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Competency based questions

Teamwork: Illustrates an ability and an enthusiasm for working with others; offers a skill set that would be valuable to a team Interpersonal Skills: Communicates candidly and openly; uses language effectively; presents themselves professionally. Proven ability to also communicate effectively when confronted with difficult personalities Judgement: Demonstrates consistent logic; rationality, and objectivity in decision making; shows common sense; anticipates consequences of actions; all while working within a pressurised environment Flexibility: Demonstrates ability to adjust easily to everyday changing situations with regards to workload and deadlines

Possible Questions
Give me an example of when you have worked as part of a team to reach a common goal? How do you think you are viewed by your colleagues?

NB: Personality should come out at interview Give me an example of how you have dealt with a confrontational situation? How do you adapt to different personalities?

Tell me about a project that you have worked on? How did you go about this and why? What problems did you come across?

Give me an example how you cope under pressure? How do you cope with changing situations? How do you deal with conflicting deadlines? How do you find working to deadlines? What parts of your job require you to have a good eye for detail?

Motivation/Goal Orientation: Exhibits energy; strong desire to achieve; record of success in past performance; evidence of hard work, with a strong attention to detail

Technical Knowledge:

Demonstrated the technical knowledge required to perform the job successfully, utilising good systems experience, with a keen ability to learn

What IT packages do you use on a day to day basis? What level do you use these packages?

Possible Interview Questions for the Candidate to ask the Interviewer


What is it about the Company that makes people want to stay? / made you join & stay? How does the company encourage a coming together of staff through activities? What is the company renowned for within the industry? What position does the company hold in the market place? What are the companys plans for the future? What is the companys current annual growth rate? How has your recent merger/takeover of altered the company if at all? How many offices are there?


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What exactly does the department do in terms of the overall company? What are the departments plans for expansion? What are the ages of the people in the department? / What age group are the other members of the department? What is/are the personality/ies of the people I would be working for/with? How closely does this department work with other areas of the company?

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How does this department compare in size to others within the organisation? To what extent do you encourage staff to interact between departments?



1. 2. 3.

What sort of training is offered to staff within the department? Is training provided in-house or are courses held externally? What training facilities are available within the department / company? What encouragement is given to further study? What are the details of study leave that is offered? How often do you hold meetings to assess the skills/abilities/progress of staff? Who will I talk to about my progress and how often will this take place?

4. 5. 6.



How would you describe a typical day for the person doing this job? What would I have to do for you to feel I had done a really good job? What systems do you use? [isnt this a 'no-no' > should already know] Who is doing the job at the moment? What sort of handover will there be with the person who is currently doing this job? Why did the last person leave? Were they with you for a long time? What percentage of my job would be typing and what percentage would be administration?



4. 5.




You have asked for someone with good PowerPoint/Excel .. How big a part does this play in the role? To what extent would I use my PowerPoint/Excel skills? What type of person are you looking for to fill this role?