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Vodka Brands List

For people who want to stock up their bar with the best vodka brands have landed at the right article. This page educates you about the most popular brands of vodka.

As new brands of vodka keep emerging every month, good times are never going to be over for vodka lovers. According to latest consumer reports, US alone witnessed the birth of more than 200 brands of vodkas in the last 5 years; just imagine the figure in other countries. Vodka is one of the most prevailing spirits in the world, it is made by fermenting and distilling simple sugars from mashes of pale vegetable matter and grain. Vodka can also be produced from grains, potatoes, beets, molasses and various other plants. The two basic ingredients for making vodka are rye and wheat, hence potent Russian vodkas are made from wheat while the Polish ones are made from rye mash. Russian vodkas don't use potatoes, but Polish vodkas do have potatoes as an important ingredient. A clear and almost flavorless spirit, vodka originated from the Russian word Voda (water). It was first discovered in Poland in the early 14th century and is known as the national drink of Russia by many. Europeans and Russians prefer their vodka with dinner or caviar, and some of them also like to drink it straight up. Today, vodka is perhaps the most popular type of liquor and this article talks about the best vodkas of the world. MOST POPULAR VODKA BRANDS Reyka Vodka Coming directly from Iceland, Reyka is considered as one of the most preferred names in the world of vodkas. It is made with glacial waters which many health experts declare "impurities free". Reyka is one of the most recommended names when you have to make excellent vodka cocktails. Absolut Vodka This vodka from Sweden is a favorite among millions. No list of good vodka brands is complete without this name, which is made from grown wheat and well water. Absolut vodka is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a drink which offers maximum smoothness and lightness. Jean-Marc XO Vodka Imagine a good tasting vodka from Cognac? The Jean Marco XO comes in a beautifully shaped stylish bottle and it is made from four varieties of French wheat. Jean Marco XO undergoes distillation a mind-boggling 9 times before its available for drinking. Xellent Vodka The Swiss are world renowned for their excellence and neutrality,

and they have shown these two attributes in Xellent, which makes it one a great brand. From Switzerland, it is their first and only vodka which defines pure taste and fun. It is made from glacier waters and rye and is distilled until its pure as the snow in Alps. Grey Goose Vodka This famous vodka comes from western France and is made from the finest French wheat and natural spring water which is filtered with champagne limestone. Many critics call it the best tasting vodka in the world. Smirnoff Vodka Other than being the highest selling vodka brand, Smirnoff is also called the "Common Man's Vodka". This vodka brand can be bought and drunk by everyone due to its economical price range. It is triple distilled and filtered 10 times, which certainly makes it an ideal choice. Belvedere Vodka A fine Polish vodka, Belvedere is not just great on taste, it comes in a bottle which has an elegant and beautiful design. The bottle looks great on display and the unique taste comes from rye. Although Belvedere doesn't have a global following, its makers are surely trying to introduce new flavors to increase its fan-base. Ciroc Vodka This brand of vodka is a favorite among the rich and famous. Its origins lie in Southwestern France and Ciroc is prepared from high quality Ugni Blanc grapes and Mauzac Blanc. To get the unique flavor, this vodka is distilled five times. Ketel One Vodka Some things are just made to gather attention, Ketel One is from Holland and is known for its personality. The vodka is made in small batches which are personally approved by the owner. Ketel tastes pure and smooth. Finlandia This award-winning Finnish vodka is made from a 10,000 year old glacier water, and barley which is exposed to constant sunlight for a number of months, due to the 'Midnight Sun' phenomenon. This constant exposure makes its taste clean and unique. It is also one of the few brands with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

More Honorable Mentions Other than the best vodka brands mentioned above, I also recommend you to have a look at these popular brands which are known to enhance the quality of your cocktail if mixed appropriately. FAMOUS VODKA BRANDS

Boru Vodka Monopolowa Vodka Orloff Vodka Alberta Pure Vodka

Xan Vodka Iceberg Vodka Polar Ice Vodka Finlandia Vodka

Koskenkorva Vodka Artic Vodka Fuel Vodka Vodka Oso Negro Gdaska Vodka Polonaise Vodka Wyborowa Vodka Double Cross Vodka Bowman's Vodka Lotus Vodka UV Vodka Zodiac Vodka

Magic Spirits Vodka Shark Tooth Vodka Snow Queen Vodka Van Gogh Vodka 42 BELOW Vodka acut Vodka Sobieski Vodka Lokka Vodka Hangar One Vodka Tito's Handmade Vodka Vodka 7000 Stolichnaya Vodka

Vodka fanatics say that true taste of vodka can only be experienced when it is not mixed with any other drink and served at room temperature. However, today's drinkers believe in using vodka in various cocktails to enhance the taste and enjoy the amazing smoothness. To experience the magic of this amazing spirit, it is preferred to have light food with it. Cheers!