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PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 19:37

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive approach'

The Nationalist Party has criticised the government's decision to replace all but three permanent secretaries - the most senior civil servants in each ministry. "For the first time ever, changes to permanent secretaries have been linked to a change in government. This politicisation of the civil service is an unhealthy development," the PN said. "The Maltese civil service has long shown itself able to serve different political administrations faithfully, and loyally. Given the increase in the number of ministries, the vacancies in others, as well as the impending retirement of others, there was no need for this aggressive approach by the new Labour administration. Unfortunately, the Labour government has chosen the politicisation of the civil service over the national interest", the PN said.


Alfred Falzon
Mar 28th, 13:23 Are Permanent Secretaries selected by d Public Service Commission following a call 4 applications as is the NORMAL PRACTICE with regard to other public officers seeking promotion? This is d answer we, ordinary mortals, are still insisting upon after being often side-tracked by d powers-that-used-to-be! So don't beat about d bush PN acolytes! A straight answer, hopefully a frank one, finally! aaf

Alex Buds
Mar 29th, 14:12 Erm... could you rephrase that?

Alfred Falzon
Mar 29th, 15:49 @ Alex Buds Which other language can you understand if it's not plain English? That "erm" of yours could easily stand for "exchange rate mechanism", so I suggest another way of rephrasing it, perhaps through that "erm", then you might finally grasp its message! aaf

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

Copyright 12:17 Allied Newspapers Ltd., printed on - 31-03-2013 - This article is for personal use only, and should not be distributed Mar 28th, All bloggers who voted labour fot a new Movement. You are sending out angry vibes when commenting below, especially when a PN blogger comments. You should be happy now. I guess not; because PL are only appointing members of their own circles in high places. Heheee this was supposed to be Malta taghna lkoll and Tista ma taqbils maghna imma tahdem maghna....

Robert Spiteri

Robert Spiteri
Mar 28th, 10:37 The people need a voice too!Otherwise the gov will bulldozer us!But one should be open minded and can argue or criticize the government for certain manoeuvers in changing high ranking positions to members within Labour Party.Which is unfair to all those who voted for a change and are now expecting the right to be considered for these positions.Don't you agree?After all the people need a voice

Antoine Zammit
Mar 28th, 09:56 PN, if you want to be in government once again you better do a conscience examination, and exit your glass barumbara and go among the people and start feeling their pulse again.. like labour did and now righteously enough in power. When its the time ripe the people will vote you in power again!

Antoine Zammit
Mar 28th, 09:55 PN, you are being deceiving and you are once again LYING blatantly. You know what you are saying simply is not true. The PM on his first day visited all departments including Dar Malta in Brussels and told them 'I trust you', he is showing the will to work with everyone even those which did not voted him, and THIS shows political maturity. Lest we forget what happened in1987, and 1992.......

Alex Buds
Mar 29th, 14:13 So he told them he trusted them and then fired them? Nice...

Austin Grech
Mar 28th, 09:41 the 37000 majority new government will only grow, the pn are not getting it. therefore they'll not change.

Carmel Brincau
Mar 28th, 09:41 Aggressive?can you imaging over two years trying to approach these people,and you know for what? To introduce new technology and create Jobs,and all they do is try and learn from you and take you for a ride or tell you Like what the Gonzi PM said! You'r going to be rich Tomorrow,that's encouraging,talking you for ride, after all the investments one puts to risk,also to Other departments

Mr Albert Dimech
Mar 28th, 09:36 What do they expect that key positions are occupied by staunch PN activists? Labour has learnt the 1996 lesson very well.

Chris Debono

George Camilleri
Mar 28th, 09:20 Aggressive was the persecution on Franco Debono, JPO and Jesmond Mugliett, the only people who could have saved the party. What on earth do they expect out of a popular (37,000 strong) mandate for change? PN needs to know that this government is acting on what the people (not cliques or factions) want.

