materials.pdf the effect of the neutron spectra unfolding method on the fast neutron dose dete rmination.pdf the hpge as a defined-solid-angle detector for low-energy photons.pdf the investigation of the resolution enhancement transformation and the analysis of complex overlapping peaks in gamma-ray spectra.pdf the limit of precision in nuclear and analytical chemistry.pdf the track lengths of heavy ions in mica.pdf the use of photon activation analysis for the determination of sm, eu, gd and dy

jpg dsci0577.pdf two different technique measurements of the neutron spectrum of an am---be sourc e.exe yadernaya_fizika.rar 190610 1 (version 1).in boron carbide.3-setup.jpg .jpg dsci0581.djvu windjview-1.jpg dsci0584.pdf con Đường mưa.jpg dsci0583.jpg dsci0590.pdf monte carlo calculations of the total-to-peak ratio in gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf coincidence-summing in gamma-ray spectrometry by excitation of matrix x-rays.pd f monte carlo simulation of the self-absorption corrections for natural samples in gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf ИЗМЕРЕНИЕ РАДИОАКТИВНОСТИ ПРОБ ОБЪЕКТОВ ОКРУЖАЮЩЕЙ СРЕДЫ.pdf variable sampling-time technique for improving count rate performance of scintil lation detectors.pdf 6997618-compaq-visual-fortran-norman-lawrence.rar detektory_ionizirujustschich_izlushenij.jpg dsci0585.rar gamma.pdf use of the semi-absolute method in neutron activation analysis.pdf mcpt a monte carlo code for simulation of photon transport in tomographic scanne rs.doc corrections for self-attenuation in gamma-ray spectrometry of bulk samples.jpg dsci0586.pdf improvements in quantitative source preparation.0.p df fast procedures for coincidence-summing correction in g-ray spectrometry.jpg dsci0589.pdf simulation of nuclear decay.pdf coincidence summing corrections for the natural decay series in g-ray spectromet ry.jpg dsci0579.pdf 26615863-cac-ham-va-thu-tuc-trong-pascal.pdf making a bamboo flute.jpg dsci0578.jpg dsci0588.pdf efficiency transfer and coincidence summing corrections for g-ray spectrometry.pdf 2010-07-21 dsci0576.pdf hpge detector photopeak efficiency calculation including self-absorption and coi ncidence corrections for marinelli beaker sources using compact analytical expre ssions.jpg dsci0582.jpg dsci0587.xls 13846721-fortran-90-handbook.pdf photon monte carlo simulation.pdf sẽ quay về.pdf use of the absolute method in neutron activation analysis application to natio nal bureau.pdf track registration and development efficiencies of solid state nuclear track det ectors.pdf 180710 atom3.doc the monte carlo simulation of radiation.

jpg img_0108.jpg img_0105.jpg img_0069.jpg img_0061.dsci0591.jpg img_0085.jpg img_0087.jpg img_0101.jpg img_0082_filtered.jpg img_0088.jpg img_0081.jpg img_0084_filtered.jpg img_0094_filtered.jpg img_0092.jpg img_0072.jpg img_0094.jpg img_0080.jpg img_0091_filtered.jpg img_0103.jpg img_0106.jpg img_0063.jpg img_0056.jpg img_0082.jpg img_0091.jpg img_0065.jpg img_0083.jpg img_0062.jpg .jpg img_0100.jpg img_0084.jpg img_0076.jpg img_0087_filtered.jpg img_0090.jpg img_0075.jpg img_0098.jpg img_0070.jpg img_0059.jpg img_0099.jpg img_0089.jpg img_0077.jpg img_0068.jpg img_0066.jpg img_0057.jpg img_0093.jpg img_0073.jpg img_0096.jpg img_0058.jpg img_0079.jpg img_0107.jpg img_0060.jpg img_0072_filtered.jpg img_0104.jpg img_0067.jpg img_0095.jpg img_0071.jpg img_0061_filtered.jpg img_0102.jpg img_0078.jpg img_0074.jpg img_0097.jpg img_0064.

jpg img_0143.jpg img_0133.jpg img_0158.jpg img_0138.jpg img_0117.jpg img_0112.jpg img_0118.jpg img_0123.jpg img_0152.jpg img_0159.jpg img_0153.jpg img_0148.jpg .jpg img_0137.jpg img_0163.jpg img_0116.jpg img_0161.jpg img_0146.jpg img_0166.jpg img_0114.jpg img_0147.jpg img_0160.jpg img_0111.jpg img_0157.jpg img_0139.jpg img_0113.jpg img_0141.img_0109.jpg img_0154.jpg img_0142.jpg img_0124.jpg img_0121.jpg img_0156.jpg img_0128.jpg img_0145.jpg img_0125.jpg img_0144.jpg img_0126.jpg img_0167.jpg img_0140.jpg img_0119.jpg img_0155.jpg img_0120.jpg img_0169.jpg img_0127.jpg img_0115.jpg img_0122.jpg img_0129.jpg img_0135.jpg img_0131_filtered.jpg img_0134.jpg img_0130.jpg img_0164.jpg img_0162.jpg img_0151.jpg img_0150.jpg img_0149.jpg img_0165.jpg img_0110.jpg img_0131.jpg img_0132.

jpg dsci0622.jpg dsci0600.jpg dsci0617.jpg dsci0620.jpg img_0185.jpg dsci0625.jpg img_0176.jpg img_0186.jpg img_0179_filtered.jpg img_0194.jpg img_0187.jpg img_0179.jpg dsci0614.img_0169_filtered.jpg dsci0604.jpg dsci0594.jpg dsci0624.jpg img_0181.jpg img_0182.jpg photothumb.jpg img_0189.jpg dsci0621.jpg dsci0605.jpg dsci0599.jpg img_0175.jpg img_0170.jpg dsci0602.jpg img_0192.jpg img_0177.jpg dsci0603.jpg dsci0619.jpg img_0184.jpg dsci0593.jpg dsci0623.jpg dsci0598.jpg dsci0607.jpg img_0173.jpg dsci0616.jpg dsci0609.jpg img_0188.jpg img_0183.jpg img_0191.jpg img_0193.db 2010-07-22 dsci0592.jpg img_0190.jpg dsci0608.jpg dsci0606.jpg dsci0618.jpg img_0172.jpg .jpg dsci0597.db thumbs.jpg dsci0612.jpg dsci0611.jpg img_0180.jpg dsci0613.jpg dsci0601.jpg img_0174.jpg img_0171.jpg dsci0615.

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pdf measurement of 75se activity by correlation and coincidence counting.pdf an experimental study of symmetric and asymmetric peak-fitting parameters for al pha-particle spectrometry.pdf .pdf direct mathematical method for calculating full-energy peak efficiency and coinc idence corrections of hpge detectors for extended sources.pdf a personal computer based data acquisition system for the direct standardization of radionuclides.pdf a monte carlo code for multiple neutron scattering events in a thick sample for (n.pdf resolution enhancement of gamma-spectroscopy data from neutron-damaged coaxial n -type hpge-detectors.jpg img_0289.pdf monte carlo simulation of alpha spectra in low-geometry measurements.pdf absolute activity measurements with the windowless 4π-csi(tl)-s ndwich spectromete r. continuous determination of source position and emission angle in synch rotron radiation sources.pdf study of the background components for a ge(hp) detector in environmental radioa ctivity measurements.pdf fitting of low-statistics peaks in alpha-particle spectra.pdf experimental and simulated efficiency of a hpge detector with point-like and ext ended sources.pdf standards.pdf optimal shielding conditions for low level ge detectors.pdf direct activity measurement of pure beta-emitting radionuclides by the tdcr effi ciency calculation technique.γ)91sr reaction. calibration and quality assurance of 222rn measurements in sweden.1–5 kev.pdf measurement and calibration of large-area alpha-particle sources at nist.doc relative neutron detector efficiency and response function measurements with a 2 52cf neutron source.pdf the equilibrium factor f between radon and its daughters.pdf the re-evaluation of decay data for the u-238 chain.pdf precise.pdf quy trình chuẩn phân tich kich hoat.db 210710 a measurement of the half-life of 90sr.pdf scintillation material for determination of radionuclides in water.jpg thumbs.pdf measurements of the thermal neutron cross section of 90sr(n.pdf measurement of the activity of radioactive samples in marinelli beakers. bessy.pdf anticoincidence counting of low intensity isomeric transitions.pdf measurements of (n.jpg img_0288.img_0287. γ) experiments.γ) neutron capture cross-sections with liquid scintillator dete ctors.pdf compact x-ray source based on compton backscattering.doc quy trình tiêu chuẩn phan tich huynh quang.pdf neutron detection using gso scintillator.pdf optimization of geometric parameters for marinelli beaker to maximize the detect ion efficiency of an hpge detector.pdf determination of photon emission probabilities of radionuclides using a si(li) d etector calibrated by the primary standard source.pdf investigation of the background gamma spectrum in an underground environment.jpg img_0290.pdf a survey of the physical processes which determine the response function of sili con detectors to alpha particles.pdf determination of isotopes of uranium and thorium in low-level environmental samp les.pdf an intercomparison of 222rn measurement systems in european laboratories.pdf simulation of signal in irradiated silicon pixel detectors.pdf characterization of a windowless si(li) detector in the photon energy range 0.

coaxial.pdf a method for generating single gamma-ray shapes for the analysis of spectra.pdf determination of arsenic in germanium by the combination of isotope dilution and activation analysis.pdf a method of computer analysis of a nai(tl) γ-r y spectrum.pdf detection efficiency of plastic scintillation counters for neutrons in the energ y range 20–130 mev.pdf automated identification of isotopes in neutron activated samples.pdf dependence of the ge(li) efficiency slope on the source-to-detector distance.pdf a source of well-defined annihilation gamma-rays.pdf determination of rare earths in rare-earth concentrates by neutron activation an alysis.pdf determination of fission fragment energies using solid-state detectors.pdf a simple method for the automatic evaluation of particle tracks in mica.pdf analytic approximations to peak shapes produced by ge(li) and si(li) spectromete rs.pdf detection of gamma-rays by means of organic scintillators.pdf a spherical dose equivalent neutron detector.pdf determination of rare earth elements in rocks and meteorites by the radioactivat ion method.pdf a special purpose discriminator for delayed neutron spectrum measurements. a subprogram for simulation of the fast-neutron detection process in a hy dro-carbonous plastic scintillator.pdf a high-energy gamma-ray detector with angular and spectral resolution.pdf a method for unfolding spectra without assuming an analytic form for the peak sh ape.pdf continuum reduction in the spectral response of ge(li) pair spectrometers.pdf calibration of a sampling total absorption detector designed for neutrino experi ments.pdf .pdf analytic and graphical methods for assigning errors to parameters in non-linear least squares fitting.pdf direct determination of short-lived radon daughter products on air filters by li quid scintillation counting using a delayed-coincidence technique.pdf a computer-coupled quality control procedure for gamma-ray scintillation spectro metry.pdf an activation analysis technique for determining groups of trace elements in roc ks and chondrites.pdf choice of collimators for a crystal spectrometer for neutron diffraction.pdf a simple method for peak area determination of doublets.pdf 240710 a computer program to evaluate the complex probability integral.pdf a simple method for charged-particle identification.pdf a measurement of the first moment of the range distribution of (n. 2n) recoils i n au and nb.pdf validation of a method for computer calculation of germanium detector efficienci es.pdf decay constant for spontaneous fission of 238u and 232th.pdf a general solid angle calculation by a monte carlo method.pdf control of lithium drift current in silicon and germanium. ge (li) gamma ray spectrometer.pdf a new peak search method for an automatic spectrum analysis program.pdf an energy-dispersive method for resonance neutron-capture gamma-ray spectroscopy .pdf detec.pdf determination of uranium and thorium ores using gamma spectrometry.the yield ratio of i and xe isotopes in the photofission fragments of heavy nucl ei.pdf a dual element.pdf a new method in gamma-ray spectroscopy a two crystal scintillation spectrometer with improved resolution.pdf a ge(li) spectrometer for studying neutron capture gamma rays.pdf determination of nuclide concentrations in solutions containing low levels of ra dioactivity by least-squares resolution of the gamma-ray spectra.

pdf rapid estimation of the sensitivity of some non-dispersive x-ray methods of anal ysis.pdf enhancement of the fast-neutron detection efficiency of solid-state nuclear trac k detectors (ssntds).mp3 deanhduocyeu-chithien. thorium and lanthanum.pdf kris—a computer program for the least-squares resolution of gamma-ray spectra by h alf-life and gamma-ray energy.pdf measurement of lifetimes up to one second of isometric nuclear states populated in the decay of radioactive sources.mp3 myeqtext30_download.mp3 chap-canh(2).pdf quantitative trace-element analysis by proton-induced x-rays.pdf measurement of elastic neutrons by organic tinh-yeu-duy-nhat(2).mp3 chap-canh.pdf semiconductor detector as a fast neutron spectrometric properties of a high-efficiency fast-neutron detector.pdf high temperature behaviour and long-term stability of lithium drifted silicon su rface-barrier detectors.pdf the response of scintillation detectors to internally induced bonganhdauroi-kimtieuphuong.pdf fast and simple radiochemical method for the separation of uranium.pdf trace-element analysis by x-ray fluorescence with an external proton beam.pdf spectrometry of low-energy γ.pdf γ-γ coincidence spectrometry of high-energy nuclear reaction targets.pdf intensity measurements and shielding of a fast-neutron beam for biological and m edical applications.pdf low-level tritium measurements in water.pdf high sensitivity scintillation spectrometer for background neutrons.mp3 con-mua-tinh-yeu.pdf method for improving the performance of x-ray fluorescence analysis systems at h igh count rates.pdf improved nai scintillation spectrometer for the study of continuous x-ray spectr a.and x-rays with ge(li) detectors.pdf measurement of the quantum efficiency of scintillation counters for x rays.pdf 250610 anhan-doanvietphuong(2).pdf the resolution of a position-sensitive scintillation detector for neutrons.s.mp3 world_cup_2010.pdf extended detectors in neutron time-of-flight diffraction experiments.pdf instrumental neutron activation analysis utilizing pulsed irradiations.d.mp3 hoangtuvacongchua.pdf statistical spread in pulse size of the scintillation spectrometer.pdf efficient detector for high energy neutrons.efficiency calibration of 3″ × 3″ nai(tl) crystals.and low-energy gamma-ray room-temperat ure spectrometers.pdf the effects of high gamma doses on the response of plastic track detectors.mp3 mo-ve-ngay-hom-qua..pdf measurement of fast-neutron dose using a proton-recoil telescope.xls 250710 .pdf n-type cdte semiconductor detectors as x.mp3 love-you.pdf general properties of peaks in the sum-coincidence spectrum.pdf precision and accuracy of rare earth determinations in rock samples using instru mental neutron activation analysis and a ge(li) detector.pdf position-sensitive detectors (p.) for neutron diffraction.pdf ge(li) summing spectrometers of special type.pdf influence of source-detector distance on relative intensity and angular correlat ion measurements with ge(li) spectrometers.

pdf angular response of a hpge detector to gamma-rays in in situ measurements.pdf application of reference materials in the accurate calibration of the detection efficiency of a low-level gamma-ray spectrometry assembly for environmental samp les.pdf a nonlinear integral equation with applications to neutron transport theory.pdf analytical formulae for well-type nai (tl) and hpge detectors efficiency computa tion. products of a ddreaction.pdf a new method for determining the radon emanation coefficients and radon producti on rates in different building materials using solid state nuclear track detecto rs.pdf a method for determination of the 152eu activity.pdf an application of neutron activation analysis to biological materials.pdf a search for trace elements in some human intracranial tumors by instrumental ne utron activation analysis.pdf .pdf a neutron activation analysis procedure for the determination of uranium.pdf allowance for self-absorption in the gamma-ray spectrometry of volume sources.pdf analytical performance of some methods for the determination of trace elements i n lichens used as air quality assessment.pdf analysis of neutron flux noise due to coolant parameter fluctuations in a vvÉr cor e.pdf a scintillation detector of protons and neutrons. pdf biological effects of low doses of ionizing radiations particle tracks in radiob iology.pdf an optimum method for the determination of rare earth elements by neutron activa tion analysis.pdf a new method for evaluating radon and thoron a-activities per unit volume inside and outside various natural material samples by calculating ssntd detection eff iciencies fo.pdf analysis by adsorption and scattering of radiation.pdf a physically founded model of the efficiency curve in gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf application of reactor pulsing to neutron activation analysis.pdf angle a pc-code for semiconductor detector efficiency calculations.a convenient method for discriminating between natural and depleted uranium by g -ray spectrometry.pdf absorbed doses in structural materials exposed to fusion neutrons.pdf attenuation of the flux of fission neutrons in iron-water mixtures.pd f an accurate procedure for the determination of low levels of platinum group elem ents in standard materials by neutron activation analysis.pdf a new method for sealing containers with liquid samples for radioactivity measu rements.pdf a cylindrical mirror photoelectron spectrometer with position-sensitive detector used for x-ray analysis.pdf assessment of the capabilities of monte carlo electron transport models using th e continuous slowing down approximation.pdf an alternative method for the measurement of thermal neutron flux (modified cadm ium ratio method).pdf activation cross sections for the element rhenium. thoriu m and potassium in geologic samples.pdf assessment of natural radiation exposure levels and mass attenuation coefficient s of lime and gypsum samples used in turkey.pdf application of a low-level anti-coincidence gamma-spectrometer for environmental radioactivity measurement.pdf an overview of neutron transport problems and simulation techniques.pdf application of cold neutron prompt-gamma activation analysis in environmental st udies of aquatic plants.pdf automatic activation analysis of fertilizers and plant samples by fast neutrons.pdf an approach to processing and evaluation of gamma-ray spectra associated with ne utron activation analysis.

pdf dosimetry of intermediate-energy neutrons.pdf determination of fluorine in glasses by cyclic activation analysis using a calif ornium-252 neutron source.pdf determination of rare earths in low grade uranium ores and srm-rock by instrumen tal neutron activation analysis.pdf edxrf versus inaa in a pollution control of soil. n. u235.pdf direct determination of 226ra in norm tenorm matrices by gamma-spectrometry.pdf determination between 129i and 127i ratios in environmental samplesusing neutron activation analysis.pdf determination of rare earths in geological samples by neutron activation analysi s.pdf determination of thallium in biological samples by thermal neutron activation an alysis and low-level beta-counting. neutron response .pdf characteristic absolute efficiency response curves of a high purity germanium de tector in the energy range 50–1500 kev. 238u and 210pb from sed iment samples by alpha. p.5 mev energy range for am -be neutron source-based pgaa applications. atomic absorption spectroscopy and convention al methods in the elemental analysis of silicate rocks.pdf determination of the activity ratios of 231pa to 235u and 227 th to 235u in ore samples using gamma-spectrometry.pdf determination of ko-factors of short-lived nuclides (t≧1 min) by thermal neutron a ctivation technique. si.pdf easurement of the effective cross section in th232 for thermal neutrons and the resonance integral for neutron absorption. s and cl. pdf determination of trace elements in cigarette tobacco with the k0-based naa metho d using es-salam research reactor.pdf development of a complex method for the determination of actinoides.pdf efficiency calibration of semiconductor detectors by primary standard sources an d monte carlo calculations.pdf comparison of analytical methods used to determine 235u. 2n) u237 reaction for 15 mev neutrons.pdf combination of neutron activation. beta and gamma spectrometry.pdf .pdf calculation of self-attenuation factors for well-type geometry.pdf control analysis of235u in nuclear fuel by a neutron absorption method.pdf dosimetry with radiochromic films a document scanner technique.pdf efficiency calibration of an hpge detector in the 0. applications.1–2.pdf cross section of the u238 (n.pdf determination of the prompt k0.h factors and partial γ-r y production cross secti ons for b.pdf determination of arsenic.pdf disequilibrium of uranium isotopes in some syrian groundwater.calculation of radiation dose to the lens of the eye using monte carlo simulatio n.pdf determination of three parameters of a depth profile of foreign atoms in bulk ma terial using pixe analysis part ii influence of the errors of theoretical quan.pdf determinaion of uranium and thorium in rock samples from harargaj anticline by i nstrumental neutron activation analysis.pdf determination of absorbed dose for photon and electron beams from a linear accel erator by comparing various protocols on different phantoms.pdf determination of trace elements of egyptian crops by neutron activation analysis .pdf effective cross sections for fission of u233. cadmium and zinc in river water by neutron activation analysis.pdf efficiency calibration of a well-type ge detector for voluminous samples in cyl indrical geometry.pdf electron transport through foils. pu239 and pu240 by neutrons with energies from 30 kev to 5 mev.pdf coincidence summing in γ-r y spectra and determination of the intensity of weak cr ossover γ transitions.

pdf hyperlab a new concept in gamma-ray spectrum analysis.pdf error estimation of the single comparator method due to uncertainties of literat ure data for thermal and epithermal neutron activation cross-sections.pdf estimating the activity of radioisotopes produced in intermittent irradiation of targets in nuclear reactors.pdf monte carlo calculation of energy spectrum and spatial distribution of photons f rom positron annihilation.137cs and40k in soil using d irect ge(li) γ-r y spectrometry.pdf estimation of 235u concentration in some depleted uranium samples by high resolu tion gamma-ray spectrometry using 185 kev and 1001 kev gamma-energies of 235u an d 234mpa.pdf modern performance control of gamma-ray spectrometers for inaa.pdf evaluation of analytical instrumentation.pdf measurement of soil radioactivity levels and radiation hazard assessment in sout hern rechna interfluvial region.pdf low-level gamma-ray spectrometry for environmental samples.pdf fast neutron spectrometer based on cr-39 proton sensitive track detector.pdf measurement of the radioactivity of238u.pdf fulltextoptimization of shielding containers for isotopic neutron sources. and 119ms n.pdf measurements of neutron spectra for energies below 0.pdf evaluation of digital pulse processing-based gamma-ray spectroscopy under neutro n activation analysis conditions.pdf measurement of high dose rates by photon activation of indium foils.pdf half-lives and intensities of x-ray and γ-r y emission of 113sn.pdf multielement analysis of food spices by instrumental neutron activation analysis .pdf investigation of the space-energy distribution of neutrons from the br-5 reacto r in an iron-ore medium.pdf monte-carlo modeling of a nai(tl) scintillator.pdf interactions of slow neutrons with the chromium isotopes.pdf fulltexta semi-empirical method for calculation of true coincidence corrections for the case of a close-in detection in γ-r y spectrometry. part xx instrumentation for energy dis persive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf gamma activity and geochemical features of building materials estimation of gamm a dose rate and indoor radon levels in sicily. taking into account the neutron values.pdf method of obtaining an average value for the nuclear constants involved in fast reactor calculations.pdf fast neutron spectra and transmission measurements.pdf monte carlo calculation of epithermal neutron resonance self-shielding factors i n wires of different materials. 117msn.5 mev by a time-of-flight m ethod.pdf erformance of alpha spectrometry in the analysis of uranium isotopes in environm ental and nuclear materials.pdf intercomparison of efficiency transfer software for gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf measurement of the mass attenuation coefficient for elemental materials in the r ange 6 to 82 using x-rays from 13 up to 50kev.pdf interpolation and extrapolation of gamma detection efficiency curve as a functio n of distance. pakistan.pdf influence of the effective mass on the relative neutron density distribution ins ide a large sample in prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis.226ra.pdf interpolation and extrapolation of nai detector efficiencies.pdf monte carlo determination of full energy peak efficiency for a hpge detector.epithemal neutron activation analysis.pdf gamma spectrometry for u and pu isotopic.pdf monte carlo determination of inomogenity effect on gamma-ray detection efficency in soil samples.232th.pdf instrumental neutron activation analysis based on k0-standardization method as c ompared with other methods in the analysis of the iaea inter-comparison test.pdf installation and calibration of kayzero-assisted naa in three central european c ountries via a copernicus project. some comments.

pdf possibilities of the short-term thermal and epithermal neutron activation for an alysis of macromycetes (mushrooms).pdf neutron measurements in space. α) radiators.pdf selfconsistent fit of spectra.pdf neutron resonance parameters of122te and123gte.pdf radiation monitoring with semiconductor spectrometers-dosimeters.pdf radiochemical neutron activation analysis of biological materials past.pdf neutron activation analysis of arsenic species.pdf neutron activation analysis of samples of unknown composition.pdf on quantitative determination of radon concentration by γ-r y spectrometry of aer osol filters.pdf propagation of uncertainties in sample properties to the uncertainty of the coun ting efficiency in gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf radon concentration in soil gas a comparison of methods.pdf program deimos32 for gamma-ray spectra evaluation.pdf neutron yields and thermal neutron fluxes in a lead—water system bombarded by high energy protons.pdf neutron scattering.pdf on the use of reference materials in gamma-ray spectrometric efficiency calibrat ion for environmental samples.pdf selected radionuclides and heavy metals in skeletons of birds of prey from easte rn poland.pdf neutron detectors based on silicon photomultipliers.pdf multielement determination of typical diet reference materials by neutron-induce d prompt gamma-ray analysis using k 0 standardization.pdf neutron activation analysis of steel for sub ppm amounts of lanthanum and gold w ithout determining the chemical yield.pdf . present and future.pdf self-attenuation factors in gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf optimization of instrumental neutron activation analysis for studying the chemic al composition of silicate rocks.pdf photon radiation dose enhancement at material interfaces.pdf performance optimization of k0-inaa.pdf prompt gamma activation analysis (pgaa) and short-lived neutron activation analy sis (naa) applied to the characterization of legacy materials.pdf neutron activation analysis of iodine in soil.pdf radiochemical neutron activation analysis of trace impurities in high purity alu minum.pdf scattering of medium-energy neutrons.pdf neutron-gamma-ray transmission gauge.pdf quantitative gamma-ray spectroscopy of 237–239np.pdf on the applicability of the effective solid angle concept in activity determinat ion of large cylindrical sources..pdf new improved methods of x-ray detection.pdf radionuclide measurement using hpge gamma spectrometry.pdf neutron activation analysis of asbestos from canada.pdf new gravitational experiment with ultracold neutrons.pdf multielemental determination in water by neutron activation analysis.pdf self-absorption correction for gamma spectrometry of powdered milk samples using marinelli beaker.pdf rapid determination of halogens in milk by instrumental neutron activation analy sis.pdf neutron activation analysis still a reference method for air particulate matter measurements.pdf optical resolution of beam cross-section measurements by means of synchrotron ra diation.pdf neutron sensitivity of lr 115 ssntd using different (n.pdf radon activity concentrations and effective doses in ancient egyptian tombs of t he valley of the kings.

pdf thin film thickness determination with neutron activation analysis.pdf ultrasensitive determination of low concentrations of elements using laser spect roscopy.pdf activation analysis of large samples.pdf an anticoincidence-shielded gamma-ray spectrometer for analysis of low level env ironmental radionuclides.pdf validation experiment for large-sample prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis.pdf thermal-neutron fission cross section of236pu.pdf simultaneous determination of thorium and uranium in ores and srms by instrument al neutron activation analysis.pdf standardizing conditions for measuring absorbed and equivalent gamma and neutron doses.pdf spectra and dose with ann of 252cf.pdf study of efficiency calibrations of hpge detectors for.pdf an improvement of uncertainty in activity standardization with efficiency tracer technique.pdf structural dynamics of water by neutron spectrometry.pdf analysis of uranium using delayed neutron emission. pdf β-dec y studies of neutron-rich nuclei.pdf the messenger gamma-ray and neutron spectrometer. and 239pu–be.pdf the response of high-purity germanium detectors to x-rays with energy in the reg ion of the ge k-absorption edge.pdf skin dose measurement by using ultra-thin tlds.pdf simultaneous determination of trace uranium and vanadium in biological samples b y radiochemical neutron activation analysis.pdf analysis of gamma-ray spectra from hpge detectors in field conditions without ex plicit energy calibration.pdf a national campaign for coincidence-summing correction in g-ray spectrometry.pdf a semi-empirical formula for hpge detector efficiency calibration.pdf activity concentration of radium-226 in agricultural soils.pdf the neutron flux of a252cf neutron activation analysis device using the mcnp cod e.pdf trace element determination in beauty products by k0-instrumental neutron activa tion analysis. pu a nd am a-sources.pdf absolute calibration of 60co by using sum-peak method and an hpge detector.pdf a new absolute method for the standardization of radionuclides emitting low-ener gy radiation.pdf a source for measurement of the absolute intensities of 226ra gamma-radiation in equilibrium with decay products.pdf application of rotating disk electrode technique for the preparation of np.pdf a study of radon and thoron release from egyptian building materials using polym eric nuclear track detectors.pdf application of multidimensional spectrum analysis for neutron activation analysi s.pdf application of the can technique and radon gas analyzer for radon exhalation mea surements.pdf trace element levels of aerosols at an urban area of korea by instrumental neutr on activation analysis.pdf .pdf the estimation of differential counting measurements of positive quantities with relatively large statistical errors.pdf 260710 222rn detection at the mbq on m3 range in nitrogen gas and a new rn purification technique for liquid nitrogen.pdf a gamma-spectrometry system for activation analysis. 241am–be.semi-empirical determination of detector absolute efficiency in inaa of volumino us samples.pdf table for true summation effect in gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf use of the semi-absolute method in neutron activation analysis.

pdf experimental investigation of statistical models describing distribution of coun ts.pdf low-level radioactivity measurements in an ocean shellfish matrix.pdf measurement of radon and radon progenies at the german radon reference chamber.pdf concerning the low uranium and thorium yields in the electrodeposition process o f soil and sediment analyses.pdf fitting methods for constructing energy-dependent efficiency curves and their ap plication to ionization chamber measurements.p df measurements of activation induced by environmental neutrons using ultra low-lev el g-ray spectrometry.pdf determination of neutron flux distribution in an am-be irradiator using the mcnp .pdf monte carlo simulation of a clinical linear accelerator. multi-element cdznte detectors for portable meas urement applications.pdf determination of natural radioactivity in public drinking water quality assessme nt.pdf nai detector neutron activation spectra for pgnaa applications.pdf monte carlo simulation of gamma-ray response functions for a proportional counte r used for neutron measurement.pdf determination of the production rate of low intensity isomeric transitions.pdf cascade summing corrections for hpge spectrometers by the monte carlo method.pdf mcnp modelling of scintillation-detector g-ray spectra from natural radionuclide s.automated construction of detector models for efficiency interpolation in gammaray spectrometry. turkey.pdf comparative use of inaa and icp-ms methods for environmental studies.pdf maintaining accuracy in gamma-ray spectrometry at high count rates.pdf high accuracy measurement of the relative efficiency curve and determination of gamma-ray relative intensity for 38cl.pdf natural gross radioactivity in various surface and tap waters in elazig.pdf correction for neutron self-shielding in large-sample prompt-gamma neutron activ ation analysis.pdf measurements of photon emission probabilities from the decay of 226ra and daught ers.pdf low-background gamma spectrometry for environmental radioactivity.pdf determination of uranium isotopes in environmental samples by alpha-spectrometry .pdf improvements in the two media method for measurements of gamma-ray linear attenu ation coefficients.pdf measurement and prediction of neutron spectra in the kalpakkam mini reactor (kam ini).pdf development of high efficiency.pdf determination of the spatial response of neutron based analysers using a monte c arlo based method.pdf determination of traces of uranium and thorium in environmental matrices by neut ron activation analysis.pdf instrumental neutron activation analysis of large samples a pilot experiment.radon in the environment.pdf is the k0 method accurate for elements with high q0 values.pdf multi-element analysis of emeralds and associated rocks by k0 neutron activatio n analysis.pdf how to calculate lead concentration and concentration uncertainty in xrf in vivo bone lead analysis. pdf .pdf bibliographic collection .pdf monte carlo calculations of the response features for nai detectors.pdf determination of multi-element profiles of soil using energy dispersive x-ray fl uorescence (edxrf).pdf determination of corrections to true summations of photons for measurements in m arinelli beakers.

