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Salil is lost in Purvis thoughts, thinking about ways to win her back while Nikhil is busy living up to his Casanova image. Paddy tries to get Arjun interested in Natasha but in vain. D.K. gifts Arjun a brand new car. Arjun tells him that it isnt required since nothing can hamper their relationship. D.K. says he is thankful that she left them. It helped them come closer and have blind faith in each other. Arjun becomes uncomfortable with her mention and closes the topic there. Arohi is riding Siddharths scooty with him in the pillion seat, wondering if destiny will slowly tell her if he is the one but for now she has found a friend in Siddharth. Just then, she rams the scooty into Arjuns new car which was entering the gate at the same time. Arjun gets very angry and tells Arohi to compensate for the damages by working over-time for the next 6 months with 40% salary cut. Arohi couldnt help but give in to his orders. Hariprasad comes to know that Arjun doesnt like working with women and is very harsh with them. He gets worried for Arohi. His friends suggest him to start singing at small functions to earn some money for his daughters marriage, which is completely against his morals. Hariprasad wonders whether he should finally give up his morals for his familys sake and then makes a decision. He chooses his family over his morals and starts singing in a restaurant far away from Shimla. He doesnt want anyone to know about this, but as luck would have it, Mallika spots him at the restaurant and is extremely embarrassed. Purvi decides to sell her jewelry to improve the familys financial condition. Co-incidentally, she bumps into Salil at the ATM counter who has just bought a gift for her. He tries to clear her misunderstanding but in vain. He decides to wait patiently so as to not create a scene there. Arohi has been given a task by Arjun of getting 5 books from the library. While doing so, she is about to trip when surprisingly, Arjun holds the ladder. Arohi later learns that Arjun is allergic to cockroaches. Arohi makes coffee for herself when Arjun enters the pantry and the lights suddenly go off. Arohi is terribly scared of darkness and holds on to someone assuming it to be Siddharth. But as luck would have it, it is none other than Arjun!

13 Arjun curtly tells her that she has to overcome her fear and hence she will have to search for the remaining book in this darkness. Arohi is left with no choice. She begins her search while trying hard to overcome her fear. Purvi and Salil are at the ATM counter when the lights go off and they are trapped inside. Salil finally gets a chance to tell Purvi about his feelings for her. Salil says that he has never seen so much sadness in anyones eyes before. Purvi suddenly becomes uncomfortable as if Salil has actually read her eyes and knows her pain. In the restaurant, Mallika is teased by some men when Hariprasad comes to her rescue and the truth

about Mallika being his daughter in law is out in the open. Arohi finally manages to find the book but as she is moving out, she hits a table and badly injures her knee. She is in extreme pain when Arjun enters the library and finds her on the ground. Arjun takes a look at her knee and gives a jerk which makes her leg alright. When Arjun is stepping out, he sees a cockroach and stops. Arohi sees this, picks up the cockroach and throws it away. Arohi accidently finds Arjuns childhood picture where he looks like a happy kid but his mothers face has been scratched by someone. She asks Arjun about it and he gets extremely angry and warns her never to interfere in his personal matters. Arjun then remembers the time when that picture was taken. They were happier times and it is evident that Arjun was extremely fond of his mother, infact more than his dad. He suddenly comes out of the flashback and realizes that the picture has no meaning in his life now. He crushes the picture and throws it away! Arohi is about to leave the library when she hears a muffled sound. She follows the sound and reaches a small storeroom where she spots Saloni, a staff of the Accounts department on the ground floor, is sitting completely scared and panic stricken with her clothes torn. Just then she spots Vikas Gupta on the other side, who looks at Arohi and exits the room.