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

The people have spoken. Learn to bow your head to the will of the majority, i.e. DEMOCRACY

A. V. Ellul
Mar 28th, 09:10 PN don't agree about Franco Debono, don't agree about the speaker, don't agree about removing certain permanent secretaries. A VERY CONSTRUCTIVE OPPOSITION INDEED. This is no way forward, people voted for a change so ACCEPT IT. Is this a type of boycott to the Government?

joanna farrugia
Mar 28th, 09:25 a v ellul ga qal gonzi li ha tkun oppozzijoni li tikritika.dawn bdew b kampanja bin negattivita kollha ghamlu hsara lil hafna nies u xorta ma hadux it tghalima.issa l poplu ivvotta ghal bidla u hekk irrid issir.

Robert Spiteri
Mar 28th, 10:29 @AV Ellul and Joanna Farrugia, The people have voted for a change,I don't see anybody arguing with that. But one should be open minded and can argue or criticize the government for manoeuvers in changing high ranking positions to members within Labour Party.Which is unfair to all those who voted for a change and are now expecting the right to be considered for these positions.Don't you agree?

A. V. Ellul
Mar 28th, 09:06 It was high time certain people were removed as permanent secretaries, they were untouchable. Well done PL.

B Attard
Mar 28th, 09:03 Joking. Spring cleaning is a must!!! Carry on Joseph we need fresh air.

Thomas Anderson
Mar 28th, 08:54 Was it 'aggressive approach' when PN came in Government in 1987 and gave mass transfers to one and all? Was it 'aggressive approach' that Labour leaning public officers were time and again skipped for promotions? Was it 'aggressive approach' when 900 Dockyard workers found themselves working in a Corp with a fancy name? GonziPN lost big. People wanted change and change they must get.

Joseph Aquilina
Mar 28th, 09:05 In 1987 KMB (yes he is part of PL history as well although nearly never mentioned) employed thousands of people with the government! PN had to spend the next 10 years see what to do with the extra not needed resources!! The Dockyard was a loss making company. For the good of Malta it had to go.

Alfred Bugeja
Mar 28th, 09:17 Thomas Anderson, your second point is pure rubbish. I've been a public servant for nine years. Of the six permanent secretaries I have served under, one was a nationalist, one was neutral and four were labourites. The latter three certainly were not skipped for promotions by the PN government.

Thomas Anderson
Mar 28th, 10:03 @Joseph Aquilina How many thousands of people did GonziPN employ with Authorities? If all loss making companies should go could you please illuminate me what is the situation at Malta Freeport and how are jobs given at the Freeport?

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

@Alfred Bugeja just ask all the officers that were skipped for promotions and you will soon discover that it wasn't as rosy as you are making it out to be.

Alfred Bugeja
Mar 28th, 10:29 Do you want a list of Nationalist civil servants I know who voted Labour this time round for exactly the same reason or because they were not given the transfer they wanted? Truth is that in this country most of those who are not selected for a promotion will blame something or someone apart from themselves for it.

Anthony Grech
Mar 28th, 08:50 'aggressive approach' Sure Joseph Muscat is too aggressive. He should have kept all the no good GonziPN ministers with their Euro 600. WE THE PEOPLE IN OUR GREAT MAJORITY HAVE VOTED FOR CHANGE AND THAT IS WHAT WE EXPECT.

Joseph Aquilina
Mar 28th, 09:07 No one is saying that; It is obvious that Ministers should be from the government side; firing permanent secretaries is not normal. The latter indeed gives the impression that PL does not want anyone to monitor what they are doing ... why? weren't we promised a transparent government?

George Camilleri
Mar 28th, 09:24 Mr Aquilina I would like you to stop and consider the implications behind a minister trusting so much in a permanent secretary who, not too long ago, voted and cheered against the new government. If we want change in this country, we have to grab the bull by its horns. Perhaps there are people who can do a job much better and more honestly than others. And time will give us an answer.

Joe Grech
Mar 28th, 08:21 So PN expects us to continue paying its politically appointed stalwarts. And remain in the rut. As if that hasn't been happening for far TOO LONG!

