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Total Testing for LTE

With the launch of LTE services by multiple service providers across the world, telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) must deliver innovative, differentiated, and cost-competitive products in order to succeed in the wireless ecosystem of the future. We provide a comprehensive set of testing services to help TEMs deliver differentiated solutions across the entire LTE ecosystem. Backed by a team of more than 1,800 dedicated test engineers, our testing services are based on a strong foundation of domain expertise across access, core, and wireless LTE networks. LTE NODES TESTING EXPERTISE
Mobility Management Entity (MME) Default and dedicated bearer creation/deletion/modification (UE- and NW-initiated triggers) Peer node partial/complete restart Serving Gateway (SGW) Default and dedicated bearer creation/deletion/modification (UE- and NW-initiated triggers) Handover (S1, X2) Ciphering/Integrity/ Authentication Paging/Idle mode MME handover Idle mode Fast path Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW) Default and dedicated bearer creation/deletion/modification (UE- and NW-initiated triggers) IP address allocation Policy- and charging-based scenarios Subscriptions to user data changes Vulnerability testing Authentication HSS resets MME change Handover Envelop handling Link failure scenarios Interim CDRs Bearer plane and bearer level control MME selection S1 release Authentication User subscription management eNodeB setup and restart Session/Bearer handling External interfaces (S6a, S1-MME, S10, S11) Bearer plane scenarios Indirect tunneling Offline charging Bearer plane scenarios SGW handover QoS enforcement Subscriber data management Session control Notifications Static/Dynamic QoS management Tariff change unit validity Reporting level Redirection to other OFCS CDR storage Handover(X2/MME/SGW) External interfaces (LTE-Uu, S1-MME, X2, S1-U) Roaming and handovers Service requests Policy and QoS control User plane ciphering Release and paging Header compression Paging and gating Bearer management Subscriptions and notifications Tracking area updates GW selection Alarm/Statistics support External interfaces (S11, S5/S8, Rf) Peer node partial/ complete restart External interfaces (S5/S8, Gx, Gy, Gz) Peer node partial/complete restart External interfaces (Gx, Sp/Sh, Rx)
Aricent's Test Expertise

Policy and Charging Control Subsystems AF

Rx Sp/Sh



S10 S1-U S11











Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) Home Subscriber Server (HSS)

Event-based triggers and notifications PCC rules testing Location management Subscriber data management Credit control session Multi-rating multi-service Event triggers CDR generation Transport level packet marking Bearer management

QoS subscription External interfaces (S6a, Sp/Sh) External interfaces (Gy) Event triggers External interfaces (Gz, Ga)

Online Charging System (OCS) Offline Charging System (OFCS) eNodeB

End-to-End LTE

Traffic area updates User data handling Offline/Online charging External interfaces (LTE-Uu,S1-MME, S10, S11, S5/S8, S6a, Gx/Rx, Gy, Gz, Sp, S1-U, X2)

TESTING LIFECYCLE SERVICES Our testing services span across the entire product lifecycle, including: > Conformance Testing > Functional Testing > Performance and Load Testing > Vulnerability Testing > Test Automation

> Software Tool for Automated Test Environment (STATE): STATE accelerates unit testing, subsystem and system integration testing, and regression testing of 2G/2.5G/3G/ LTE products. This platform agnostic tool allows script creation and execution, event tracking, logging, and customizable statistics and reports. > LTE Network Element Simulators: Our LTE network element simulators are 3GPP R8-compliant. They include:
Aricent LTE PGW Lite Aricent LTE SGW Lite Aricent LTE EPC Lite Aricent LTE MME Load generator (UE + eNodeB, for load and performance testing) Aricent LTE HSS Aricent LTE EPC NMS STATE and MME libraries

Platform Testing

> Interoperability Testing > Integration Testing > Lab Management Services TEST PLANS AND SUITES We have a rich repository of reusable/customizable test cases and in-house stubs to test for various LTE network elements, including: > MME > HSS > PGW > eNodeB > SGW

TEST EQUIPMENT Our investments in test equipment and infrastructure are vital to our delivering testing expertise across the entire LTE ecosystem. Our test equipment includes traffic generators and analyzers from leading vendors such as SignaLion, IXIA, Spirent, Agilent, etc. Additionally, our labs are equipped with routers and switches from Cisco, Juniper, and HP. NEXT STEPS

TEST SIMULATORS AND FRAMEWORKS Our in-house test simulators and automation frameworks help TEMs deliver superior product quality and accelerate time to market for LTE products.
Aricent MME S1-MME S1-MME eNodeB + UE Simulator S1-U S1-U Aricent SGW Aricent PGW S5/S8 S11 S10 MME S11 SGW S5/S8 Gz STATE - Gz tester PGW Gx LAN LAN EPC Aricent HSS

S6a S6a

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Aricent PCRF

SUT (System Under Test) Aricent STATE-based simulators (scripting framework for positive/negative testing) Aricent Frameworks (licensable binary o ering for positive and load/soak testing) Aricent Simulators (source code o ering for positive and load/soak testing)

EPC Test Setup

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