pdf a high-sensitivity detection system for radon in air.pdf natural radioactivity in soils and rocks within the greater accra region of ghan a.pdf the use of sources emitting coincident γ-r ys for determination of absolute effici ency curves of highly efficient ge detectors.pdf precise monte carlo simulation of gamma-ray response functions for an nai(tl) de tector.pdf nuclear data for applications.pdf uranium content measurements in building materials using track detection.pdf radon measurement by coincidence gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf propagation of the uncertainties of sample position to the uncertainty of the co unting efficiency in gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf a method for removing the emissions of natural uranium in the analysis of thoriu m alpha spectra.pdf neutron spectra from isotopic (α.pdf validation of a neutron activation analysis method using k0-standardization.pdf simultaneous determination of ra and th nuclides.pdf some irregularities observed in the analysis results of k0-naa.pdf the radon emanation power of building materials.pdf neutron-resonance capture analysis of materials.pdf 270710 a calorimeter for neutron flux measurement.pdf neutron and gamma-ray spectra of 239pube and 241ambe. thorium and 226ra by liquid scintillation alpha spectrometry.pdf .pdf analytical peak fitting for gamma-ray spectrum analysis with ge detectors. turkey. its measured response functions and potential applications.pdf the measurement of natural radioactivity in fish and the impact on humans.pdf sequential method for the determination of uranium.pdf neutron activation techniques in environmental studies.pdf russian roulette efficiency in monte carlo resonant absorption calculations.pdf study of the nai(tl) efficiency by monte carlo method. n) sources.pdf precise efficiency calibration of an hpge detector source measurements and monte carlo calculations with sub-percent precision.pdf a compact neutron coincidence spectrometer.pdf prompt gamma-ray activation analysis fundamentals and applications.pdf a study on the position resolution of position-sensitive 3he proportional counte rs. 238u and 227ac in uranium mini ng waters by g-ray spectrometry. soils and rocks.pdf the concept of the reflection cross section of thermal neutrons.pdf a neutron spectrometer based on solid-state nuclear-track detectors.pdf solvent extraction techniques in the study of short-lived radionuclides.pdf neutron-radiation analysis of rocks and ores using ge(li) spectrometer.pdf optimization of the parameters affecting the solid state detector efficiency in alpha-spectrometry.pdf performance of dose calibrators in brazilian hospitals for activity measurements .pdf the calculation of neutron self-shielding factors of a group of isolated resonan ces.pdf a large-area neutron detector based on double scattering.pdf transfer of the efficiency calibration of germanium gamma-ray detectors using th e gespecor software.pdf quality control of gamma-ray spectrometry measurements.pdf selective sorption of radioactive cesium and strontium on stannic molybdophospha te ion exchanger.pdf a sensitive continuum analysis method for gamma ray spectra.pdf use of nuclear techniques for the measurement of trace elements in food.pdf nuclear fuel cycle recent developments and future directions.pdf a new method and apparatus for measuring the mean energy of cyclotron beams.pdf use of gamma-ray spectroscopy for direct detection of thermal neutrons.natural radioactivity in soil samples of kocaeli basin.

pdf determination of the upper limit of a peak area.pdf monte carlo simulation of the response of nai scintillator to medium energy neut rons.pdf omparison of calculated and measured response functions for germanium detectors.pdf optimization of counting time in the radioactivity measurement of gaseous sample s with inner counting method. using warren's model.pdf determination of detection efficiency for radon and radon daughters with cr 39 t rack detector — a monte carlo study.pdf geometry dependence of the empirical relationship between volume and efficiency for ge detectors.pdf measurement of photomultiplier quantum efficiency.pdf .pdf calculations of the photon dose behind concrete shielding of high energy proton accelerators.pdf estimation of bounds for statistical and systematic uncertainties of the covaria nce matrix in relative neutron cross-section measurements.pdf measurements and calculations of the gamma response of neutron scintillators.pdf automated peak searching and fitting of data from gamma-ray coincidence experime nts.pdf composite space charge density functions for the calculation of gamma sensitivit y of self-powered neutron detectors. pdf on the use of the covariance matrix to fit correlated data.pdf attenuation of the neutron dose equivalent in labyrinths through an accelerator shield.pdf basics of a detector for direct measurement of radon and thoron concentrations i n air.pdf electronic ticket.pdf assessment of the photoelectron number for photomultipliers under conditions of low light intensities.pdf experimental solid-angle correction for gamma angular correlations.pdf cross section models for cold neutron scattering from liquid hydrogen and liquid deuterium.pdf neutron-chamber detectors and applications.pdf empirical-theoretical determination of the neutron response function for teflon encapsulated tld-600 using the harshaw model 8800 hot-gas reader.pdf large solid angle spectrometer for the measurements of differential (n.doc empirical efficiency and volume relationships for hpge detectors.pdf correction for sample self-absorption in activity determination by gamma spectro metry.pdf determination of efficiencies of semiconductor gamma-ray detectors for inhomogen eous samples.pdf new techniques in photon counting detectors.pdf ion dose determination using beam chopper techniques.pdf gamma-ray spectroscopy of voluminous sources corrections for source geometry and self-attenuation.application of a germanium detector as a low flux neutron monitor.pdf computer interactive graphics fitting of efficiency curves for ge detectors.pdf implementation of dedxs a differential energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy syst em.pdf dead-time effects in time-of-flight measurements. chargedparticle) cross sections.pdf low-level neutron monitoring by use of germanium detectors.pdf application of pulse shape discrimination technique to improve the energy resolu tion of a gas scintillation proportional counter.pdf high-efficiency fast-neutron detectors.pdf efficiency corrections for the γ-γ coincidence counting rates measured by the multidetector correlation system.pdf application of a new monte carlo method for determination of summation and selfattenuation corrections in gamma spectrometry.pdf coincidence summing in gamma and x-ray spectrometry.

pdf a monte carlo approach to x-ray fluorescence analysis at low energies using an a nnular 55fe source. theory.optimization of the counting time for the determination of 222rn daughters.pdf a new method for measuring the statistical resolution of scintillation detectors .pdf a measurement of the half-life of 137cs.pdf statistical properties of a peak-search algorithm for γ-r y spectrometry as relate d to currie's detection limits.pdf a new method for the determination of goodness-of-fit in gamma spectroscopy.pdf a neutron coincidence spectrometer.pdf a simple approximate formula for the incoherent scattering cross section of x an d γ-rays.pdf a comparison of empirical and semiempirical efficiency calculations for ge detec tors.pdf a monte carlo model for the detection efficiency of cylindrical geometry used in fission isomer studies.pdf a radially dependent photopeak efficiency model for si(li) detectors.pdf 28-290710 a comparative study of efficiencies for different detector geometries for source excited energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence systems.pdf quantities and units in radiation protection dosimetry.pdf a measurement of the half-life of 137cs_2.pdf a pattern recognition approach in x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf a fully automatic peak-search program for the evaluation of gauss-shaped diffrac tion patterns.pdf a compton scattering spectrometer for determining x-ray photon energy spectra.pdf some formulas for estimating tracking errors.pdf simplex method for optimization of experiments application to electrodeposition in alpha spectrometry.pdf a comparison of detection-limit computations for four commercial gamma-ray analy sis programs.pdf a semiempirical procedure for the simple calculation of the signal intensity in pixe analysis of thick samples.pdf a method for measuring the neutron flux from an am---be source using a nal(tl) s cintillator.pdf a new method for curve fitting to the data with low statistics not using the χ2-me thod.pdf the x-ray energy response of silicon part a.pdf a fast approximation to the complementary error function for use in fitting gamm a-ray peaks.pd f a computer-based spectrometry system for assessment of body radioactivity.pdf transition radiation detectors. γ and neutron dose .pdf a semi-empirical model for the x-ray si(li) detector response function.pdf a method to improve alpha particle spectral resolution.pdf a semi-empirical model for the gamma-ray response function of germanium detector s based on fundamental interaction mechanisms.pdf a comparison of detection-limit computations for four commercial gamma-ray analy sis programs_2.pdf a neutron coincidence spectrometer_2.pdf radon in soil-air and in groundwater related to major geophysical events a surve y.pdf .pdf a pattern recognition approach in x-ray fluorescence analysis_2.pdf a fast method for pixe and xrf target preparation of aqueous samples.pdf a personnel thermoluminescence dosimeter for the measurement of βγ.pdf a fundamental study of neutron spectra unfolding based on the maximum likelihood method.pdf statistical uncertainties in live time and detector efficiencies.pdf precision energy measurements of gamma rays from 44ti and 133ba.

pdf application of sequential probability ratio test to uranium enrichment verificat ion.pdf calibration procedure for a fast neutron time-of-flight spectrometer.pdf continuum estimation and peak analysis for in-beam gamma ray spectra.pdf correlation between deep-level parameters and energy resolution of p-type high p urity ge γ-dete¡tors.pdf absolute photopeak efficiency values for planar ge-detectors in the γ-ray energy r egion 30–600 kev with self-absorption in the source.pdf absolute activity determinations on large volume geological samples independent of self-absorption effects.pdf detector-efficiency calibration for high-energy gamma-rays_2.a study of neutron detection efficiency of an organic scintillation detector thr ough simulation of detection processes.pdf determination of solid angle corrections for precise gamma-gamma directional cor relation experiments with ge-detectors.pdf automatic analysis of γ-ray spectra including multiplets.pdf determination of the optimal length of cylindrical sources for specific gamma ac tivity measurements.pdf correction of the continual scanning record of radioactivity distribution i smoo thing.pdf background subtraction and peak search from threefold gamma event data_2.pdf a technique for the evaluation of signal enhancement with application to gamma r ay spectra.pdf application of a recursion formula to air sampling of radon daughters.pdf analytical approach to the analysis of spectra from time-of-flight measurements.pdf comparison among methods for calculating fwhm_2.pdf comparison among methods for calculating fwhm.pdf determination of the efficiency of gamma detectors from particle-gamma angular c orrelations.pdf calculation and experimental determination of the fast neutron sensitivity of os l detectors with hydrogen containing radiators.pdf ¡ross section for reactions between neutrons and matter. pdf analytical functions for fitting peaks from ge semiconductor detectors.pdf calculated absolute photopeak and total pair-production efficiency values of wel l-type nai-detectors in the γ-ray region 3-10 mev.pdf application of a resonance capture detector to the precise measurement of neutro n total cross sections.pdf detector-efficiency calibration for high-energy gamma-rays.pdf application of a resonance capture detector to the precise measurement of neutro n total cross sections_2.pdf .pdf dead time correction for the prediction of gamma-ray spectra.pdf correction factors of detection efficiency of proton recoil fast neutron detecto rs calculated by the monte carlo method.pdf an analytic solution to the rayleigh scattering cross section integral.pdf background reduction of x-ray fluorescence spectra in a secondary target energy dispersive spectrometer.pdf an investigation of the selective sampling technique by monte carlo simulation m ethods.pdf an improved method for the shape analysis of backscattering spectra.pdf correction of the continual scanning record of radioactivity distribution ii dec onvolution.pdf background subtraction and peak search from threefold gamma event data.pdf an xrf method for the determination of the efficiency of si(li) detectors in an extended-source geometry by using thick specimens.pdf approximated total and full energy peak intrinsic efficiencies of gamma detector s for measuring systems design.pdf an intermediate energy neutron source.pdf determination of uranium and or plutonium using x-ray fluorescence analysis exci ted by 192ir sealed sources.

pdf dosimetry of high fast neutron fluxes.pdf experimental determinations of directional-correlation solid-angle attenuation f actors for ge(li) γ-ray detectors comparison of experimental and calculated values . natti(γ.pdf enhancement of peak-to-total ratio in gamma-ray spectroscopy_2.pdf iterative codes for fitting complete spectra.pdf empirical relation between efficiency and volume of hpge detectors.xn8p) reactions with 2.pdf dose-rate conversion factors for external gamma exposure.pdf evaluation of a neutron shield for actively shielded gamma-ray telescopes.pdf elemental analysis by neutron inelastic scatter gamma rays with a radioisotope n eutron source.pdf enhancement of peak-to-total ratio in gamma-ray spectroscopy. n atfe(γ.xnp).pdf inaa and flame aas of various vegetable reference materials.pdf efficiency of si(li) x-ray detectors at low energies.pdf errors in experiments with small numbers of events.pdf evaluation of low temperature ashing of biological materials as a preconcentrati on method for pixe analysis.pdf liquid scintillation technique for the determination of the thermal neutron flux density due to 59co and 197au monitors.pdf experimental verification of internal dosimetry calculations construction of a h eterogeneous phantom based on human organs.pdf gamma-ray source properties and compton scattering.pdf empirical polynomials for computing gamma-ray interaction cross sections and coe fficient in ge and nai(tl).pdf experimental and theoretical determination of the fast neutron sensitivity of di fferent radiator-tl detector combinations.pdf gamma-ray emission probabilities of the daughters of 238u.pdf intrasource absorption and scattering effects in the angular correlation of gamm a rays.pdf gamma-ray emission probabilities of the daughters of 238u_2.pdf dosimetry and biological results of mice irradiations in mixed neutron-gamma fie lds.pdf gamma-ray emission probabilities in the decay of 65ni and 125sb_2.pdf geochemistry of trace elements in the extraterrestrial matter examined by the xray fluorescence method with synchrotron radiation.pdf efficiency calibration of germanium-spectrometers in the energy range from 122–412 kev.pdf dosimetry system for neutrons and gamma rays.pdf gamma ray intensity standards for calibrating ge(li) detectors for the energy ra nge 200–1700 kev.pdf gamma and neutron dosimetry based on electrical conductivity of tl phosphors.pdf gamma-ray interaction in ge a monte carlo simulation.gsc in the 45sc(γ.pdf gamma-ray emission probabilities in the decay of 65ni and 125sb.pdf differential coherent scattering cross-section measurements.pdf half-life determination of 125i_2.pdf environmental radioactivity_2.pdf efficiency calibration of ge spectrometers for measurements on environmental sam ples.pdf fast neutron dosimetry using a cr-39 plastic track detector.5 gev bremsstrahlung.pdf h.n).pdf environmental radioactivity.xn5p) and natcu(γ.pdf fluorescent sources for an energy dispersive compton spectrometer.pdf extension of the semiempirical germanium detector response function to low energ y gamma rays.pdf .development of the detector response function approach in the least-squares anal ysis of x-ray fluorescence spectra.pdf energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis with synchrotron radiation.txt half-life determination of 125i.pdf isomeric yield ratios for the formation of 44m.

slant z less-than-or-equals.pdf peak-by-peak correction of ge(li) gamma-ray spectra for photopeaks from backgrou nd.pdf on the determination of the shape parameters of the γ-ray multiplicity distributio n with a low efficiency multicounter system. 204ti and 210pb.pdf natural line-width effects in gamma.pdf measurement of the neutron lifetime by magnetic storage of free neutrons.pdf measurement of the gamma-ray emission probabilities of 75se_2.p df .pdf optical absorption of cr-39 as a means of γ-ray and neutron dosimetry.pdf performances of large volume p-type hpge detectors.pdf on improving ge detector energy resolution and peak-to-compton ratios by pulse-s hape discrimination.pdf new approach to detection limit determination in spectroscopy.looping variation observed in environmental gamma-ray measurement due to atmosph eric radon daughters. 88y. 147pm.pdf neutron detection efficiency for ne213 and bc501 scintillators at energies betwe en 25 and 200 mev.pdf near-optimum procedure for half-life measurement by high-resolution gamma-ray sp ectroscopy.pdf photon emission probabilities of 201tl.pdf near-optimum procedure for half-life measurement by high-resolution gamma-ray sp ectroscopy_2.pdf performances of large volume p-type hpge detectors_2.pdf on a new method for testing and calibrating ionizing particle detectors.pdf monte carlo calculation of electron transport coefficients in counting gas mixtu res ii.pdf photon emission probabilities of 201tl_2. slant 52 excited by 14.pdf monte carlo simulation of complex germanium detector systems and compton suppres sion spectrometers.pdf neutron detection efficiency for ne213 and bc501 scintillators at energies betwe en 25 and 200 mev_2.pdf measurement of the neutron lifetime by magnetic storage of free neutrons_2.pdf neutron dosimetry using activation of thermoluminescent caso4.pdf monte carlo simulation of a transition radiation detector.pdf on the photopeak efficiency of germanium gamma-ray detectors.pdf neutron lifetime determination by ultracold neutron storage.pdf measurement of the gamma-ray emission probabilities of 75se. argon-methane mixtures.pdf photon emission probabilities of 44ti.pdf on the determination of the shape parameters of the γ-ray multiplicity distributio n with a low efficiency multicounter system_2.pdf measurements of the gamma-ray emission probabilities of 75se_2.pdf measurements of covariance for cascading gamma rays.pdf measurements of the gamma-ray emission probabilities of 75se.pdf mechanism for fast neutron damage of ge(hp) detectors.4 and 122 k ev photons.pdf neutron lifetime determination by ultracold neutron storage_2.pdf measurements and calculations on the shielding effect of small slabs for 14 mev neutrons.pdf nuclide activities determined from γ-ray spectra from ge detectors a review with g auss viii as the example. mixtures containing neon and carbon dioxide.and x-ray emission rate measurements with s emiconductor detectors. 65zn.pdf monte carlo improvement of dose uniformity in gamma irradiation processing using the geant4 code.pdf monte carlo calculation of electron transport coefficients in counting gas mixtu res i. 89sr.pdf method for an automatic search of two-dimensional peaks in neutron diffraction s pectra.pdf monte-carlo calculations of gamma-ray backscattering.pdf measurement of k-shell fluorescence yields for the elements in the range 22 less -than-or-equals.

photon emission probabilities of 44ti.52 mev gamma ray of 42k_2. 204ti and 210pb_2 .pdf the influence of background neutrons on (n.2n) at 14.pdf some physical problems of very low 222rn concentration measurements with the pro portional counter.pdf response of coaxial ge(li) detectors to narrow beams of photons for stripping of x-ray bremsstrahlung spectra.pdf simulations of neutron response and background rejection for a scintillating-fib er detector.pdf some notes on peak fitting with an inadequate model in the analysis of ge(li) ga mma spectra.pdf samples for x-ray fluorescence analysis using synchrotron radiation.doc quy trình tiêu chuẩn phan tich huynh quang_2.pdf precise determination of gamma-ray peak areas_2.pdf test and calibration of a coincidence setup by a radioactive source.γ) activation measurements in the neutr on energy region 2.α).pdf the impact of natural radioactivity in solder on low background experiments.pdf quantitative xrf of solid samples using an iterative matrix correction code.pdf precision measurement of the emission probability for the 1.pdf self-shielding correction for the resonance activation detectors na.doc quy trình tiêu chuẩn phan tich huynh quang. 89sr.pdf some current advances in biophysical applications of ionizing radiation for heal th preservation.pdf sensitive x-ray fluorescence analysis of geological samples using synchrotron ra diation.pdf radiation dosimetry through spectral definition.p df precise determination of gamma-ray peak areas.0–7.pdf scintillation light transport and detection.pdf preparation of targets for measuring g-factors of isomeric states and for fissio n studies of muonic 235u and 238u.pdf quy trình chuẩn phân tich kich hoat.pdf simulations of neutron response and background rejection for a scintillating-fib er detector_2. (n. 147pm.doc radiation accident dosimetry. 65zn.pdf precision measurement of the emission probability for the 1.5 mev neutrons on the basis of experimental data measured by lanz hou university. 88y.pdf the contribution of carbon interactions to the neutron counting efficiency of or ganic scintillatorsthe contribution of carbon interactions to the neutron counti ng.7 mev.pdf shielding of gamma radiation by typical european houses.pdf simultaneous measurement of neutron flux and neutron detector efficiency.pdf spectral measurement of angular neutron flux on the restricted surface of slab a ssemblies by the time-of-flight method.pdf the fitting of solid state detector spectra.pdf scintillation efficiency of gas proportional scintillation counters.pdf the experimental isomeric cross-section ratio in the nuclear activation techniqu e.pdf .pdf statistical evaluation for peak center in the presence of background.p df semi-empirical systematics for the cross-sections of the reactions (n.pdf pixe calibration and correction of matrix effects in the case of thick samples.pdf sensitivity of a low-level ge(li) spectrometer applied to environmental aquatic studies. mn and co.pdf secondary fluorescence correction in thick target pixe analysis.p) an d (n.52 mev gamma ray of 42k.pdf the optimization of gamma spectra processing in prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (pgnaa).

mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_secret_20garden_20_20violin_20_5bnct_200327199745_5d(1).mp3 gió_Đông_Ấm_Áp___khánh_phương_ft.mp3 290610 a computer method for analysing gamma ray scintillation spectra.pdf uncertainties in the χ2 fit for nuclear radiation spectra.pdf x.pdf x-ray fluorescence escape peaks in gamma-ray spectra detected by cdte detectors.p df uncertainties in peak area determination of a 152eu gamma source._quỳnh_nga___nhạc_trẻ_gio_20dong_20am_20ap_20_20khanh_20phuo 0quynh_20nga_20_5bnct_2043633934017798797500_5d.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_secret_20garden_20_20violin_20_5bnct_200327199745_5d(2).mp3 mỉm_cười_khi_anh_ra_ñi___janny_heo___nghe___tải___xem_lyrics_b9e408a4da9eefbb966afdeeb24a4 9a1.mp3 Để_mùa_Đông_trôi_qua___trà_my___de_mua_dong_troi_qua___tra_my___nghe_nhạc_online___download_b de_20mua_20dong_20troi_20qua.doc xuân___hạ___thu___Đông_._rồi_lại_xuân___xuân_hạ___nghe___tải___xem_lyrics_4e2d328dab1573508 e3f5aad6.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_secret_20garden_20_20violin_20_5bnct_200327199745_5d(3)..pdf x.the use of coherent gamma-ray scattering for the characterisation of materials.mp3 an empirical method for determining the relative efficiency of a ge(li) gamma-ra y detector.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_song_20from_20secret_20garden_20_20secret_20garden_20_5bnct_ 206970559186_5d(1).mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_goi_20nho_20que_20huong_20_sao_dan_20tranh_dan_20bau_20_20nh ac_20cu_20dan_20toc_20_5bnct_200619089746_5d.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_secret_20garden_20_20violin_20_5bnct_200327199745_5d.pdf use of kβ on kα ratios in elemental analysis of thick samples.pdf use of indirectly measured spectra in fundamental parameters x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_con_20thuyen_20khong_20ben_20_sao_dan_20tranh_dan_20bau_20_2 0nhac_20cu_20dan_20toc_20_5bnct_205495772076_5d.mp3 so 843.and gamma-ray intensity measurements in 137cs and 203hg decays. pdf 280610 attachments_2010_06_28.and gamma-ray standards for detector efficiency calibration.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_song_20from_20secret_20garden_20_20secret_20garden_20_5bnct_ 206970559186_5d(2).pdf use of the spectral analysis for estimating the intensity of a weak periodic sou bao_giờ_cho_Đến_mùa_Đông___tuấn_hưng___bao_gio_cho_den_mua_dong___tuan_hung___nghe_nhạc_onlin ownload_bài_hát_bao_20gio_20cho_20den_20mua_20dong.doc finite solid-angle corrections for ge(li) detectors.pdf calculated gamma ray photofractions for well-type scintillation detectors.and gamma-ray standards for detector efficiency calibration_2.pdf x.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_song_20from_20secret_20garden_20_20secret_20garden_20_5bnct_ 206970559186_5d.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_song_20from_20secret_20garden_20_20secret_20garden_20_5bnct_ 206970559186_5d(4).c thai thay d.pdf con Đường mưa.pdf tb d.pdf calculated total efficiencies of coaxial ge(li) detectors.pdf album_nhac_hoa_tau_hay___tainamlh___nghe___tải___chia_sẻ_nhạc_66f8ca8b2d405cb8da47941b 4fabd51c.c can 1-7-2010.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_song_20from_20secret_20garden_20_20secret_20garden_20_5bnct_ 206970559186_5d(3)..pdf use of the spectral analysis for estimating the intensity of a weak periodic sou rce_2.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_goi_20nho_20que_20huong_20_sao_dan_20tranh_dan_20bau_20_20nh ac_20cu_20dan_20toc_20_5bnct_200619089746_5d(1).mp3 .

mp3 nghe_nhac___tai_nhac___nhac_moi___nhac_hot_3322.ppt report baocaoe2.pdf tabulated efficiencies of some well-type gamma ray scintillation detectors for v arious geometries.ppt athn 2005 2nd bptc tentative schedule[1].for hoai cam.ppt khoa_appc. scarborough fair.mp3 gockhoi_montecarlo2.ppt cautruc_va_hoatdong_cua_lodalat.mp3 13_-_you_are_my_deskmate.doc a.ppt l8 radiation measurement by m.ppt safe handling_quang.doc 300610 02. lam 2-4__iaea requirements for safe operation of npps.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_xa_20vang_20_sao_dan_20tranh_dan_20bau_20_20nhac_20cu_20dan_ 20toc_20_5bnct_204767666113_5d.ppt baovedetai2005.ppt bµi giang ve tuong tac bang tieng anh(thay tu).ppt surface monitoring presentation1.mp3 3rd national basic professional training course on nuclear safety 8th-training course 200502bilateral meeting present2.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_xa_20vang_20_sao_dan_20tranh_dan_20bau_20_20nhac_20cu_20dan_ 20toc_20_5bnct_204767666113_5d(2).ppt compton_scattering_experime.ppt alpha ray spectrometry.mp3 on the absolute detection efficiency of a cylindrical scintillation pho sphor.ppt hwr_npp_overview_presentation.-ray absorption coefficients for high-z.ppt l5.ppt e-2 shielding design group d.pdf nghe_nhac___tai_nhac___nhac_moi___nhac_hot_14674.mp3 nghe_nhac___tai_nhac___nhac_moi___nhac_hot_15027.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_yeu_20em_20_20jay_20chou_20_5bnct_203832076424_5d.ppt bao ve de tai rn.ppt l7gamma. noguchi.mp3 14.mp3 le lac de come .mp3 05 . la paloma.pdf Новинки прозы и стихов.flac 12_-_i_really_get_hurt.ppt gioithieu1.mp3 monte carlo calculation of source-to-detector geometry.ppt giangthanhhieu.pdf nuclear_criticality_safety.mp3 nghe_nhac___tai_nhac___nhac_moi___nhac_hot_5721.ppt e5-a group.c group.mp3 nghe_nhac___tai_nhac___nhac_moi___nhac_hot_16195.ppt antoan.pdf semiempirical formulae for 3.ppt bileteral cooperation meeting_2004.mp3 list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_con_20thuyen_20khong_20ben_20_sao_dan_20tranh_dan_20bau_20_2 0nhac_20cu_20dan_20toc_20_5bnct_205495772076_5d.ngoi tua man thuyen.ppt .ppt e7 .list_nhạc_hòa_tấu___cực_hay_xa_20vang_20_sao_dan_20tranh_dan_20bau_20_20nhac_20cu_20dan_ 20toc_20_5bnct_204767666113_5d(1).

ppt code of conduct safety of rr hanoi 05[1].ppt he thong quan ly atksbx vn.quyson bgcd-ql&xlctpx.haoquang basic_radiation_protection_quang.doc quan li chat luong unicode[1].oct_18__2__pwr_npp_overview.pdf phan loai an toan ket cau.pdf lo a.ppt radiation_protection_in_npp_quang.ppt e&t leaflet sept05.ppt a.hong at-lodl.jpg tung son son_psa.doc iaea assistance hanoi 05.ppt bc-pptatdinh.ppt p1010014.ppt iaea safety program hanoi 2005[1].2.ppt bg atbx trong cn bai 1 khai niem co ban ve bx ion hoa & cac dai luong.mongsinh bai giang an toan -2.dhn.ppt .ppt reqts for site evaluation hanoi 05[1].ppt iaea assistance hanoi 05[1].ppt ines brochure.ppt gdcd[1].pdf oct_19__1__bwr_overview.bac vtbac's lectures v-2 (nop).ppt iaea safety program hanoi 2005.ppt reqts for rr design hanoi 05[1].doc a.ppt decommissioning[1].ppt code of conduct safety of rr hanoi 05.he thong quan ly atksbx-1.ppt a.doc bai giang unicode[1].ppt cao chi principles of nuclear reactors-huy+chi.pdf reqts for rr design hanoi 05.soan.ppt pheplo.ppt a.ppt at-nmdhn.pp mau.ppt reqts for site evaluation hanoi 05.ppt quan li chat luong unicode[1]'.hiep bai 17 .pdf a.ppt dr.deitrich basic safety principles hanoi 2005.doc van hoa an toan unicode[1] bai giang unicode[1]'.ppt bc-decommissioning.doc van hoa an toan unicode[1]'.ppt safety standards and pub'ns hanoi 05.pdf reactor system diagrams.ppt safety standards and pub'ns hanoi 05[1].ppt a.pdf thaydao_nhien_lieu_cho_lo_dalat.doc qa .ppt deitrich basic safety principles hanoi 2005[1].de danh gia va kiem tra an toan.

ppt iaea safety program 2006 monday 1.ppt bai 2 tuongtacbucxa voi vat chat.ppt .pdf decommissioning.ppt bai 3 cac phuong phap ghi do buc xa.xa hinh cong nghiep (tia gamma va tia x).ppt cac yeu cau ve cong tac quan ly code of conduct 2006 (monday 2) code of conduct 2006 (monday 2) code of conduct hanoi 2006.ppt thietbi x-quang (nhung van de lien quan den an toan).ppt bai 5 huong dan dam bao at.pdf decommisioning-hatuan.ppt hieu ung sinh hoc cua bx-modified version.ppt principles of nuclear reactors-huy+chi.pdf nuclear safety e and t materials 2005.ppt iaea safety standard gs-r-3.doc bai 6 hieu ung sinh hoc cua bx.ppt bai 9 nguy_hiem_chieu_ngoai.doc emergency plan ndt. tcvn 6869.ppt cacmoinguyhiemchieungoai & bienphapphongchong (b).zip iaea safety program 2006 monday 1 iaea safety program 2006 (monday 1) iaea safety program hanoi 2006. q.ppt bai_7 he_thong_quan_ly_atksbx_va_vbqppl.ppt tap huan atbx_khai niem-dai luong do.pps gioi han lieu doi voi nv&dc-tcvn 6866[1].ppt safety standards and pub'ns hanoi 06.ppt decommisioning-hatuan 2-10-06.ppt d.ppt code of conduct 2006 (monday 2).zip management systems 2006 (wednesday 1) management systems 2006 (wednesday 1) iaea management system standards.pdf basic principles of nuclear safety 2006 (tuesday 1). quang).ppt dao tao an toan buc xa trong x-quang y te (12-2005) atbx trong van hanh may x-quang2.doc thietkechechanchox-quang.doc bia tieu de. xu ly khan cap an ninh cac nguon px_hiep sua. son.ppt bai 4.huong dan cap phep.ppt reactor system diagrams.pdf decomnupec.ppt bai 8 gioi han lieu .ppt khai niem co ban ve bx ion hoa & cac dai luong.ppt tuongtacbucxa.bai 10 kiemsoat lieu nn[1].ppt vanbanluatcoquanquanly-hiep-1[1].ppt decommisioning-japan.pdf deitrich basic principles of nuclear safety 2006 (tuesday 1) basic principles of nuclear safety 2006 (tuesday 1) basic safety principles hanoi 2006.ppt hieu ung sinh hoc cua buc xa.ppt bia lop tap huan atbx 12-2005.pdf decom2-japan. tcvn 6866.ppt cao chi.ppt nguy_hiem_chieu_ngoai (a.ppt decommission decom-clearncelevel.ppt bai 11 . bss 115.ppt ines brochure.

ppt safety culture 2 .ms for op'g org of rrx.ppt reqts for rr design hanoi 05[1].zip site evaluation 2006 (tuesday 2) site evaluation 2006 (tuesday 2) iaea reqts for site evaluation hanoi 2006.ppt operational_safety.dll Новая папка (2) printzessa.ppd mxdwdrv.ppt bc-pptatdinh-2006.ppt reqts for rr design [1].dll xpssvcs.ppt l.gpd msxpsinc.ppd mxdwdrv.doc tnam1.doc pr2.inf msxpsinc.ppt at-nmdhn-2006.ppt site evaluation 2006 (tuesday 2).thong.dll msxpsdrv.ppt nt-huyen thuthien.inf msxpsinc.bptc3. t bac.ppt radiation protection.ppt yeu cau thiet ke an toan msxpsdrv.i.bptc3.ppt t.ppt management systems 2006 (wednesday 1).dll i386 filterpipelineprintproc.ljagushka.avi Новая папка8 fulltext. v.dll xpssvcs.ppt he thong quan ly atksbx vn.dll msxpsdrv.pps v.db ung pho su co px .ppt usnrc site safety considerations.ppt van hoa an toan .ppt radiochemistry2003a[1] msxpsdrv.qms ems sms auto.2009.hdrip.ppt nhan 20030605 revue technique .xls du an lai chau_2003.ppt 88462bb692ccc61237 amd64 filterpipelineprintproc.bptc3.pdf gamma attuation effect. hong at-lodl-2006.ppt usnrc environmental protection considerations. n.gpd msxpsinc.ppt national project framwork_seminar. toan basic_~1.pdf .vtbac's lectures-oct-2006.ppt safety culture 1 .d.ppt viet hung communication .bptc3.ppt thumbs.

