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Baby Jane is the apple of her fathers eye!

I thought I was afraid of flying, but I was cool as a cucumber all the way to England. Your daughte r is one smart cookie. She reads much higher than her grade level.

Just explain the bread and butter of your report. You don't have to go into details.

I don't want my little brother to hang around with the bad eggs on the street.
The mirror is broken and we can't fix it. There's no need to cry over spilled milk.

I thought I was just going to interview the secretary, but they let me talk to the big cheese himself.
Opera is You're not exactly my cup going to of tea. have to

advice with a pinch of salt. she tends to exaggerate, sometimes embellishing stories so I was much that they're forced toalmost completely eat crow untrue.

since her husband lost his job.

Please dont spill the beans about my plans, I dont want anyone to find out.

The company is wellknown as a good The government place to took a carrot and work and stick approach to is always the people who able to were illegally hire the protesting against cream of the construction of the crop the dam. of universit When he says the stock y market is sure to recover by graduate the end of the year, that's s. clearly pie in the sky.

Nobody likes her because she is always trying to polish the apple with her teacher.

You'd be in a fine/pretty pickle if John weren't around to

We went to the meeting and they told us in a nutshell what would be happeni ng to everyon e next year.

person and is a very hard nut to crack.

Joe's blond and Rosie, his sister, is a carrot-top.

and had to apologize for the ters mu in mistake m co ed The e pack es in that I made r n i we sard s. about the like old bu restructurin the g of our She'll go bananas company. if she sees the room in this state.
much worse.

they were always chalk and cheese!

You can tell they're brothers at a glance they're like two peas in a pod.

ng si on oo ati r Ch oc ou re l a for sto t w ho ne a ato w. s t i o po t n h rig

The kids were full of beans after the circus. Take Mandy's

She's over fifty and should really stop wearing mini skirts if she doesn't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.

When it comes to comput ers he really knows his onions. Sales last year
are small beer compared to now we're doing she really well.

really use your noodle on this crossword puzzle. It's an extra difficult one.

I'm not surprised they're getting divorced,


begun to hit the sauce

Sam is very shy. If a girl starts talking to him, he will go as red as a We'd arranged to beet. be in France that weekend but it all went pearHe is the shaped. one who caused the problem for himself and is now being forced to stew in He is a very his own It was a piece serious of cake. Ijuice. had
everything done before lunch.

He landed her in the soup, when he told the policeman she had been drinking.

fire because now her problems are She quit the job because of some small problems but she has jumped out of the frying pan and into the

My Mum is a great cook and every time I see her cookin g, it makes my mouth water.

He was so welloiled yesterday that he couldnt stand up!

the apple of ones eye-a person that is adored by someone bread and butter - necessities, the main thing bad egg - a person who is often in trouble be full of beans - to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm one smart cookie - a very intelligent person hot potato - a controversial or difficult subject cry over spilled milk get upset over something that has happened and cannot be changed use your noodle use your brain pinch of salt to not completely believe smth mutton dressed as a lamb woman who is dressed in a style that is more suitable for a much younger woman like chalk and cheese - completely different from each other know your onions - know a lot about a particular subject land in the soup - be in serious trouble eat crow- admit one is mistaken or defeated, take back a mistaken statement small fry / small beer = something or someone unimportant go pear-shaped go terribly wrong go bananas - become very angry hit the sauce - consume alcoholic beverages in an uncontrollable manner spill the beans - to tell people secret information hard nut to crack person or situation difficult to deal with polish the apple - try to win favor through flattery cream of the crop - the best of all carrot and stick - reward and punishment used as persuasive measures in a nutshell in a few words pie in the sky - predictions or promises which are unlikely to be fulfilled in a fair/pretty pickle - in a mess; in a difficult or unpleasant situation well-oiled - drunk