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Urban India faces severe water crisis today and it is imperative we use water conservation measures such as reuse

and rain-water harvesting to minimize consumption and waste. 2. How does Membrane Bioreactor technology (MBR) differ from other STP technologies? MBR is a leading wastewater / sewage reuse technology as opposed to wastewater /sewage treatment technologies. An MBR based STP combines biological treatment and ultrafiltration membrane technology to produce reuse quality water. 3. What is the quality of water than can be achieved using MBR and what are the possible end uses? ZeeWeed hollow-fibre MBRs are equipped with that reinforced typically

Demand (BOD) < 5 ppm1, Total Nitrogen (TN) <5 ppm. This high quality water can be directly reused for non-potable uses and with suitable post-treatment can also be employed for Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR). Cities around the world including Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane, San Diego and Phoenix increasingly use reused / recycled water for both non-potable and indirect potable reuse. 4. What makes GEs Water & Process Technologies one of the most trusted brands in sewage treatment today? GE aligns the best people globally with the most advanced technology, products and services to solve the toughest water, wastewater or process challenges of our Customers. With more than 650 installations globally in wastewater treatment and reuse, ranging from compact packaged systems to 100+ MLD large municipal installations, GE has demonstrated leadership in reuse technologies.


Feb 2012 Issue No:1

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Club Bella Opening soon!!!

Casa Bella can proudly claim to have the clubhouse facilities that match the high quality of the residences within it. Club Bella, the Central clubhouse for Casa Bella residents will be opened for use from Feb along with separate swimming pools for adults and kids.



provide reuse quality water with turbidity <1 NTU, Total Suspended Solids (TSS) <2 ppm, Biological Oxygen

Over 1,000 Happy families have taken flat possession in Palava

Over 1,000 families have taken possession of their dream home in Palava and have become a part of the Palava family. Customer possessions are currently underway in Casa Bella, Casa Bella Gold and Lodha Golf Links. Customer possessions in Casa Rio will start in the next 3 months. We plan to complete over 100 happy possessions per month going forward.

Club Bella is equipped with world class gymnasium, yoga and meditation centre, spa with steam room and Jacuzzi to provide a healthy and active lifestyle to Bella residents. World class indoor games facilities table tennis, badminton courts, pool, carrom, and chess will cater to members of all the age groups. The residents can head to a gourmet cafe for healthy snacks and refreshments after a rigorous game of squash. A fully-equipped business centre will give the flexibility of working from home to the new age residents. A well-stocked library and a comfortable movie theatre will provide you the luxury of leisurely evenings with friends and family. Convenience store and childrens crech for kids have been operational for the last two months. Outdoor games facilities will also open shortly, which include cricket pitch, tennis courts and additional play areas. Club Bella welcomes all the residents to come and enjoy a privileged lifestyle.

Actual Image, shot on location

Upcoming events:
Grand opening of Club Bella in Feb Holi celebrations in March Cricket tournament (to be announced soon)

Site Address: Near Khidkaleshwar Temple, Kalyan Shil Road, Palava

Apollo clinic
Taking further the commitment made to you to offer high quality living, we at the Lodha Group have partnered with The Apollo Health Clinic, a brand that is well known in the healthcare space. Apollo Health and Lifestyle (AHLL) was founded in 2002 with the aim to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. To achieve this, AHLL, is establishing a large network of The Apollo Clinics across the country with over 50 clinics operational all over India.
Casa Bella Magnifica cluster

Christmas event at Casa Bella

Christmas was celebrated at Casa Bella with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The evening of fun and frolic started with Santa arriving on a Victorian chariot and distributing gifts to the young angels of Bella. This was followed by events and games enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. The celebrations concluded with residents enjoying

delectable snacks and shaking a leg or two on the DJ music. Lodha is looking forward to celebrating the next festival in same spirit and fervour with the Bella residents soon.

The Clinic, set up in Magnifica cluster of Casa Bella, will offer our residents consultation by established doctors. A trained nurse will be available from 11am to 7pm on Tuesdays to Sundays to conduct health checkups, facilitate blood collections and administer first aid. This is one of the many initial steps to make your stay in Palava a world class experience.

Lodha Easy Lease

Continuing its legacy of providing comfortable lifestyle to its customers, the Lodha Group launches another unique offering Lodha EasyLease - a one stop solution to take care of all your leasing needs. Lodha Easy Lease can be your best guide if you are hassled by the time consuming process of leasing an apartment. And if you are looking to rent a house that suits your lifestyle, assistance is just a phone call away.

Lodha EasyLease has a dedicated ground team to help the customers with Helping you find an apartment of your choice from a cosy 1BHK to a luxurious villa Taking care of all the paper work hassles and make transactions simpler End to end management of the entire leasing process For corporate clients, they are equipped to provide serviced apartments for the firm as well as individual employees. They can also help in setting up transport solutions for the corporate clients depending on the volume.

Sound Bites Sustainability

We at Lodha believe in recycling and reusing valuable natural resources like water. To ensure water sustainability in our townships, we have partnered with GE Power & Water, Water & Process Technologies, the Global Leader in water and wastewater treatment technologies. By using GEs state-of-the-art ZeeWeed Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology, for sewage/wastewater

would reduce dependency on external sources and make the townships self-sustainable for water needs. GEs MBR technology shall be used initially for two Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs): Casa Bella Gold (3 MLD or 3 Million Litres per Day) and Casa Rio (6.1 MLD). These plants are designed with modular capability such that the capacity can be increased in discrete units after commissioning in 2012-13. Excerpts from interview with Hoshang Subawalla, Business Leader, for GEs Water & Process Technologies, India on the same: 1. Why is sewage treatment necessary and what are the benefits of reusing sewage? Sewage or wastewater treatment is the use of appropriate treatment technologies and methods to treat municipal or industrial wastewater for safe discharge and/or reuse. Untreated sewage poses a grave risk to public health and is the leading cause of water-borne diseases and pollution of surface and ground water. Sewage treatment and reuse could reduce fresh (groundwater or surface water) consumption by up to 60%-70% while producing water for discharge that is cleaner and environmentally compatible.

treatment and reuse, Lodha Developers shall provide Palava township residents the ability to recover and reuse a significant quantity of water for applications such as gardening, flushing, floor and car washing, water landscapes and HVAC. GEs MBR technology not only ensures regulatory compliance but also provides other

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benefits such as safe, automated, odour-free operations, the best quality of treated water, space savings and lowest lifecycle costs. Combined with rain water harvesting, wastewater reuse

You only need to choose Lodha EasyLease and be rest assured that leasing will truly become convenient and easy Call 0251 6760121 for more details.