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evaluations of photonuclear cross sections for actinides.pdf experimental study and theoretical consideration of the isomeric ratio in photon uclear reaction au in giant dipole resonance region.pdf giant dipole resonance neutron yields produced by electrons as a function of tar get material and thickness.pdf isomer ratios and mean angular momenta of photonuclear reaction productc.pdf on the nature of the resonances observed in photonuclear reactions.pdf photo-nuclear reaction cross sections for some isotpes of ti and mo.pdf photonuclear data evaluations of actinides up to 130mev.pdf photonuclear reaction mechnisms at intermediate energies.pdf photonuclear reaction with 300 mev bremsstrahlung productin of na.pdf photonuclear reactions and nuclear transmutation.pdf photonuclear reactions on p-shell nuclear at intermediate energies.pdf phton cross section , attenuation coefficients and energy absorption coefficiens from 10 kev to 100 gev.pdf study on the isomeric ratios of (gamma,proton) photonuclear reactions with isoto pes zr and w in the giant dipole resonance region.pdf tables of nuclear constants for gamma activation analysis.pdf the general-gamma distribution and reaction times.pdf the isomeric ratios in some photonuclear reactios induced by bremsstrahlungs wit h ed-point energies in the giant dipole resonance region.pdf genie2k disk_1 cilogo.bmp drivers.z g2kinsp.txt setup.exe setup.ins setup.pkg _inst32i.ex_ _isdel.exe _setup.dll _setup.lib disk_2 dlls.z disk_3 exefiles.z winhelp.z disk_4 camfiles.z ctlfiles.z drd.z jobhelp.z i school on neutron physics, 1969 333_1969-0-contents.pdf dynamical theory studies by c.g. shull.pdf magnetic form factor and magnetizattion densities by means of polarized neutrons by a. paoletti.pdf neutrality and the neutron electric dipole moment by c.g. shull.pdf neutron optics using bragg reflection by h. maier-leibnitz.pdf new methods of measuring neutron scattering amplitudes by l.l. koester.pdf oriented targets in neutron spectrometry by v.l. sailor.pdf refractive index studies with neutrons by c.g. shull.pdf scattering of neutrons around second order phase transitions by b. jacrot.pdf works in neutron physics being in progress at the reactor frm by l.l. koester.pd f ice book reader v7.6-retail

crk full.key ice book reader retail.exe ice book reader retail.txt ii school on neutron physics, 1974 346_1974_00-contents.pdf a. steyerl. very cold neutrons – a new toll in condensed matter research.pdf b.p. schoenborn. neutron structural analysis of proteins, membranes and protein complexes.pdf c. coceva. some aspects of neutron resonanse research.pdf c. kalbach. prequilibrium models for nuclear reactions and studies involving neu trons.pdf h. glattli. nuclear pseudomagnetism.pdf j.a. harvey. survey of ev and kev neutron reactions.pdf n. cindro. selected topics in nuclear-structure investigations with fast neutron s.pdf p.d. miller. measurements of the electric dipole moment of the neutron.pdf p.d. miller. possibility of a new determination of the magnetic moment of the ne utron.pdf p.d. miller. search for double radiative np capture.pdf s. cierjacks. experimental and theoretical aspects of high resolution neutron sp ectroscopy.pdf t. springer. investigation of diffusive motions by means of neutron spectroscopy .pdf В.Б. Приезжев. Фононы в классической и квантовой жидкости.pdf В.Г. Соловьев. Новый подход к изучению высоковозбужденных состояний.pdf В.И. Лущиков. Хранение ультрахолодных нейтронов.pdf В.Н. Андреев. Реакция 7be(n,2a) как объект для исследования несохраняющих четность ядерных си Г.М. Драбкин. Исследование конденсированных сред с помощью полиризованних нейтронов.pdf Г.С. Бисноватый-Коган. Свойства вещества нейтронных звезд.pdf Е.Ф. Шека. Нейтронная и оптическая спектроскопия молекулярных кристаллов.pdf И.М. Франк. Нейтронная оптика и ультрахолодные нейтроны.pdf К. Хенниг. Исследования уровней парамагнитных ионов в кристаллическом поле с помощью неупруго М.И. Подгорецкий. О некоторых возможных экспениментах с медленными нейтронами..pdf Н. Кроо. Магнитное рассеяния нейтронов в твердом теле.pdf Ф. Берчварж. g-распад нейтронных резонансов.pdf Ю.Г. Абов. Исследования нарушения пространственной четности в реакции 113 cd (n,g) 114cd.pdf Ю.М. Останевич. Новые возможности измерения деформации ядер в возбужденных состояниях (Аннота Я. Гонзатко. Захват поляризованных нейтронов поляризованными ядрами 59co (Аннотация).pdf iii school on neutron physics, 1978 384_1978_00-contents-preface.pdf a. steyerl. experiments with very slow neutrons.pdf d. seeliger. some aspects of the mechanism of fast neutron induced reactions.pdf f. mezei. the spin echo approach to thermal neutron scattering.pdf g.a. keyworth. neutron physics at lasl.pdf h. postma. directional distribution and polarization phenomena in gamma-ray emis sion following neutron capture.pdf h. postma. spin-spin interaction effects in neutron-nucleus reactions.pdf j. schweizer. magnetization density and ground state spectroscopy.pdf j.w. white. neutron scattering from adsorbed molecules.pdf n. cindro, e. holub. selected topics in nuclear reaction investigations with fas t neutrons.pdf s.f. mughabghab. non-statistical effects in neutron captures.f. mughabghab. nonstatistical effects in neutron capture.pdf t. springer. dynamics of hydrogen in nb, ta, v and pd investigated by neutron sp ectroscopy.pdf А.В. Игнатюк. Роль коллективных эффектов при систематике параметров нейтронных резонансов.pdf В.Г. Соловьев. Описание нейтронных и радиационных силовых функций в рамках квазичастично-фоно В.И. Лущиков. Эксперименты с ультрахолодными нейтронами.pdf В.Л. Аксенов. Динамика кристаллов с водородными связями.pdf

В.М. Лобашов, А.П. Серебров. Поиск электрического дипольного момента нейтрона с помощью ультр В.Н. Кононов. Некоторые результаты экспериментальных исследований взаимодействия s-, p- и dИ.М. Франк, А.И. Франк. Принцип Ферма в оптике ультрахолодных нейтронов.pdf Н. Кроо Нейтроны и лазеры.pdf Рассеяние нейтронов на равновесных и неравновесных фононах, экситонах и поляритонах.pdf Совместное применение рассеяния нейтронов и рентгеновских лучей для определения атомной и эле Э.И. Шарапов. Изучесние четырехнуклонной системы в реакциях с нейтронами при низких энергиях. Ю.М. Останевич, И.М. Франк, Е.П. Шабалин. Реактор ИБР-2 сегодня.pdf Ю.П. Попов, В.И. Фурман. Распад компаунд-состояний.pdf iut-ho iut may rabom.pdf iut may rabom3.pdf iut may rabom4.pdf iutmayrabom2.pdf iut_ijims_4_2001_1-21.pdf iv school on neutron physics, 1982 410_1982_00-contents-preface.pdf discovery of a new long-lived isomeric state in 125ce.pdf f. mezei. neutron spin echo and high resolution inelastic spectroscopy.pdf g. longo. neutron radiative capture in the region of giant multipole resonances. pdf g.s. bauer. diana – a project for a new high performance neutron source in the fed eral republic of germany.pdf h. fuess. present status of structure determination by neutron diffraction.pdf l. madhav rao. diffractometry with polarised neutrons.pdf s. raman. neclear spectrocscopy problems studied with neutrons.pdf t. von egidy. nuclear spectroscopy using the neutron capture reaction.pdf А.М. Петросьянц. Нейтрон и ядерная энергетика.pdf Б.П. Топерверг. Исследование аморфных магнетиков с помощью рассеяния нейтронов.pdf В.В. Воронов. Нейтронные силовые функции в квазичастично-фононной модели ядра.pdf В.Л. Аксенов, Е.А. Горемычкин, Т. Фрауенхайм. Кристаллические поля в 4f-электронных системах. В.П. Алфименков. Нарушение пространственной четности во взаимодействии медленных нейтронов с В.П. Вертебный. Исследование нейтронных резонансов атомных ядер на стационарных атомных реакт Выведенные пучки нейтронов. Экспериментальные установки и программа первых исследований на ре Г.П. Жуков. Измерительно-вычислительных центр ЛНФ. Современное состояние и перспективы развит З. Длоугы. Проблемы деления ядер под действием нейтронов.pdf И.М. Франк, Е.П. Шабалин. Некоторые результаты пуска исследовательского реактора ИБР-2.pdf И.М. Франк. Пятьдесят лет нейтронной физике.pdf К. Хенниг, К. Фельдман. Исследование текстуры материалов с помощью дифракции нейтронов.pdf Н.М. Благовещенский, Ж.А. Козлов, В.А. Парфенов, А.В. Пучков. Рассеяние нейтронов в гелии-ii. Н.М. Плакида. Рассеяние нейтронов при структурных фазовых переходах.pdf Н.С. Работнов. Деление ориентированных ядер нейтронами.pdf Р. Михалец, П. Микула. Дифракционная нейтронная оптика на импульсных источниках.pdf С.Г. Кадменский, В.И. Фурман. Нейтронные и радиационные ширины и эффекты несохранения четност Ч. Стоянов. Квазичастично-фононная модель и описание радиационных силовых функций.pdf Ю.А. Изюмов. Симметричный анализ упругого, критического и неупругого рассеяния нейтронов в ма Ю.В. Петров. Экспериментальные возможности реактора ПИК.pdf Ю.Я. Ставиский. Интенсивный источник нейтронов на основе протонного пучка мезонной фабрики ИЯ kal bio 3r1702.spe kap1702.spe mid1702.spe pin1702.spe trl1702.spe vool1702.spe bio.doc obr cg190209.spe

cn190209.spe cr1902vn.spe ct190209.spe dak1902.spe dbg1902.spe ddc1902.spe dhp1902.spe dl200209.spe dt200209.spe dtc1902.spe nl200209.spe nr200209.spe nt200209.spe rl200209.spe rr200209.spe rt200209.spe vg1802.spe vn1802.spe vr190209.spe vt1802.spe soil bel.res bel1702.spe ca1702.spe cu1702.spe pc11702.spe scht1702.spe sg1702.spe sgh1702.spe soil1702.spe soil.doc x-etalon-mi.xls kich hoat au-bare1.cnf au-cd-01.gws au-cd1.cnf au-cd2.cnf au-cd3.cnf au1-ba-01.cnf au1-ba-02.cnf au1-ba-03.cnf au1-bare-3.cnf au2-cd-01.cnf au2-cd-02.cnf au2-cd-04.cnf au2-cd03.cnf cu1-01.cnf cu1-02.cnf cu1-03.cnf cu1-04.cnf cu2-01.cnf cu2-02.cnf cu2-03.cnf cu3-01.cnf cu3-02.cnf cu3-03.cnf cu4-01.cnf in111-1.cnf in111-2.cnf in113-1.cnf

in113-2.cnf in114-1.cnf in114-2.cnf in116-1.cnf in116-2.cnf in116-3.cnf in12-1.cnf in12-2.cnf in12-3.cnf in5.cnf in6-1.cnf in6-2.cnf sumary data.xls learn english englishstd41.iso he e20090826.h4e e20090828.h4e e20090831.h4e i20090823.h4e i20090827.h4e i20090830.h4e p20081007.h4e p20090825.h4e p20090829.h4e learn russian hoc tieng nga qua cac doan hoi thoai.iso russian for every body.iso luu %d0%9b%d0%a0%20%e2%84%96%202%20%d0%ad%d0%bb%d0%b5%d0%ba%d1%82%d1%80%d0%be%d0%bb% d0%b8%d0%b7.pdf 00326405.pdf 013(2008-13).pdf 01_sol.pdf 027(e6-2008-27).pdf 02_is.pdf 030(p6-2009-30).pdf 03_puz.pdf 09-dienphan.pdf 094(e15-2008-94).pdf 1 so quy tac danh dau trong am.doc 1.1.1 description of the volume and its use.pdf 1.doc 10107278.pdf 1084990.pdf 11141_762903897_714007433.pdf 1134330_exjobbpeter.pdf 1148.pdf 12.jpeg 125f.pdf 1332-5.pdf 137.pdf 1378.pdf 155-160.pdf 162-g-g-coinc-spectrom-j-radioan-nucl-chem2000.pdf 20005b86_341.pdf 210pb bremsstrahlung emission spectrum from leads.pdf 22_2.pdf 238u–series radionuclides.pdf 24 meo hay tri bênh từ nhà bếp.doc

pdf .pdf activation cross sections and isomeric ratios in reactions induced.pdf a comparison of procedures for.pdf a fortran code for least squares shape fitting several neutron transmission meas urments using the breit wigner muitilevel formula.pdf a rapid method for determination.pdf 6612x2537.pdf absolute cross sections fromx-.pdf accurate measurement of uranium.pdf 9780521553056_excerpt. th. k.pdf a metallic magnetic calorimeter for hard x-ray and.pdf accuracy of absorbed dose in external.pdf 4_octavian_sima_univbucharest.pdf allpdf.pdf actinide separation chemistry in.pdf analysis actinies by alpha spectrometry method a practical guide to successful alpha spectroscopy.pdf advanced electron transport algorithm.pdf accuracy evaluation of results obtained by.pdf alpha spectroscopy an art or a science.pdf 38010001.pdf anlpha3.26030130.pdf absolute efficiency calibration of high-purity germanium.pdf activation measurements for thermal neutron.pdf advantages of ge(li) and pure ge detectors in gamma spectrometry measurment of u .pdf a method for correction of experimental.pdf a new low-energy bremsstrahlung generator for geant4.pdf a reexamination of absorption and enhancement effects in x-ray.pdf a monte carlo solution for external beam photon radiotherapy verification.doc alpha anlyst integrated alpha spectrometer.pdf 6.pdf 6628maopub.pdf alpha1.pdf 662. pdf accurate quantification of dried residue thin films using x-ray fluorescenced.pdf allpdf1.pdf allpdf2.pdf alpha6.pdf activation analysis.pd f accurate quantification of radioactive materials byx-ray fluorescence gallium in plutonium metal.pdf 491554.pdf alpha spectrometry sample preparation using selectively adsorbing thin films. analytical methods.pdf alpha radioassay.pdf a high-resolution time-of-flight spectrometer for fission fragments and ion beam s.pdf 52_067.pdf 9001.pdf an overview of neutron activation analysis.pdf an analytic function fit to monte carlo x-ray and c-ray spectra from thomson.pdf accurate measurements of the collision stopping powers for 5 to 30 mev electron.pdf alpha4.pdf analysing environmental radioactivity in soils and.pdf a method to determine 238u activity in environmental.pdf 627_2008-annual_report.pdf alpha spectrometry enriched uranium urinalysis results from ipen.pdf alpha5.

pdf plutonium isotopic composition by gamma ray spectroscopy.pdf speciation ofuranium in enviromental relevant compartments.pdf radiochemical procedures for the determination of sr. its isotopes.pdf sampling and measurement procedure. am.pdf uranium..pdf u-th isotopic systematics of sao pedro sao paulo rocks indication.25–20 kev photon energy range. np.determination of activity concentrations and activity ratios of plutonium.pdf analytical precision and accuracy in x-ray fluorescence.pdf thorium speciation in seawater.pdf uranium-234.pdf toxicological profile for uranium.pdf sims analysis of uraniumcontaining particles.pdf analysis method am.pdf uranium analysis and chemistry literature. analytical methods.pdf preliminary study on the alpha track analysis.pdf analysis of remotely accrued complex gamma ray. u th tc pb po in enviromental mater ials.pdf the radiochemistry of uranium.pdf determining 234th and 238u in rocks.pdf uranium-234.pdf anketa dlya shtata dir-ho.pdf simultaneous determination of uranium. uranium-235 and uranium-238 in soil near siberian. and alpha activity in urine by mass spectrometry.pdf simultaneous determination of radium and uranium activities in natural water sam ples using liquid scintillation counting.pdf experimental determination the uranium enrichmen ratio.pdf analytical model for the bremsstrahlung spectrum in the 0.doc alpha particle spectroscopy.pdf a practical guide to successful alpha spectroscopy. neptunium and plotonium update.pdf procedures for determinnation of pu.pdf hdmsp00105194.pdf analysis uranium 238u series radionuclides as a source of increased radioactivity in groundwater originating from finnish bedrock.pdf 87-6.doc apntowl04a. seversk).pdf uranium in drinking-water. am and cm. soils.pdf analytical methods forwide area environmentalsampling (waes) for airfilters. and sediments via the doublet.pdf sorption of uranium.pdf variation of initial 230th232th and limits of high precision.pdf rapid method for du by alpha spectrometry.pdf optimisation of monitoring for internal exposure.pdf .pdf leukaemie-anhoerung%20vorlage%208%20wladislaw%20mironow. ameri cium and curium isotopes in radioactive waste samples.ppt application of mno2-coated discs in the case of.pdf determination of radioactivity in air filters by alpha and gamma spectrometr.pdf optimization of source preparation methods for alpha spectroscopy in eme.pdf analysis o f multiple markers in nutrition research.pdf separation of plutonium from soil and sediment prior to. u.pdf radioactive disequilibrium of uranium and thorium nuclide series in hot spring a nd river water from peitou hot spring basin in taipei. pu.pdf analysis of the 40k levels in soil using gamma.pdf track-etch method forextracting uraniumcontaining particlesfrom swipes and their analysis with icp-ms. uranium-235 and uranium-238 in soil near siberian chemical enterpri ses (tomsk-7.pdf electrodeposition of uranium and transuranic elements onto solid.pdf analysis of rocks using x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf environmental chemistry of uranium.pdf determination of uranium isotopes in food and environmental.

pdf calibration standard for use in gamma spectrometry and luminescence dating.doc combined sensor for detection of explosives based on timedcombined sensor for de .doc class%20notes%201%20uncertainty.pdf building materials as a source of gamma radiation and radon concentration tes an d improvement of experimental methods.pdf bailey_atl_21(1)_11-15.application of self-absorption correction method in gamma.doc blank&eksperiandova_1998.pdf aramis a computer code to estimate total and peak efficiencies of an hpge photon detector.pdf calibration detector measurement for large sources.doc book1.pdf calculations of the giant-dipole-resonance photoneutronsusing a coupled egs4-mor se code.wav bc kq cong tac cb 6 thang 2009.pdf bí quyết.pdf application of the genetic algorithms to.pdf chuan doan l.doc bc kq cong tac cb 6 thang 2009.wav baercon-43p016.pdf calculation of the activities of gamma-ray emitters attachments_2009_12_21.pdf ashampoo¢ winoptimizer 2010 .pdf bremsstrahlung.doc bl. quantities and units.doc chuyen bang tieng nga.pdf assessment of drinking water radioactivity content by.dvi.pdf atomic_energy_2008.dvi.doc biological and environmental research.pdf characteristics of uranium and its compounds.pdf bdt_pvthuan.pdf biblio.pdf attachments_2009_11_09.pdf chemical separation and source.pdf biện pháp chữa trị bệnh mất ngủ.3_kev_ari_2004. x-ray fluorescence analysis1.pdf brems.pdf chapter2 dosimetric principles.pdf binh chon ca nhan dien hinh tien tien 11-09.pdf certificate.pdf article_2009_4_256.doc caculation of coincidense summing corrections for specific small soil sample geo attachments_2009_11_20.doc bệnh lao phổi là gì.txt aspects of precision and accuracy attachments_2009_12_03.pdf cm(vi).pdf book 1-unit 10.pdf bajas.pdf chapter5-1(x-ray).pdf ba ngoi.pdf atomic spectrometry update.pdf behavior_of_several_germanium_detector_full_energy_peak.xls bosak.pdf a_method_to_determine_238u_activity_using_63%5b1%5d.pdf calibrating a low gamma counting system for measuring depleted and low enriched uranium.pdf chapter 3.pdf bai bao anh ly.

pdf development and improvement of analytical techniques. and accurate gamma-ray spectrometry. and sediments via the doublet. th).pdf dloat.pdf determination of uranium and thorium in geological materials using extraction ch romatography.pdf determination of radionuclides in natural food. pileup.doc distribution of naturally occurring radionuclides (u.pdf comnsiderations on the use of high resolution gamma spectrometry in enviromental measurements.pdf determination of uranium.doc dang giay moi du 16.doc các ñộng từ có quy tắc ở các thì quá khứ ñơn hay ñộng tính từ quá khứ ñều kết thúc bằng âm. soils.tection of explosives based on timed neutron source and continuos microwaves. soils.pdf development of methodsfor isotopic analysisof uranium containingparticles.doc hd so ket 6 thang 2009.pdf development of low-level environmental sampling capabilities for uranium at braz ilian and argentine laboratories by abacc.pdf destructive sample analysis for nuclear safguards.pdf copy (2) of domanov.pdf development of a total reflection x-ray fluorescence spectrometer for.pdf determination of th concentration.pdf determination of heavy metals in welder's working environment using nuclear anal ytical methods. and sediments via the doubletdetermi ning 234th and 238u in rocks.doc tin phat dong cvd tai nga 16-8-09.pdf depleted uranium technical brief.pdf detector neutron2.doc de bat nang luong.pdf determination of thorium and uranium contents in soil samples using sstd's pass ive method.doc copy (3) of domanov.pdf determination of gamma -ray efficiency cures for volume samples by the combinati on of monte carlo simulations and point suorce calibration.p df cong nghe che tao tinh the nhay photon.pdf detctor neutron1.xls tb thanh lap ban to chuc cuoc vd 2009-2010.pdf determination of depleted uranium in enviromental samples by gamma spectroscopic techniques.pdf consideration of matrix effects in xrf analysis.pdf determination of 236u238u isotope ratio in contaminated.doc .pdf determination of uranium and thorium in soil and plant parts around.8.pdf determining 234th and 238u in rocks.pdf computer code gammapeaks for treatment of gamma-spectra.doc tieu chuan xet tc va ca nhan 7-09.txt doc1.pdf determination of isotopic uranium in human tissues by combined alpha spectrometr y and neutron activation analysis.doc phan bo binh chon ca nhan tieu bieu 9-09.doc noi dung phat dong 16-8-09.09 (4).pdf determination of the photopeak detection efficiency of a.pdf depth profiling by means of total electron cách làm rượu tỏi.doc dead time.pdf destructive sample analysis for nuclear safeguards.pdf concept of a combined device for localization and identification of explosives. thorium and potassium.doc copy of domanov.pdf distance.pdf detection of neutron sources in cargo containers.pdf determination of very low levels.

pdf gamma spectrum analysis for environmental nuclides.pdf double beta decay present and future.pdf etd_init_9965_1176729829.0. thorium.xls ds to chuc dhtt 3 nam qua 11-09.pdf golosa video book 1 unit 62.pdf gamma-ray detectors for nondestructive analysis.8.pdf don ve phep.pdf gbd-0.pdf gg.pdf evaluating the rate of migration of an uranium deposition front within.maclob.pdf glava11.pdf giay moi du 16.pdf evaluation of decay data of radium-226 and its daughters.alpha8.pdf dose measurements of bremsstrahlung produced neutrons at the advanced photon sou rce.09 mat ngoai.doc domeier%201994%20serranid.jpg duongchuan hq.doc domanov.doc giay moi du hoi nghi dien hinh tien tien 11-09.xls giant dipole resonance neutron yields.doc2.doc don xin ve phep_ho.pdf ds bao cao 6 thang dau 2009.pdf fog_vol_1.pdf free electron stuation uo2 fluoresence absorption analysis method..pdf elevated uptake of th and u by netted chain fern (woodwardia.pdf evaluation of indigenous concentrations of uranium and thorium insoils of china .pdf exotic compound actinides.pdf geo_18_11.pdf energy loss and straggling of electrons.pdf evaluation of soil extraction methods.doc guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement.xls e13-2001-168.d.pdf experimental tecniques in nuclear physics.pdf estimation of uncertainty in plate.pdf gui o.pdf geo32_01.doc doklad esna 26-08-09.pdf efficiency determinations for a.pdf environmental isotopes as a useful tool for studies at mixed uranium mill tailin gs sites.pdf effects of organic matter on the speciation of uranium in soil and plant matrice s.pdf examples monte carlo simulation stydies.pdf effect on particle size to emitted x-ray intensity in pellet cement sample analy zed with wdxrf spectrometer.doc glava1. and radium.pdf geo_20_05.pdf .pdf gammalab_obninsk.pdf efficiency calibration of hpge gamma spectrometry of lan system.ppt experimental determination of the hpge spectrometer efficiency curve.pdf evaluations of radionuclides of uranium.pdf electron scattering and bremsstrahlung cross section measurementsts.meta gt.pdf geant simulation.pdf gamma-ray spectroscopy determination of radioactive elements in late-hercynian p lutonic rocks of val biandino and val trompia.doc dsc_0047.1.

doc handbook of radioactivity analysis .doc về phát triển giáo dục và ñào tạo trong giai ñoạn mới.doc huong dan viet thu hoach dv moi Книги.doc chỉ thị số 23.ho bai thu hoach boi duong chinh tri he 2009.pdf hoc tap ct.doc tư tưởng hồ chí minh11.doc tư tưởng hồ chí minh12.pdf .doc bai thu hoach.jpeg improved%20interference-1993.pdf harry potter va hon da phu thuy.doc qd35-2003-bgd.doc học tập1 va.pdf hess-8-35-2004.doc bài viết của bộ trưởng ngoại giao nguyễn dy niên về tư tưởng hồ chí minh.pdf interfacial and colloidal phenomena in aquatic environments.pdf harry potter va hon da phu thuy.pdf tutuonghochiminh7.pdf improving measurement methods for the 226ra concentration of water sample of nat ural health risks of exposure to.doc vi.doc tu_tuong_ho_chi_minh_1921_24125083.doc tai lieu boi duong dang vien moi.doc chiến lược phát triển giáo dục việt nam 2008.doc những vấn ñề bức xúc của giáo dục và ñào tạo hiện nay.doc bộ chính trị ñưa ra 7 ñịnh hướng phát triển giáo dục.doc http.pdf improvement of alpha-spectrometry measurement of uranium isotopes and isotope-ra tio through the inspection of environmental and nuclear industrial samples.doc nghiên cứu tư tưởng hồ chí minh trong giai ñoạn mới 11.doc tu tuong hcm.pdf i don.doc ngoại giao việt nam sau 20 năm ñổi mới.doc nghị quyết hội nghị lần thứ 9 ban chấp hành trung ương khóa x.doc chiến lược ñối ngoại việt nam ñến 2020.doc litsum_chem.doc nghị quyết hội nghị lần thứ bảy ban chấp hành trung ương khoá x.doc bai thu hoach.gọi ñiện thoại miễn phí ñến mọi nơi trên thế giới.doc images.doc thong bao kh to chuc lop bd dv moi 11-09.pdf indoor radioactive pollution.doc nghiquyet25tw.osti.bai 6 trang 13.doc kỷ niệm 71 năm ngày truyền thống ngành tư tưởng.pdf vận dụng sáng tạo và phát triển chủ nghĩa mác.mht handbook on measurements methods and strategies at very low levels and activitie s.doc rèn luyện tư cách người ñảng viên cộng sản.pdf bai thu hoach1.doc ~$i lieu boi duong dang vien moi.pdf improving the energy resolution of x-ray and electron energy-loss spectra.doc http___www.pdf mỞ rỘng quan hỆ ĐỐi ngoẠi.pdf bài 1.doc học tập.doc chủ nghĩa mác.doc ~$ong dan viet thu hoach dv moi 2009.pdf hm127-130-louw.doc how to convert fat disks to ntfs.

pdf methods of radon measurement.pdf modification and preservation of environmental signals in speleothems.prc cntvtrd.pdf monte carlo simulation.pdf methodology for determination.pdf key buddycheck.prc bai_giang_tu_vi.pdf isotopic composition of uranium in soil and ground water.pdf mt71a-01.pdf morris_2003.pdf my ebooks bai giang tu vi.doc lao ruot.doc meowd.pdf monte carlo simulation of the photon beam characteristics from medical linear ac celerators.pdf measurements of the effective cross section of the th-233(n.pdf micro_xrf.pdf methods statactis for experimental particle physics.pdf measurement of inclusive photonuclear (gamma.mbp bai_giang_tu_vi.doc laptop battery doubler v1.introduction to u-series geochemistry.p df measurement of metal migration in sediment caps with x-ray fluorescen.prc .pdf monte carlo caculation of point spread functions of compton scatter cameras.pdf kv0297paravyan.pdf megauploa1.pdf low-level radioactivity measurements for the gerda experiment.n) reaction cross section for129i.mbp cntvtrd.pdf l9.pdf monte carlo simulation study of bremsstrahlung.pdf lab3%20--%20alpha%20spectroscopy.pdf monte carlo simulation of a position sensitive gamma ray detector.pdf lao màng bụng.txt kronfeld_1994.pdf liquid scintillation counting of environmental radionuclides.doc merge.pdf lsc2005_211.pdf modeling the bremsstrahlung of 30 60 mev.pdf monte carlo simulation of pulse pile up.mbp bai giang tu vi.pdf jnpae-2009-10-0092-bezshyyko_karpenko.pdf monte carlo simulation of x-ray source characteristics using mcpets and mcnpx co de for mammography.txt mass and charge distributions from photon-induced fission comparison with exper imental data and yields from neutron induced fission.pdf mmcp2009prelimprog_29_06.pdf measurement of natural radioactivity concentration of building materials in gree ce.pdf micro0683702.doc lbf-survey2005.pdf ljp46413.pdf luu.pdf monte-carlo modeling of silicon x-ray detectors.gamma)th-234 reactio n.pdf iso_5725-1_1994__e__cor_1_1998-general principles and definitions.pdf kawrakow_montecarlo_color.pdf methods and applications of low-level radioactivity measurements.pdf methods of radioactivity analysis and the.

romania).ico thumbs.pdf s azov introductory chapter.prc thu phap viet nam. commonly used radioactive sources 1.db database mobipocket_history.pdf s azov chapter 19.ebase lccnghna.pdf s azov chapter 16.pdf s azov chapter 4.pdf s azov chapter 12.pdf s azov chapter 10.pdf s azov chapter 11.pdf megaupload.covers bookshelf res_default_book_cover_small_square_120_120.pdf s azov table of contents.pdf natural radioactivity of some medicinal.pdf 27.mbp lccnghna.pdf s azov vocabulary.pdf s azov chapter 7.pdf s azov chapter 8.pdf neutron activation studies on jet1.pdf s azov chapter 6.pdf s azov chapter 14.pdf s azov grammar summary.pdf s azov chapter 2.prc yoga_thuchanh.pdf s azov chapter 15.pdf s azov chapter 20.pdf ngu phap tieng nga s azov chapter 1.pdf don xin ve phep_ho.doc rpp2008-rev-atomic-nuclear-prop.pdf new folder 1.pdf 28.mbp yoga_thuchanh.mbp to tom thu choi tao nha (nguyen luu).pdf .mbp thu phap viet nam.pdf s azov index.pdf natural uranium as a tracer in radionuclide geosphere transport studies.prc sach_linh_khu.pdf don xin ve phep_ho1. particle detectors 1.pdf s azov chapter 3.pdf s azov listening.pdf s azov chapter 5.pdf 30.pdf s azov chapter 13.pdf s azov introduction.pdf s azov chapter 9. passage of particles through matter 1.prc to tom thu choi tao nha (nguyen luu).pdf neutron activation cross-sectio mesurements from threshold to 20 mev for the val idation of nuclear models and their parameters.mbp sach_linh_khu.pdf s azov chapter 17.pdf s azov chapter 18.prc natural actinides studies in conifers grown on uranium mining dumps (the east ca rpathians.

