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. When large number of components are turned and parted off from a bar, the chuck generally used is: a. Four jaw chuck b. Two jaw chuck c. Collect chuck d. Magnetic 2. Gear tooth vernier is used for measuring: a. Gear tooth profile b. Module c. Pitch line thickness of gear tooth d. Gear tooth thickness 3. Undercutting is: a. An operation of cutting extra deep groove b. An operation of cutting a groove next to a shoulder on a piece of work c. Cutting from the base of a work piece d. An operation of cutting extra wide threads 4. Projection welding is: a. Continuous spot welding process b. Multi spot welding process c. Used to form d. Used to make mesh 5. In resistance welding, the pressure released: a. Just at the time of passing the current b. During heating period c. After the weld cools d. After completion of currents 6. The phenomenon of weld decay is associated with: a. Brass b. Manganese steels c. Aluminum alloy d. Stainless steels 7. Which of the following timber is used for sports goods? a. Mulberry b. Mahogany c. Sal d. Deodar 8. A knoop indenter is a diamond ground to a: a. Prismoidal form b. Pyramidal form c. Cylindrical form d. Needle form 9. The process commonly for thermo-plastic materials is: a. Diecasting b. Injection moulding c. Shell moulding d. Cold forming 10. The most important element that controls the physical properties of steel is: a. Silicon b. Manganese c. Tungsten d. Carbon

11. The imperfection in the crystal structure of metal is known as: a. Dislocation b. Slip c. Fracture d. Impurity 12. Polyesters belong to the group of: a. Thermoplastics b. Phenolics c. All of the above d. Thermosetting plastics 13. The effect of alloying zinc to copper is: a. To increase hardness b. To impart free-machining properties c. To improve hardness and strength d. To increase strength and ductility 14. Grey cast iron is best welded by: a. MIG b. Submerged arc c. TIG d. Oxy-acetylene 15. The impedance of piezo-electric crystal is: a. Negligible b. Low c. High d. Very high 16. Honing is used: a. To remove only small amount of metal b. To correct axial run-out of a bore c. To correct out-of-roundness of a bore d. On surface brought to high degree surface finish 17. Which of the following is not a method by which a single lap joint usually fails? a. The rivets shear b. The plate fails in bearing c. The plate fails in tension d. The rivet fail in tension 18. A device for accurately measuring diameter: a. Feeler gage b. Laser c. Micrometer d. Diametometer 19. A hand tool used to measure tension in bolts: a. Tensometer b. Torque wrench c. Indexer d. Torsiometer 20. A machine tool in which metal is removed by means of a revolving cutter with many teeth, each tooth having a cutting edge which removes its share of the stock. a. Milling machine b. Lathe c. Drill d. Grinder

21. Welding operation in which a non-ferrous filler metal melts at a temperature below that of the metal joined but heated above 450 C. a. Filler weld b. Soldering c. Brazing d. TIG welding 22. The process of checking or producing checkers on the surface of a piece by rolling checkered depression into the surface: a. Indexing b. Knurling c. Quenching d. Soldering 23. A group of thin steel strip for measuring clearaces: a. Depth gage b. Lien center gage c. Feeler gage d. Lay-out gage 24. A machine tool used principally to machine flat or plane surfaces with a single pointed cutting tool. a. Shaper b. Planer c. Hacksaw d. Drill 25. The commonly used joint in cast iron pipe: a. Bell and spigot joint b. Compression joint c. Expansion joint d. None of the above 26. When machining nickel alloys the best type of cutting fluid is: a. Sulfurized oil b. Straight mineral c. Soluble oil d. All of these 27. A material that can wear away a substance softer than itself: a. Tungsten b. Abrasive c. Corrosive d. Carbon 28. An operation of sizing and finishing a hole by means of a cutting tool having several cutting edges: a. Planning b. Reaming c. Boring d. Drilling 29. Kind of chuck which has five reversible jaws which could be adjusted properly: a. Universal chuck b. Live chuck c. Chuck Connors d. Independent chuck 30. A machine operation whereby the tool reciprocates and the feed is stationary is called:










a. Planing b. Shaping c. Turning d. Reaming Which of the following is not a kind of mandrel? a. Expansion mandrel b. Gang mandrel c. Contraction mandrel d. Taper mandrel One of the following is not a tap used for cutting threads in holes. a. Tapping tap b. Plug tap c. Taper tap d. Bottoming tap The following pertain to joining of metals EXCEPT: a. Welding b. Soldering c. Casting d. Brazing In general, when cutting hard and tough materials the relief angle should be a. 6 to 8 deg b. 8 to 12 deg c. 5 to 7 deg d. 5 to 10 deg Which of the following furnaces do not belong to the group? a. Blast furnace b. Reactor furnace c. Salt bath electrode d. Over or reactor furnace Machine tools used in the production of flat surfaces on pieces to lays for a shaper a. Turret lathe b. Boring mill c. Shaper d. Milling machine For grinding materials having low tensile strength which abrasive is used: a. Silicon carbide b. Emery c. Aluminium oxide d. Corundum Driving motors for machine shop equipments are designated A, B, C, D, e, F. Squirrel cage induction motor is designated: a. A b. E c. C d. F When outside diameter of a job is turned in relation to the internal hole. The job should be held: a. In three jaw chuck b. On the face plate c. On lathe mandrel