14 Hariprasad drops Mallikas friends home while Purvi is still struggling to get out of the ATM counter. Salil tells her that for the first time in his life, he doesnt want to go back to his world. He wants to be with Purvi all his life. Purvi is almost in a dilemma where she on one hand she is moved by Salils words but on the other, her head tells her not to go ahead. Arohi pacifies Saloni and tells her that they will together take strong action against the person who has done this to her. Before Arohi could take Saloni to the hospital, Arjun Punj comes in and orders Arohi to get back to work. However, he then secretly tells a person from his office to arrange for a car to drop Saloni home and also call a doctor, without anyone knowing that Arjun has arranged all of it for Saloni. Meanwhile, Vikas Gupta, the person who raped Saloni warns Arohi against mentioning anything about the incident to Arjun or else shell land up in deep trouble. He however is confident that even if Arohi reports the incident to Arjun, he will not believe it since he doesnt trust women and Vikas is in his good books. Unperturbed by his warnings, Arohi reports the entire incident to Arjun and requests him to take some action. Arjun is shocked hearing about it! Salil is worried about losing Purvi when unknowingly Nikhil gives him an idea. Salil decides to speak to his and Purvis parents before approaching her again. And surprisingly, Mohan Mittal agrees, much to the dismay of his wife. D.K. Punj also decides to get Salil engaged to Purvi.

15 Paddy is shocked when D.K tells her and Mohan about Salil and Purvis engagement. He then reveals that they will get them engaged, get the papers of the land signed by Hariprasad and then create a situation to break the engagement. Everyone unanimously agree with D.Ks plan. Arohi assures Saloni that she will get justice and they will together expose Vikas. However, shes in for a shocker when Arjun sides Vikas and orders Saloni to quit the job that very moment. Moreover, he promotes Vikas and despite various efforts by Arohi, he refuses to listen to her and declares that women

make up stories for their benefit and he can never trust them. Meanwhile, Salil bumps into Purvi and Hariprasad. Hariprasad recognizes him as his student and is happy seeing him successful. Salil tells Arjun about him proposing to Purvi for marriage. Arjun tells him that he has gone insane. Salil tells him that he is waiting for the day Arjun will fall in love and only that day will he take back his own words. Arohi doesnt lose hope and makes up a plan to trap Vikas and get the truth out. She sweet-talks Vikas and he invites her to his residence as his wife and kids are out. Arohi gathers courage and goes to his place. She almost thought she would succeed in her mission when the unexpected happened. Vikas played a double game with her and summoned the entire office staff including Arjun to his place. Vikas blames Arohi for being a sub-standard girl and trying to lure him. Arohi tries to explain but Arjun will not hear anything. He fires her from the job!

16 Arohi knows that it is useless giving any explanation to anyone, since they've all got her wrong and there is now ay out. Shes about to leave when Arjun tells her that he wasn't talking to her, but to Vikas. He has fired Vikas from his job. Everyone is stunned hearing this. Arjun then reveals that he had put up CCTV cameras all over the place to track Arohi's activities. One of the cameras captured Vikas entering the store room and forcing Saloni in it. Moreover, Vikas had earlier told Arjun that he was with his family the night of the incident but unknowingly revealed later that his family has been out of town for a week. Arjun tells everyone that it is now a police case and they will handle Vikas. Arjun tells Arohi that though her intentions were right, she could have landed up in deep trouble by going to Vikass place alone. He also tells her that he cares for human beings, be it a woman or a man. Arohi and Saloni are stunned on discovering this side of Arjun. It is Arjun's birthday the next day. He remembers the first 4 years of his life when his mom was by his side. D.K. gifts him their old house, where they stayed before they moved to Mumbai. Arohi narrates the entire incident of the previous night to her Badi Ma and wonders what kind of a person Arjun is. Saloni tells Arohi to give flowers to Arjun on her behalf but Arjun gets extremely wild on Arohi since he assumes Arohi has given them. Meanwhile, D.K. Punj, Mohan Mittal and his wife Paddy go to Sukh Nivas with a marriage proposal for Purvi for Salil. Purvi gets extremely upset. She tells Hariprasad to tell them all about the truth; that she is not his daughter but his daughter-in-law; His late son Flight Lt. Hanish Sharmas wife! Back in office, Arjun is about to leave to visit his old house when he spots a cake kept on his desk. He assumes it has been kept by Arohi and fires the life out of her. She then tells him she did not keep the cake and she has better things to do than to celebrate Arjuns birthday. Out of frustration, Arjun throws the cake out of the door but it accidentally hits Arohi and the cake is smashed on her face! 17 Arjun almost feels apologetic for smashing the cake on Arohi but Arohi is way too irritated to listen to anything. She storms out of his room.