pdf radiometric dating and heavy metal content of a recent sediment core from.pdf radium isotopes determination in rock samples using alpha.pdf oral-09.pdf paper27.p df part x.doc pp-00-29.pdf .pdf photonuclear bofod (mod) u-236.pdf passage of radiations through matter.pdf radioactive measurement.pdf precise efficiency calibration of an hpge detector.p df notes on data analysis and experimental uncertainment.pdf pub1228_web.pdf p.xls photoneutron production in electron beam stop for dual-axis radiographic hydrote st facility.doc r3_6.pdf progamnoe_obecpechenue.pdf performance values for non destructive assay.pdf nhỮng nguyÊn tẮc phẢi tuÂn thỦ ĐỂ trÁnh khÁng thuỐc khi ĐiỀu trỊ bỆnh lao.doc optimisation and application of icp-ms and alpha-spectrometry for.5 mev.doc ninh.pdf nucl-inst-and-meth-a312-1992-152.pdf ra-226_tables.pdf p404.pdf radiological hazard and safety enviromental monitoring.pdf radiopro44008.pdf read the text silently as you listen to the recording.pdf quantitative-x ray spectrometry. elemental isotope dilution.pdf password.pdf preparation of a soil reference material with high thorium.pdf photopu242. with measureme nts.pdf reduction and precipitation of neptunium(v) by sulfate-reducing bacteria.pdf nucleonica gamma-spectrum generator.pdf paper.pdf precise efficiency calibration of an hpge detector up to 3.dvi.pdf phuong phap tinh.pdf nucleation theory and applycations dupna 2006.pdf quantitative analysis of rock samples by.pdf only love.pdf parameters for nuclear reaction calculations reference input parameter library.doc oxt4.doc recent developments in theoretical nuclear physics.nhung_cauchuyen_tl.pdf on problems related to the deployment of depleted uranium weapons in the balkans .doc pb-210 measurements in environmental samples.pdf pedogenic fractionation and bioavailability of uranium and thorium.pdf particle detectors2.pdf quy tắc phát âm trong tiếng anh của người mỹ.doc nist measurement services calibration of x and gamma-ray measuring instruments.pdf phan bo binh chon ca nhan tieu bieu 9-09.pdf phần i.pdf pdfpage.dvi.txt p331.pdf photonuclear reactions of three-nucleon systems.pdf nuclear radiation detectors.pdf relativistic model for bremsstrahlung.

doc tb cong tac quy iv.pdf rpp2009-rev-particle-detectors.pdf the effi ciency determination for si(li) detector in the 3-723 kev.pdf sample preparation of plastics for x-ray fluoressample preparation of plastics f or x-ray fluorescence analysiscence analysis.pdf room-temperature compound semiconductor radiation of uranium bioassay techniques.pdf services_gamma£ray spectrometry.pdf standardised methods for measuring radionuclides.doc s4_h_ru.pdf shielding against high energy radiation.pdf tai lieu ht ve dang.pdf so 792. 22 6ra and 210po using alpha spectrometry in samples of the brazilian phosphate ind ustry.pdf ryabov_radionuclides_eng.pdf stand_alone_russian.pdf so 814.pdf speciation ofradionuclides in the environment.pdf so 800.pdf specimen preparation in x-ray fluorescence analysis of materials and natural ob jects.pdf th.pdf study of lead pollution by edxrf analysis.pdf technical specifications and recomendations.pdf the russian alphabet.pdf so 799.pdf so 813.pdf rửa mũi.pdf soil-to-plant transfers of uranium series radionuclides.pdf sony vaio s upgrade installation guide.pdf sample preparation for x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf so 795.pdf spectral interference in x-ray fluorescence analysis of common materials.pdf simultaneous determination of trace elements in serum by energy-dispersive x-ray florescence spectrometry.pdf the monte carlo simulation of radiation transport.pdf testing and improvements of gamma ray strength funtions for nuclear model cacula tions.pdf tb_treat_vietnamese.pdf study of the oxidation state of depleted uranium particles in.pdf sau ñây sẽ là các bài tập cơ bụng ñược xem là hiệu quả nhất trong mọi thời ñại.doc sediment-tracing technology an overview.pdf .pdf sf_rep_samp_guid_soil.pdf signal and background separation.pdf so 796.doc sop301.pdf temg.pdf so 798.pdf sequential determination of the actinides in environmental.pdf so 797.pdf standardless x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf simulation of fluorescence spectroscopy experiment.doc tbinformation_fs_vietnamese_2005.pdf sa-studies%20-sops-for-sampling-and-analysis.pdf standardised methods for measuring radionuclides in drinking water.pdf so 791.doc the urine bioassay program at y-12.pdf sequential radioanalytical method for the determination of u and th isotopes.pdf study on analytical procedure of plutonium.

doc thong tin tuyen truy_n d_i h_i 1.avi vnexpress .ca khuc thoi h1n1 'sot' tren mang.flv-.pdf thin films using x-ray fluorescence.nh ng d a tr evian .pdf tzika.pdf vgns.pdf use of gamma-ray spectrometry for uranium isotopic analysis in environmental sam ples.doc uncertainty budget for 226ra activity concentration.fl v vnexpress .pdf v2p2_02.pdf windows hoàn hảo với hs winperfect bản quyền miễn phí.pdf trioctylphosphine oxide.doc tắt windows sidebar trước.pdf tieng nga.pdf v5p4_01.pdf uranium2.wonder girls .doc tracing method applied to the standardization of 137cs.nhung dua tre evian.pdf về tư tưởng chính trị.meta vnexpress .doc vittbdis.pdf use of hpge gamma ray spectrometry to assess the.doc uk dm project.flv-.thаnh long dбnh nhau v i virus mбy tнnh .flv vnexpress .doc thorium.the x-ray background.wonder girls.nhung dua tre evian.pdf wide angle geometry edxrf’ spectrometers with.doc uranium mining.pdf thick source alpha counting the measurement of thorium.flv vol4-n1_99.pdf uranium1.doc what.pdf transonic radionuclides. processing and nuclear energy.nh ng d a tr evian .pdf thumbs.pdf vittbinf1.doc uk dm player.pdf t_12430737119eddouks.pdf thick target bremsstrahlung and target consideration for secondary particle prod uction by electron.db tieng anh bbcrussian.nh ng d a tr evian .nobody .avi vlc-record-2010-02-23-19h20m11s-_201001__megafun_sherlockholmes2009vcd.pdf tieu chuan xet tc va ca nhan 7-09.pdf thong bao cong tac thang 1va 2-2010.pdf volam.nhung dua tre khъc th i h1n1 's t' trкn m ng .pdf vlc-record-2010-02-23-19h19m05s-_201001__megafun_sherlockholmes2009vcd.flv-.thanh long danh nhau voi virus may tinh.pdf v50n3p108.doc trung.pdf tăng ñến 200.pdf theoretical understanding of direct photon production.doc top 500 russian verbs.doc .pdf v26p3_4.pdf videospirit lite.nobody .avi vlc-record-2010-02-23-19h21m23s-_201001__megafun_sherlockholmes2009vcd.txt ts-monte-carlo-simulation-071116.pdf unit2.swf vnexpress .flv vnexpress .rm teacher_pig_transcript_070719.

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gif clip_image015.gif clip_image055.gif clip_image043.wmz clip_image062.wmz clip_image050.gif clip_image017.wmz clip_image014.gif clip_image037.gif clip_image039.wmz clip_image024.wmz clip_image010.wmz clip_image048.gif clip_image021.wmz clip_image060.gif clip_image029.wmz clip_image018.wmz clip_image038.gif clip_image023.gif clip_image013.gif clip_image041.wmz clip_image016.wmz clip_image040.gif clip_image033.gif clip_image027.wmz clip_image042.gif clip_image019.gif .wmz clip_image030.wmz clip_image036.clip_image003.gif clip_image035.gif clip_image057.wmz clip_image028.wmz clip_image012.gif clip_image053.gif clip_image007.gif clip_image059.gif clip_image011.gif clip_image045.wmz clip_image052.wmz clip_image058.wmz clip_image046.wmz clip_image026.wmz clip_image044.gif clip_image005.wmz clip_image034.wmz clip_image032.gif clip_image009.wmz clip_image004.wmz clip_image022.wmz clip_image020.wmz clip_image008.gif clip_image031.gif clip_image049.wmz clip_image006.gif clip_image025.gif clip_image061.wmz clip_image054.gif clip_image047.gif clip_image051.wmz clip_image056.

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jpg moz-screenshot-9.wmz clip_image004.wmz clip_image004.gif clip_image007.wmz clip_image010.gif clip_oledata.gif clip_image067.wmz clip_image006.wmz clip_image021.jpg moz-screenshot-6.wmz clip_image014.wmz clip_image023.wmz clip_image029.jpg moz-screenshot-3.gif clip_image018.wmz clip_image019.wmz clip_image002.wmz clip_image017.gif clip_image007.wmz clip_image012.jpg moz-screenshot-8.gif clip_oledata.gif clip_image005.wmz clip_image066.gif clip_image061.wmz clip_image006.gif clip_image026.jpg moz-screenshot-2.gif clip_image028.wmz clip_image064.jpg imgbtvn1 clip_image001.mso imgbtvn10 clip_image001.jpg moz-screenshot-5.wmz clip_image025.gif clip_image022.gif clip_image065.gif clip_image020.wmz clip_image068.wmz clip_image015.jpg moz-screenshot-7.clip_image060.gif clip_image063.gif clip_image003.gif clip_image003.wmz clip_image008.jpg moz-screenshot.gif clip_image013.wmz clip_image002.gif clip_image009.gif clip_image016.gif clip_image024.mso imgbtlt9 moz-screenshot-1.gif clip_image011.wmz .wmz clip_image027.gif clip_image005.wmz clip_image062.jpg moz-screenshot-4.

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gif clip_image119.jpg moz-screenshot-38.wmz clip_image096.wmz clip_image092.jpg moz-screenshot-36.wmz clip_image106.gif clip_image113.wmz clip_image094.jpg moz-screenshot-40.wmz clip_image084.wmz clip_image102.wmz clip_image122.wmz clip_image082.wmz clip_image100.gif clip_image121.wmz clip_image080.gif clip_image095.wmz clip_image112.gif clip_image103.gif clip_image109.clip_image074.gif clip_image079.jpg moz-screenshot-35.jpg moz-screenshot-41.wmz clip_image090.gif clip_image107.wmz clip_image088.gif clip_image081.gif clip_image097.wmz clip_image086.gif clip_image101.wmz clip_image118.wmz clip_image076.wmz clip_image110.gif clip_image117.mso imgtnkq1 moz-screenshot-34.gif clip_image091.jpg moz-screenshot-39.gif clip_image115.gif clip_oledata.gif clip_image085.jpg moz-screenshot-42.wmz clip_image104.gif clip_image087.gif clip_image093.gif clip_image075.gif clip_image077.wmz clip_image116.wmz clip_image078.gif clip_image111.gif clip_image099.wmz clip_image108.wmz clip_image098.wmz clip_image114.wmz clip_image120.gif clip_image105.jpg moz-screenshot-37.gif clip_image083.gif clip_image089.jpg .

jpg .jpg moz-screenshot-19.jpg moz-screenshot-18.jpg moz-screenshot-21.jpg moz-screenshot-20.jpg moz-screenshot-4.jpg moz-screenshot-46.jpg moz-screenshot-19.jpg moz-screenshot-47.jpg moz-screenshot-7.jpg moz-screenshot-44.jpg moz-screenshot-17.jpg moz-screenshot-20.jpg moz-screenshot-10.jpg moz-screenshot-22.jpg moz-screenshot-6.moz-screenshot-43.jpg moz-screenshot-45.jpg moz-screenshot-3.jpg moz-screenshot-5.jpg moz-screenshot-18.jpg moz-screenshot-12.jpg moz-screenshot-15.jpg moz-screenshot-50.jpg moz-screenshot-23.jpg moz-screenshot-21.jpg moz-screenshot-16.jpg moz-screenshot-5.jpg moz-screenshot-24.jpg moz-screenshot-13.jpg moz-screenshot.jpg moz-screenshot-11.jpg moz-screenshot-14.jpg moz-screenshot-22.jpg moz-screenshot-52.jpg moz-screenshot-53.jpg moz-screenshot-24.jpg moz-screenshot-4.jpg moz-screenshot-48.jpg thumbs.db imgtnkq11 moz-screenshot-1.jpg moz-screenshot-11.jpg moz-screenshot-10.jpg imgtnkq10 moz-screenshot-1.jpg moz-screenshot-49.jpg moz-screenshot-2.jpg moz-screenshot-9.jpg moz-screenshot-14.jpg moz-screenshot-23.jpg moz-screenshot-8.jpg moz-screenshot-13.jpg moz-screenshot-16.jpg moz-screenshot-2.jpg moz-screenshot-15.jpg moz-screenshot-54.jpg moz-screenshot-17.jpg moz-screenshot-12.jpg moz-screenshot-3.jpg moz-screenshot-51.

jpg moz-screenshot-22.jpg moz-screenshot-22.jpg moz-screenshot-11.jpg moz-screenshot-3.jpg moz-screenshot-7.jpg moz-screenshot-8.jpg imgtnkq2 moz-screenshot-34.jpg moz-screenshot-15.jpg moz-screenshot-18.jpg moz-screenshot-15.jpg imgtnkq12 moz-screenshot-1.jpg moz-screenshot-7.jpg imgtnkq13 moz-screenshot-1.jpg moz-screenshot.jpg .jpg moz-screenshot-9.jpg moz-screenshot-6.jpg moz-screenshot-17.jpg moz-screenshot-7.jpg moz-screenshot-21.jpg moz-screenshot.jpg moz-screenshot-14.jpg moz-screenshot-10.jpg moz-screenshot-4.jpg moz-screenshot-21.jpg moz-screenshot-10.jpg moz-screenshot-13.jpg moz-screenshot-20.jpg moz-screenshot-17.jpg moz-screenshot-20.jpg moz-screenshot-2.jpg moz-screenshot-23.jpg moz-screenshot.jpg moz-screenshot-5.jpg moz-screenshot-8.jpg moz-screenshot-12.jpg moz-screenshot-23.jpg moz-screenshot-6.jpg moz-screenshot-18.jpg moz-screenshot-9.jpg moz-screenshot-12.jpg moz-screenshot-13.moz-screenshot-6.jpg moz-screenshot-16.jpg moz-screenshot-8.jpg moz-screenshot-2.jpg moz-screenshot-14.jpg moz-screenshot-5.jpg moz-screenshot-25.jpg moz-screenshot-9.jpg moz-screenshot-16.jpg moz-screenshot-24.jpg moz-screenshot-24.jpg moz-screenshot-4.jpg moz-screenshot-19.jpg moz-screenshot-11.jpg moz-screenshot-3.jpg moz-screenshot-19.

jpg moz-screenshot-56.jpg moz-screenshot-39.jpg moz-screenshot-40.jpg moz-screenshot-37.jpg moz-screenshot-40.jpg moz-screenshot-36.jpg moz-screenshot-50.jpg moz-screenshot-44.jpg moz-screenshot-39.jpg moz-screenshot-40.moz-screenshot-35.jpg moz-screenshot-37.jpg moz-screenshot-57.jpg moz-screenshot-37.jpg moz-screenshot-41.jpg moz-screenshot-40.jpg moz-screenshot-55.jpg moz-screenshot-53.jpg moz-screenshot-41.jpg imgtnkq4 moz-screenshot-34.jpg imgtnkq6 moz-screenshot-34.jpg moz-screenshot-41.jpg moz-screenshot-35.jpg moz-screenshot-42.jpg moz-screenshot-36.jpg moz-screenshot-52.jpg moz-screenshot-42.jpg moz-screenshot-35.jpg imgtnkq3 moz-screenshot-34.jpg moz-screenshot-51.jpg moz-screenshot-39.jpg moz-screenshot-36.jpg moz-screenshot-49.jpg moz-screenshot-39.jpg moz-screenshot-37.jpg imgtnkq5 moz-screenshot-34.jpg moz-screenshot-41.jpg moz-screenshot-36.jpg moz-screenshot-41.jpg moz-screenshot-35.jpg moz-screenshot-38.jpg moz-screenshot-38.jpg moz-screenshot-46.jpg moz-screenshot-39.jpg moz-screenshot-54.jpg moz-screenshot-45.jpg moz-screenshot-35.jpg moz-screenshot-36.jpg moz-screenshot-48.jpg moz-screenshot-38.jpg moz-screenshot-37.jpg moz-screenshot-38.jpg moz-screenshot-40.jpg .jpg moz-screenshot-43.jpg moz-screenshot-38.jpg moz-screenshot-47.

jpg moz-screenshot-8.jpg moz-screenshot-38.jpg moz-screenshot-11.jpg moz-screenshot-36.jpg moz-screenshot-43.jpg moz-screenshot-13.jpg thumbs.jpg imgtnkq9 moz-screenshot-1.html kin_thc_l_thuyt14.jpg moz-screenshot-37.jpg moz-screenshot-14.jpg moz-screenshot-3.jpg moz-screenshot-48.jpg imgtnkq8 moz-screenshot-34.jpg moz-screenshot-40.jpg moz-screenshot-41.html kin_thc_l_thuyt13.jpg moz-screenshot-37.jpg moz-screenshot-50.html kin_thc_l_thuyt11.jpg moz-screenshot-4.jpg moz-screenshot-45.jpg moz-screenshot-2.jpg moz-screenshot-42.jpg moz-screenshot-47.html kin_thc_l_thuyt1.html kin_thc_l_thuyt5.jpg moz-screenshot-6.xsd imsmanifest.jpg moz-screenshot-12.html .jpg moz-screenshot-35.moz-screenshot-42.html kin_thc_l_thuyt12.jpg moz-screenshot-39.jpg moz-screenshot-36.jpg moz-screenshot-35.jpg moz-screenshot-7.xsd index.jpg moz-screenshot-9.html kin_thc_l_thuyt3.jpg moz-screenshot.jpg moz-screenshot-44.jpg moz-screenshot-51.xml imsmd_rootv1p2p1.jpg moz-screenshot-38.jpg moz-screenshot-49.html kin_thc_l_thuyt4.html kin_thc_l_thuyt10.jpg moz-screenshot-46.xsd ims_xml.html kin_thc_l_thuyt2.jpg moz-screenshot-39.db imgtnkq7 moz-screenshot-34.jpg moz-screenshot-10.jpg imscp_rootv1p1p2.jpg moz-screenshot-5.jpg moz-screenshot-52.

html videocontainer.html luyn_tp_trn_lp8.html video_clips14.html kin_thc_l_thuyt7.html trc_nghim_khch_quan12.gif stock-stop.html nodetitle_bg.html l_thuyt_mu__bi_ton_c_lng_im.html vc_t_ngu_nhin.png trc_nghim_khch_quan1.html luyn_tp_trn_lp2.html video_clips10.html trc_nghim_khch_quan11.html .html trc_nghim_khch_quan5.html trc_nghim_khch_quan4.html luyn_tp_trn_lp5.html nav.html panel-amusements.html trc_nghim_khch_quan13.html luyn_tp_trn_lp1.js lut_s_ln.html luyn_tp_trn_lp14.swf mt_s_phn_phi_lin_tc_quan_trng.css nh_ngha_xc_sut_v_cc_tnh_cht.html luyn_tp_trn_lp13.html popup_bg.jpg n_tp.html trc_nghim_khch_quan10.kin_thc_l_thuyt6.html trc_nghim_khch_quan14.html luyn_tp_trn_lp12.html luyn_tp_trn_lp11.html libot_drag.html luyn_tp_trn_lp4.html luyn_tp_trn_lp7.html magnifier.swf video_clips1.html trc_nghim_khch_quan7.html video_clips11.html trc_nghim_khch_quan9.html trc_nghim_khch_quan3.html luyn_tp_trn_lp6.html video_clips12.png phng_php_hp_l_cc_i__bi_ton_c_lng_khong.swf mp3player.html trc_nghim_khch_quan6.html luyn_tp_trn_lp10.html trc_nghim_khch_quan8.html luyn_tp_trn_lp9.html phn_phi_xc_sut_ca_hm_bin_ngu_nhin.html video_clips2.html kin_thc_l_thuyt8.html video_clips3.html video_clips13.html phn_phi__iu_kin_v_k_vng_iu_kin.html mt_s_phn_phi_ri_rc_quan_trng.html luyn_tp_trn_lp3.html phn_phi__ca_hm_cc_bin_ngu_nhin__cc_s_c_trng_ca_vc_t_ngu_nhin.html kin_thc_l_thuyt9.html trc_nghim_khch_quan2.

txt telex-std.0 pre-release 06 dr afndeenaa all of warez -.txt vni.cnf eno_190110.cnf sp-1_140110.html video_clips6.cnf ccht-3_140110.cnf sp-2_140110.war gna_150110.war sch_190110.txt ukfaq.cnf soil-5_cd.txt vni-new.exe serial.www.8 final keymap-samples microsoft.url nhc_2.htm .xml new folder bel-150110.cnf bul_ps_1_190110.0.war eno_190110.txt soil-5_cd.cnf soil5fon.cnf rus_2_cd.video_clips4.war scr winaxil210410.0_pre_release_06.war sgh_150110.mdb winaxilbio1.html video_clips5.cnf granit_gm.html video_clips7.html nhc pro 2.html video_clips8.exe settings.cnf cnf-fon gna_fon.mdb winaxil_soil_120410.cnf sch_190110.cnf incoh-coh bel-150110.8 final unikey 4.txt viqr.war sp-1_140110.war cnf bel-150110.cnf kn-2_151010.war sg140110.war unikey 4.cnf gna_150110.cnf sp-3_140110.txt nhc pro2 portable nhc.cnf sgh_150110.cnf sg140110.txt telex-pro.html video_clips9.mdb soil-5_cd.mdb winaxilbio.

doc рисунок.wax sch_190110.wax granit_gm_cl.xls new folder (2) anh dem .png image004.xls eno_190110.dll ukmacro.wax soil-5_br.wax soil-5_140110.wax xrf calibration curve with background.xls билеты_НРБ. элементов в эталонах_cd.htm ukmanual_files filelist.wax rus_2_cd.war sp-1_140110.wax eno_cl.jpg image007.wax cg1a-100.doc билеты_ОСП.war ~$l-150110.war wax bel-150110.wax ccht-3_140110.exe unikey.war sgh_thas.war soil-5_cd.wax granit_gm.wax eno_190110.wax sgh_150110.afm soil-5_cd.war book1.doc Сод.xls calibration curves for every element with background.db unikey.png image008.wax sp-1_140110.doc Документ.png image006.jpg image003.msi war_model all bel-150110.jpg image005.war sg140110asvga.war sg140110.wax sg1_cl.xls calibration curve without background.war eno_mo_nb.lnk vietnamese font full+vni.wax sg140110.wax gna_150110.xml image001.jpg thumbs.war gna_150110.txt ukmanual.xls calibration curves for every element without background.png image002.ukhook40.war sgh_150110.

jpg img_0368.jpg img_0240.jpg img_0376.jpg img_0362.jpg img_0396.jpg img_0371.jpg img_0364.jpg img_0224.jpg img_0382.jpg img_0422.img_0012.jpg img_0401.jpg img_0392.jpg img_0386.jpg img_0221.jpg img_0191.jpg img_0403.jpg img_0223.jpg img_0391.jpg img_0370.jpg img_0241.jpg img_0226.jpg img_0197.jpg img_0374.jpg img_0407.jpg img_0399.jpg img_0387.jpg img_0397.jpg img_0395.jpg img_0390.jpg img_0417.jpg img_0365.jpg img_0385.jpg img_0400.jpg img_0375.jpg img_0373.jpg img_0378.jpg img_0380.jpg img_0379.jpg img_0398.jpg img_0363.jpg img_0367.jpg img_0227.jpg img_0225.jpg img_0421.jpg img_0020.jpg img_0415.jpg img_0366.jpg img_0383.jpg img_0377.jpg img_0409.jpg img_0228.jpg img_0384.jpg img_0381.jpg img_0418.jpg img_0242.jpg img_0388.jpg img_0369.jpg .jpg img_0372.jpg img_0389.

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jpg img_0623.dvdscr-mr.jpg img_0624.2010.006 img_0605.dvdscr-mr.jpg the.update24h.dvdscr-mr.jpg img_0611.jpg img_1207.ex.update24h.2010.004 img_1213.005 the.001 the.jpg img_1217.avi.db new folder (4) .avi.avi.jpg img_1215.jpg img_0615.002 the.jpg img_0614.ex.jpg img_1211.dvdscr-mr.avi.jpg img_0610.jpg img_0606.jpg img_1210.2010.jpg mvi_1266.jpg img_1212.db img_0621.ex.jpg mvi_1200.dvdscr-mr.dvdscr-mr.avi.003 the.dvdscr-mr.ex.jpg img_0628.jpg img_0613.jpg img_1216.update24h.dvdscr-mr.avi.jpg img_0625.jpg thumbs.jpg img_0620.2010.jpg img_1206.008 thumbs.jpg img_0607.update24h.avi.jpg img_1218.update24h.jpg img_0603.jpg img_0626.007 new folder (3) img_1201.jpg img_0627.jpg img_0617.jpg img_1204.ex.jpg img_0618.jpg img_1214.

jpg img_1202.jpg img_1396.jpg img_1400.jpg img_1391.jpg img_1210.jpg img_1399.jpg img_1422.jpg img_1406.jpg img_1397.db new folder (6) img_1416.jpg img_1205.jpg img_1277.jpg img_1208.jpg img_1278.jpg img_1401.jpg img_1269.jpg img_1420.jpg img_1207.jpg img_1216.jpg img_1390.jpg thumbs.jpg img_1417.jpg img_1405.jpg img_1213.jpg img_1273.jpg img_1393.jpg img_1403.jpg img_1276.jpg img_1268.jpg img_1271.jpg img_1212.jpg img_1423.jpg img_1410.jpg img_1409.jpg img_1398.img_1201.jpg img_1394.jpg img_1395.jpg img_1402.db new folder (5) img_1389.jpg img_1267.jpg img_1419.jpg img_1272.jpg img_1204.jpg thumbs.jpg img_1407.jpg img_1275.jpg img_1270.jpg img_1418.jpg img_1408.jpg img_1211.jpg img_1209.jpg img_1421.jpg img_1404.jpg img_1218.jpg .jpg img_1392.jpg img_1215.jpg img_1274.

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our.pdf s azov chapter 20.pdf s azov chapter 12.pdf s azov chapter 9.pdf radiation protection and dosimetry 10internal dose assessment.pdf s azov grammar summary.pdf stvvn thumbs.pdf s azov chapter 10.pdf s azov introductory chapter.&.prc .pdf s azov chapter 7.pdf s azov listening.moden.pdf front-matter.magic.pdf 9external dose assessment.for.pdf s azov chapter 3.pdf s azov chapter 2.mysteries.db ngu phap tieng nga s azov chapter 1.&.pdf s azov chapter 18.pdf s azov chapter 8.exe huongdan_hocboi.-.pdf 8health physics instrumentation.pdf ao thuat.pdf 4interaction of radiation with matter.healed.pdf 14back matter.pdf 2scientific fundamentals.baker.sealed.pdf s azov chapter 17.-.chm magic-card-tricks.pdf s azov chapter 13.jpg mvi_1450.beginning.magician.pdf 13nonionizing radiation.pdf 11radiation protection practice evaluation.pdf s azov chapter 15.pdf s azov vocabulary.img_1593.pdf 1introduction to health physics.pdf s azov chapter 7the basis for regulation of radiation exposure.tricks..pdf bonus esobitrialsetup253_news.pdf s azov chapter 11.pdf s azov chapter 4.pdf 3radioactive atoms–nature and behavior.pdf s azov chapter 14.pdf 6biological effects of radiation.pdf s azov index.pdf s azov chapter 16.library.pdf anonymous.pdf 12environmental monitoring for radiation.pdf anders.pdf modern coin magic.pdf s azov chapter 19.pdf s azov table of contents.pdf s azov chapter 6.pdf s azov introduction.pdf sk al.pdf 5quantities and units in radiation protection.soda.

prc huong dan.pdf cach_xem_chi_tay_p3.tvr.prc tvtp.prc lsktv.doc Điều trị sốt tại nhà.pdf cach_xem_chi_tay_p2.pdf .prc stvvn.prc slvktv12cg.prc y_hoc_co_truyen registry.pdf xe_tang. and potential.tvr registry.pdf 16292198-handbook-of-analytical-methods-for-materials.rar thuong_han_luan. applications.pdf thumbs.prc phong thuy.rar kim_qui.msi thai_cuc_quyen_co_luu_hinh.prc lgcstvhs.lck registry.prc thuat phong thuy.exe tai lieu tham khao 0444987576_contamination_and_decontamination.pdf 14-mev neutron activation analysis methodology.prc stvvl.jpg 1103-1107.db tra_duoc_tuu_duoc.pdf tuvi2009.jpg 1002.doc tvtptrd.backup splash lite.prc cntvtrd.doc splash hd player 1.prc nan_kinh.pdf tu vi ao bi.pdf 1.wmv yoga thuc hanh.doc khai quat phong thuy.4 portable splash lite download from 7sky.exe thuatpt cxxt bgtv.prc y_hoc_co_truyen.pdf 557_bai_thuoc_dan_gian.prc xem file prc.doc 1.rar 1 mining of uranium ore.pdf 1001.prc tvtd.doc cach_xem_chi_tay_p1.rar ĐiỂm huyỆt liỆu phÁp.pdf 557_bai_thuoc_dan_gian.htm lccnghna.prc sach_to_van.prc sach linh khu.

pdf 6__2001-03-03_iso_fdis_16014-1.pdf fulltext22.pdf a novel mass measurement technique for stored nuclear material.jpg 2003.pdf 3ed38bcad01.pdf 39_1125-1136.pdf a practical approach for self-absorption correction in210pb gamma-spectrometric dating.pdf fulltext16.pdf fulltext12.pdf 20005ac7_681.pdf 2_mich.pdf fulltext10.pdf accurate determination of lead in wines by inductively coupled plasma mass spect rometry.pdf 6994517-fundamentals-of-environmental-sampling-and-analysis.pdf fulltext11.pdf fulltext1.pdf a method to determine 238u activity in environmental.pdf fulltext21.pdf 621_pans-ii-part1.pdf 1762583-environmental-protection-agency-402b04001b14final.pdf fulltext2.pdf a49b7aabd01.pdf accurate determination of trace elements in sediment crmas by instrumental neutr on activation analysis.pdf fulltext13.pdf fulltext23.jpg 2008-ix-simposium.pdf absolute methods in analytical chemistry. part 2 front-matter.pdf fulltext19.pdf .pdf 625_pans_i.pdf front-matter3.pdf 6395266.pdf a study of cutting tool wear by neutron activation technique.pdf a new integration method providingthe accuracy of gauss-legendre with erro estim ation capability.pdf actinide elements and their compounds with other elements.pdf 820754.pdf 175.pdf fulltext18.pdf 392795.pdf front-matter2.pdf 622_pans-ii-part2.16410328-fundamentals-of-analytical-toxicology.pdf fulltext14.doc 8061358-extraction-methods-for-environmental-analysis-john-r-dean.pdf front-matter1.pdf 5849-7.pdf a new neural network optimization technique with application to nuclear data bas is.pdf fulltext15.pdf a package for gamma-ray spectrum analysis and.pdf 2001.pdf a program for complete quantitative neutron activation analysis using ge(li) det ector gamma spectrometry and a small computer.jpg 2002.pdf fulltext20.pdf fulltext17.

pdf 60co and 88y true coincidence summing correction by simulated total detection ef ficiency of gamma ray spectrometry system.pdf fulltext35.pdf a rapid radiochemical procedure for uranium determination in natural waters.pdf fulltext8.pdf activation analysis by means of resonance neutrons and polarized particles.pdf fulltext29.pdf activation analysis a basis for chemical similarity and classification.pdf fulltext27.pdf fulltext36.pdf accuracy and uncertainty in radiochemical measurements learning from errors.pdf fulltext7.pdf fulltext28.pdf a solution to the pulse pileup and peak shape distortion problem. comments to their interrelations.pdf a study of the elemental composition of diabases by instrumental neutron activat ion and x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf a method for the determination of polonium in air.pdf fulltext26.pdf a portable.pdf a study on children's condition thalassemia using neutron activation analysis an d other techniques.pdf a method for experimental determination of effective resonance energies related to (n.pdf activation analysis and spectrum gamma 216.pdf a simple and fast method for the determination of active ingredient in antipersp irant cosmetics by neutron activation analysis.pdf fulltext31.pdf .pdf a04803287194.pdf a method for assessing and correcting coincidence summing effects for germanium detector efficiency calibrations.pdf fulltext30. _) reactions.pdf fulltext3.pdf fulltext34.pdf accuracy and applicability of the k0-standardization method.pdf a method for resolution enhancement of interfering peaks in ge(li) gamma-ray spe ctra.pdf fulltext25. photon analysis spectrometer for the assay of x.pdf activation analysis and radiochemistry.pdf fulltext33.pdf fulltext5.pdf accurate determination of cobalt traces in several biological reference material s.pdf achieving ultralow background in a germanium spectrometer.pdf fulltext6.pdf a survey of trace elements in fresh-water fish and rice along the han river by n eutron activation analysis.and gamma-ray emitt ing radionuclides.fulltext24.pdf a new method for determination of222rn and220rn in geothermal steam.pdf a neutron activation scheme for the detection and determination of pollutant hea vy metals in sewage based fertilizers.pdf fulltext4.pdf fulltext9.pdf accuracy of the emission-transmission method applied in xrf analysis of intermed iate thickness samples.pdf a very rapid instrumental neutron activation analysis method for the forensic co mparasion of bullet-lead specimens.pdf fulltext32.pdf action on water.