A.Felix Busuttil
Mar 28th, 08:20 people voted for a change

Joseph Aquilina
Mar 28th, 09:09 Of government ... permanent secretaries are not political posts! I'll give you an example; do you agree that a cleaner in a Ministry is given a transfer or fired after a change in government? NO! Why? Because her post has nothing to do with politics. The same apply for a permanent secretary. His post is not political one.

Thomas Anderson
Mar 28th, 10:08 @Joseph Aquilina I was not a permament Secretary in 1987 and neither was I a Political Appointee, still I got Political transfers during your PN so called time of Reconciliation, so your argument doesn't hold water. As the Maltese saying goes 'Biex tiskongra trid tkun pur'

J Scicluna
Mar 28th, 07:58

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

Seems the PN is to stay in the opposition seats for quite a long long as such an approach will continue to be taken.

Brian Bonnici
Mar 28th, 07:05 Xi tridhom jghidu tal-PN? Partit bla idejat u ghadhom ghaddejjin minghajr krititika konstruttiva. Ahjar ipoggu u jiffokaw kif jistghu ipoggu l-pajjiz il-quddiem minflok itellfu il-moviment. Hela ta' hin ghadhom ghaddejin bih!!

Joseph Aquilina
Mar 28th, 09:11 PART OF THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS implies having the opposition checking on the government. PL wants to change that as well? Isn't that what PL did in these last 25 years?

david alamango
Mar 28th, 06:55 PN you dont want to keep the same ministers as well, this is the peoples choose. you lost the election by the majority. Im one of many suffer by your party GONZI PN, If this is your way of getting the people back, as a flooter i think theres along way if ever i vote for your party again

Noel Abela
Mar 28th, 06:35 People voted for CHANGE and that included a change in people at top positions cause they did not deliver so Government is only carrying out the people's wishes.

twanny borg
Mar 28th, 06:20 Fic-civil hemm nies serji kemm laburisti u kemm nazzjonalisti jghatu l-gurnata tax-xoghol to the full ikun min ikun fil-gvern. Meta tidhol il-politika fix-xoghol tkisser l-armonija u jkollok min jiprofitta ruhu biss biex jiskarta u mhux biex jahdem favur il-gvern u n-nies. Aktar ma jbiddel nies ta' esperjenza aktar imur hazin din il-verita.

Toni Cini
Mar 28th, 06:19 X'jippretendi Gonzi li jibqa jmexxi l PN biex ifixklu bhalma gara taht Sant.

twanny borg
Mar 28th, 08:49 L-ewwel darba li eddie fenech adami sar prim ministru minkejja minn xiex ghadda sawtulu l-mara u werwrulu t-tfal kif mar kastilja kien hemm min beda jippakja u kif induna s'taqsihom x'inhuma jaghmlu u kif qalulu ghaliex qallhom "kullhadd jibqgha fuq xoghlu hadd mhu se jitnehha" u hekk gara. Aktar ma jnehhi aktar jitlef voti ghax il-familji imhalta min huwa egoist jirraguna mod iehor.

E Schembri
Mar 28th, 10:24 I agree with Dr Muscat in replacing most of the parliament secretaries as this is the people's mandate and we need the change, but what you just said is rubbish. In 1996-1998, it was not PN who messed up, but the infamous Mintoff. Don't blame the PN for the Mintoff / Sant saga. The PN just took up the opportunity at the time.

Alan Deidun
Mar 28th, 05:40 The PN has learned nothing from its electoral defeat....forget about your die-hards and concentrate on the swelling numbers of floaters, who don't give a toss about such bickering and tit-for-tats - if any shortcomings in the public administration emerge, these will be duly highlighted by the prying press and

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

can be gauged by the discerning electorate, without undue harping about it by the PN!


Mar 28th, 07:39 Good observations AD from a PN delegate who the PN should listen to. One of the major requisites to be appointed as perm secretary was a pure PN pedigree. This does not mean that there were no highly competent persons appointed but those who showed PL leanings were filtered out at the first vetting. PN does not seem to learn that an apology for denying senior opportunities to many is in order.