Arjun goes to his old house and tries to shun the memories of his childhood those with his mom around. He remembers Arohis words that if anything bothers him too much, then he should throw it out of his life. He gathers all his childhood pictures and other things which remind him of his mother and goes out to the garden to throw them out. The more he tries to run away, the closer he gets to it and quite literally so because to his surprise, he meets his mom there! His mom is delighted to see him and instantly recognizes him but Arjun refuses to acknowledge her, the hatred and pain evident in his eyes! He storms out of the house leaving his mom alone and upset. Arohi gives an impressive presentation in office and convinces the clients to do business with them. The clients however want Arjuns signature that same day on the papers. Arohi keeps waiting for Arjun to return while Arjun drowns himself and his sorrows in the bar. After waiting for very long, Arohi sets out to the Punj Mansion to get his signatures when she spots him on the way in a sloshed state. She realizes that he is in no position to drive back home and decides to drop him back. She manages to drive some distance before slamming the car into a tree! Arohi and Arjun escape unhurt. Unexpectedly then, Arjun tells Arohi the reason he hates women! And the reason is his mom leaving him and his father years back! This had left a deep impact on him and has been the reason he hates his mom and all other women. Arohi feels extremely bad for him and finally drops him back to Punj Mansion. Paddy spots Arohi coming out of Arjuns room and is surprised at a girl coming out of Arjuns room at 2 am in the night! 18

Purvi remembers her husband Hanish and refuses to give his place to anyone else ever. Hariprasad explains to her that life is too long to be lived alone. Some day or the other, her sisters will be married and he will be no more, that day Purvi will be left all alone. On Hariprasad and the sisters insistence, Purvi agrees to give it a thought. Arjun regrets having poured out his heart to Arohi. D.K. asks him if there is anything go on between the two of them but he refuses. He tells D.K that he saw his mom yesterday. D.K. and Paddy wonder how come she is here after so many years and why exactly has she come back to their lives. The question is answered by Savita Punj herself she has come back only for her son Arjun. Arjun reaches office and discovers that his employees are speaking something about his behind his back. He assumes that Arohi has told them all about his past, his secret which he had carefully hidden so far. Arjun summons Arohi to his office and totally takes off on her, to the extent of almost physically hurting her. He as usual doesnt give her a chance to talk and is surprised when all his other employees come to his cabin to congratulate him. They tell him that their company has finalized a very important deal and the entire credit goes to Arohi. This is what they all were talking about since morning. Arohi exits the room without saying a word but with tears in her eyes leaving Arjun extremely guilty!

19 Arjun tries various ways and his level best to apologize to Arohi, but is unable to do so. This is the first time he wants to genuinely apologize to a girl but is almost an impossible task for him. Arohi also senses

the same. Arjun asks her if she wants a raise or anything in return for her good work. Arohi tells him that she only wants him to smile once and he fails in doing so. She tells him that a person who cant smile and greet anyone can never apologize to anyone, and definitely not a girl. Arohi tells Badi ma about the entire incident at office. She tells her that she is sure that Arjun must be practicing to smile at home. And she couldnt be more correct. Arjun stands in front of the mirror and tries hard to smile, leaving his helpers and Salil into splits. Next day, Purvi goes to the hospital to collect Hariprasads reports and comes to know that he has throat cancer. She completely breaks down. She meets Hariprasad there and tells him that she is ready to marry Salil only if he agrees to get his treatment done with the money Harish saved for Purvis future. Arjun calls Arohi to his cabin and gives a fake smile. Arohi, unable to suppress her laughter, tells him that he need not fake it because this is something while should come naturally and straight from the heart. Arohi says this and exits but this unknowingly gets a genuine smile to Arjuns face. Arohis sees this and is really happy to see him smile for the first time ever