p df applications of pixe in the life sciences.pdf analytical approximation of the gamma ray spectra from germanium detectors. processing.pdf analysis of precision of activation analysis method.pdf an investigation of concentration variations of trace elements during storage of natural water samples.pdf application of nuclear analytical methods in the investigation and identificatio n of new selenoproteins.pdf application of pixe analysis to environmental samples stable element distributio n in sea algae by scanning microprobe analysis.pdf an accurate method for computer-generating tungsten anode x-ray spectra from 30 to 140 kv.pdf an automated least-squares computer code for analysis spectra.pdf advanced short-lived nuclide naa with application in the life sciences.pdf application of x-ray spectroscopy in nondestructive photon activation analysis.pdf application of x-ray fluorescence.p df advanced analysis.pdf application of nuclear analytical techniques using long-life sealed-tube neutron generators.pdf application of neutron activation analysis to determine the contents and isotopi c ratios of elements in rocks and minerals.pdf activation analysis of turkish and canadian clays and turkish pottery.pdf application of short-lived radionuclides in neutron activation analysis of biolo gical and environmental samples.pdf application of anti-compton counting in instrumental neutron activation analysis .pdf analytical methodologies based on x ray fluorescence spectrometry and inductivel y coupled plasma spectroscopy for the assessment of metal dispersal around minin g eviroments.pdf analysis for the rare-earth elements by neutron activation and ge(li) spectromet ry.pdf application of neutron activation analysis to metallobiochemistry.pdf aspects of precision and accuracy in activation analysis.pdf application of the brittle fracture technique (bft) to homogenise biological sam ples and some observation.pdf .pdf angle software for semiconductor detector gamma-efficiency calculations.pdf an anticoincidence-shielded ge(li) gamma-ray spectrometer and its application to radioanalytical chemistry problems. and visualization.pdf application of x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to quantitative analysis without standards.pdf application of a simple peak shape function for the evaluation of gamma and x-ra y spectra.pdf aspects of precision and accuracy in activation neutron analysis.pdf application of a new standardization method in activation analysis with registra tion of soft gamma radiation.pdf an automatic uranium analyser based on delayed neutron counting.pdf an _-_ coincidence technique for measuring226ra concentrations in water.pdf activation analysis with a high-resolution high rate gamma-spectroscopy system.pdf analysis of ancient copper alloys using epithermal activation techniques.pdf analytical applications of guided neutron beams.pdf automatic estimation of peak regions in gamma-ray spectra measured by nai.pdf automated energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis of environmental samples .pdf analysis by nuclear reactions and activation.pdf application of the internal standard method coupled with the standard addition m ethod in photon activation analysis to trace characterization of environmental m aterials.pdf activation analysis of rare-earth elements in opium and cannabis samples.activation analysis of platinum in gold via199au.

and accurate gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf determination of toxic elements in tea.pdf cina — a program for complete instrumental neutron activation analysis with a pc-t ype minicomputer.pdf determination of trace elements in ancient glasspieces and correlation with corr osion and devitrification. pdf determination of uranium isotopic composition in aqueous solutions by combined g amma-spectrometry and x-ray fluorescence.pdf collection and preparation of a second generation biological reference material for trace element.pdf counting yield correction by an event —time interval—transformation.pdf chemical analysis with a low energy particle accelerator.pdf computers in activation analysis and gamma-ray spectroscopy.pdf calculation of the sensitivity of _ spectrometry with semiconductors.pdf count rate effects in analysis programs using fitting techniques.pdf development of automated analytical systems for large throughput.pdf chapter 8 hyper-pure germanium detector.pdf determination of228ra in drinking water.pdf comparison of photon activation analysis with other modern analytical methods as tools for the solution of actual analytical problems.b12744566.pdf determination of trace elements in petroleum by neutron activation analysis.pdf calculation of the activities of gamma-ray emitters present in homogeneous cylin drical samples.pdf brazilian experience on k0 standardized neutron activation analysis.pdf development of calibration methods for a photon emission microscope to analyse l ight emitted from semiconductor detectors.pdf determination of heavy metals in humic substances by instrumental photon activat ion analysis.pdf cross-correlation analysis of ge(li) spectra.pdf b17837662.pdf dead time.pdf effect of sample to detector geometry on the accuracy of instrumental neutron ac . pileup.pdf determination of radionuclide purity by gamma-spectrometry.pdf determination of trace impurities in tin by neutron activation analysis.pdf deconvolution.pdf ed-xrf spectrum evaluation and quantitative analysis.pdf determination of activation cross section by spectrum gamma.pdf computer analysis of resonance profiles by the method of least squares.pdf comparison of various analytical techniques for homogeneity test of candidate st andard reference materials.pdf determination of uranium in ores using instrumental neutron activation analysis.pdf calibration problems in spectral analysis.pdf digital method of measurement of degree of polarization of radiation.pdf determination of 34 elements in chinese geochemical standard reference materials by instrumental neutron activation analysis.pdf determination of antimony in natural waters by preconcentration on a chelating s orbent followed by instrumental neutron activation analysis.pdf contribution to the use of data processing to establish instrumental multi-eleme nt activation analysis as a routine method.pdf deconvolution methods and their applications in the analysis of gamma-ray spectr a.pdf determination of trace impurities in platinum by neutron activation analysis.pdf effect of gamma-irradiation on the catalytic activity and selectivity of gamma-a lumina.pdf chronometrical method for calculation of chromatographic peak areas. leaves by instrumental neutron activatio n analysis.pdf detection and determination of selenoproteins by nuclear techniques.pdf determination of trace element concentrations of indian cigarette tobacco by ins trumental neutron activation analysis.

pdf gamanal pc a program for gamma-ray spectrum analysis using a microcomputer.pdf evaluation of a system for routine instrumental neutron activation analysis.pdf f6f16c91d01.pdf history of development and applications of nuclear analytical methods in the cze ch republic.pdf elimination of the influence of the enhancement effect on calcium determination in a cement raw mix by non-dispersive x-ray radioisotope fluorescence analysis.pdf improvement of correlated sampling monte carlo.p df energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis applied to biomonitoring on alps.pdf improved inter-element correction factors for the determination of.pdf identification of a modern imitation of an old scientific instrument by means of neutron activation analysis.pdf experimental and simulated efficiency of a hpge detector in the energy range of 0.pdf group separation of rare earth elements by liquid-liquid extraction for the neut ron activation analysis of silicate rocks.pdf evaluation of geochemical standard reference materials for analysis microconcent ration.06 _ 11 mev.php fluorescent excitation analysis in medicine.pdf .pdf in-line determination of u.pdf epithermal neutron activation analysis and detection limit calculation for trace amounts of thorium at nanogram level. pu and np in process streams by energy-dispersive xray fluorescence analysis (edxrf).pdf further studies in the advance prediction of gamma-ray spectra and detection lim its in instrumental neutron activation analysis.pdf evaluation by activation analysis of elemental retention in biological samples a fter low temperature ashing.pdf improving accuracy in routine instrumental activation analysis.pdf fast computer analysis of the _ spectrum from ge(li) detectors.pdf elemental concentrations in geochemical reference samples by neutron capture pro mpt gamma-ray spectroscopy.pdf environmental radiochemistry and radioactivity.pdf investigation of element speciation in atmosphere.p df enhanced sensitivity for the determination of selenium by inaa.pdf instrumental neutron activation analysis limits of detection in the presence of interferences. toxicological and biomedical research on trace metals radiochemic al separations for neutron activation analysis.pdf fulltext.pdf homogeneously doped silica matrices for trace element standards in neutron activ ation analysis.pdf internal standard method for determination of gallium and some trace elements in bauxite by neutron activation analysis.pdf environmental.pdf improvements and some results of the n f activation method for dating fossil bon e.pdf mathematical techniques for quantitative elemental analysis by energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence.pdf gamma and x rays detection.pdf evaluation of the theoretical error for the lightning peak current as measured b y lightning location systems.pdf effects of target temperature on analytical sensitivities of cold-neutron captur e prompt _-ray activation analysis.pdf introduction to measurements & error analysis. in israeli geological samples.pdf measurement of annihilation radiation in activation analysis enhancement of spec ificity through triple coincidence.tivation analysis and implications for.pdf gamma spectrometric monitoring of environmental radioactivity using a mobile equ ipment.

pdf multi-element analysis of environmental samples by x-ray.pdf nuclear analytical techniques in environmental studies.pdf preparation of thin film standards for trace element studies in water. and silver in geolo gic samples.pdf neutron activation analysis for the determination of trace elements in biologica l materials.pdf qualitative and quantitative interpretation of gamma-ray spectra in activation a nalysis.pdf performance of the updated inaa advance prediction computer program.pdf neutron activation determination of noble metals in rocks a rapid radiochemical separation based on tellurium coprecipitation.pdf quantitative evaluation of interference reactions in photon activation analysis.pdf nuclear techniques for bulk and surface analysis of materials.pdf model uncertainty and bias in the evaluation of nuclear spectra. drinking water and daily d iet.pdf quantitative investigation of some trace elements in renal stones by neutron act ivation analysis.measurement of radioactive samples in marinelli beakers by gamma-ray spectrometr y.pdf radial efficiency gradients in ge(li) gamma detectors.pdf practicable monte carlo calibration of hpge detectors for environmental measurem ents. accuracy.pdf presentation of results.pdf p609_1.pdf precise ge(li) spectrometry at high and variable counting rate.pdf . and correctness for semiquantitative spectral analysis.pdf metal determination by edxrf in lichens.pdf neutron activation analysis on ancient greek silver coins and related materials.pdf primary standards in activation analysis. pdf neutron activation analysis for 39 elements in small or precious geologic sample s.pdf photon activation analysis of coins and objects of art.pdf overall instrumental thermal neutron activation analysis of high-purity material s.pdf quantitative analysis by x-ray fluorescence using first principles for matrix co rrection.pdf neutron activation analysis by combined capture and decay gamma-spectrum method.pdf neutron activation r-matrix elements and _-matrix elements and neutron energy sp ectra.pdf multiparameter coincidence spectromety applied to the instrumental activation an alysis of rocks and minerals.pdf optimization of irradiation conditions for photon activation analysis of biologi cal and environmental samples using a high power electron accelerator. platinum.pdf quantization of yang-mills fields by separation of gauge variables. pdf nuclear analytical methods in the life sciences.pdf neutron activation analysis of uranium in human bone.pdf photoefficiency of gamma-radiation recording and limits of detection for individ ual elements in activation analysis using ge(li) semiconductor detectors.pdf optimization of xrfs for the analysis of toxic elements and heavy metals in coff ee products.pdf nature of the error in spectral analysis of isotopes. pdf quantitative gamma spectrometry at high counting rates. gold.pdf nstrumental neutron activation analysis technique using subsecond radionuclides. pdf neutron activation determination of iridium.pdf particle size effects in x-ray absorption analysis general equation for transmit ted intensity.

pdf radioisotope x-ray fluorescence analysis of some elements in fly ash of afsin-el bistan power plants.pdf some problems of calibration technique in charged particle activation analysis.pdf simplex-optimization with a new criterion.pdf radioisotopes in soil.pdf radon in the environment.pdf rapid measurement of selenium in biological samples using instrumental neutron a ctivation analysis.pdf risor401.pdf radio-isotope identification algorithms for nai _ spectra.pdf studies of incinerator ashes and environmental effects using radioanalytical tec hniques.pdf real-time correction of counting losses in nuclear pulse spectroscopy.pdf system of programs for activation analysis calculations (spaac).pdf recent instrumental neutron activation analysis studies utilizing very short-liv ed activities.pdf self-absorption correction in gamma-ray spectrometry of enviromental samples an oview of methods and correction values obtained for the selected geometries.pdf simple methods for dead-time and pile-up corrections in analytical gamma-ray spe ctrometry.pdf self-consistent empirical correction for matrix effects in x-ray analysis. and analysis of samples for the national environmental banking system.pdf slurry sampling for hg determination in sediments.pdf recent developments in the analytical application of prompt spectrometry.pdf the convolution of gaussian absorption curves.pdf rapid homogenisation and drying of biological materials.pdf rapid determination of uranium at the nanogram level in geological and biologica l materials.pdf the application of photon activation analysis for the characterization of uraniu m minerals.pdf the effective resonance energy as a parameter in (n. sewage sludge and coal sample s.pdf the correlations among various elements in neutron activation analysis — the evalu ation of r-matrix and _-matrix.pdf teabags computer programs for instrumental neutron activation analysis..pdf some considerations for future instrumentation and software developments in neut ron activation analysis. _) activation analysis with .pdf the determination of iodine in biological and environmental standard reference m aterials.pdf simulation and optimization of cyclic activation analysis of short-lived isotope s with 14mev neutron generator.pdf the accumulation and distribution of trace metals in some localized marine speci es.pdf rnaa as compared to icp-ms for the analysis of normal human serum. x-ray fluorescence and spark source m ass spectrometry for multielement analysis of geothermal waters.pdf relative evaluation of neutron activation.p df statistical performance evaluation.pdf radiotracer method in the study of environmental speciation and migration of con taminants.radiation monitoring instruments.pdf sample preparation techniques in analytical chemistry somenath mitra.pdf science of nuclear energy and radiation.pdf role of neutron activation analysis in the evaluation of sampling.pdf radioactive beams — a new application of radioanalytical chemistry. storage.pdf radiochemistry and radiochemical separations. applications to dual-column ion chrom atography.pdf radioactivity standards for environmental monitoring.pdf some improvements in the quality of naa procedures and the reliability of the re sults.

pdf the nature of dead time in multichannel pulse height analyzers at high counting rates and related problems. with particul.pdf trace metal analysis of sedments and particulate matter in sea water by energy d ispersive x ray fluoresence.p df thermal neutron activation analysis for potassium.pdf verification testing of commercially available computer programs for photopeak a rea evaluation.pdf use of standard reference materials as multielement irradiation standards in neu tron activation analysis.pdf _ .pdf the influence of scattering on the total efficiency for point sources in _-ray s pectrometry. .pdf trace elements determination in rocks powder.pdf the precision and accuracy of iterative and non-iterative methods of photopeak i ntegration in activation analysis.pdf trace element abundances in stone artifacts and related materials from japan by neutron activation analysis.pdf trace elements in tobacco and tobacco smoke by x-ray fluorescence technique.pdf trace analysis of anionic surfactants in mineral waters and soft drinks by spect rophotometry.pdf use of k 0-naa in the life sciences.pdf use of nuclear analytical techniques in bioenvironmental studies.pdf the use of solid state detectors for the quantitative determination of tin and m olybdenum in alloys by gamma-excited x-ray fluorescence.pdf total reflection x-ray fluorescence for.pdf use of radioisotope induced x-ray fluorescence for environmental studies.pdf the ultimate contribution of nuclear activation to analysis. an approach to archaeological provenience studies.pdf the non destructive determination of iodine in soils and biological materials by high energy gamma-photon activation.pdf the measurement of low concentrations of kr-85 in atmospheric air samples.pdf the nimroc samples as reference materials for neutron activation analysis. holmium and lanthanum in tung sten bronzes.pdf use of an annular241am_be neutron source for inaa of some major constituents in large samples.pdf the stability of trace metals suspensions in heavy crudes as determined by neutr on activation analysis. a study of the precision for a giv en analytical procedure.ray spectroscopy with scintillation and semiconductor detectors.pdf using the monte carlo – library least-squares (mclls) approach for the in vivo xrf measurement of in bone.pdf use of total reflection x-ray fluorescence analysis in the life sciences.pdf trace metal analysis of sediments and particulate matter in sea water by energydispersive x-ray fluorescence.pdf the role of covariance in the analysis of gamma-ray spectra.pdf the relative sensitivity and accuracy of nai(tl) and ge(li) detectors for minor components.p df trace element determination in rocks and sediments by neutron activation analysi s.ray and x .pdf the use of radium-226 in calibrating hpge detectors.reactor neutrons.pdf variation of intensity of environmental gamma rays measured with ge(li) spectrom eter.pdf variation of the elemental composition of plants and soils.pdf the role of neutron activation analysis in the certification of nbs standard ref erence materials.pdf the use of the microtron for the activation analysis of pure metals and alloys.pdf the enhancement effect in non-dispersive x-ray analysis.pdf the use of small computers in large-scale activation analysis.pdf uranium series method applied to fossil bone.

pdf an intercomparison of monte carlo codes used in.pdf angle a pc-code for semiconductor detector efficiency calculations.pdf analysis of multicomponent systems by fast neutron activation.pdf atomic and nuclear analytical methods .pdf application of reference materials for quality assessment in neutron activation analysis-use of information theory.pdf assessment of some industrial pollutants and their impact on the environment.pdf activities in the iaea x-ray fluorescence laboratory. and agriculture products near the urge iri¤a uranium mine in portugal.pdf application guide. including pa-231.pdf ari54.pdf fulltext3.pdf analyses of radionuclides in soil.pdf front-matter.pdf fulltext2.pdf article-vol3-num2-id141.pdf an anticoincidence-shielded ge(li) gamma-ray spectrometer and its application to radioanalytical chemistry problems.pdf analysis for the rare-earth elements by neutron activation and ge(li) spectromet ry.pdf an automated neutron activation system for short-lived nuclides.pdf artificial radionuclides in oils from the underground nuclear test site (perm re gion.pdf an epithermal technique to resolve activation interferences.pdf analysis methods for airborne radioactivity.pdf advanced gamma spectrum.pdf fulltext1.pdf applications of neutron activation analysis in determination of natural and manmade radionuclides.pdf application of pulse decay discrimination liquid scintillation counting for indo or radon measurement.pdf alpha emitting radionuclides in drainage from quinta do bispo and cunha baixa ur anium mines (portugal) and associated radiotoxicological risk.pdf activation analysis of large samples.pdf amp-pan column tests for the removal of 137cs from actual and simulated ineel hi gh-activity wastes.0769.pdf analysis spectrum for nuclides of evential samples.pdf an easy method for ra-226 determination in river waters by liquid-scintillation counting. water.01.pdf article-vol2-num4-id85.pdf applying mev ion beam techniques to geochemical issues cross-fertilize nuclear p hysics and geosciences.pdf applied nuclear physics.pdf anticosmic-shielded ultralow-background germanium detector systems for analysis of bulk environmental samples. russia).pdf analysis of major and trace elements icp-aes.pdf an improved method for determination of uranium isotopic composition in urine by alpha spectrometry.pdf an improved marinelli beaker for liquid samples.pdf an introduction to the numerical analysis of spectral methods back-matter.pdf analysis of jamaican soils and sediments by energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf analysis by nuclear reactions and activation.pdf alpha emitters from uranium.pdf an improved method for the determination of uranium isotopes in environmental sa mples by alpha-spectrometry.pdf application of the relative uranium-series disequilibrium in soil to locate and or confirm precisely active fault traces a new technique.

25–20 kev photon energy range.pdf fulltext16.pdf fulltext4.pdf av2.pdf fulltext3.pdf fulltext12.pdf fulltext1.pdf analytical model for the bremsstrahlung spectrum in the 0.pdf fulltext11.pdf fulltext9.pdf fulltext15.pdf bremsstrahlung12.pdf fulltext4.pdf fulltext8.pdf fulltext18.xls bremsstrahlung a code system for monte carlo simulation of electron and photon transport.pdf fulltext21.doc caculation compton cross section.pdf the use of trioctylphosphine oxide for solvent extraction recovery and purificat ion of transplutonium elements.doc .pdf front-matter1.pdf front-matter2.pdf atomic photoelectric effect above 10 kev.back-matter.pdf book1.pdf absolute differential bremsstrahlung cross section for the scattering of 0.pdf fulltext5.pdf automatic estimation of peak regions in gamma-ray spectra measured by nai.pdf bremsstrahlung distribution arngal.pdf fulltext13.pdf fulltext3.pdf fulltext14.pdf front-matter.pdf atomic spectrometry update.pdf fulltext19.pdf activation method for measurement of.pdf fulltext7.pdf fulltext17.pdf fulltext2.pdf fulltext6.pdf binary actinide oxides front-matter.pdf fulltext5.pdf auroral bremsstrahlung spectra in the atmosphere.6-kev electrons by xenon atoms.doc bremsstrahlung measurements at the esrf.pdf fulltext22.pdf binder1.pdf fulltext2.pdf fulltext7.doc ba89466dd01.pdf fulltext10.pdf fulltext1.pdf atomic+and+nuclear+physics.pdf activation analysis based on characteristic and soft gamma radiation using diffe rential filters.pdf fulltext6.pdf fulltext20.pdf fulltext8.

pdf generation of bremsstrahlung by bean electron.gz changelog.pdf completely non-destructive elemental analysis of bulky samples by pgaa.pdf radiation tralation.pdf cach b_ tri va quang ion c_a h_ phan tach.pdf pair poceduction. monte carlo simulation of electron and photon transport.pdf energy loss fluctuations.pdf calibration standard for use in gamma.doc simulation of methods for a rapid determination of the energy.n) reaction.doc cross section bremss.pdf calibration of the reactor neutron spectrum for the ko-naa standardization using several approaches.doc reilight scattering.pdf caculation cross-sections bremsstrahlung with sem.pdf generation of bremsstrahlung by an electron beam.pdf cross section bremsstrahlung fom electron 2 mev.pdf cross-section bresstrahlung.pdf chemical isolation of 237u produced in the 238u(_.doc energy spectra and angular distributions of electrons transmitted through sapphi re (a1203) foils.doc simulation of discrete bremsstrahlung event.pdf . pdf tiet dien buc xa ham.doc polarization dependence of the integrated bremsstrahlung cross section.doc electron photon transport and its applications.pdf differential cross section for neutron-proton bremsstrahlung.pdf p1326_1.doc next-bremsstrahlung.pdf experimental setups for measurements flux bremsstrahlung.pdf comparison between thi film xrf and icp oes for the analysis of suspended partic ulate matter.pdf bringing atomic and nuclear physics laboratory data.pdf generation of bremsstrahlung by an.pdf charged particle measurement.pdf monte carlo simulation study of bremsstrahlung.doc on the role of secondary interactions in.pdf muitiple scattering.pdf monte carlo simulation of electron and photon transport.pdf monte carlo simulation of bremsstrahlung emission by electrons.pdf calibration sources (activity measures) of _ rays based on background soil.pdf cold neutron facility for prompt gamma-neutron activation analysis.pdf stimulated bremsstrahlung in electron–nucleus scattering.pdf characteristics of liquid-scintillation _ spectrometry.pdf compton cross section.pdf energy loss by bremsstrahlung.doc computing the mean energy loss.pdf comparative study of calibration methods for quantification of alpha-emitting ra dionuclides (plutonium) by semiconductor detectors.pdf cross-section photon.xls chang3.acgular.pdf inverse problem for bremsstrahlung radiation.doc chapter 13.caculation cross section bremsstrahlung.pdf comments on the bremsstrahlung cross section formula.pdf the egsnrc code system.pdf improved description of bremsstrahlung for high-energy electrons in geant4.pdf chapter 8 hyper-pure germanium detector.doc simulation of discrete bremsstrahlung events.pdf electron cut off.

pdf allowance for self-absorption in the gamma-ray spectrometry of volume sources.pdf detector characterization for efficiency calibration in differentdetector charac terization for efficiency calibration in different. distribution and characteristics of depleted uranium (du) in the kosovo ecosystem a comparison with the uranium behavior in the environment uncon taminated by du.pd f an intercomparison of monte carlo codes used in. potassiu m and 137cs in a venice canal sediment sample.pdf corrections for the marinelli geometry.pdf a method for assessing and correcting coincidence summing effects for germanium detector efficiency calibrations.pdf determination of attenuation coefficient for self-absorption correction in routi ne gamma ray spectrometry of environmental bulk sample. thorium. americium.pdf experimental and simulated efficiency of a hpge detector in the energy range of .pdf determination of gamma ray efficiency curves for volume samples by the combinati on of mot carlo simulation and point source calibration.pdf 1_0485.pdf concentration and speciation of plutonium.pdf a new method to make gamma ray selt absorption correction.pdf correction self-absorption and coincidence summing in gamma spectrometry 09-summing_and_coincidence_corrections.pdf calculation of sourece-detector solid angle.pdf correction equations of coincidence summing using75se radionuclide in the effici ency of hpge detector.pdf coincidence summing in gamma-ray spectrometry.pd f a methodf ora ssessinga nd correctingc oincidence summing effects for germanium detector efficiency.pdf caculation of coincidence summing correction for a specific small soil sample g eometry.pdf determination of gamma ray self-absorption in a kcl sample. using monte carlo method for radioa ctive soureces with various geometries and cylindrical detector.pdf correction coefficient computation for determination of voluminous source absolu te radioactivity.pdf biasfali.pdf calculated peak efficiency of ge detector for volume source.pdf attenuation correction procedures.pdf advanced gamma spectrometry dealing with coincidence and atenuation effects.pdf concept of the influence modeling of the metrological characteristics of_-spectrometric radiatio n monitors.pdf application of self-absorption correction method in gamma spectroscopy.pdf coincidence_summing_biblio.pdf concentrations of uranium in animal feed supplements measurements and dose estim ates.pdf coincidence summing corrections for the natural decay series.doc correction by self-attenuation in gamma-ray spectrometry for environmental sampl es.pdf a method of efficiency calibration for disk sources in gamma ray spectrometry.pdf 60co and 88y true coincidence summing correction.doc coincidence x-ray fluorescence (cxrf) spectrometry.ppt 1111.pdf energy and relative efficiency calibration of a ge(li) gamma ray spectrometer.pdf concentration.pdf calculation of self-attenuation factors in gamma-ray spectrometry for samples of arbitrary shape.pdf efficiency loss in hpge detector due to beta and gamma sum coincidence. uranium.pdf conditions for the weak energy dependency of effective interactions.pd f estimation of the self-attenuation correction factor.

pdf determination of uranium in solutions and sorbents by soft gamma-ray absorptiome try.pdf determination of uranium isotopes in environmental samples by alpha-spectrometry .pdf summation of cascade _ rays for volume sources in semiconductor gamma spectromet ry.pdf simple method for true coincidence summing correction.pdf self-attenuation factors in gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf determination of the gamma-ray effective.pdf determination of very low levels of.pdf detection radiation. ameri cium and curium isotopes in radioactive waste samples.pdf total-to-peak ratios of high purity germanium gamma ray detector.0.pdf mcnp5 modelling of hpge detectors for efficiency evaluation.pdf detection limit and estimate of uncertainty of analytical xrf results.pdf practicable monte carlo calibration of hpge detectors for enviromental measureme nts.pdf radiometric measurements on non-destructive assay standards fabrication for wipp performance demonstration program.pdf determination of trace impurities in platinum by neutron activation analysis.pdf performance values for non destructive assay (nda).pdf gamma-ray self-attenuation corrections in enviromental samples.pdf experimental determination of the hpge spectrometer efficiency curve.pdf dependence of zeff for the exposure buildup factors of 1 mev gamma rays.pdf determination of226ra and228ra in mineral and drinking waters using 3m's empore™ r adium rad disks.pdf development of a computer-based system for fast neutron cyclic activation analys .pdf determination of isotopic thorium in biological samples by combined alpha-spectr ometry and neutron activation analysis.pdf detector xray1.pdf on coincidence summing effects and the influence of.pdf determination of activity concentrations and activity ratios of plutonium.pdf self-absorption correction in gamma-ray spectrometry of environmental samples an overview of methods.pdf summing spectra in gamma spectrometry for improving detection of low-level radio nuclides in aerosol samples.pdf dczkarq.pdf self-absorption correction in gamma-ray.pdf data mining of spectral data.pdf determination of neutron dose-equivalent buildup.pdf determination of radium isotopes in soil samples by alpha-spectrometry.pdf determination of plutonium-240239 ratios in low activity samples using high reso lution alpha-spectrometry.pdf detectors and detection limits in inaa.pdf selt-absorption correction in gamma-ray spectrometry of enviromental samples an ovierview of methods and correction values ob.06-11 mev.pdf determination of 210pb in environmental samples.pdf determination of thorium concentration with the aid of cascade emission.doc demystification of algorithms and influence coefficients in quantitative xrf ana lysis.pdf depth profiling by means of total electron.pdf testing of different true coincidence correction approaches for gamma-ray spectr ometry of voluminous sources.pdf use of hpge ray spectrometry to assess the.pdf determination of plutonium in the presence of uranium by alpha-spectrometry.pdf determination of222rn concentrations in lithuanian spa waters by liquid scintill ation counting.pdf determination of radioactive trace elements in ultra low background detectors by means of neutron activation analysis.

pdf determination of gamma-ray efficiency curves for volume samples by the combinati on of monte carlo simulations and point source calibration.pdf 22.pdf 3111.pdf background limitations in x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf efficiency calibration of an extended-range.pdf effect of cascade coincidences on the efficiency calibration of a gamma-x detect or.pdf calculated peak efficiency of ge detector for volume efficiency calibration of semiconductor detectors by primary standard.pdf calibration detector measurement for large.pdf an accurate method for the determination of 226ra activity concentrations in soi l.pdf efficiency calibration studies for gamma spectrometric systems the influence of different parameters.pdf calculation peak efficiency of ge detector for volume suorce.pdf detector characterization for efficiency calibration in different.pdf earth 3d space survey screensaver.pdf doe fundamentals handbook. thеory studies.ho 1.pdf high accuracy measurements and monte carlo calculations.pdf dose nuetron explorer.pdf efficiency calibration of germanium detectors with internal standards.pdf efficiency calibration studies.pdf dossier_currentconcerns_uranium-contamination.pdf direct and precise determination of environmental radionuclides in solid materia ls using a modified marinelli beaker and a hpge detector.doc dynamiсal.pdf a semiempirical approach for the determination of hpge detector photopeak effici ency aiming at k0-inaa.pdf e5854312d01.pdf 4.pdf analysis of the in uence of germanium dead layer on detector.pdf calculation of the absolute peak efficiency of ge and ge(li) detectors for diffe rent counting geometries.pdf a.pdf efficiency calibration of hpge detector in far and close geometries.pdf application of a simple monte-carlo model to determine efficiencies of baf2 and ge(li) detectors.pdf experimental and simulated ef ciency of a hpge detector with.pdf 3. 5 kev.pdf efficiency calibration studies.pdf download neu can.pdf caculated peak efficiency of ge detector for volume source.pdf development of a polyethylene proportional.ppt efficiency detector a method of efficiency calibration for disk.5 to 1332.pdf 5.pdf calibration of hpge gamma-ray planar detector system.pdf .pdf geant4 code for simulation of a germanium gamma-ray.pdf determination of gamma ray efficiency curves for volume samples by the combinati on of montee carlo simulations and point source calibration.pdf direct analysis of air filter samples for alpha-emitting isotopes.pdf determination of full energy peak efficiency of hpge detector from 59.pdf 2.txt edo04simeng.pdf the use of monte carlo calculations in the determination of a ge detector ef cienc y curve.