Alfred Bugeja
Mar 28th, 09:20 Rubbish, Albert Leone Ganado. I've been a public servant for almost nine years and served under four labourite permanent secretaries, and one nationalist. I can't complain about any one of them. You live in your own alternate reality.

Jos Borg
Mar 28th, 18:15 @ Alfred Bugeja Can you name these four Labourite permanent secretaries, or at least write their initials, so that we will be able to follow what you are saying, unless obviously you are daydreaming!

G Tonna
Mar 28th, 05:38 Malajr bdejna t-triq tan-nizla. History repeats itself.

A.Felix Busuttil
Mar 28th, 08:21 in nizla ghal min? 35,000 maggoranza ivvutat ghal bidla tal PN irridu jibqu jmexxi kif jaqbel lilhom

Robert Vella
Mar 28th, 08:40 Inti taf x'gara f'l87 meta tela l-PN? Anke l-watchmen bidlu ahseb u ara s-segretarji permanenti!!!! Ara l-ipokresija tkompli tirrenja anke mill opozizzjoni.

Joseph Aquilina
Mar 28th, 09:14 @A.Felix Busuttil 35,000 maggoranza irrud bidla mhux vendikazjonijiet.

Joe Xuereb
Mar 28th, 04:54 @ Godwin Borg(Yesterday, 19:53). Mr. Borg, the PN yes-men need to give themselves a break (which won't happen). It won't happen because they cannot stomach a Malta and its riff-raff being in power. PN supporters are terminally afflicted by that very Maltese malaise, the one that is (pseudo)-elite, or aspiring to such and to hell with anyone who does not share their so-called respectable facade.

Elizabeth White
Mar 28th, 04:38 I really can't understand how PN and some PN supporters have the cheek to criticise PL for doing this. Thank god it's only the Permanent Secretaries - I know I wouldn't have stopped there. How about the thousands of Nationalists who got cushy jobs in the civil service when they are not qualified for them or don't deserve them?

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

John F. Galea
Mar 28th, 04:11 If my memory serves me right, the mechanism of the permanent secretaries was to implement a smooth transition on the handing over of powers. Yes it was aggressive and should have been delayed. The new Ministers would have had a better understanding of the democratic transfers procedures and nobody would have been hurt. New Movement please note. Careful and no such repetitions please.

Jos Borg
Mar 28th, 18:21 @ John F. Galea How can you say that their replacement was agressive when up to the eve of general elections, they were doing everything within their means to accommodate disgrauntled PN voters by dishing out favours? I would have gone a step forward and make them accountable for their actions, which surely should not happen on the eve of democratic elections, to accommodate one party.

James Tyrrell
Mar 28th, 02:40 Since when did the PN give a damn about the national interest? The PN have been ignoring the national interest for years which is why you are now in opposition.

G Schembri
Mar 28th, 00:34 Do the PN expect the present administration to work with people they chose for senior positions? The PN needed a certain level the LP needs another.

Neville Carabott
Mar 28th, 00:33 helwin dawn tal-pn,tilfu l-elezzjoni b-xi 36,000 vot u jipretendu li l-ministri jazluwom huma,is-segretarji parlamentari jazluwom huma,is-segretarji permanenti jazluwom huma,il-ligijiet jibqaw jamluwom huma,ix-xandir jibqaw imexxuh huma,etc etc etc.dawn jafu jisthu jew????

Joseph Grech Attard

Mar 28th, 00:09 Before labeling the moves as aggressive the PN should ask its predecessor GonziPN the manner by which the permanent secretaries occupied their respective places. Was it because of meritocracy, or the result of oligarchy and/or nepotism? The great majority of the people voted for a PL government to get rid of nepotism and oligarchy. This could be one of the many first steps, thank God!

Alex Bilocca
Mar 27th, 23:47 ...and because there was no violence, they'll have to say that the way of running the country is "aggressive". I wonder what sending people fighting ghand tal-grocer is.

Mark Pace
Mar 27th, 23:33 This is typical of the Labour party when in office. In opposition, they preach otherwise of course.