20 Salil is surprised to see Arjun smile for the first time ever. He wonders who made the impossible possible. Meanwhile, he tells her that Hariprasad is about to come over to speak to his parents and is sure that everything will be fine. He is about to tell her that the girl is none other than Arohis sister, but his conversation gets interrupted and Arjun assumes it to be Arohi. He also overhears their conversation to meet over coffee in the library and becomes sure of the fact that Salil is about to marry Arohi and he finds himself not liking the fact. Hariprasad goes to Punj mansion and tells D.K and Mohan about Purvis past, that she is his daughter in law, wife of his late son Hanish Sharma. D.K. and Mohan tell him that they have no issues and are ready to go ahead with the proposal. They however decide to hide this truth from Salil and use it as a weapon later to break the relationship. Back in office, Arjun gives unnecessary tasks to Arohi to prevent her from meeting Salil at the library. But at the end, Salil himself comes and takes her away to the library. Arohi asks Purvi if she wants her to tell Salil about her past, but Purvi tells her not to since Hariprasad must have already spoken about it to his parents. Arohi and Salil are in conversation about Purvi when Arjun comes to the library. He gets visibly upset seeing them together but fails to understand the reason behind it. He tries being happy for his friend but fails miserably. Arjun goes to his old house to renovate the garden where he had played as a kid. His mom is also present there and tries to speak to him. Arjun refuses to speak to her or listen to her side of the story and walks away. Back home, Salil excitedly tells Arjun that he is finally getting married to the girl he loves. Arjun however doesnt seem too happy about it. 21

Arjun fails to understand the reason he is unhappy about Salil and Arohis wedding. But it surely is bothering him. Salil on the other hand is very excited. Paddy grudgingly sends out invites to people for Salils engagement since she knows they are going to split soon after the engagement. She also wonders why her son Salil had to get into this entire mess and not Arjun. Mohan tells her that Arjun hates girls but Paddy thinks otherwise, especially after she has seen Arohi come out of Arjuns room at 2 am the other night. At Sukh Nivas, Pt. Hariprasad tries to pep up Purvi but doesnt go too far. She tells him that she is ready to move on only if he starts his treatment for throat cancer. All the girls are very excited about the engagement. Arohi however misses her Badi Ma and tells her that she wanted her to be part of the mehendi ceremony. Her Badi Ma is none other than Arjuns mother. That night, Salil comes to meet Purvi and asks her if she is happy about the marriage. Purvi tells him that she isn't but that doesn't change Salil's decision to marry her. He promises to give her all the happiness in the world and is not bothered about her past. Purvi assumes that he knows about her past but he actually doesnt. Arjun is not too comfortable with Salil going to meet his fianc, whom he thinks is Arohi, in the middle of the night and calls him back. Next day, he tells Arohi to come to office, despite her having taken a leave. He doesnt really have any work with her but tries to change her mind regarding marriage. While leaving from there, Arohi hits a rack and sprains her foot. This time around, Arjun refuses to help her and summons someone else to ease her pain 22 Arjun tries to talk Salil out of his decision to get married by telling him that the girl he is getting married to is not the best girl for him; but fails miserably. Back at Sukh Nivas, the preparations for the engagement are on in full swing when Pt. Hariprasad comes to know that the guests coming over are much more than he had expected and made arrangements for. Just then, help comes from Badi Ma where she arranges for the catering of all the guests. Hariprasad cannot deny her help even if he wants to since this is her gift to Purvi. Meanwhile, Purvis past continues to haunt her as she gets totally shaken up on seeing a MIG aircraft. Arohi prays for her happiness and for her to get over her past and move ahead. In the evening, the function begins as the guests start coming in. Arjun continues to assume that Salil is getting engaged to Arohi. He speaks to his dad about his dilemma, wherein you hate a person to such an extent that you dont want to see that persons face but one fine day when that person is about to move out of your life forever, you dont want to let the person go. Your mind tells you to move on but your heart wants to stop the person. D.K. tells him that he should ignore his heart and always follow his mind because emotions will not take him anywhere. Arjun as usual follows what his dad says. 23 At the engagement party, a woman who is better known as the gossip queen of Shimla, chases Arjun, while Arjun tries his level best to escape from her sight. While doing so, he lands up in Arohis room and shuts the door. Arohi realizes the reason he is running and decides to continue harassing him. She unlocks the door while Arjun hides behind the curtains.