pdf medical%20neurobiology0708.pdf quantitative x-ray fluorescence analysis with specimens of unknown intermediate thickness.pdf .pdf electro.pdf elemental pgnaa analysis using gamma–gamma.pdf monte carlo calculation of the efficiency response of a low-background well-type hpge detector.pdf precise efficiency calibration of an hpge detector source measurement and monte carlo calculations with sub-percent precision.doc medical%20neurobiology0708.doc elementary concepts in statistics.pdf tables of radionuclides.pdf environmental radiochemistry and radioactivity.pdf experience with naa and radionuclides in an industrial laboratory.pdf acpd-8-s2726.pdf a guide to positive matrix factorization.pdf the ef ciency determination for si(li) detector in the 3-723 kev energy range.ppt electrode processes of uranium ions and electrodeposition of uranium in molten l icl-kcl.pdf fundamentals of monte carlo for particle transport.pdf acpd-8-6729-2008-print.pdf mathematical efficiency calibration of ge.volltext.pdf estimation of 235u concentration in some depleted uranium samples by high resolu tion gamma-ray spectrometry using 185 kev and 1001 kev gamma-energies of 235u an d 234mpa.doc fa1.pdf cell_article.pdf high accuracy determination of the shape of the efficiency curve of the hpge de tector in the energy range 900 to 1300 kev.pdf copyright statsoft.pdf engineering analysis of low enriched uranium fuel using improved zirconium hydri de cross sections.pdf self-absorption of gamma rays produced in large cylindrical samples.pdf experimental setups.pdf evaluated nuclear structure data file.pdf environmental radiochemistry and radioactivity a current bibliography.efficiency determinations for a ge(li) detector.frei.pdf evaluation of the background signal for mass spectrometry under high.pdf pca.pdf cmb7ug.pdf monte carlo calculation of the self-absorption of gamma rays in a disc shaped so urce.pdf element of nuclear physics.pdf error estimates for gauss-legendre quadrature of integrands possessing dirichlet series expansions.doc ber13-347.pdf factor analysis 92.pdf basic statistics.pdf en_ieee_nss_2007_pulsed_neutrons_confrecord_btweb_klett_2007-11-30.pdf acpd-3-4515-2003-print.doc fulltext.pd f transfer of detector efficiency calibration.pdf estimation of the self-attenuation correction factor.pdf 978-3-89958-389-2.doc a guide to positive matrix factorization.pdf evaluation of ge(li) compton suppression spectrometers for non-destructive radio chemical analysis.pdf ibm_sp_userguide.

pdf workbooks_pdf%5cmvr_wkbk%5c04_overview.pdf gamma spectrum analysis for environmental nuclides.pdf vanvliet_pnas07_0702668104v1. knoll .pdf fulltext9.pdf handbook of chemical engineering caculations.pdf gamma-ray self-attenuation corrections.pdf gauss-legendre principal value integration.pdf fundamental parameter method for low energy region. reasons.doc handbook on radiation probing.xls giant dipole resonance in photonuclear experiments of various types discrepancie s.pdf gamma rays in spectra measured by the kaguya gamma-ray spectrometer.pdf gamma&x_ray_spectra.pdf handbook of chemical and biological wrfare agents.pdf gauss-legendre integration.pdf fulltext2.pdf gg.pdf genie 2000 spectrometry system.pdf gamma spectrometry for u and pu isotopic. data processing.pdf gamma-ray background a review.pdf handbook of formulae and physical constants. methods of overcoming.pdf gamma. methods.pdf fundamental parameter methods in xrf spectroscopy.pdf fulltext1.pdf field study on thorium uptake by plants within and around of a thorium ore depos it.pdf geometry in mcnp. consequenses.pdf profokamotolectureaqm.principal_component_analysis. gauging.pdf fulltext6.pdf gamma decay.pdf fundamentals.pdf fulltext7.pdf handbook of radioactivity handbook for the assessment of soil erosion and sedimentation using environmenta l radionuclides back-matter.pdf front-matter.pdf gamma-gamma directional correlations in69ga.pdf fulltext3.pdf gamma spectrum analysis for environmental.pdf fulltext8.pdf genie™ 2000 quality assurance software. automation.pdf generation of bremsstrahlung by an. reagents.pdf grh001.pdf fast neutron activation analysis using short-lived radionuclides.pdf glen f.pdf gauss-legendre integration-example.pdf fulltext4. imaging and analysis .pdf slides. apparatus.doc fourier transformation methods.pdf fix the windows sidebar.pdf factor conveeter humen.radiation detection and measurement. instrument and method of measurement.pdf v90-6.pdf generate random number.pdf genie™ 2000 basic software.pdf gap_96_011.pdf gamma isotopic analysis of the coals and ashes from coal fired power plants of t urkey.

pdf fulltext21.doc icp-ms powerfull tool analysis trace element.pdf handbook_of_radioactivity_analysis.pdf fulltext22.pdf handbook soil back-matter2.pdf handbook_of_radioactivity_analysis.pdf fulltext14.pdf front-matter.pdf improved performance in germanium detector gamma-spectrometers based on digital signal processing.pdf fulltext6.pdf improved sample preparation method for environmental plutonium analysis by icp-s fms and alpha-spectrometry.doc improve standard operating procedures.pdf imsmanifest.pdf fulltext1.pdf fulltext22.pdf fulltext21.pdf front-matter2.pdf fulltext6.pdf icp-ms.pdf fulltext5.rar he so suy giam trong vat chat.pdf front-matter1.pdf fulltext2.pdf fulltext24.pdf front-matter3.pdf improving the reliability of analytical data in the determination of trace eleme nts in soils.pdf fulltext4.djvu handbook_of_radiotherapy.pdf improvements in detection limits with large ge-detectors.l_annuziata.pdf instrumental neutron activation analysis of samples with masses from micrograms .xml instrument calibrations and data analysis procedures.pdf front-matter. well-type ge-detectors and anti-compton spectrometers.pdf fulltext4.pdf fulltext7.pdf hoapxkln back-matter7.pdf the inorganic radiochemistry of heavy elements.pdf fulltext13.pdf fulltext11.pdf h_ng s_ v_t ly.pdf improving accuracy of in situ gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf high-spin gamma-ray spectroscopy in.doc he so suy giam.back-matter.pdf fulltext23._michael_f.pdf front-matter.pdf fulltext3.pdf fulltext5.pdf fulltext8.pdf important this section.pdf fulltext1.pdf fulltext12.pdf fulltext2.pdf fulltext0.pdf fulltext3.

pdf introduction to nuclear reaction hectograms.pdf measurement of radioactive samples in marinelli beakers by gamma-ray spectrometr y.pdf measurements of u.9% analysis.pdf mantler. 232th.doc mathematical methods for physics and engineering.pdf fulltext7.pdf introduction.pdf interaction of actinides with natural microporous materials a review.pdf measurement of radium and thorium isotopes in environmental samples by alpha-spe ctrometry.pdf fulltext5.xls monitoring of releases of238pu.pdf linear accelerator for tritium produciion.pdf mass sp_ctometry.232th.pdf measurement of the enhancement effect in different series in x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf measurement of the radioactivity of 238u.pdf kji-p1-p2.pdf fulltext6.226ra.pdf modul do phong xa. 226ra and 232th for assessment of radiation hazards from soils of the southwestern region of nigeria.and ra-isotopes in rainwater samples.pdf measurement of the radioactivity of238u. 137 cs and 40k in tea using gamma-spectrometry.doc investigations towards an improved marinelli beaker for gamma detectors.241am.pdf mat1.pdf measurement techniques in nuclear and particle physics. 210pb.pdf methodological developments and applications. 228ra.pdf measurement of activity concentrations of 40k.pdf jwang_prl.doc monitor.pdf linear dose–effect relation for radiation and chemical carcinogenic risk.pdf large sample neutron activation analysis correction for neutron and gamma attenu ation.239. 228th.240pu.pdf methodological problems of activation analysis using radionuclide neutron source s.doc measurement of absolute intensity of 1001 kev gamma-ray of 234mpa.137cs and40k in soil using d irect ge(li) γ-ray spectrometry.pdf interaction neutron with matter.doc laboratory of radiation biology.pdf lecture notes in physics maintaining accuracy in gamma-ray spectrometry at high count rates.pdf fulltext3.pdf integrated optimization of radiometric monitoring and measurement systems.pdf ls269.pdf instrumental photon activation analysis of coal fly ashes using the internal sta ndard method coupled with the standard addition method.pdf fulltext2.pdf methods for au 995‰ and ag 99.pdf fulltext8.pdf mau in.pdf method of separating uranium from iron and thorium.pdf fulltext1.pdf fulltext4.pdf microsampo — personal computer based advanced gamma spectrum analysis system.pdf kich thich huynh quang tia x.pdf modification to the monte carlo n-particle (mcnp) visual editor.pdf lectures. 226ra.242cm and244cm in airborne efflue .

pdf 27 vectorization and multitasking with a monte carlo code for neutron transport problems.pdf .p df 30 monte carlo electron photon transport.pdf monte carlo simulation of a neutron detector (bf3 –.pdf 11 back-matter.pdf 29 sabrina — an interactive solid geometry modeling program for monte carlo.pdf 17 monte carlo methods in classical statistical mechanics.pdf 36 front-matter.pdf 12 front-matter.pdf 31 adjoint monte-carlo method with fictitious scattering in deep penetration and long-distance detector calculations.nts of nuclear power plant at dukovany in the czech republic in 1994. 1996 and 1997.pdf 32 biaf code for reliability studies.pdf 40 complementarity of monte-carlo and deterministic methods.pdf 19 a special purpose computer for the electrical conductivity of disordered medi a.pdf 43 fast breeder reactor neutronic propagation analysis by monte-carlo methods.pdf 35 back-matter.pdf 28 vectorized monte carlo neutron transport.pdf 23 back-matter.pdf 37 non statistical monte-carlo.pdf 46 group cross sections calculations.pdf 33 biasing in random number space.pdf 45 benchmark calculations summary of the results presented at the conference.pdf 25 monte carlo simulations of fermion systems the determinant method.pdf monte-carlo methods and applications in neutronics.pdf 14 non deterministic methods for charged particle transport.pdf 26 monte carlo sampling strategies for lattice gauge calculations.pdf 24 front-matter. application to the monte carl o method used for photon transport in the fluid frame.pdf 42 a set of problems solved by tripoli 2 a 3 d monte-carlo system.pdf 3 main features of the multipurpose monte-carlo linear transport code sicomore.pdf 22 monte-carlo algorithms for neural dynamics.pdf monte carlo simulationof radioactivity gamma ray spectra recorded by anai detect or in the marine enviroment.pdf 34 perturbation calculations by the correlated samples method.pdf 20 meca a multiprocessor concept specialized to monte carlo.pdf 38 low-discrepancy point sets in transport codes.pd f 44 application of monte carlo methods to criticality calculations for pressurize d water reactors.pdf 13 energy conservation in radiation hydrodynamics. 1995.pdf monitoring strontium.pdf 16 methods of monte carlo electron transport in particle-in-cell codes.pdf 39 a first collision source method for coupling monte carlo and discrete ordinat es for localized source problems.pdf 18 equation of state of molecular fluids.pdf 15 monte-carlo treatment of nonlinear collisional effects in charged particle tr ansport.pdf 47 back-matter. photonics and statistical ph ysics 1 some aspects of nuclear data evaluation at bruyeres-le-chatel (brc).pdf 2 nuclear data for mcnp.pdf 21 high-energy particle monte carlo at los alamos.pdf 10 implicit monte carlo methods and non-equilibrium marshak wave radiative trans port.a general monte carlo code for neutron and photon transport.pdf 4 mcnp .pdf 41 monte-carlo eigenvalue calculation.

pdf 2003-06-00005.pdf 8 mcnp variance reduction overview.pdf nemo_nima474_p93-100.pdf analysis of stainless steel samples by energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (edx rf) spectrometry.pdf monte-carlo modeling of silicon x-ray detectors.48 front-matter.pdf front-matter.pdf neutron activation analysis of some building materials.pdf a method for the correction of self-absorption of low energy photons for use in routine inaa.pdf nemo_nima474_p93-100.pdf.pdf neutron scattering-induced background enhancement in prompt _-ray activation ana lysis.pdf analysis by absorption and scattering of radiation.pdf 9 principle of the random walk method for radiative transfer equations and appli cation.pdf 49 the direct simulation monte-carlo method applied to dilute gas dynamics.pdf multiparameter neutron activation analysis.pdf 6 monte carlo in the beginning and some great expectations.pdf 25-2-73.pdf 5 partmc a partticle transport monte-carlo code.doc neutron interactions with matter.pdf neutron sources.pdf development of a position sensitive neutron.pdf a possible non-specific carrier for gold analysis in rocks.gz neutron 621_pans-ii-part1.pdf neuтron resonanсl1 avЕraging.pdf a800582f.xls natural versus induced radioactivity.pdf new folder 10123137.pdf 510319.pdf 7 biasing techniques in tripoli-2 system using the monte carlo method in three-d imensional geometries.pdf a spectrophotometric method for uranium determination.pdf neutron spectrometry.pdf analytical methods for the environmental quantification of uranium isotopes meth . pdf neutron activation analysis for 39 elements in small or precious geologic sample s.pdf development of neutron well coincidence.pdf multielement analysis of foods by neutron capture prompt _-ray activation analys is.pdf a quick method to determine uranium concentration by gamma spectroscopy its appl ication for extraction of uranium from wet phosphoric acid.pdf nang luong phan tich kich hoat.pdf 429-431.pdf 50 using last event estimator for detection calculations.pdf advances in accelerator based analysis techniques.pdf neutron detectors.pdf neutron fluence and dose standards.pdf 226.pdf neutron measurement.pdf 51 back-matter.pdf neutron activation analysis by combined capture and decay gamma-spectrum method.pdf actinides in the environment.pdf a study offast neutron interactions in high-purity.doc natural_-radioactivity due to226ra in sea water in the ussruiysk zaliv.

pdf instrumental neutron activation analysis of semiconductor grade silicon.pdf determination of nanogram quantities of gold in biological tissues by nondestruc tive neutron activation analysis.od of validation and environmental application.pdf neutron activation analysis for ultra low contents of uranium and thorium in alu minium and silica.pdf neutron activation analysis study of distribution of certain elements between pl ant and soil.pdf direct uranium extraction from dihydrate and hemi-dihydrate wet process phosphor ic acids by liquid emulsion membrane.pdf detection of geological faults using a nuclear method.pdf neutron-activation analysis of thorium in acrylic samples.pdf development of a portable neutron-multiplicity counter and metrological controls .pdf list-mode coincidence data analysis for highly selective and low background dete ction of gamma-nuclides in activated samples.pdf latest achievements in the analytical chemistry of actinides. th and ree in geological samples.pdf low-level determination of plutonium by gamma and l x-ray spectroscopy.pdf omotola%20and%20onojah.pdf direct determination of thorium in uranium oxide by x-ray fluorescence.pdf optimization of a radioanalytical procedure for the determination of uranium iso topes in environmental samples. pa.pdf determination of spontaneously fissioning actinide activity by neutron correlati on method.pdf estimate of the error in least-squares regression parameters.pdf .pdf capabilities of elemental analysis by edxrf for geochemistry.pdf neutron methods of actinide assay and their metrological support.pd f behaviour of transuranium elements in the environment.pdf measurement of210pb from a sediment core off the coast of california. pdf kj00004197227.pdf diffusion of actinides in glasses containing simulated radioactive wastes.pdf method of absolute estimation of the quality of a software for doublet deconvolu tion in semiconductor gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf claire_rb7.pdf investigations of the separation of np.pdf optimization of the parameters affecting the solid state detector efficiency in alpha-spectrometry.pdf application of naa standardization methods using a low power research reactor.pdf effects of meteorological conditions on outdoor radon daughters concentrations i n montreal.pdf method for estimating the excitation functions of isomeric levels for an activat ion-data library.pdf high accuracy determination of235u in nondestructive assay standards by gamma sp ectrometry.pdf precise non-destructive x-ray fluorescence method for uranium and thorium concen tration measurements.pdf methodology for rapid assessment of the radon potential of soils.pdf determination of subtrace quantities of technogenic plutonium in the environment and living organisms. u.pdf measurements of actinide nuclides in water samples from the primary circuit of a nuclear power plant.pdf geochemical aspects and distribution of long-lived radionuclides in marine sedim ents from palomares.pdf neutron spectrum calibration using the cd-ratio for multi-monitor method with a synthetic multi-element standard.pdf energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis of gallstones.pdf experimental design for soil gas radon monitoring.pdf plutonium body burden in the chelyabinsk region.

zip nima1996_1.pd f the application of high resolution gamma ray spectrometry to actinide decay sche me studies and analysis.pdf parallel importance separation for multiple.¥df st nd rd reference materials in analytical chemistry of uranium and plutonium.pdf p621_1.nikolova.pdf optimisation of neutron beams for bnct using artificial neural networks.pdf on the suitability of portable x-ray fluorescence analyzers.pdf p858_1.pdf optimal parameters for the electrodeposition of uranium.pdf the effect of rock type.pdf nuclear physics and reactor theory.doc vertical migration of 85sr.pdf nuclear-radiation detectors based on high-purity germanium.pdf nuclear_magnetic_resonance.pdf optimization of instrumental activation analysis conditions.pdf non-destructive analysis of bulk.pdf passive nondestructive assay of nuclear materials.pdf xrffaqs.pdf nuclear.pdf nuclearphysics.pdf the measurement of222rn in drinking water by low-level liquid scintillation coun ting. grain size.pdf nuclear magnenic resonance properties of sythetic and sandy samples.pdf use of252cf for elemental analysis.pdf valcheva.pdf nuclear technology.pdf the investigation of industrial plant processes using radiotracer techniques.pdf particle accelerators.pdf nguphap.pdf the measurement of uranium enrichment.pdf optimization of the activation analysis analytical procedure by correcting the m easurement time in the observation process.pdf risk of plutonium and241am uptake by radiochemical plant workers through injured skin. permeability.pdf oriented tagets in neutron spectrometry.pdf radiation detection and data processing.problems of plutonium and uranium determination. and moisture on meas urements of radon in soil gas a comparison of two measurement techniques.pdf nuclear detection fixed detectors.pdf selective liquid scintillation method of plutonium α-s¥ectrometry. sorting.pdf nuclear detection.pdf x-ray_17_3.stoev.pdf nuclear physics and fundamentals of ncs.pdf optimization and characterization of a sulfate based electrodeposition method fo r alpha-spectroscopy of actinide elements using chemometric analysis.pdf radium-226 in uranium mill tailings.pdf particle air pollution monitoring with nuclear analystical techniques challenges and opportunerties. portals.pdf performance of alpha spectrometry in the analysis of uranium isotopes in environ .pdf new method of measuring neutron scattering amplitudes.pdf new techniques for the detection of nuclear.pdf method analysis. 137cs and 131i in various arable and undisturbed soi ls. and nest.pdf nuclear data for safeguards.pdf new folder (2) method analysis 2.pdf on the use of reference materials in gamma-ray spectrometric efficiency calibrat ion for environmental samples.

pdf fulltext14.aspx properties material back-matter. for self-absorption correction calculations.pdf product.pdf preparation and testing of soil standards containing known activities of homogen eously distributed radionuclides.pdf front-matter.pdf precision laser spectroscopy of atoms in superfluid helium for investigation of nuclear structure.pdf development of large area apds for the panda-emc.pdf proceedings of the cap meetings.pdf fulltext13.pdf fulltext11.pdf pittauerova_bergen_abstract.pdf .pdf silicon avalanche photodiodes.pdf photon interactions and cross sections.pdf a new method for determination of thorium in solution by x-ray fluorescence tech nique.pdf fulltext10.pdf plutonium isotopes concentration in the ground level air and rain samples from k raków.pdf fulltext1.pdf getting the best out of photodiode detectors.pdf plutonium.osti.pdf polonium.pdf http___www.pdf possibility of activation _-spectrometric measurements for determining the masse s of nuclear materials in samples.pdf fluorescent x-ray-analysis of uranium using internal standard and.pdf phan tich uran 6537536.pdf determination of uranium.pdf fulltext12.pdf fulltext15.pdf performance of alpha spectrometry in the analysis of uranium isotopes in environ mental and nuclear materials.pdf cross-section fluorescence for k line and l line.pdf design and test results of the r3b exl csi(tl) calorimeter elements.pdf radiation damage studies of optoelectronic components for the cmc tracer optical links. uranium and thorium isotopes determination in environme ntal samples by sf icp-ms.pdf photodiode_technical_information.pdf csi(tl) photodiodes.mental and nuclear materials.pdf uranium analysis by k x-rays from geological samples.pdf radiation damage studies of multipixel geiger mode avalanche photodiodes.pdf on the method of dryak et al. protactinium.pdf radioactive ore analysis by optimized radioisotope x-ray fluorescence technique.pdf sgc_csi(na)_csi(tl)_data_sheet.pdf photodiodes avalanche photodiodes now and possible devolopments.pdf photon cro s s section compilation activity.pdf sirecoil detectors + fee.pdf radiation hardness tests of csi(tl) crystals for the. pdf simultaneous analysis of uranium and thorium by delayed fission neutron counting methed.pdf determination of isotopic thorium in biological samples by combined alpha spectr ometry and neutron activation analysis. uranium and plutonium in the southern baltic ecosystem.pdf vittbdis.

pdf fulltext16.pdf fulltext19.doc radioanalytical chemistry back-matter.pdf radiation exposure normalization taking account of specific effects at low doses and dose rates.pdf fulltext10.win32-py2.exe raddecay_v4.pdf fulltext9.pdf fulltext7.pdf radioanalytical methods.pdf bremsstrah.exe pymca.pdf fulltext6.pdf proposal_coincidence summing_icrm_gswg.pdf fulltext3.pdf fulltext5.pdf fulltext12.pdf fulltext7.pdf . turkey.pdf fulltext5.0.doc radioactive mearsurment.pdf raddecay_v3 raddecay_v4 raddecay_v4_setup.pdf fulltext15.pdf fulltext11.pdf radioactivity in sediments and gross alpha–beta activities in surface water of fırtına river.pdf radiation measurements.pdf fulltext9.3.pdf fulltext17.pdf fulltext14.pdf fulltext17.doc pztf_t24v14_02.pdf fulltext20.pdf fulltext2.pdf front-matter.5.pdf fulltext13.doc pymca-4.pdf fulltext1.pdf quantifying uncertainty innuclear analystical measurements.pdf fulltext2.pdf fulltext18.pdf fulltext4.pdf radioactive decay.pdf raddecay_v4_setup.exe radiation detectors-ch-11.fulltext16.pdf radiation oncology physics a handbook for teachers and students.pdf fulltext3.pdf radioactivity of mineral waters in bohemia.pdf radiation health handbook.pdf radiochemical trace and species analysis in nuclear safety research.pdf fulltext8.exe raddecay_v3.pdf fulltext8.pdf radioakt_izl.pdf fulltext4.

pdf 58.pdf realplayer11gold.pdf 65.pdf recommended decay data. natta.radiologisch handboek.pdf separation of radium.pdf 68.pdf 62. thorium.pdf seawater analysis back-matter..pdf samplep reparationfo rx -ray fluorescence.pdf .pdf fulltext(56).exe reactor simulations with.pdf sample preparation technique in analytical chemistry.pdf rukopashnaia_sh.pdf removal of uranyl ions from residual waters using some algae types.pdf fulltext(62).pdf fulltext(65).pdf 57.pdf radon in environment.pdf fulltext(57).pdf 60.pdf fulltext(66).pdf radium-228 as an indicator of thorium-232 presence in a soil in pernambuco.pdf front-matter. uranium and plutonium on ostion anion exchanger i n atmospheric precipitation samples. l ead and polonium radionuclides by alpha spectrometry in environmental samples.pdf recommendations of the international commission on radiological protection (icrp ) 1990.exe recent developments in semiconductor gamma-ray detectors.pdf radsetup. thorium. and 197au at in termediate energies.pdf 70.pdf fulltext(63).djvu s501gammaanalysissoftware.pdf fulltext(58).pdf 64.pdf sequential extraction procedure for determination of uranium.pdf 69.rar rukopashnaia_shvatka_odnoi_rukoi. braz il.pdf fulltext(60).pdf results of gamma photon and neutron irradiations of hamamatsu r5600-03ng.pdf radon in natural waters. radium.pdf 63.pdf sediment sample preparation for the determination of pu and am isotopes.pdf scattering and absorption effects in neutron beam activation analysis experiment s.pdf 66.pd f shielding against high energy radiation 56.pdf 59.pdf fulltext(61).pdf fulltext(64).pdf recoil studies of photonuclear reactions on natcu.pdf fulltext(59).pdf 61.pdf refrвсtivе index stцd1ев wtth neutrrоnв.pdf 7. natag.

pdf fulltext14.pdf front-matter1.pdf fulltext36.pdf fulltext48.pdf front-matter22.pdf fulltext28.pdf fulltext35.pdf fulltext45.pdf 77.pdf fulltext2.pdf fulltext29.pdf fulltext12.pdf fulltext37.pdf 82.pdf fulltext19.pdf fulltext42.pdf fulltext31.pdf fulltext24.pdf 76.pdf fulltext26.pdf 75.pdf fulltext39.pdf fulltext15.pdf fulltext0.pdf fulltext1.pdf .pdf fulltext13.pdf fulltext16.pdf fulltext25.pdf 80.pdf fulltext23.pdf fulltext21.pdf 74.pdf front-matter44.pdf front-matter33.pdf 85.pdf bremsstrahlung cross-sections38.pdf fulltext43.pdf 79.pdf fulltext47.pdf 78.pdf front-matter55.pdf fulltext34.pdf fulltext40.pdf fulltext27.71.pdf fulltext32.pdf 83.pdf front-matter.pdf fulltext18.pdf 81.pdf fulltext3.pdf fulltext17.pdf fulltext41.pdf 72.pdf fulltext4.pdf 84.pdf fulltext11.pdf 73.pdf fulltext30.pdf fulltext46.

pdf shielding of gamma radiation.pdf comparative analysis of nuclear cross sections in monte carlo methods for medica l physics applications. a fortran iv program for computer analysis of gamma spectra from ge(li) d etectors.and for other spectra with peaks.gamma logging tool.pdf mcnp5_manual_volume_i_la-ur-03-1987.pdf montecarlo.pdf statastic !readme.txt cdstart.pdf monte carlo simulation of energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence. so-5-90-sn type.pdf sampo. pdf specimen preparation limitations in trace element analysis quantification using micro-x ray fluorescence.pdf montecarlo-bresstrahlung. copper and zinc in multimetal ores and their processed products by activation analysis.. neutron .pdf fulltext9.pdf simultaneous determination of lead.fulltext49.pdf solution5.doc solution8.pdf fulltext6.doc solution9.pdf simulation of positron production by electromagnetic interaction.pdf new results for pulse height tally verification in mcnp5. ptran_cavity and ptran_rz.pdf fulltext8.pdf monte carlo simulation of electron and photon transport.pdf spectral and angular distribution of radiation from a semi-infinite source.pdf montecarl04.pdf simulication and monte carlo method.slowdown to the rmal energy and reemission of positrons in thetarget-moderator system.pdf monte carlo simulations of the effective neutron dose received by a male anthrop omorphic voxel phantom outside a medical linac treatment room. a series of derived codes.exe .pdf fulltext53.pdf ptran.pdf montecarlo1.pdf merge.pdf speciation of radionuclides of the chernobyl origin in aerosol and soil samples.pdf fulltext52.pdf shelding analysis of nuclear data measurement facility using egs4 and mcnp4 code .pdf monte carlo simulation of the upgraded.pdf montecarlo3.pdf simultaneous determination of uranium and thorium in high grade thorium ores.pdf simulation method calculation of radiation dose at a bone-to marrow interface using monte carlo mo deling techniques (egs4).pdf fulltext50.pdf montecarlo2. comparison of the simulations and measurements.pdf standardless x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf fulltext7.pdf fulltext5.pdf mcnp5. a monte carlo code for transport simulation of 50 to 250 mev protons and ptran_media.pdf calculations of an hpge detector peak efficiency curve up to 11 mev with egs4 an d geant4.doc soros.pdf fulltext51.pdf fulltext54.

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exe tsrh.pdf substantiation of the principles and methods of operation of radiometric monitor ing and measurement systems.pdf coincidence x-ray fluorescence (cxrf) spectrometry.pdf algorithms or a hand-held miniature x ray fluorescence analytical instrument.pdf bielajew_advanced_transport.pdf application of factor analysis in edxrf.avi zip azl_wrar28_kg.pdf study chemical species with nuclear analytical techniques.pdf characterization of cdte detectors for.pdf a partial least-squares regression approach to land use studies in the suzhou-wu xi-changzhou region.library least-squares.avi wwinintro.dat tab1new.pdf comptonization and emission spectrum of x ray source monte carlo caculation.pdf a reexamination of absorption and enhancement effects in x-ray.pdf 16528.pdf comparison of gamma-ray.3184v1.v6cast.pdf study he+bi fusion reaction.pdf a three-detector measuring system using a pure-ge detector.pdf study on nuclear activities by the measurement of residual radioactivity.pdf calculations of electron and photon transport between 1 mev and 1ev.pdf atomic spectrometry update—.pdf a new monte carlo assisted approach to detector response fun.diz tsrh-wrar3b4eng_crk.pdf analysis of characteristics of the..pdf analytical precision and accuracy in x-ray fluorescence.pdf an introduction to partial least squares regresion.pd f alternative partial least-squares (pls) algorithms.pdf computation of response function of multi-detector.pdf cm-p00051319.pdf synthesis of nondestructive testing.pdf 0710.dat table of gamma rays from fission products.pdf caculation of coicidence summing corrections for a specific small soil sample g eometry.pdf applications of the monte carlo .avi x2.pdf studies for simultaneous quantitative electrodeposition of plutonium and americi um for alpha-spectrometry.pdf atomic radiative and radiationless yields for k and l shells.exe file_id.pdf tai lieu lap trinh 02012007-004.pdf a computer language for reducing activation analysis data.pdf a comparison partial.pdf 1550-1555.pdf analysis of long-lived isotopes in the presence.pdf book_abstracts.pdf algorithms for classical orthogonal polynomials.nfo stepanov_nim_1994_02.pdf tab1new-gamma.pdf 237.pdf .cst wwin2vx.pdf availability of radiocasium in plant from soil facts.pdf comptonization and the shaping of x ray emission spectrum of x ray source monte carlo caculation.

pdf lutz..pdf improved interference correction for trace element analysis.pdf determination of fluorescence yields using.pdf giatrinh lap trinh nang cao.pdf evaluation of the total photoabsorption cross sections for actinides from photof ission.pdf evaluation of the interelemental effect in x-ray fluorescence analysis by the to tal addition method.pdf development of new expanded editions of the gamma-ray spectrum catalogues in ele ctronic format.pdf efficiency and resolution of germanium.pdf gamma and x-ray detection.pdf development of a monte carlo – library leastsquares.pdf iaea-tecdoc-1178.pdf efficiency and resolution of germanium detectors as a function of.pdf investigation of particle size and heterogeneity effects on analysis of thorium in powdered ore.pdf estimation of the number of prompt fission gamma rays..pdf detection limit and estimate of uncertainty of.pdf influence ofdifferent soil parameters on the transfer factor.pdf dunham.pdf high efficiency silicon x-ray detectors.pdf improvement of precision spectrophotometric method with internal reference and i ts application to analysis of plutonium solutions. micros.pdf limits for qualitative detection and quantitative determination.pdf fundamentals of the monte carlo method for neutral and charged particle transpor t.pdf cvf_gs.pdf giao trinh lap trinh c++.pdf fulltext.pdf energy dispersive x-ray.pdf fortran. energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis of ancient copper alloys .pdf giao trinh pascal.pdf fulltext1. j.pdf giao trinh ngon ngu lap trinh.pdf energy-dispersive.pdf giao trinh lap trinh c trong windows.pdf demystification of algorithms and influence coefficients. microa.pdf llovet_sorbier_et-2003.pdf improved man (jour.pdf genetic algorithm for optimization of the interval partial least-squares.pdf giao_trinh_access2000.pdf .pdf efficiency of germanium detectors as a function of energy and.pdf loss free counting with uncertainty analysis using ortec’s.pdf improved performance in germanium detector gamma spectrometers based on digital signal.pdf development and applycation computer code.pdf gamma spectrometry for u and pu isotopic.pdf dokserv.pdf l shell x ray fluorescence measurements of lead i bone system development. fourier series and orthogonal polynomials (1941)(isbn 0486438082).pdf ed-xrf spectrum evaluation and quantitative analysis. 1996).pdf fundamental parameter methods in xrf spectroscopy.doc fortran90.pdf lap trinh c++.pdf experimental study and theoretical.pdf limits for qualitative detection and.pdf gamma and x rays detection.concept of the influence coefficient.pdf improving the mclls method applied to the in vivo xrf measurement.