Maria Spiteri
Mar 27th, 23:30 Hafna minnhom huma ghazlu li jirrizenjaw! u ejja ma ninsewx li halla tlieta. X'jippretendu dawn li jibqghju imexxu huma? Ara vera ghadom granfati mas-siggu tal-poter! Oppozizzjoni tat-tqallieh ha jkollna ghall-5 snin li gejjin

Jimmy Ventura

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

Mar 27th, 23:08 ..........and soon the true nationalists will replace you too. Ha ha.

Jimmy Ventura
Mar 27th, 23:03 @ K Abela Freedom of d press was won by the MLP at the Privy Council after P Borg Olivier banned the labour newspapers from the departments under his charge. The press law was liberalised by Mintoff to such an extent that NO PERMITS were required by anyone who wanted to print and sell newspapers in Malta. All one had to do was to register the editor. Next time get your facts right.

Jos Borg
Mar 28th, 18:30 Excellent

Alex Dalli
Mar 27th, 22:44 AFM....MSS.....Police? Taghna ilkoll????

Manuel Scicluna
Mar 27th, 22:04 Mela insew tal PN b' dak it team tal gakketa blue meta f dik il gimgha stess ta wara l elezzjoni ta 1987 kienu hadu over il korp tal pulizija u bdew jinghataw transfers bl adogg, u dan meta EFA kien dejjem jiftahar bi rikonciljazjoni.

Joe Vella
Mar 27th, 21:58 Joseph Muscat and the PL have Americanised the Civil Service System in Malta. Permanent Secretaries where never Political Appointments. This is a first. Shame on you Joseph.

Ms Sandra Grech
Mar 27th, 21:51 Very aggressive and discriminatory, but then what would you expect from a Labour government, no qualifications necessary as long as you're red and love the song Malta taghna lkoll

Stephen Abela
Mar 27th, 21:32 It has been said that the position of Perm Sec is not political. Then how come one of them, Chris Ciantar, Perm Sec at the Resources Ministry under PN actively participated in the electoral campaign, in his capacity of Perm Sec, to rubbish the LP's energy proposal on TV, in one programme after another? I expect the new government to investigate this abuse.

Mr C Galea
Mar 27th, 21:25 What is the problem , these days people change managers even just after 5 years. This happens In Australia a lot and indeed in the company I worked for. Less corruption in the case of malta can only be a good thing surely?

Joe Tabone
Mar 27th, 21:14 @ Edy, Is this what Labour promised to the electorate? Is this the NEW way of doing politics for PL??

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

Godwin Dalli
Mar 27th, 21:10 Even a new football manager chooses his staff - like the Special One - so what's the big deal PN?

David Farrugia
Mar 27th, 20:56 u ghad fadal...PBS, MEPA....

David Magro
Mar 27th, 21:23 David, do you remember what Austin Gatt said on the PS? The minister has to have a person in whom he/she can trust...remember what happened to Alfred Sant. Also on Pbs, its know to all the connections that the Head of pbs, Anton Attard has with is a fact that even Franco Debono made it public

Joseph Aquilina
Mar 27th, 21:35 So who is going back to the mentality of "them" and "us"?

Elizabeth White
Mar 28th, 04:38 Let's hope so David - I voted for change and I want change!!

godwin scerri
Mar 28th, 07:04 spring cleaning after 25 years tal klika.

Peter Simpson
Mar 27th, 20:48 Is it true that in the majority of the cases, no call for applications were made for these posts under GonziPN?

Joseph Fenech
Mar 27th, 22:42 No it is not true.

Carmel Serracino-inglott
Mar 27th, 23:10 The fact is that Jm promised to make calls for application. He did not resign for deceiving the Mlatese. This is dictorship. The Klikka is very large.

John Grech
Mar 28th, 03:43 Pero jekk gonzi ghamel hazin li sejjahx ghal applikazzjonijiet JM li tela bl ghajta tal bidla ghamel ghar!!

Malcolm Seychell
Mar 27th, 20:43 This is normal practice. GonzipN get a life.. You need to get rid of a good number of people of your administration if the party wants to get re elected.