Arohi continues to hint the woman about Arjuns whereabouts when Arjun gets irritated and pulls her towards him inside the curtain. He tells Arohi that the only way to get rid of that woman is if she spots him with Arohi. Arohi tries to get away but doesnt succeed. Finally, the woman spots them behind the curtain, and as per Arjuns plan, she assumes there is something between Arohi and Arjun and leaves them alone. Arohi gets very angry with Arjun and in the process; she reveals that it is her sisters engagement. Arjun is extremely happy and relieved to know that Salil is getting married to Purvi and not Arohi. 24 Arjun cant stop smiling after knowing that Salil is getting married to Purvi and not Arohi. But more than him, people around him are surprised to see him smile. It is something most of them have seen for the first time! Purvi and Salil finally get engaged. Arjun gets slightly upset when he sees the family bonding between other families and somewhere deep inside, he begins to miss his mom and wishes he had a complete family as well. D.K. senses this and apologizes for not giving him a chance to experience this feeling. Arjun however tells him that he doesnt need anyone if he has his dad around. That night, Pt. Hariprasad thanks Savita i.e. Arohis Badi Ma for everything she has done for his daughters. He tells her about Arjun and how similar he is to her i.e. his mom. He is different from everyone, with sadness evident in his eyes. Next day, Arohi gives Arjun her resignation letter since she has had enough of him. Arjun does his level best to stop her from resigning and praises her work in every possible way. Just then, he gets up from his sleep and realizes that he has been dreaming of Arohi. It probably is the first time he has ever dreamt of any girl. He remembers Arohis bhuas word that if he dreams about a girl, he should know that she is the one he wants to marry. Arjun cannot help but feel surprised and happy at this thought.

25 Arjun gives Arohi a three-day off so that he can break off from thinking about her all the time. But it doesn't happen that way. He keeps addressing random people as Arohi and finally gets fed up and leaves for home. On the other hand, Salil wants to take Purvi to a school re-union so that he can spend time with her alone and know her better. Pt. Hariprasad grants him permission but insists that they take Arohi along. Salil requests Arjun to accompany him to the re-union so that he can get time alone with Purvi. Arjun agrees after a lot of resistance. Paddy is worried about Salil and Purvi socializing together and wants the engagement to be broken off soon. She voices her concern when DK tells her that he considers Salil as his son and will make sure everything goes according to the plan. However, Paddy's excitement knows no bounds when DK tells her that he wants Arjun to get married to Paddy and Mohans daughter Natasha. Paddy can see her dream of getting Natasha married off to the most eligible bachelor of the country fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Salil, Arjun, Arohi and Purvi go to the party. Arjun tries to maintain his distance from Arohi but cant stop himself when she praises the fragrance Salil is wearing. He goes to the car and wears the same one himself, which is quite unlike him. 26 Salil finds Arjuns behavior very weird and fails to understand the reason behind it. At the party, Arohi asks Arjun why he doesnt have friends from his school days. Arjun tells her that he likes his space and likes being alone. Arohi points out that too much of space are nothing but loneliness. Just then, Arjuns school friend spots Arjun and Arohi and considers them to be a couple. He also announces the same in front of everyone leaving Arjun and Arohi totally embarrassed. Amidst Arjun and Arohis argument, a guy called Vikrant comes to ask Arohi for a dance. To make Arjun jealous and to teach him a lesson, she goes to dance with him, inspite if Arjuns warnings that he isnt a nice guy. Meanwhile, Savita i.e. Arohis Badi Ma and Arjuns mom comes to Sukh Nivas to give the girls a surprise and compensate for not attending Purvis engagement. She is shocked when she comes to know that Arohis rude and ruthless boss, whom she had heard a lot about, is none other than Arjun. Back at the party, Vikrant makes an excuse and takes Arohi out and starts misbehaving with her. Arjun arrives at the right time and saves her. 27 After the party, Arjun and Salil go to drop Purvi and Arohi home. Arjun cancels Arohis leave and tells her to report to office next morning. Arohi gets upset with this but isnt surprised because she knows how unpredictable Arjun can get. Savita watches Arjun from the window and asks Arohi later about Arjun. Arohi goes non-stop about him and his rude, ruthless behavior. Savita realizes how much Arjun and Arohi hate each other but wonders if they have a future together since very often the start of a new relationship is with hatred. Savita asks Purvi if she is happy with Salil to which Purvi has no answer. Next day, Savita gives a box full of malpua to Arohi for her and her colleagues in office, which she offers to everyone, including Arjun. Arjun takes the entire box and asks her to get back to work. Just then, a girl comes rushing in office asking for Arjun Punj. Arohi recognizes the girl as the one she had seen in the party and she was desperately trying to get someone to speak to her. Everyone is office is sure that Arjun will throw the girl out since he hates women but they are all in for a big shock when he calls the reception and instructs that no one should disturb him as he is in an important private meeting. Arohi is shocked on hearing this. 28 Arohi wonders who the girl would be when Arjun comes in for a board room meeting. Just as he is about to start the meeting, he gets a call from the same girl and he adjourns the meeting to leave somewhere with her. Arohi returns back home to find Purvi in a bad state. Arohi goes to the hospital to check on her fathers medical reports when Salil calls and she informs him about Purvis ill health. Salil immediately rushes to their place with medicines etc. and also makes special tea for her. Purvi is touched by this gesture but

