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March 2013

Assalamualykum WW Brother / Sister in Islam

We pray that you are in the best oI health and Iman.

Alhamdu.. Through the grace oI the Almighty, your duas and generosity, Jame Masjid Leicester was Iully
reIurbished and successIully re-opened in October 2010.

Jame Masjid was established in 1976 and since then the Muslim community locally, nationally and internationally has
continued in beneIitting greatly Irom the programs, events and services provided by Jame Masjid. For details oI our
events and services please visit our website below, we are also live on Iacebook and twitter (links below).

Jame Masjid is unIortunately still in debt and it is with this purpose we write to you with sincerity and humbleness to
seek your much needed help in IulIilling an urgent need oI the Masjid. The debt has been reduced signiIicantly over the
last Iew years and your past support has been vital in achieving this and we are truly grateIul Ior this. Currently the
Masjid still owes 1.1 million oI outstanding loans (karz-e-hasna).

We are now undertaking an exercise to Iree Jame Masjid oI its debt within the next 12 months and we can only achieve
this through the help and participation oI every Muslim person in Leicester and beyond.

We request your kind support in 3 ways:-

1. Making countless duas Ior the successIul completion oI the loan repayments within 12 months

2. Providing Iinancial assistance with lillah donations. We will be most grateful for any donation no matter
how big or small the amount may appear. The donation does not have to be a large one-off sum. It can
spread over a period of time to suit your circumstances.

3. Inviting Iamily, Iriends and others to help in this Noble cause

Payments can be made through one oI the Iollowing methods:-

Visit our website where you will be directed to a charity
giving link to make payments online.
BACS (direct into
Sort Code: 60-15-48
Account No: 71246851
Account Name: Jame Trust
JAME10 with the amount you wish to donate to 70070. Example, text Jame10 20 for a
donation of 20.
Please send cheques made payable to "Jame Trust" to Jame Masjid, 51 Asfordby Street,
Leicester. LE5 3QJ (an envelope is also enclosed with this letter)
Standing Order Please complete and return the enclosed form to the address at the top of the form.
Home Collection
We can arrange to collect directly from your home at a time which is convenient for you.
Please contact 07715 006935 for further details.

Jazak... Ior taking the time to read this important letter and we pray and make dua Ior all those who have assisted and
continue to assist in any way that the Almighty reward you in both the worlds Ior your eIIorts and generosity.

For and behalI the Jame Masjid Committee

M Omarji


Twitter JameMasjid.