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

Joseph Aquilina
Mar 27th, 21:27 This IS NOT normal practice; Why do you think they call them Permanent Secretaries? The fact that PL wanted to replace them makes me feel that they do not want anyone to check what they are doing within the Ministries ... very transparent indeed!!

twanny borg
Mar 28th, 09:14 @joseph aquilina- a very good point.

*Joseph Brincat
Mar 27th, 20:38 unhealthy , unhealthy for whom ?? for the PN ??

Ethelbert Schembri
Mar 27th, 20:36 The PN always coming out with a non story and I guess we will have to get use to them. I ask to the PN; do the PN wish to see a change over like they did in 1987?? People still remember their "SMOOTH" takeover, Valletta was full of people doing nothing because others came out of nothing and took their place of work and they ended with nothing to do for weeks, months and even years!!!

B. Cachia
Mar 27th, 20:33 I don't see a problem with the top position being a political appointment, as it has been for some time. The problem arises when politics starts playing a role in human resources decisions further down the hierarchy. I don't think that will happen but, if it does, the government will lose a lot of the goodwill it currently enjoys. I would strongly advise against it!

Eddy Privitera
Mar 27th, 20:30 Go and get a life PN ! You are the last people who can lecture anybody about "POLITICIZING" !. You have politicized PBS in the most scandalous way. Also Transport Malta, ARMS Ltd., The Army, The Police Force , the highest posts in the civil-service etc.. !

Joseph Attard
Mar 27th, 20:42 But never ever to this disgusting extent! I don`t pay my taxes to fund cushy jobs for incompetent Labourites.

Michael Farrugia
Mar 27th, 20:53 Absolutely Right !!! The PN never had their house in order in the first place and neither do they have now !!

Karl Abela
Mar 27th, 21:05 I think you are living in a different country. You must have forgotten that freedom of the press and the fundemental right of freedom of speech was introduced by PN.

Eddy Privitera
Mar 27th, 21:16 Karl Abela. You have not denied what I wrote ! I'll just mention PBS. Even PN MPs had accused PBS of being worse than in the 1980s ! The Tribunal had found hundreds of cases where people with PLmeanings were discriminated against in the work place.Or denied a job, promotion etc.. And you mention "freedom of speech" !

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

Joseph Vassallo
Mar 27th, 21:17 But we have NOT politicized the civil service!

Joseph Aquilina
Mar 27th, 21:31 @Karl Abela No Karl, that was PL ... Who made the IT and Finance industry in Malta what they are today ... PL (in 20days) ... the miracles in the middle east over two thousand years ago was Joseph Muscat wearing a white vest!!

Eddy Privitera
Mar 27th, 21:37 Joseph Attard: Who are the "incompetent labourites" you are referring to ?? If you are referring to the new PROs with ministers, then you are 100% WRONG ! They are all university graduates and have proved themselves as communication experts during their time with One TV ! As for INCOMPETENCE, have you seen any worse than Austin Gatt and Manwel Delia

H. Psaila
Mar 27th, 21:59 You never commented that during Mintoff's era and we didn't know what was freedom of expression. You should be ashamed of yourself when we were worse than a communist state during the 80,s. Shame on MLP

Nenu Cassar
Mar 27th, 22:09 Have you forgotten the promise: 'irridu naghmlu Malta Socjalista'. All that is happening was already announced in no uncertain manner by Helena Dalli before last election. She had said that the PL had already identified the persons and the posts they were to occupy. However, most of the electorate failed to see the threat. Malta Taghna Llkol is a misnomer.

Joseph Grech Attard

Mar 28th, 00:14 @ Joseph Attard - How can you label someone incompetent when one has not even started one's job? Could this be a form of biased judgement towards anyone who is Lejber? If so, then this is, yes, the most "disgusting extent" and arrogance which trashed the PN to a bashful defeat!

Anthony A. Mifsud
Mar 28th, 05:15 Since when did the GONZIPN. Had their house in order? Now they call for order! PN go and live.. Ninu

Lawrence Fenech
Mar 28th, 05:29 Joseph you are right it is a hard pill to take down a tkaxkira ta' 36,000 vot and a majority of 9 seats in parliament. The maltese electorate booted the PN and his clique out of office for a disastrous show over the last 8 years under GonziPN and all the scandals that are coming to the surface. That's were your taxes went and 500 euros per week for two years for their disservice.

