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Readme, License & Warranty AI Aircraft Editor (AIAE) is a program for both aircraft developers and for peop

le who like to add aircraft into their FS setup. It allows easy modification of the [fltsim.x] sections. You can check that the [fltsim.x] sequence is correct a nd re-number the sections in case it is not. AIAE allows to change the wingspan size for FS9 aircraft (in the model file) and for FSX aircraft (in the aircraft. cfg). A further feature is the detailed validation that you can run on a selected airc raft or all aircraft below a given root folder. The validations checks for missi ng and unused textures, models and air files, duplicate titles etc. The report i s fully configurable and very fast. The last addition is the viewer component from Arno Gerretsen. You can now see t he selected model and texture of both FS9 and FSX aircraft. Thank you very much, Arno! Please use the sub forum "Martin's Owl Corner" in the "MAIW Contributors Hangar" at the MAIW forum for feedback and questions. ( ewforum/index.php) For AVSim Martin Gossmann - The Owl's Nest (gsnde) Installation Run the included installer to install AI Aircraft Editor. Legal * * * * places where to find and download AI Aircraft Editor are The Owl's Nest - As part of Jon Masterson's Airport Design Editor package AVSim - any time soon - FlightSim - any time soon -

License: You are allowed to use the program and the documentation included withi n this product. You may * install and use this product on one or more than one computer You may not * extract portions of the product by reverse engineering or any other means * sell licenses for the product * place the product or parts of it on the Internet or any other public acces s network * include the product or parts of it in any other collection or other produc t * remove any proprietary notices from the product Warranty: The software and its documentation are provided as is. Due to the large number o f computer configurations, faulty functioning can never be ruled out, even on software which has been thoro ughly tested.

The author shall not be liable in any manner for any consequential damage arisin g through direct or indirect use of the software or the documentation. Liability for compensation due to loss in earnings, loss of information and data, and damage to other software shall be ruled out unrestrictedly. The user shall be solely liable for the consequences of using this software.