pdf neutron detection and counting.pdf resolution and sensitivity as a function of energy and incident geometry.pdf preliminary measurements of the low energy detecti.pdf partial least squares regression as an alternative to current regression.pdf phdthesis_plemberge.mathematical techniques for quantitative.pdf photonuclear reactions on 242pu.pdf press_w_h___teukolsky_s_a___vetterling_w_t___flannery_b_p__n.pdf quantitative and qualitative analysis of fluoride.pdf partial least squares (pls) regression .pdf press_w_h___teukolsky_s_a___vetterling_w_t___flannery_b_p__f.pdf monte carl0 simulation of the response of si(li) x-ray detectors to.pdf neutron and photon detectors.pdf quantitative imaging and analysis of biological specimens in the.pdf quantitative x-ray fluorescence analysis by use of fundarmental influence coeff icients.pdf monte carlo application for the use of detector response function on.pdf response function of a 3×3 in. nai scintillation detector in the range.pdf new cooling methods for hpge detectors and.pdf response function of si(li)-detectors for 1-4 kev x-rays.pdf quantitative analysis by x-ray fluorescence using first principles for matrix co rrection.pdf orthogonal polynomials and gaussian.pdf micro imaging and quantitative xrf micro analysis.pdf pub1169_web.pdf monte carlo simulations efficiency improvement techniques and statistical consid erations.pdf paper32.pdf matrix corrections in trace element analysis.pdf physicslettersb-458-1999. mt-25 microtron.pdf press_w_h___teukolsky_s_a___vetterling_w_t___flannery_b_p__f(2).pdf partial least squares (pls) regression.pdf method of quantitative analysis of fluorine in.pdf ngon ngu lap trinh c#.pdf prediction error in partial least squares regression a critique on.pdf photonuclear reactions of actinide and pre-actinide nuclei at intermediate energ ies.pdf quantitative x-ray analysis.pdf partial least squares (pls) an alternative to the quantification.a tutorial.pdf ref516.pdf preliminary studies on k and l coincidence counting for opti.pdf preliminary measurements of the low energy detection.pdf partial least square regression.n) photonuclear reaction on an electron accelerator.pdf measurement of germanium escape peaks in pixe.pdf monte carlo calculations of gamma-ray spectra for calibration.pdf modelling and data evaluations.pdf ngon ngu fortran.pdf neutron cross section evaluations.pdf practicable monte carlo calibration of hpge detectors for.pdf measurement of the enhancement effect in different series in x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf monte-carlo modeling of silicon x-ray detectors.pdf preparation of 237u by 238u(γ.pdf .pdf p202-203.pdf methodologies for the practical determination and use of method detection limits .pdf matrix effects on k-shell ionization cross sections.pdf performance of a gamma ray and x-ray spectrometer utilzing germanium and si(li) detectors cooled by a closed-cycle cryogenic mechanical refrigerator.

pdf techniques_for_nuclear_and_particle_physics_experiments__leo_.pdf specimen preparation in x-ray fluorescence.pdf soil-to-plant transfer factors of technetium-99 for various plants collected in the chernobyl area.pdf the problem of obtaining u237.tao cap.pdf study on photonuclear reaction cross section for the assessment of long-lived ra dionuclide.pdf x-ray techniques overview.pdf thermochromatography and activation analysis.pdf theoretical evaluations of the fission cross section of the 77 ev isomer of 235u .response function of the semiconductor detector of backscattered electrons in se m.pdf use of the monte carlo simulation code cearxrf. brazil.doc tonghophatnhannang dmitrievtalk tan'07.pdf thuat toan tinh lieu.pdf specimen preparation.pdf transfer factor of radioactive cs and sr from egyptian soils.pdf us5859436.pdf the fundamental algorithm a natural extension of the sherman equation part 1 the ory.pdf studies of photonuclear reactions and photon.pdf x ray fluorescence spectrocopic studies of elements in refractory.pdf the evaluated photon data library.pdf u237.doc the software and information system for development of neutron activation techni ques with optimal characteristics.pdf techniques for nuclear and particle physics experiments.pdf the use of neg pumps and coatings in large vacuum systemsexperience and limitati ons.pdf the evaluation of true coincidence summing effect on ctbto-type sample.pdf thukh.pdf transfer factors of radionuclides and stable elements.pdf soil – plant experimental radionuclide transfer factors.pdf the shape of the full-energy gamma ray peak in germanium detectors.pdf spectrum analysis.pdf tesisdoctoralpabloramos.pdf thong luong tuong doi.pdf x-ray fluorescence microanalysis of biomedical and.pdf some aspects of monte carlo simulation.pdf the development of a new edition of the gamma ray spectrum cataloguse designed f or presentation in electron format.doc time_adjustment_in_half_life_analysis_of_gamma_ray.pdf the rate at which the6.db tiet dien hap thu.pdf waltersparkermorgandeming_sequentialsimplexoptimization.pdf tinh ch_nh d_ net c_a trang in.pdf the 233pa fission cross-section measurement and evaluation. tan xa.45 ghz ecr ion source for production o radioactive ion beams.xls thorium determination by cdtn.xls thong luong tuong doitt.pdf математические методы для анализа экспериментальных спектров и спектро-подобных распределений technical specifications and. .pdf the importance of ilc communications.doc thumbs.ppt investigation of 2.pdf standardless x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf .pdf the x-ray response of silicon drift detectors.pdf the response of the high resolution.

pdf a taylor series model to evaluate the interelemental effects in x-ray fluorescen ce analysis.pdf trace-element determinations in very large samples a new challenge for neutron a ctivation analysis.pdf validation procedures of software applied in nucler instruments.pdf a computer program for calculating ge(li) detector counting efficiencies for mar inelli beakers.pdf try these steps.pdf 241am-xrf analysis of rare earths in geological samples.doc vaio guide.pdf a modified newton-raphson method for the solution of systems of equations.pdf a new approach to the determination of the fano factor for semiconductor detecto rs.pdf use of the 1294 kev photopeak of41ar to correct for variations in liquid sample volume.pdf trace-element analysis of geologic materials.pdf a semi-empirical derivation of thin-film sensitivities for edxrf spectrometers.pdf verification testing of commercially available computer programs for photopeak a rea evaluation.pdf v21p4_4.doc total efficiency of gamma-ray detection by germanium semiconductor detectors.pdf a case study on uptake of thorium from soil to plant by using x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf a statistical approach to the choice of channel-width in gamma-ray spectrometry using empirical relations between resolution and gamma-ray energy. applied to the iron-zirconium-diluent system.doc ttmessenger.pdf a comparison between filter methods and the fluorescence-to-backscatter method i n edxrf of geological matrices.exe two new methods for the approximate calculation of multiple integrals.pdf 92807270d01.pdf a polynomial scattering radiation technique in x-ray uorescence.pdf a reexamination of absorption and enhancement effects in x-ray fluorescence trac e element analysis.nature05761-s1.xls use of combined alpha-spectrometry and fission track analysis for the determinat ion of240pu239pu ratios in human tissue.pdf uncertainties in activity concentration measurements.pdf uran.pdf Долгий путь.pdf unit 5 .pdf nature05761.pdf a new approach to absorption effects using radioisotope x-ray spectrometry.ppt update of x ray and gamma ray.pdf a ratio between coherent and compton scattering method employing an x-ray tube f or measurement of.pdf user guide.pdf a critical evaluation of line overlap correction.p df a simple method for precise determination of 23 trace elements.pdf a newmodel for x-ray uorescence.pdf a non-destructive x-ray fluorescence method.pdf a simplex method for function minimization.indirect monitoring methods_ka.pdf validation of the mcnp5 computer code.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysis 0b7cc58ad01.pdf vaio guide.pdf a new approach to correcting theoretical emitted intensities for absorption and enhancement effects.pdf .pdf 16c9f925d01.doc nature05761.

pdf application of edxrf to the determination.pdf aa71c528d01.pdf application of j.pdf absolute determination of the effect of scattering and.pdf advanced experimental methods in compton scattering spectroscopy.pdf analysis of cement using low-resolution energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence and partial least-squares regression.pdf analysis of stainless steel samples by energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (edx rf) spectrometry.pdf analysis by absorption and scattering of radiation.pdf algorithm of fundamental parameters for the seicxrf method. sr.pdf accurate gamma ray spectrum analysis.pdf analysis of stainless steel samples by energy dispersive x-ray.pdf accuracy evaluation of results obtained by.pdf activities in the iaea x-ray fluorescence laboratory.pdf application limits in using backscattered radiation for matrix correction in x-r ay fluorescence analysis.pdf analysis of interfering peaks in ge(li) gamma-ray spectra using the resolution e nhancement filters second version of the method. rb.pdf application and methodology of in vivo kx-ray. e.pdf active region of x-ray emission.pdf analytical expressions for the intensity of characteristic x-radiation and their relation to the measuring geometry of x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf an optimal method of preparing glass mixture samples for x-ray fluorescence anal ysis.pdf analysis by absorption and scattering of radiation1.pdf an envelope method for removing background from x-ray fluorescence spectra. fernández algorithms in the evaluation of x-ray intensities m easured on fused glass discs for a set of international standards and a proposed .pdf an optimal method of preparing glass mixture samples for x-ray fluorescence ana lysis.a unified monte carlo approach for quantitative standless x-ray.pdf application of calibration standardization method to the analysis of diuretic ph armaceutical herbs.pdf analytical approximation for calculating secondary fluorescence in x-ray fluores cence analysis of powdered materials.pdf an attempt at improving the accuracy of calculated relative intensities from the ory in x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf accuracy of the fundamental parameter method for x-ray fluorescence analysis of rocks.pdf acquisition condition selection.pdf absorption correction method based on the power function of continuous scattered radiation.pdf an edxrfmethod for determination of.pdf an attempt at improving the accuracy of. nb and mo in rock powd ers by si(li) x-ray spectrometry.pdf analytical precision and accuracy in x-ray fluorescence.pdf an energy-dispersive study of fine detail in the kα x-ray spectrum of lead. y.pdf absorption correction method based on the power.pdf an envelope method for removing background from x-ray fluorescence spectra.pdf analysis of jamaican soils and sediments by energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescenc e spectrometry.pdf am57_281.pdf application of instrumental neutron activation and x-ray fluorescence analysis t o the examination of objects of art.pdf about the dependence of the intensity of x-ray spectra of elements on their con centrations expressed in atomic and mass percents.pdf application of factor analysis in edxrf.pdf analysis of rocks using x-ray fluorescence.pdf accuracy of standardless fp analysis of bulk and thin.pdf an instrumental procedure to determine fe. zr.

pdf automated energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis of environmental samples .pdf cohernet and incoherent scatterings for measurement.pdf application of large-area avalanche photodiodes to energy-dispersive x-ray fluor escence analysis.pdf approximate model for calculation of x-ray.calibration procedure.pdf application of the emission-transmission method for overcoming matrix effects in non-dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf background limitations in x-ray fluorescence analysis. pdf comprehensive analysis for major.pdf comparison of trace element determination in powdered soil and grass samples by energy-dispersive xrf and by icp-aes.pdf application of x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to quantitative analysis without standards.pdf behavior of x-ray mass absorption coe cients near absorption edges.pdf concentrations of rare earth elements in sediments.. overlap and background in xrf spectro metry.pdf components of detector response function monte carlo simulations and experiment.pdf calculation of the absolute peak efficiency of gamma-ray detectors for different counting geometries.library least-squares.pdf combination of corrections for absorption.pdf concentrations and sources of trace elements in particulate air pollution. minor and trace element contents and.pdf combination of corrections for absorption.pdf comparative determinations of lead in soils by x-ray fluorescence. potas-. magnesium.pdf cadmium-109 sources for trace analysis by x-ray fluorescence. and fe−ti alloys.pdf applications of the monte carlo .pdf assessing scattering effects in annular radioisotope excited xrf.pdf coherent scattering and matrix correction in bone-lead measurements. and atomic emission spectrometry. dar e s salaam.pdf coincidence x-ray fluorescence (cxrf) spectrometry.pdf compton-scattered tungsten x-rays as a measur.pdf choice of optimum model parameters in artificial neural networks and application to x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf application of radionuclide sources for excitation in energy-dispersive x-ray fl uorescence analysis.pdf basic theory and methods of x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf calculation of attenuation and x-ray fluorescence intensities for non-parallel x -ray beams.pdf comparison between some common influence coefficient algorithms.pdf approximate model for calculation of x-ray fluorescence intensity and its use in xrf spectrometry.pdf combined gamma and passive x-ray fluorescent measurement of235u enrichment and u -total concentration.pdf calculation of average l shell fluorescence yields for the elements with 25≤ z ≤101 .pdf comparative quantative analysis of sodium.pdf comparison of three techniques for the determination of uranium and thorium in r ocks.pdf automated energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf application of the radioisotope excited x-ray fluorescence technique in charge o ptimization during thermite smelting of fe−ni.pdf calculation features of the fundamental parameter method in xrf. mussels and fish from a dani .pdf background intensity as a function of the particle size of a radiating sample in x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. fe−cr.pdf applications of compton peak correction method in quantitative xrf analysis. atomic absor ption spectrometry.pdf causes of errors in the determination of macroelelements in soils and hard rocks using the x-ray fluorescence method. studied by edxrf. tanzania.

pdf determination of calcium in uranium by x-ray fluorescence.pdf concept of the influence marine environment.pdf determination of fe and zn in healing plants by radionuclide x-ray fluorescence analysis. lillebaelt. cu.pdf determination of rb and sr concentrations in rocks by radioisotope x-ray fluores cence analysis.pdf demystification of algorithms and influence coefficients.pdf determination of uranium in sea water by x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.pdf determination of uranium by xrf analysis following its preconcentration with som e organic precipitants.pdf determination of cu.pdf determination of trace amounts of metals in saline water by energy dispersive xr f using the naddtc preconcentration.pdf correction of line interference in x-ray fluorescence trace analysis. and pb in particulate matter. and cr anodes and one st andard.pdf description of an xrf system for multielemental analysis.pdf correction method for the matrix effect in x-ray fluorescence spectrometric anal ysis.pdf determination of trace elements in biological samples by energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis.001 to 40% in minerals and ores in energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence.pdf determination of absorption correction by the lsquotwo massesrsquo method for xr f analysis of intermediate samples. w.pdf determination of trace thorium.pdf .pdf correction for intensity data in energy dispersive x-ray diffractometr. fe.pdf description of compton peaks in energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectra.pdf debate on some algorithms relating concentration. zn.pdf determination of uranium in the concentration range of 0. zn and pb contents in soil near the d-61 bratislava-trn ava highway by radionuclide x-ray fluorescence analysis. au.pdf determination of the solid angle of an si(li) detector.pdf determination of trace element levels in human scalp hair in occupationally expo sed subjects by xrf.pdf determination of rb and sr concentrations in rocks by radioisotope x-ray fluores cence analysis.pdf determination of selected elements by radionuclide x-ray fluorescence analysis after the separation on different kinds of sorption materials.pdf detector calibration and measurement of fundamental parameters for x-ray spectro metry.pdf determination of trace rare earth.pdf detection limits of heavy elements obtained with.pdf detection efficiency of energy-dispersive detectors with low-energy windows.pdf determination of low atomic number elements by x-ray fluorescence fundamental p arameter method.pdf determination of rare earth elements by radioisotope induced x-ray emission spec troscopy. platinum and uranium in south african ores by high-energy xrf spectrometry.pdf determination of traces of heavy metals in.pdf consideration of matrix effects in xrf analysis. raw and final mat erials of a brick factory by radionuclide x-ray fluorescence analysis. ni.pdf d90f790cd01.pdf determination of slopes of calibration lines in multi element xrf analysis of th in films using polychromatic excitation from mo. applicatio n to yttrium determination in silicate rocks.pdf determination of gold.pdf detection limit and estimate of uncertainty of.pdf correction of line interference in x-ray.pdf correction of matrix e ects via scattered radiation in x-ray uorescence.pdf corrections to the conventional approach to si(li) detector efficiency.pdf determination of mn.

pdf efficiency calibration and determination of performance characteristics of a lar ge area proportional counter for the field measurement of 238pu in soils.pdf development and applications of accurate measurement of x-ray absorption.pdf energy-dispersivex-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and.pdf development of a quantitative edxrf method for.pdf errors in analysis of sulphide rich samples.pdf evaluation of energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence for mobile.pdf effect of the conditions of sample preparation for x-ray fluorescence analysis o n the effect of microabsorption heterogeneity.pdf direct determination of thorium in uranium oxide by x-ray fluorescence.pdf estimation of absorbing layer thicknesses for an si(li) detector.pdf elemental analysis by radioisotope-excited xrf.pdf edxrf and icp-ms analysis of environmental samples.pdf evaluation of the interelemental effect in x-ray fluorescence analysis by the t .pdf effect of the conditions of sample preparation for x-ray fluorescence analysis on the effect of microabsorption heterogeneity.pdf energy-dispersive x-ray spectrometry present state and trends.pdf development and assessment of an x-ray.determination of uranium in various matrices using edxrf and excitation by diffe rent radionuclides.pdf energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis of thin and intermediate environme ntal samples.pdf estimation and account for matrix effects in.pdf edxrf and icp-ms analysis of environmental.pdf effect of technological characteristics of powder material on the fluorescence i ntensity of elemental analytical lines.and gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf direct evaluation of self-absorption effects in dark matrices by compton scatter ing measurements.pdf elimination of the influence of the enhancement effect on calcium determination in a cement raw mix by non-dispersive x-ray radioisotope fluorescence analysis.pdf direct determination method for homogeneous.pdf estimation of absorbing layer thicknesses for an.pdf energy dispersive x-ray.pdf efficiency calibration of energy-dispersive detectors for application in quantit ative x.pdf enhancement effects in xrf analysis.pdf evaluation of the energy-dispersive x-ray spectra of high-z elements using gaus sian and voigt peak shape profiles.pdf energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis of.pdf edxrf surface shape correction for thick sample measurement using an outer mark membrane.pdf estimation of mass absorption coe cients by compton scattering.pdf ed-xrf spectrum evaluation and quantitative analysis.pdf elemental analysis of soils from central sudan by energy dispersive xrf.pdf ed-xrf spectrum evaluation and quantitative analysis.pdf determination of zirconium in brook sediments.pdf development of a method for direct determination of solids as thin films by ener gy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf edxrf analysis of some samples of cigarette paper.pdf energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry technique as an efficient moni toring tool for mercury contamination.pdf evaluation of energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence .pdf direct determination method for homogeneous solid samples in x-ray fluorescence analysis. pdf empirical coefficients models for x-ray fluorescence analysis of intermediate-th ickness samples.pdf energy dispersive x-ray analysis in the study of.pdf environmental contamination assessment of the.pdf determination uranium in thorium by x-ray flouresence method.

and sn. solid angle contribution and gradient for a triaxial sys tem equipped with a fluorescent source and x-ray tube an analysis to enhance the compton scattered photons.pdf extending the quantitative analytical capabilities of the edxrf technique for pl ant-based samples.pdf development of a monte carlo – library least-.pdf 6.pdf fit of edxrf spectra with a genetic algorithm.pdf regularization procedure for the fundamental parameters method in x-ray fluoresc ence analysis.pdf evaluation of uncertainty of measurement in.pdf accuracy evaluation of results obtained by.otal addition method.pdf geochemistry of pore water and sediments recovered.pdf experimental study on coherent scattering of 59.pdf analysis with polarized x-rays.pdf how accurate are modern fundamental parameter.pdf implementation of the monte carlo .pdf 3.pdf evaluation of the interelemental effect in x-ray fluorescence analysis by the to tal addition method.library least-squares.pdf fundamental parameter method 563864. scatter ed radiation method.pdf evaluation on determination of iodine in coal by.pdf fast determination of trace elements on aerosol-loaded filters by x-ray fluoresc ence analysis considering the inhomogeneous elemental distribution.pdf monte carlo simulation of energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence and.pdf handbook of practical x-ray fluorescence analysis 1.pdf for x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf theory of the implementation of the fundamental parameter method for the x-ray f luorescence determination of low-atomic-number elements.54 kev gamma rays by ag in.pdf 10.pdf 2.pdf evaluation of the uncertainty of element determination using the energy-dispersi ve x-ray fluorescence technique and the emission-transmission method (p 317-335) .pdf fluorescence polarization studies of rat intestinal microvillus membranes.pdf full spectrum calculations of edxrf spectra.pdf application of the backscatter fundamental.pdf fundamentals and practice of xrf.pdf geometrical efficiency.pdf .pdf flourescence analysis.pdf fast.pdf a020525ed01.pdf 4.pdf 8.pdf 7.pdf exrs 2008 x ray spectrometry.pdf filtration of amplitude spectra for reducing the background level in x-ray fluor escence analysis.pdf f3567ef7d01.pdf geometry considerations in radioisotope x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf the fundamental algorithm an exhaustive study of the.pdf evaluation of uncertainty of measurement in quantitative xrf analysis i.pdf fluorescent x-ray-analysis of uranium using internal standard and. simple method of powder pellet preparation for x-ray fluorescence analysis .pdf 5.pdf fundamental parameter method using scattering x-rays.

pdf improvement of matrix effects correction in x-ray fluorescence analysis through the optimum relation.pdf .pdf heavy metal assessment in sediments of the ave.pdf dk1838_ch05. black tea. and tea residue determined by xray fluorescence analysis.pdf major element rock analysis by x-ray.pdf investigation of the influence of particle size on the quantitative analysis of glasses by energy-dispersive micro x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf influence of detection limit on the measured concentration distribution of trace elements.pdf dk1838_ch02.pdf handbook of x-ray spectrometry 1.pdf improvement of a txrf setup to obtain detection limit.pdf influence ofdifferent soil parameters on the transfer factor.pdf long term statistics of x-ray spectrometers.pdf heavy metals and some other elements in medicinal plants.pdf dk1838_ch03.pdf influence of the energy of primary radiation on the sensitivity of x-ray fluores cence analysis.pdf improved technique for quantitative edxrf analysis of powdered plant sample.pdf dk1838_ch08.pdf dk1838_ch00.pdf interelement corrections in spectrochemistry.pdf dk1838_ch13.pdf dk1838_ch10..pdf dk1838_ch07.pdf k and ca content of fresh green tea.pdf dk1838_ch04.pdf handbook of practical x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf dk1838_ch12.pdf intensities for non-parallel x-ray beams.pdf investigation of a correction procedure. determined by x-ray fl uorescence analysis.pdf in situ applications of x ray.pdf dk1838_ch09. energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis of ancient copper alloys .pdf improved digital filtering for automated spectral deconvolution in energy disper sive x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf dk1838_ch01.pdf independent method of au determination in.pdf lutz.pdf handbook of x-ray spectrometry.pdf improved technique for quantitative edxrf.pdf improvements through pulse shape analysis in x-ray spectrometry using si(li) det ectors.5 kev photons for cu and zn targets.pdf limitations to accuracy in extracting.pdf implementation of a spectrum fitting procedure using a robust peak model.pdf investigation of geochemical composition of.pdf inelastic and elastic scattering differential cross-sections of 59.pdf high-sensitivity xrf analyzer (olivia) using a multi-crystal pyrographite assemb ly to reduce the continuous background.pdf dk1838_ch14.pdf improvement of matrix effects correction in x-ray fluorescence analysis through the optimum relation.9.pdf dk1838_ch11.pdf dk1838_ch06.pdf heavy element determinatioiv in health-related. j.

pdf multi-element analysis of environmental samples by x-ray.pdf multi-element analysis for environmental.pdf monte carlo simulation of energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence and applications.pdf nondestructive x-ray fluorescence determination of some elements in plant materi als. requiring only one or two standards.pdf measurement of l shell x-ray.pdf multi-element analysis by energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence using a simple ca libration procedure.pdf matrix corrections in the x-ray spectrographic.pdf method for the determination of k shell fluorescence yields.pdf measuring techniques for compton.pdf method for the determination of k shell.pdf measurement of the enhancement effect in different series in x-ray fluorescence analysis.1-5 kev.pdf monte-carlo modeling of silicon x-ray detectors.pdf monte carlo simulation of secondary fluorescence in small particles.pdf measurement of detection efficiency and response functions for an si(li) x-ray s pectrometer in the range 0.pdf non-destructive analysis of jingdezhen blue and white porcelains of the ming dyn asty using edxrf.pdf neutron induced gamma-ray spectroscopic and x-ray fluorescence investigations of britholite veins of basoren village (turkey).pdf multi element analysis by x-ray fluorescence a powerful tool of ivory identifica tion from various origins.pdf matrix-independent xrf methods.pdf model estimated uncertainties in the calibration of a total reflection x-ray flu orescence spectrometer using single-element standards.pdf measurements of l subshell and l shell x-ray fluorescence cross-sections for u a nd th.pdf measurement of radioactive samples in marinelli beakers by gamma-ray spectrometr y.pdf new correction procedure for x-ray spectroscopic fluorescence data.pdf matrixkorrektur silikatischer proben mit hilfe der compton-streupeaks f¦r die ener giedispersive röntgenfluorescenzanalyse.pdf numerical description of photoelectric absorption coefficients for fundamental p .pdf multi-energy radiography against terrorism. pdf monte carlo simulation of hpge detector response.pdf no2_article_2. pdf nanodroplets a new method for dried spot preparation and analysis.pdf new procedure for intensity and detection limit determination in spectral trace analysis application for trace mercury by txrf.mathematical techniques for quantitative elemental analysis by energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence. germanium and zinc.pdf nondispersive x-ray fluorescence in the study of rapid radiochemical separation of selenium from arsenic.pdf multielement analysis of rubber samples by x-ray.pdf matrix correction in x-ray fluorescence analysis by the effective coefficient me thod.pd f multilayers quantitative x-ray fluorescence analysis applied to easel paintings.pdf monte carlo simulation of the backscatter region in photon-excited energy disper sive x-ray fluorescence spectra.pdf measurements of l subshell and l shell x-ray. rayleigh and fluorescence cross-sections ecite d by kev photons.pdf multielement trace analysis of solid and liquid samples by x-ray fluorescence.pdf new analytical methods for determining trace elements in coal.pdf mono-standard calibration approach to multi-element xrf analysis of thin films u sing polychromatic excitation.

pdf optimization of the signal-to-background ratio in energy-dispersive x-ray fluore scence analysis using a si(li) detector.pdf precise non-destructive x-ray fluorescence method for uranium and thorium concen tration measurements.pdf rapid elemental analysis of sediment samples by isotope source xrf.pdf peak characterization using parameter estimation methods.pdf quantitative analyses of trace elements in environmental samples options and (im )possibilities.pdf quantitative x-ray analysis system.pdf optimizing accuracy and precision in spectral data.pdf patterns of inter-elemental effects in edxrf and a new correction method.pdf quantitative analysis by energy dispersive x.pdf optimization of xrfs for the analysis of toxic elements and heavy metals in coff ee products.pdf quantitative-x ray spectrometry.pdf optimization of the signal-to-background ratio in energy-dispersive x-ray fluore scence analysis using a si(li) detector.pdf rapid method for background correctionin trace element analys by x-ray fluorex cence.pdf penelope-a code system for monte carlo simulation of electron and photon transpo rt.pdf preparation of thin film standards for trace element studies in water.pdf .pdf quantitative analysis of rock samples by.arameter programs.pdf radioisotope x-ray fluorescence and neutron activation analyses of the trace ele ment concentrations of the rainbow trout.pdf quantitative determination of metals in radish using x-ray fluorescence spectrom etry.pdf rapid estimation of the sensitivity of some non-dispersive x-ray methods of anal ysis.pdf optimum method to determine gamma activity in large boxes of radioactive materia l – in-toto measurement vs.pdf quantitative mineralogical analysis of granitoid rocks.pdf on the application of radioisotope x-ray fluorescence analysis for the solution of environmental and industrial problems. pdf radioisotope excited edxrf analysis of sediment core samples from the southern p art of the black sea +.pdf possibilities of ed-xrf with radionuclide sources for analysis of plants.pdf radioisotope sources for x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf optimization of precision and accuracy in x-ray.pdf quantitative x-ray fluorescence analysis using fundamental parameters applicatio n to gold jewelry.pdf principles of fluorescence spectroscopy 3rd springer2006.pdf optimization of the identi cation of chemical.pdf quy trinh chu_n phan tich hu_nh quang tia x.pdf radioisotope photon-excited energy dispersive..pdf optimization of the identification of chemical compounds by energy-dispersive xray fluorescence spectrometry and subsequent multivariate analysis. sample extraction.pdf rapid method for edxrf analysis of clayey and sandy soil.doc quantitative analysis by x-ray fluorescence using first principles for matrix co rrection.pdf preperation sample in analysis specimen.pdf quantitative x-ray fluorescence analysis with specimens of unknown intermediate thickness.pdf quantitative x-ray fluorescence analysis of geological.pdf preparation of thin films with loaded resins for the preconcentration and determ ination of rare earth elements by x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.pdf portable x-ray.doc radioactive ore analysis by optimized radioisotope x-ray fluorescence technique.

pdf specimen preparation in x-ray fluorescence.pdf soil – plant experimental radionuclide transfer factors.pdf si(li) detector lineshapes contributions from atomic physics and detector proper ties.pdf some directions of research in the domain of energy dispersive x-ray fluorescenc e analysis.pdf solving of some environmental pollution problems by x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf fulltext22.pdf sample preparation and determination of iron in.pdf front-matter1.pdf speciation of elements in lake sediments.pdf front-matter4.pdf si(li) detector efficiency and peak shape calibration in the low-energy range us ing synchrotron radiation.pdf speciation analysis of elements in soil.pdf size and origin of the escape peak in various si(li) detectors.p df simple methods for quantitative x-ray fluorescence analysis of ancient metal obj ects of archaeological interest.pdf simultaneous determination of thorium and uranium in ores and srms by instrument al neutron activation analysis. software for the analysis of x-ray.pdf front-matter6.pdf simple methods for quantitative x-ray. antimony.pdf spectrophotometric method for the determination of thorium from ore saples. pdf some considerations on x-ray fluorescence.rapid qualitative determination of main components in archeological samples by r adioisotope-excited x-ray fluorescence analysis. and arsenic in an aqueou s sample by differential pulse polarography.pdf self-element secondary fluorescence enhancement in xrf analysis.pdf front-matter5.pdf sensitivities and detection limits of x-ray fluorescence analysis with a 10 mci 241am source.pdf regularization procedure for the fundamental parameters method in x-ray fluoresc ence analysis.pdf simultaneous determination of nickel.pdf self-consistent empirical correction for matrix effects in x-ray analysis.pdf semiempirical model for x-ray fluorescence analysis combining concentration corr ection equations and backscatter radiation method.pdf specimen preparation in x-ray fluorescence analysis of materials and natural obj ects.pdf simulations of si(li) x-ray detector response.pdf solving of some environmental pollution problems by x-ray fluorescence analysis .pdf fulltext21.pdf .pdf front-matter2.pdf spectral interference in x-ray fluorescence analysis of.pdf front-matter3.pdf selective excitation and integral counting of x-ray fluorescence (seicxrf).pdf routine x-ray fluorescence spectrometric.pdf resolving apparent differences in mathematical.pdf standardization and quality assurance in fluorescence measurements i back-matter7. cobalt.pdf front-matter7.pdf simple method to improve quantification accuracy of energy-dispersive x-ray spec troscopy in an analytical transmission electron microscope by specimen tilting.pdf secondary radiation in the x-ray fluorescence analysis of samples with arbitrary composition.pdf spectrographic determination of barium and strontium in geological samples.pdf sax.

pdf fulltext51.pdf fulltext15.pdf front-matter10.pdf fulltext102.pdf fulltext64.pdf fulltext62.fulltext31.pdf back-matter8.pdf fulltext12.pdf fulltext41.pdf front-matter8.pdf fulltext71.pdf fulltext34.pdf standardless x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf fulltext64.pdf fulltext63.pdf fulltext65.pdf fulltext51.pdf front-matter5.pdf front-matter6.p df study on the effectiveness. precision.pdf fulltext42.pdf fulltext11.pdf standardless x-ray analysis of bulk specimens.pdf fulltext31.pdf study of matrix effect with a full-field imaging x-ray fluorescence microscope. and reliability of x-ray.pdf fulltext32.pdf fulltext44.pdf fulltext32.pdf standardization and quality assurance in fluorescence measurements ii back-matter10.pdf fulltext66.pdf fulltext53.pdf fulltext101.pdf back-matter3.pdf front-matter.pdf fulltext13.pdf front-matter4.pdf .pdf fulltext52.pdf systematic procedure for the preparation of sets of.pdf fulltext42.pdf fulltext14.pdf front-matter9.pdf standardization of methods of analysis for heavy metals in sediments.pdf fulltext43.pdf fulltext61.pdf front-matter1.pdf front-matter3.pdf front-matter2.pdf front-matter7.pdf fulltext52.pdf fulltext62.pdf front-matter41.pdf fulltext63.pdf fulltext21.pdf fulltext22.pdf fulltext71.pdf fulltext33.pdf fulltext81.