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

Vince Piscopo
Mar 28th, 05:48 Mr Attard we've paid our taxes for the last 25yrs NOT to support an incompetent PN governance with its core roots of arrogance at its best surely to see incompetent nationalists at the previous cabinet seize a hefty increase in salary behind our back. Now its time for all those who supported the sore losers to watch and learn how to govern in the best interest of the nation. Malta is all ours!

Robert Agius
Mar 28th, 05:53 So we should all applaud PN for bringing us closer (still far, far away though) to a 1st world nation, Karl?

twanny borg
Mar 28th, 09:25 Dawn il-hatriet kollha tal-klikka tal-pl minn flus il-poplu mhux sewwa kollha kienu jahdmu mas-superone pagi godda. Din tistona meta hafna laburisti li gew imwghda xoghol mal-gvern qabel l-elezzjoni issa qed jiskartawhom meta jmorru fil-ministeri. Joseph iprova jikkalmaghhom billi qalhom biex jirrapurtaw lilu jekk il-ministri tikbirlhom rashom.

twanny borg
Mar 28th, 09:29 @vince piscopo- jaqaw int tigi minn piscopo li mill-kwartieri spicca ceo ma' transport malta bi 80,000 minbarra hlasijiet ohra fis-sena? F'dan il-kaz nifmek.

Roger Camilleri
Mar 28th, 10:08 @Eddy Privitera: - Xbajtu tghajjru bil klikka? Issa li iz zejt qieghed jitla f wicc l-ilma jidher li anke fi hdan il partit laburista hemm klikka kemmxejn kbira ejja nghidulhom HBIB TA JM ghalissa... ... u dawn il hbib kulhadd jidher li qed igawdi il bicca kejk li jmissu :-)

M Vella
Mar 27th, 20:22 Min qed jghid li l perm secs kienu jahdmu f vacuum ma jafx x qed jghid jew jaf x qed isir u qed jipprova jilghabha tal vergni pur. Kelma wahda - ma tistax tahdem b'ghodda ta' haddiehir f livell ta' management ghax kieku veru gas down go gajt

A. Mizzi
Mar 27th, 20:21 IRRELEVANTI ! Importanti li fl-ahhar mill ahhar ikollna SERVIZZ CIVILI u mhux arroganti!

Maria Xuereb
Mar 27th, 20:16 Meta tela Gvern Laburista mmexxi minn Dr. Alfred Sant fin-1996 kien halla lil kull hadd fejn kien u spicca jaqla gambetta wara ohra ghax tal-PN kienu jghjidluna intom tigvernaw u ahna nikkmandaw u kien vera ghax l-ebda laburist ma nqeda u spiccajna biex dan il-Gvern kellu jghajjat elezzjoni wara 22 xahar. Imbaghad telgha gvern tal-PN u rega halla lil kullhadd fejn kien, bhala ringrazzjament.

Manuel Bugeja
Mar 27th, 21:19 Bravu sewa ghid il lupu qatt mhu ser jinbidel. Dawn kollha ta linqas ghandhom jibatu rezenja taghhom

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

Joseph Aquilina
Mar 27th, 21:34 Lil Sant kien Mintoff l'ghaziz takhom li tah il gambetta ... jew issa dik ukoll tridu tbidlu mil l-istorja??

Mary Rose Ellul

Mar 27th, 21:46 Maria donnok ma tantx tafha sewwa l-istorja. Ma tafx li minhabba Mintoff waqa il-gvern ta' Dr Alfred Sant?

H. Psaila
Mar 27th, 22:02 Dawk il gambetti qeghdin go mohhkom ax AS irrovina lillu nnifsu u xejn iktar. Dawn huma kollha skuzi taghkom il laburisti

matthew tanti
Mar 27th, 22:03 eh mela l-gvern ghalhekk qieghed biex jaqdi lill-laburisti?

