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CLLI Home-Entertainment series CLLI Home-Entertainment series

CLLI model: SFTV9622FC-MS2+3 CLLI model: Trinity A-V Pack (MS3+3)

Also available:
13A-plug + 1.5M cable / 13A socket-outlet x2 + 3x2- single-outlet 13A-plug + 2M cable / 13A socket-outlet x3 + 3x2-
pin outlets versions pin outlets
Max. power: 2KW / 10A & Max. power: 2KW / 10A
Type approval ref: by request Type approval ref: by request
Applications: Applications:
To create a safe-island for equipment setup To create a safe-island for equipment setup
linked to 4-external sources - power + SFTV9622FC-MS2+3 linked to 4-external sources - power + Trinity A-V Pack
Telephone-line + TV-Antenna + Satellite cable Telephone-line + TV-Antenna + Satellite cable

• For Satellite decoder + TV +Hi-Fi +DVD-player, • For Satellite decoder + TV +Hi-Fi +DVD-player,
etc. etc
• Also available a version with single power • Isolation circuits at all out-puts
outlet to be used with multiple trailing sockets • Optional fused version for 5A or 10A
• The Tel-line isolator is for analog phone / FAX
or dial-up modem only (not for DSL).

Typical installation – Home-Entertainment series

CLLI model: MDSC0039-FC
13A-plug + 1.5M cable / 13A socket-outlet + F-
From Telco
Connector for Satellite cable
A-V Pack
Max. power: 2KW / 10A For user-safety, Or
Applications: must be grounded Or MD-series
Used to create a safe-island for equipment 1 correctly.
MDSC0039-FC 2 3
setup connected to 2-external links – Power +
Satellite cable

• For Satellite Decoder without Tel-line & TV-

antenna connections
Sat.- Hi-Fi Safe-zone
• Add MDTV or SP-series, if necessary. Add SP9201- Decoder Amplifier Or
• Can also be used for IDU & ODU of DAF or Micro-
Communications equipment. Safe-island
filter before
connecting to Created by
Satellite TV + CLLI
Decoder, if DVD-player +
Without correctly creating a safe-island, CLLI cannot be effective! sharing ADSL- ++
1. Each EARTH-wire of cable-CLLI must be connected to the CLLI at power supply.
2. Partial protection is NOT effective! We discourage using any CLLI, if you do not
intend to fully follow our suggestions! But please beware of IMITATIONS!
3. Tech-support hot-line: 012-771 8225 / Reseller Assistance: 012-773 8225 NILI-PLC-GBH
PLC-adapter PLC-adapter
Specs, Prices, Versions & Conditions are subject to change without notice.
Kindly refer to for latest info. Before you make any purchase, Safe-island #1 AV-centre Room
please make sure you know the model or version as we have NO REFUND policy. To equipment that setup Video Hi-Fi ++
Non-tampered CLLI can be exchange-replaced @ RM25 or less, for life (LLSWA) generates RF-noise or Video Hi-Fi ++ setup
Call / FAX: 06-9517680 or 03-77268680 Email: dampens DATA-signal Safe-island #2 Safe-island #3