pdf x-ray and gamma ray spectra.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysis applied to geochemistry of quartz in argentina.pdf theoretical study of a secondary target xrf setup at different operational tube voltages.pdf x-ray fluorescence.pdf x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.pdf x-ray attenuation modeling.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysis of rocks. soils and sediments.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysis of seawater.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysis of heavy elements by αx-coincidence.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysis of rocks.pdf theoretical influence coefficients for correction of matrix effects in x-ray flu orescence analysis of intermediate-thickness samples..pdf x-ray fluorescence determination of element contents in milk and dairy products.pdf trends.pdf x-ray analysis methods.pdf the enhancement effect in non-dispersive x-ray analysis.pdf x-ray absorption.pdf x-ray fluorescence calibration with partial least squares.pdf the simultaneous determination of thorium.pdf the estimation of mass absorption coefficients by compton scattering exten sions to the.p df x-ray absorption spectroscopy using x ray fluorescence spectrometer. niobium.pdf the suitability of the dry ashing procedure for determination of arsenic in mari ne sample.pdf trace element analysis of scots pine and norway spruce needles by energy-dispers ive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry. refractories and raw materials.pdf the first nih workshop on small angle x-ray.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysi of uranium in water with radioisotopicα sources.pdf use of two radioisotopic sources for mineral analysis by x-ray fluorescence.pdf x-ray emission effects as a tool to study light actinides. applications and results in x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf the enhancement effect in non-dispersive x-ray analysis.pdf universal method for x-ray fluorescence analysis of glasses.pdf v49n3p087f.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysis of thulium oxide for rare earth impurities.pdf use of cm and cross product coefficients in influence coefficient algorithms for quantitative xrf analysis.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysis using the filter paper method for the determination of la. pdf x-ray fluorescence determination of uranium and neighbouring elements in solutio . pr and nd in solution.¥df x-r y fluorescence analysis of lead in leaves.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysis of polymetallic ores.pdf x-ray reference-intensity and x-ray fluorescence analyses of salton sea core.pdf trace matal analysis of sediments and particlulate matter in sea water by edxrf.pdf uantitative x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf the transistor and energy-dispersive x-ray spectrometry roots and milestones in x-ray analysis. rocks.pdf x-ray fluorescence analysis based on knowledge system.pdf x-ray diffraction software.pdf the discovery of x-rays and originof x-ray fluorescence analysis. pdf trace metal analysis of sediments and particulate matter in sea water by energydispersive x-ray fluorescence.pdf variable selection and multivariate calibration.pdf theoretical discussion of methods of elimination of matrix effects in non-disper sive x-ray analysis.the determination of the efficiency of energy dispersive.

xls xrf-sherman.pdf x-ray fundamental parameter methods for the determination of some elements in hy drocarbons by wdxrf.pdf x-ray fluorescence in some rare earth and high z elements.pdf algorithm xxx l2wpma.pdf x-ray spectra and image analysis by means of inversion methods. a fortran 77.pdf accurate gamma ray spectrum analysis.pdf a comparison of photopeak area computation methodologies.pdf . and regression.pdf a statistical approach to the choice of channel-width in gamma-ray spectrometry.pdf x-ray fluorescence spectroscopic studies of elements in referactory materials so il alloys.pdf xrf determination of 17 trace elements in geological samples using an extended c ompton scattering correction procedure.pdf x-ray radiometric analysis of ores and minerals using apparatus based on semicon ductor detectors. uranium and thor ium in allanites.pdf x-ray fluorescence spectrometry for high throughput analysis of atmospheric aero sol.theory.pdf a computer program in algol-60 for the location andevaluation of peaks in ge(li) gamma ray spectra.pdf a computer program for automatic gamma-ray spectra analysis with isotope identif ication for the purpose of activation analysis.pdf a nonlinear wavelet method for data smoothing of low level gamma ray spectra.pdf xrf analysis .n.pdf a computer language for reducing activation analysis data.pdf a simple program in basic language for analysisof gamma-spectra using an on-line minicomputer.pdf Рентгенография.pdf x-ray spectrometric methods for the determination of plutonium and uranium in th eir mixed oxide samples.doc xicma.pdf a new algorithm for automatic photopeak searches.pdf a comparative study of computer programs used for analyzing gamma-ray spectra in activation analysis.pdf xcom.pdf xu ly pho gamma a combined set of automatic and interactive programs for instrumental neutron ac tivation analysis.pdf a program for evaluation of gamma-spectra (ana).pdf РЕНТГЕНОСПЕКТРАЛЬНОЕ ИЗУЧЕНИЕ СТРОЕНИЯ ХЕЛАТНЫХ.pdf x-ray spectrometric method for the determination of uranium in solution by a cel lulose disc technique..pdf xrf.pdf a program in basic language for analysis of gamma spectra using on line minicomp uters.pdf xrf analysis of harmful metals collected onto filters.pdf a method for systematically analyzing ge(li) photopeaks.pdf a pc-based computer program for quality assessment of inaa results of emission a nd air particulate samples.pdf x-ray fluorescence method for the determination of rare earths.pdf x-ray spectrometric analysis of trace element.pdf x-ray_19_3.pdf x囎yfiuorescencede亡erminatio取of晦ox-ray fluorecence determination of chromium. experiment. pdf a versatile data processing system for nuclear gamma rays spectroscopy with a mi nicomputer.pdf РЕНТГЕНОФЛУОРЕСЦЕНТНЫЙ АНАЛИЗ В ГЕОЛОГИИ.pdf xrf basic principles.pdf a digital photopeak integration in activation analysis.

pdf exact linearization of some nonlinear least squares fittings.sciences.pdf spectral analysis in “manmachine” system.pdf tu dong xu ly so lieu pho hat nhan.pdf libarary directed versus peak search based gamma ray analysis.pdf the peaks package.pdf lamps_aset.jun.pdf standard_spectra.pdf evaluation of ge(li) compton suppression spectrometers for non-destructive radio chemical analysis.pdf xu ly so lieu applications of computers to nuclear and radiochemistry.djvu data acquisition.c.pdf smoothing method multipliers sum max problems.error.p df identification of noise in linear data sets by factor analysis.pdf gamma spectrum storage and analysis program smpo76 with nuclide identification. pdf data smoothing.and x-ray peak tailing.pdf automatic estimation of peak regions in gamma-ray spectra measured by nai detect or.pdf computational balance in real-tihe cyclic spectral analysis.2002_for_thephoenix- .pdf comparative analysis of different computer handling systems for gamma-spectromet ric data developed at c.pdf computer analysis of weak spectral components in gamma-ray spectra.pdf sampo.pdf spectra a computer program for gamma-ray analysis.pdf peak area determination and energy dependence of gamma.reduction. and reporting for nuclear-counting instrumentation.pdf computer analysis of complex gamma-ray spectra from semiconductor detectors. and reporting.pdf comparison of algorithmic and machine learning approaches for the automatic fitt ing of gaussian peaks.pdf improved digital filtering for automated spectral deconvolution in energy disper sive x-ray fluorescence analysis.pdf fitting data to a straight line.physical.pdf analysis of macro-constituents in steels by pgaa.r.pdf analysis of interfering peaks in ge(li) gamma-ray spectra using the resolution e nhancement filters second version of the method.pdf method of standard spectrum fitting gamma.pdf system of programs for activation analysis calculations.p df quality assurance in the determination of overlapping peak areas.pdf sum and mean.pdf discrete functional data analysis.pdf an automated activation analysis system.pdf fast computer analysis of the _ spectrum from ge(li) approach to processing and evaluation of gamma-ray spectra associated with ne utron activation analysis.and.for. ispra.pdf the method of net peak area computation for gamma-ray spectra. reduction.pps least squares fitting of low-level gamma-ray spectra with.pdf applied nonlinear analysis.analysis.pdf digital method of net peak area determination in activation analysis.pdf data acquisition.pdf dta analysis and evaluation with sammy.pdf application of computers for the selection of the optimum method and for automat ed data-processing in instrumental activation analysis.pdf package ‘peaks’.pdf identification of peaks in multidimensional coincidence gamma spectra. reduction.pdf smoothing and thresholding in neuronal spike detection.pdf soft ware of nuclear spectrometry.pdf spectral analysis and stastics.doc data.

pdf Применение рентгеноспектрального метода анализа для.ini portable readme. parity and time reversal violation in nuclei.pdf Практическое использование оптических свойств рентгеновского излучения. janik.doc savitzky-golay smoothing filters. new results and future projects in prefect crystal interferometry.pdf v school on neutron physics. 1986 440_1986_00-contents.chien-nen.wav directory opus. rauch. svab. padureanu.flv rotl_clip3.w.djvu decision trees for ranking effect of new smoothing methods.pdf methods for the analysis of ccrc data. small-algle neutron scatterin investigation of the struc ture of polymer solutions.flv error analysis of a max-plus algorithm for afirst-order hjb equation. new splitting criter ia and simple pruning method._qft__statistical_physics_and_modern_applicatio ns_-_chaichian_m.pdf h..log whatsnew.pdf g.pdf ФИЗИКО-ХИМИЧЕСКОЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЕ РАСТВОРИМОСТИ КАЛИЙНО-.pdf uncertainty and confidence in measurements.pdf k.pdf КОМПЬЮТЕРНОЕ МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЕ ПРОЦЕССОВ МАССОПЕРЕНОСА В ВОДАХ ИЖЕВСКОГО ПРУДА.pdf model analysis uncertainty and behavior. rauch.pdf moving average and savitzki-golay smoothing filters using mathcad. recent achievements in dynamics of molecules in condensed phases via neutron scattering.2.pdf h. ishmaev. incommensurate phases in molecular crystals.pdf e. amorphous alloys studied by high resolution neutron diffr action.wav license.g.pdf k. neilson. beam bunching with perfect crystals and magnetic fields.txt options.txt error. s.pdf . s. weigmann.txt teracopy.doc path_integrals_in_physics__vol.pdf effectiveness evaluation of data mining.pdf h. pesz.pdf smoothing method multipliers sum max problems.flv rotl_clip4.flv rotl_clip5.pdf nmm chapter 9 nmm chapter 9 least squares fitting a model to data.pdf robert e.pr09. parlinski.n. chrien.pdf teracopy-portable complete.pdf ФИЗИКО-МЕХАНИЧЕСКИЕ СВОЙСТВА РАССАДЫ ТАБАКА.exe transfer. d. fractal models of structures and processes.pdf e.pdf i. rapeanu. neutron scattering from aqueous electrolyte solutions.forums. adelberger.2. neutron resonance averging.pdf jerzy a.txt under world rotl_clip1.flv rotl_clip2.pdf ОПРЕДЕЛЕНИЕ ФИЗИКО-МЕХАНИЧЕСКИХ ХАРАКТЕРИСТИК.ra savitzky-golay methods.pdf ФИЗИКА ЭЛЕМЕНТАРНЫХ ЧАСТИЦ И КОСМОЛОГИЯ НА ПОРОГЕ ВЕЛИКИХ ОТКРЫТИЙ.flv usb 10. the structure of liquids. hlavata.pdf yeaeo_ioece_aneea e iioe_aneea naienoaa.pdf j. plestil. neutron spectroscopy with gelina.

Реактор ИБР-2 научные и методические новости. Изюмов. Рассеяние нейтронов на спиральных магнитных структурах.pdf .pdf indc-nds-0272. Попов. Попов. Кристаллическое электрическое поле в металлических соединениях редк К.П. Изменение среднеквадратичных радиусов ядер изотопов урана при зах К. Ю.doc gammavar.pdf indc-nds-0206.pdf Э.В.pdf Н.pdf indc-ccp-432.doc c13.pdf Ю. tiep. Гинзбург.pdf А.Б.С. Аксенов.t.pdf iaea-0186-volume1. Плакида. Горемычкин. Текстурная нейтронография. Р-четные угловые корреляции в резонансных (n. metal physics investigations by means of neutron scattering. Г.pdf indc-nds-0191. Клингер.pdf indc-jpn-0098. Исследование структуры мицеллярных растворов.С. Стекла атомная динамика и низкотемпературные свойства.pdf indc-nds-0239. Пикельнер.pdf В.pdf iaea-0169-volume3. Структурные стекла.pdf indc-nds-0133.pdf indc-nds-0115.П.И.А.pdf indc-nds-0152.В.pdf indc-nds-0220.pdf indc-ccp-431. Журавлев.pdf indc-nds-0197.pdf indc-ccp-0043.pdf М.pdf Ю. К.pdf iaea-tecdoc-0572. электронные и сверхпроводящие свойства аморфных систем и их криста Е.pdf iaea-tecdoc-1506.М.pdf С. И.pdf indc-nds-0157. Шарапов.Х. Панова.doc ch. Определение свойств ядер по анизотропии упругого рассеяния нейтрон А. springer. Игнатюк.pdf А. Л.pdf indc-nds-0219.pdf indc-nds-0195.pdf Г.pdf vat ly hat nhan bai giang dthn c13.pdf indc-nds-0116. Некоторые аспекты вынужденного деления ядер. Чер. goetze.pdf iaea-tecdoc-0619. Нейтронная микроскопия первые результаты и перспективы.Н.g).pdf hk. Зайдель.М.pdf w.и (p. Динамические. Рассеяние нейтронов в стеклах.pdf Ю. Микроскопическое описание нейтронных и радиационных силовых функ В.pdf iaea-tecdoc-1168. 12.И.А.pdf iaea-tecdoc-0351.Б. Язвицкий.pdf iaea-0199.pdf indc-nds-0200. Двухквантовые гамма-каскады при захвате нейтронов ядрами.pdf iaea-0186-volume3. Э.pdf indc-nds-0096.pdf Л.doc c14.pdf Ю.Л. Г. Смиренкин. Франк.g)-реакциях. Останевич.Л. Воронов. Фельдман. Мюле. Остапенко.Б. Неэргодичность и неравновесность спиновых стекол. Самосват.pdf indc-nds-0130. expected anomalies of the neutron cross section near the liquid-glass transition.pdf indc-jap-0050.И.doc c15. Хенниг. Проблемы современной статистической теории ядра.

pdf indc-nds-0389.bmp ly thuyet hop phan.pdf phan ung hn bai thuc tap.doc gi§o tr×nh ph¨n øng.doc mot so mau hn chuong1.indc-nds-0280.doc giaymoitu.doc chuong3xh.bmp .doc chuong2.doc chuong1xh.pdf indc-nds-0339.doc mau tham khao thu xin ban quyendich.doc hinh48~1.doc cam nang tinh toan hanbook.doc chuong2xh.doc decuongphanunghatnhan.doc chuong5.doc iakoshi pamphletvnre.pdf indc-nds-0286.doc message.pdf indc-nds-450.doc  ngh nghim thu s§ch.doc bai tap.doc tai lieu tham khao.doc baigiang.doc giaymoikhiem.doc lêi nãi ¢Çu.pdf newslet42.txt nhan xet luan an khai.doc chuong4.doc chuong3.pdf indc-nds-0328.doc kk.doc introduction to nuclear reactions.pdf indc-nds-435.bmp phuluc.pdf indc-nds-0403.doc phan hach hat nhan.doc muc lucxh.doc ly thuyet pu bien ban giao trinh.doc sok.doc gi§o tr×nh l© thuyt ph¨n øng.bmp md.doc giaotrinh anh tÊn bai thuc tap.pdf nds-7.doc giaymoi.doc trang b×a.pdf indc-nds-0433.doc chuong4xh.doc hinh1.doc decuonggiaotrinh.pdf indc-nds-0503.doc phu lucxh.

bmp phoke compton.spc pile_up.doc lieu22_4_05.bmp denghi-thaohangrao k3.bmp h2.spc phong_k3_22_4_05.doc phong_dung.doc lieu22_4_05.bmp h11.doc divide~1.bmp h14.pdf ad.doc h1.doc untitled.doc b_o_c_o_trung_phung.pdf .pdf pnfig.bmp b_o_c_o_ksnguong.doc phan ung hat nhan de cuong ltpu.doc phangiai.doc cl_t10a.bmp h7.doc nguyenly_adc.bmp h18.bmp h9.bmp hieu suat ghi.bmp h10.bmp h4.bmp luanvan1.mca dac trung trung phung.bmp h3.doc giao trinh.doc hamluc.mca hd_ng_adc.bmp h13.bmp h16.doc chuong i.bmp h6.doc gamma_gamma cologne.doc phuong phap n2gamma 572a.pdf nckt_thongtin_n2gamma_tv.pdf ngungc~1.bmp h5.bmp h15.bmp h8.pdf bao cao 4.bmp 572a.doc nckt_thongtin_n2gamma.bmp pn.doc inhibit cua adc1.pdf bo sung mach.doc inhibit cua adc.doc he do.doc fe-57.doc luanvan12.bmp hamluc.

bmp hinh26.doc pho notron sau phin loc.bmp hinh10.bmp h7.bmp hh.bmp t.bmp hinh3.bmp hinh17.pole_zero.doc chuong 1x chuong 1.db tiet dien au.bmp h9.bmp hinh21.bmp hinh19.bmp hinh27.bmp hinh25.bmp hinh15.bmp hinh12.doc vat ly neutron cauhoithi lthpu.bmp ptw.bmp tiet dien cua sc.bmp hinh4.bmp hinh28.bmp hinh23.bmp .bmp hinh18.bmp hinh29.bmp hinh5.bmp h11.bmp thumbs.bmp h5.bmp hinh2.bmp hinh11.bmp hinh24.bmp pict0001.bmp h12.bmp h4.bmp chuong 2x chuong 2xbxh.bmp hinh13.pdf tac.bmp hinh22.bmp h8.pdf sodo.doc hinh1.bmp hinh16.doc h10.bmp hinh14.bmp h6.bmp h14.bmp tac_hai.bmp h2.bmp thùc tËp to ph.bmp tit din toµn phÇn cña sc.bmp h15.bmp h3.bmp phinloc.bmp hinh20.bmp h13. hinh 6.bmp hinh 3.4.1.bmp hinh 4.5.1.bmp thumbs.bmp hinh 3.1.3.bmp hinh hinh 3.doc .bmp hinh 6.bmp hinh 3.bmp hinh 6.2.2.bmp hinh 5.1.bmp hinh 6.bmp hinh 4.bmp hinh 4.2.tif chuong 6x chuong 6xbxh.bmp hinh hinh 4.5.bmp hinh9.doc hinh 6.bmp kh.2.2.3.bmp hinh8.db chuong 4x chuong 4xbxh.1.bmp pho po-be.bmp hinh 6.4.bmp hinh 3.bmp thumbs.bmp pict0003.3.1.db chuong 3x chuong3xbxh.3.bmp hinh7. hinh 5.bmp hinh 4.2.bmp hinh 5.bmp l© thuyt khuych t§n.1.3.bmp hinh hinh 5.2.5.bmp hinh 3.bmp hinh 5.bmp hinh 5.bmp hinh 6.1.bmp khoi tru quay.doc hinh 4.2.doc chuong 7x chuong 7xbxh.2.3.1.doc hh.1.doc detector neutron. hinh 3.bmp ong dem hinh cau.2.bmp pho ra-be.1.2.3.bmp hinh 3.2.bmp hinh chuong 5x chuong5xbxh.bmp ong dem notron.1.bmp hinh hinh 5.1.bmp hinh 4.hinh6.1.

doc tai lieu tham khao.pdf technical-reports-series-146.doc chuong 7.1.doc safeg2006.doc xuanhai chuong 1.doc d§nh sè cu hái.doc de thi 3.bmp hinh821.bmp hinh 7.1.bmp hinh 4.doc hinh 9.1.bmp hinh811.doc tai lieu tham khao.doc muclucxh.pdf technical-reports-series-273.doc chuong11 phan 3.doc chuong 3.bmp hinh 5.doc muclucxh.doc de thi 1.bmp hinh 7.doc giaymoitu.bmp ct2.doc de thi 2.doc de cuong ltpu.doc nhan xet giao trinh.pdf trieste2005crps_decay data.doc loi noi dau.doc chuong 8.doc cu hái thi ntron.pdf tcs-24_web.doc chuong 4.doc trinhhai.doc de thi 4.pdf tcs-01_4th_web.doc chuong10.doc sua chua.doc chuong 6.pdf technical-reports-series-261.doc loi noi dau.doc chuong 9.doc trang bia.doc chuong9x chuong9.pdf technical-reports-series-452.doc trang bia.2.hinh 3.bmp chuong10 ankieng.bmp hinh812.1.pdf .bmp kk.doc chuong 2.doc chuong 5.doc ct1.doc gi§o tr×nh l© thuyt ph¨n øng.bmp ct21.bmp chuong 8x chuong8xbxh.

vi school on neutron physics, volume 1, 1990 474_1990-1_00-contents.pdf 475_1990-1_00-preface.pdf 497_1990-1_22-robersonn.r. roberson, j.d. bowman, c.d. bowman et al. the violati on of spatial parity for neutron resonances in 238u.pdf 498_1990-1_23-steyerla. steyerl. research using ultracold neutron at the ill.pdf c. coceva. neutron decay of isolated nuclear levels excited by gamma-rays.pdf g.e. mitchell, e.g. bilpuch, p.m. endt, et al. chaotic behaviour of nuclear spec tra.pdf g.s. bauer. the spallation-based continuous neutron source.pdf h. beer. neutron capture and s-process nucleosynthesis.pdf j.b. forsyth. isis, its instrumentation, science and development.pdf j.p. theobald. neutron induced fission.pdf new results from 252cf spontaneous fission nuclear mass and charge distributions in the cold fragmentation region.pdf o.a. scherbakov. experiments at the tim-of-flight neutron spectrometer gneis in gatchina.pdf s. ulbig, k.p. lieb, h.g. borner et al. grid lifetime spectroscopy of medium mas s nuclei.pdf t.d. mac mahon. university reactors in the united kingdom.pdf v.l. aksenov. i.m. frank and neutron physics at dubna.pdf v.l. aksenov. neutron physics at jinr present status and trends.pdf v.p. gudkov, a.g. kharitonov, v.v. nesvizhevsky et al. results of neutron lifeti me measurements with gravitational ucn trap.pdf y. masuda. p-violation and t-violation experiments on neutron-nucleus interactio n at kek.pdf yan yiming. neutron physics research in china.pdf А.В. Стрелков. Аномалия в хранении ультрахолодных нейтронов и нагрев их на стенках сосудов.pd А.И. Франк. Пионерские работы И.М. Франка и современная оптика длинноволновых нейтронов.pdf А.М. Суховой. Реакция (n,2g) – источник информации о свойствах высоковозбужденных состояний т Анализ характеристик упругого рассеяния нейтронов низких энергий сферическими ядрами в рамках В.А. Весна, И.С. Окунев. Проблемы исследования Р-нечетных эффектов в реакциях на тепловых ней В.Г. Носов, А.И. Франк. Квазиэнергия холодных нейтронов.pdf В.М. Коломиец. Эмиссия нейтронов и гамма-квантов в окрестности ираст-линии ядра.pdf Виноградов. Ядерный взрыв как импульсный источник нейтронов для измерения сечений деления выс Г.А. Петров. Исследования Р-четных и Р-нечетных корреляций осколков деления ядер медленными н Л.Б. Пикельнер. Р-нечетные эффекты в нейтронных реакциях и соотношения между ними.pdf Ю.А. Александров, Г.С. Самосват. Поляризуемость нейтрона.pdf Ю.А. Мостовой. Исследования распада свободного нейтрона.pdf Ю.А. Хохлов, М.В. Савин. Нейтронные исследования на линейном ускорителе электронов всесоюзног Ю.М. Булкин, В.В. Хмельщиков, В.С. Цикунов и др. Высокопоточные исследовательские реакторы с Ю.Я. Ставиский. Нейтронные комплексы Московской мезонной и каонной фабрик.pdf vi school on neutron physics, volume 2, 1990 a.i. kurbakov. study of weak internal strain fields in very perfect single cryst als by gamma-ray diffraction.pdf a.j. dianoux, r. brussetti, p. gougeon, et al. evidence for einstein-like modes in the superconducting molybdenum selenides m2mo6se6.pdf a.w. hewat. neutron powder diffraction and relations between structure and super conductivity.pdf b. dorner, d. visser, m. steiner. magnetic excitations and phase transition of c sfebr3 in and external magnetic field.pdf b. dorner, e.burkel. measurements of phonon dispersion curver by x-rays with ver y high energy resolution.pdf critical behaviour near tc and early state if spinoidal decomposition of polymer blends investigated by small angle neutron scattering.pdf e475749ad01.pdf f. dunstetter. experimental investigation of the plastic crystals by neutron dif fraction.pdf f. eichhorn. small-angle neutron scattering investigations by double-crystal dif fractometry.pdf

f.s. dzheparov. some moder4n problema in beta-nmr spectroscopy theory.pdf g. pepy. conformation of side chain liquid crystal polymers, studied by small an gle neutron scattering.pdf h.j. bunge. texture analysis by neutron diffraction.pdf h.j. lauter, j.a.c. bland, r.d. bateson and a.d. johnson. magnetic moments in ul trathin films determined by spin-polarised neutron reflection.pdf j. rossat-mignod, l.p. regnault, c. vettier, et al. inelastic neutron scattering study of superconducting yba2cu3o(6+x).pdf j.b. suck. neutron inelastic scattering from alloys with non-crystallographic po int symmetries (quasicrystals).pdf j.d. axe. the complementarity of x-rays and neutrons.pdf l. pintschovius, w. reichardt, a. yu. rumiantsev, et al. lattice dynamics of la( 2-x)sr(x)cuo4.pdf m. fontana, m. ricco, b.rosi. molecular reorientational dynamics in nematic liqu id crystals.pdf m.i. bulgakov, a.d. gul'ko, s.v. stepanov, et al. modern problems of beta-nmr ex periment.pdf n. pyka, w. reichardt, l. pintschovius, g. collin. lattice dynamics of yba2cu3o( 7-d).pdf neutron spectroscopic studies of the relation between superconductivity and the crystal field in high-temperature superconductors.pdf p.hiismaki. coded aperture techniques for high resolution neutron powder diffrac tion.pdf r. currat. neutron investigation of modulated crystals.pdf r. papoular, j. schweizer. data treatment for spin densities fourier inversion, multipolar expansion and maximum entropy.pdf r.m. ibberson, w.i.f. david. high resolution neutron powder diffraction at isis. pdf s.v. maleyev. quantum frustrations and unfamiliar antiferromagnetism of cuo2.pdf sunil k. sinha. neutron scattering studies of magnetism in the high-tc materials .pdf t. riste. studies in pattern formation and nonlinear dynamics by real-space and real-time neutron scattering.pdf v. khavryutshenko, i. natkaniec, e. sheka. neutron scattering spectroscopy in su rface chemistry computational and real experiments.pdf w. buehrer. neutron scattering investigations if superionic conductors with emph asis on silver iodide.pdf w. knop, h.b. stuhrman, r. wagner, et al. polarized neutron scattering from dyna mic polarized targets in biology.pdf А.М. Балагуров, Г.М. Миронова. Нейтронография в реальном масштабе времени.pdf И.Н. Сердюк, М.Ю. Павлов, И.Н. Рублевская и др. Метода тройного изотопического замещения в ра результатах исследования явления бозе-конеднсации в жидком гелии на импульсных реакторах.pdf Ю.М. Останевич. Малоугловое рассеяние нейтронов в растворах малых частиц (обзор).pdf vii school on neutron physics, 1995 073e6eb7d01.pdf a. ioffe (hmi, berlin, germany). neutron optics and practical applications.pdf a. steyerl and s.s. malik (univ. of rhode island, kingston, usa). fundamental p hysics with ultracold neutrons.pdf a.a. goverdovsky (ippe, obninsk, russia). nuclear viscosity effects in fission f ragment mass distributions and exotic fission modes.pdf a.b. popov (flnp jinr, dubna). subject and methonds of neutron spectroscopy (in russian).pdf a.m. balagurov (flnp jinr, dubna). neutron diffraction (in russian).pdf a.m. sukhovoj (flnp jinr, dubna). cascade g-decay of neutron resonances hypothes es and experiment.pdf b. g. yerozolimsky (harvard university, usa). beta-decay of the free neutron (in russian).pdf f. fillaux (lasir, cnrs, france). a new look at proton dynamics on solids vibrat ion spectroscopy with neutrons.pdf g. bauer (psi, villigen, switzerland). modern neutron sources for neutron scatte

ring.pdf g.j. kearley (ill, france). modern chemistry with neutron scattering.pdf g.s. samosvat (flnp jinr, dubna). electric charge radius and polarizability of t he neutron (in russian).pdf h. stuhrmann (gkss, germany). neutron scattering and synchrotron radiation in bi ological structure research.pdf m. mutterer (tu darmstadt, germany). fission fragment properties in the 238u(n,f ) reaction at incident neutron energies from 1 mev to 500mev.pdf m. th. rekveldt (university of technology, delft, the netherlands). neutron dep olarization in magnetic materials.pdf m.i. tsulaya(flnp jinr, dubna). nuclear precession of neutrons (in russian).pdf r. scherm (ill, france). methods for condensed matter studies with neutrons.pdf r.k. thomas (oxford university, uk). neutron reflection.pdf r.p. ozerov (d. mendeleyev university, moscow, russia). neutron methods for inve stigating condensed matter (in russian, abstract).pdf s.v. maleyev (pinp, gatchina, russia). polarized neutron studies of condensed ma tter.pdf v.e. bunakov (pinp, gatchina, russia). nuclear models and neutron physics (abstr act).pdf v.i. mostovoj (rrc ki, moscow, russia). first nuclear reactors in the ussr and t heis physics programmes (in russian).pdf v.k. ignatovich (flnp jinr, dubna). optical potential of neutrons in media (in r ussian).pdf v.k. ignatovich (flnp jinr, dubna). theory of dynamic diffraction of neutrons on crystals (in russian).pdf v.n. shvetsov (flnp jinr, dubna). gaseous neutron detectors (in russian).pdf v.n. shvetsov (flnp jinr, dubna). ultracold neutrons and fundamental physics pro blems (in russian).pdf v.r. skoy (flnp jinr, dubna). analysis of an experimental study of p- and t-odd interaction in polarized neutron propagation though a polarized target.pdf yu. a. alexandrov (flnp jinr, dubna). some fundamental properties of the nuetron .pdf yu.p. popov (flnp jinr, dubna). neutron spectroscopy reactions followed by charg ed particles.pdf viii школа по нейтронной физике, 1998 год . П.А. Алексеев, И.П.Садиков. Сильнокоррелированные электронные редкоземельные соединения и р a.m. Балагуров. Основы кристаллографии и нейтронного структурного анализа кристаллов.pdf loi noi dau.pdf nhung nghien cuu hien dai voi su tro giup cua notron.pdf optical neutron.pdf phu luc.pdf thiet ke cau truc chat sieu dan o nhiet do cao.pdf А.В. Белушкин. Введение в методики нейтронных экспериментов.pdf А.М.Суховой, В.А.Хитров. Каскады гамма-лучей радиационного захвата нейтронов.pdf А.Ю. Румянцев. Поверхность Ферми металлов и рассеяние нейтронов.pdf В.Б. Злоказов. Математические методы и программы для обработки нейтронных спектров.pdf В.Е. Бунаков. Нейтронная физика, модели ядер и квантовый хаос.pdf В.Н. Швецов. Ультрахолодные нейтроны и фундаментальные проблемы физики.pdf В.П. Алфименков. Ядерно-физические исследования с поляризованными медленными нейтронами и пол Г.С. Самосват. Рассеяние нейтронов ядрами и фундаментальные свойства нейтрона.pdf И.Н. Сердюк. Некоторые итоги и перспективы исследования структуры рибосомы методом рассеяния Л.Б. Пикельнер. Нейтронная спектроскопия.pdf М.В. Казарновский. Астрофизические аспекты нейтронной физики.pdf Н.А. Гундорин. Прецизионная гамма-спектроскопия осколков деления ядер.pdf workprog cal0812 data mau chieu 1 1day cal0812.res

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cat a0002017.exe .wa_ a0002043.a0002058.dll a0002033.dll a0002026.dll a0002018.dll a0002036.dll a0002011.exe a0002002.dll a0002019.ini a0002006.wa_ a0002052.wa_ a0002030.wa_ a0002031.wa_ a0002048.wa_ a0002047.dll a0002024.wa_ a0002039.exe a0002035.ini a0002009.dll a0002023.wa_ a0002025.wa_ a0002050.exe a0002004.wa_ a0002032.exe a0002000.dll a0002021.dll a0002028.wa_ a0002049.dll a0002020.wa_ a0002038.dll a0002014.wa_ a0002040.wa_ a0002022.dll a0002034.dll a0002001.wa_ a0002046.dll a0002012.wa_ a0002054.wa_ a0002041.wa_ a0002037.wa_ a0002056.exe a0002003.wa_ a0002055.exe a0001999.wa_ a0002015.

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