Joe Borg
Mar 27th, 22:30 pleaser explain "ghax l-ebda laburist ma nqeda"

Joseph Fenech
Mar 27th, 22:44 Alfred Sant qala gambetta minghand MINTOFF, Sinjura Xuereb !!!

Carmel Serracino-inglott
Mar 27th, 23:20 just not true

Anthony Lee Baldacchino

Mar 28th, 00:24 BIG LIKE.

S Scerri
Mar 28th, 01:39 "u kien vera ghax l-ebda laburist ma nqeda" ~ Donnu qisu kont ippruvajt 'tinqeda' inti, minn kliemek, Maria Xuereb. Insomma, kien x'kien, nispera li la dak iz-zmien, u lanqas illum, il-gvern ma 'jaqdi' lil hadd. Il-gvern qieghed hemm biex imexxi, u mhux biex jghamel il-pjaciri individwali lin-nies. Din it-tip ta mentalita bhal ma jidher li ghandek inti hija tal-biza.

C. Sammut
Mar 27th, 20:14 The only aggressive approach was the way certain civil servants were treated under these blue eyed senior civil servants. That is one of the reasons why the people voted PN out. Deal with it and don't continue insulting people with such press releases. Irking people won't gain you votes.

Ray Buhagiar
Mar 27th, 20:12 Some perm sec did not deliver and made a mess of efficient departments. They deserve being replaced straight away.

Wally Vella-Zarb
Mar 27th, 20:02

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

This is stretching the truth at its worst! The only part that is true is that it is a "first" simply because permanent secretaries were created by the PN. When they took over in 1987 they purged anybody in senior positions who had delivered under the MLP government. They could not accept the possibility that someone could be both professional and apolitical in his work. I have scars to prove it!

Raymond Farrugia
Mar 27th, 19:59 Did the PN consult the opposition on their appointment? how can it complain now?

Joe Muscat
Mar 27th, 19:55 And who is the PN to criticise? What a nerve!....We'll just leave everythng the same shall we?...In fact why don't we go back to a PN government while we're at it since they had such a great show going on? Every time a person in authority is changed the PN and PN bloggers have a fit...Well get used to it.If the PN was doing such a great job then we wouldn't have changed government would we?

Carmel Serracino-inglott
Mar 27th, 23:22 Not if you have been cheated.

Paul Giordimaina
Mar 28th, 04:08 Kif tridu il paci meta hlif vendikazzjojiet mintomx taghmlu.Jekk temnu fid demokrazija two wrongs never make one right.

Joseph Mifsud
Mar 28th, 08:47 @ Paul Ghal min jemmen li dawk il posts ma kienux politici mela sejjer zball kbir...u ovja li f'posts delikati bhal dawk ma tistax thalli nies li kienu strong pn appointed. U dik xi frazi hi fin nota tal PN?? Li dawn dejjem urew li kapaci jahdmu taht kwalunkwe amministrazzjoni!!!...jekk l-ahhar 3 amministrazzjonijiet kienu PN....ovja li jahdmu.

Godwin Borg
Mar 27th, 19:53 give us a break now please.

Paul Zammit
Mar 27th, 19:53 mela adhom ma indunawx li MALTA TAGHNA LKOLL in nazzjonalisti jew??! :D

Mary Rose Ellul

Mar 27th, 21:51 Paul nahseb ga wasal iz-zmien li tibdluha "MALTA TAGHNA LKOLL". Issa ghidu "MALTA TAGHNA BISS". Nahseb tkun aktar xierqa!

David Farrugia
Mar 27th, 19:53 That means that the ones appointed by the PN failed in delivering. So now the government has placed people who would probably perform better. Time will tell.

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31/03/2013 19:39

PN describes replacement of permanent secretaries as 'aggressive appr...

N. Montanaro
Mar 27th, 22:38 By no means am I a PN fan or so on, but please, we must grow up and admit that most sectors did DELIVER, the way they were run was not an ideal one, but the results are there for everyone to see. We voted for a new beginning not in the direction delivery wise, but management wise.

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31/03/2013 19:39