d. Between centers 40. For the accurate measurement of bores, the best instrument is: a. Vernier calliper b. Plug gauge c. Dial test indicator d. Inside micrometer 41. For a given rpm, if the diameter of a twist drill increase, then cutting speed will: a. Increase b. Same c. Decrease d. None of the above 42. What do you call the distance between adjacent rivets? a. Pitch b. Lead c. Diagonal pitch d. None of the above 43. The best instrument for measuring a thousand of an inch. a. Micrometer b. Calliper c. Tachometer d. Pyrometer 44. Not adaptable to welding due to strength and poor ductility: a. Copper parts b. Cast iron parts c. Aluminium parts d. All of these 45. In a planer the feed is provided: a. At forward stroke b. At return stroke c. In between forward stroke d. In between return stroke 46. Taps are resharpened by grinding: a. Flutes b. Diameter c. Threads d. Relief 47. The over arm of a milling machine is used to support: a. Spindle b. Column c. Arbor d. Table 48. In which method a bore is finished to a very closed tolerance: a. Lapping b. Grinding c. Honing d. Turning 49. A usual ratio of soluble oil and water used in coolant is: a. 1:10 b. 1:20 c. 10:1 d. 20:1 50. While soldering the flux is used because:











It assist for quick melting and increasing the fluidity of solder b. It saves the part from oxidation c. It takes the molten metal on all surfaces d. All of the above An operation of sizing and finishing a hole by means of a cutting tool having several cutting edges a. Planing b. Boring c. Reaming d. Drilling A thin homogeneous metallic plate containing a hole is heated sufficiently to cause expansion. If the coefficient of surface expansion is linear, the area of the hole will: a. Increase at twice the rate area of the metal increases b. Increase at the same rate as the area of the metal increases c. Stay the same d. Decrease at the same rate as the area increases What tool will be used in making wood pattern in a foundry shop? a. Band saw b. Saw and chisel c. Drill machine d. Hammer A type of welding process wherein a mixture of aluminium powder and metal oxide powder is ignited by a special powder in a crucible. a. Resistance welding b. Slug welding c. Thermit welding d. Plasma arc welding Concentricity of an outside diameter can be checked by: a. Vernier calliper b. Outside micrometer c. Dial test indicator d. Tub micrometer Generally spiral fluted reamer has spirals of a. Left hand b. Straight c. Right hand d. None of the above The new hacksaw blade should not be used in old cut because: a. The blade is very costly b. The blade have very sharp teeth c. The space is not sufficient to play the new blade in the old cut d. None of the above Which part of the file is not hardened? a. Tang b. Crest c. Body d. Point For general work the cutting angle of a cold flat chisel is ground at an angle of











a. 80 deg b. 60 deg c. 70 deg d. 35 deg In case of a flat scraper, the depth of cut is verified by: a. Changing the convexity of the cutting edge b. Changing its inclination c. Changing its weight d. None of the above A kind of chuck which has reversibly laws which could be adjusted properly a. Universal chuck b. Chuck Connors c. Chuckle chuck d. Independent chuck Which micrometer has no anvil? a. Outside micrometer b. Depth micrometer c. Screw thread micrometer d. Digit micrometer Tool which when pressed into a finished hole in a piece of work provide centers on which the piece may be turned or otherwise machined. a. Spindle b. Mandrel c. Clock d. Jaws The effect of setting a lathe tool a small amount below the center of the work is to a. Increase the rake angle b. Decrease the rake angle c. Cut with negative rake d. Leave the rake angle unaltered Which micrometer is available with extension rods; a. Outside micrometer b. Inside micrometer c. Screw thread micrometer d. Combi micrometer Which gauge is used to check the internal threads: a. Plug gauge b. Ring gauge c. Thread plug gauge d. Thread ring gauge Which of the following do not belong to the group? a. TIG b. Hardening c. MIG d. Soldering For workrooms (maintenance shop and machine room) shall at least have a height from floor to ceiling of: a. 1000 mm b. 3000 mm c. 2000 mm d. 1500 mm In case of a limit plug gauge which size will not enter into the hole:










a. GO size b. A and B both c. NOT GO size d. None of these The process of producing a variety of surfaces by using a circular type cutter with multiple teeth. a. Grinding b. Milling c. Turning d. Welding The square head of a combination set is used for making or checking the angles. a. 90 and 45 deg b. 45 deg only c. 180 deg only d. 90 deg only The tool blade made of tool blank consists of face, nose, shank, and ___. a. Cutting edge b. Round nose c. None of these d. Base The cutting tool used in the shaper are similar to turning tools of ____ machine. a. Planer b. Boring c. Broaching d. Lathe The blades for hacksaw have number of teeth range of: a. 15 38 tooth/in b. 12 30 tooth/in c. 14 32 tooth/in d. 12 32 tooth/in The safeguard in minimum of ___ mm in height for the use as toe guard/toe board. a. 165 b. 150 c. 135 d. 120 A lathe carriage part that bridge across the bed to carry the cross slide and tool rest. a. Automatic feed b. Compound rest c. Apron d. Saddle A section in a machine shop operation. a. Coremaking b. Fitting c. Machining d. Pattern Which of the following is not a kind of mandrel? a. Expanded b. Contraction c. Extended d. Taper

79. A cutting tool angle between the side cutting edge and the plane perpendicular to direction of feed travel is ___ angle. a. Side relief b. Lead c. Side cutting edge d. Side rate 80. The kind of center which is being attached and meshed to the tailstock spindle is also static while the work is rotating is a. Dead center b. Focal center c. Live center d. Work center 81. Drift is used by lathe operator to remove the taper hole. It is also called ___. a. Tang b. Chuck taper c. Morse taper d. Tapered key 82. It is drill backbone which run the entire length of the drill between plates and sides rigidity to the entire drill. a. Drill drift b. Tang c. Shank d. Web 83. For ordinary turning, drilling and milling on low strength steel the cutting fluid applied have soluble oil with consistency of 1 part oil to ___ parts water. a. 10 to 30 b. 5 to 10 c. 10 d. 10 to 20 84. Which of the following quick return mechanism is most widely used in most of the slotters? a. Whitworth mechanism b. Slotter disc mechanism c. Hydraulic mechanism d. Slotter link and gear mechanism 85. A two or more drilling machine spindles that are located/positioned vertically over a table is called: a. Team drill b. Gang drill c. Turret drill d. Drills 86. What is the recommended cutting speed range for bronze in fpm? a. 60/70 b. 80/60 c. 200/250 d. 100/110 87. The following pertain to joining of metals except: a. Welding b. Soldering c. Casting d. Brazing

88. The usual ratio of water to soluble oil used as cutting fluid: a. 50% water to 50% oil b. 2 water to 1 oil c. 3 water to 1 oil d. 4 to 80 water to 1 oil 89. The best instrument for measuring a thousand of an inch: a. Micrometer b. Tachometer c. Calliper d. Pyrometer 90. What is/are the common cutting fluids used for cutting metals? a. All of these b. Water with soda or borax c. Light mineral oil d. Soluble oil 91. Machine tool used for laying straight lines on metal surfaces made of sharp tool steel is called: a. Plain scriber b. A trammel c. Hermaphrodite d. Divider 92. A lathe with multiple cutting stations: a. Turret lathe b. Lathe machine c. Milling machine d. Grinding machine 93. Which of the following is not used to resemble the shape of tool bit? a. Round nose b. Center cut c. Square nose d. Thread cutting 94. A lathe machine threading mechanism: a. Reverse gear and lever b. Spindle gear c. All of these d. Change stud gear 95. What is the common shop practice to prevent solder from running away from its surface to be joined? a. All of these b. Surround the work with clay c. Introduce around the work rolled with cloth d. Put asbestos sheeting around the work 96. What happens to a drill if the operating speed is too fast? a. Drill will crack b. Drill will become overheated and will bend c. Drill will become overheated and will be drawn from the steel d. Drill will become very dull and wear dust 97. The machinery operation whereby done with the work accurately fastened has a reciprocating (forward and backward) motion and the tool head is stationary. a. Shaping b. Planing

c. Turning d. Reaming 98. What is the difference between a shaper and a planer? a. The tool of the shaper moves while on the planer is stationary? b. The shaper can perform slotting operation while the planer cannot c. The shaper handles large pieces while the planar handles only small pieces d. The tool of the shaper moves in reciprocating motion while the tool in the planar moves in rotary motion 99. A type of welding whereby a wire or powder from the nozzle of a spray gun is fused by a gas flame, arc or plasma jet and the molten particles are projected in a form of a spray by means of compressed air or gas. a. Electro-slug welding b. Electro-beam welding c. Plasma-arc welding d. Metal spray welding 100. Safety features that must be placed and maintained at machine, blacksmith, welding and foundry shop: a. Safety goggle b. Walkaway guide c. Safety notices in markings d. All of these End -