feels guilty at the same time that she wont be able to return the love that she is getting from Salil. However, Savita tells her that she is confident that Salil will win her over and she will soon forget her past and move on. Arohi goes to the hospital to meet the doctor and see her fathers reports but by the time she reaches, theyve already left with the reports. Just as she is moving out of the corridor, she hears a familiar voice coming out of a room. She investigates further and is surprised to see Arjun with the same girl in the hospital. But what she hears after that takes her by storm. She hears Arjun telling the girl that he is glad she isnt pregnant because he wouldnt have been able to send her abroad with the baby. He also tells that she will get whatever she asks for, the only condition being that she has to keep her mouth shut. Arohi wonders what this entire conversation could mean! 29 Arohi gets extremely upset on hearing the entire conversation between Arjun and the girl. However, she is unable to understand why Arjuns life and his relation with the other girl is affecting her so much. She goes home to find her Badi Ma rehearsing a song. She also joins in and Badi Ma tells her that for the first time in so many years, she has sensed a feeling of pain in Arohis voice. This feeling is so deep that it has added an extra element to her voice and has made it Arohi best piece of singing so far. Arohi tells Badi Ma that she hates Arjun more than ever since he is two-faced and majorly portrays double standards. Badi Ma tells her that hatred and love are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes excessive love can result into hatred and excessive hatred can also turn into love. Arohi pretends to have not understood anything and goes inside. On the other hand, Arjun is upset with the recent happenings in his life. However, he plans to deal with it the way his dad has taught him. Next day in office, Arjun fires someone for portraying a double standard. Arohi wonders why he is doing so when according to her; he himself is the epitome of being two-faced. Arohi tries hard to concentrate on her work but in unable to do so. She breaks into tears and is unable to understand why she is crying. She has hated Arjun from Day 1 and there is no reason he should affect her now. Arjun spots her crying and tells her that he never knew woman can cry as well. He always thought that they can only make others cry. He is somewhere moved by her tears and tells Purvi to give Arohi flowers; but not to tell her that they have been sent by Arjun. The flowers instantly cheer-up Arohi and she shows them off to Arjun, not knowing that the flowers have been given by none other than Arjun. Arjun cant help but admire her showing off the flowers and smiling away to glory! 30

Arohi cant stop admiring the person who sent her her favorite flowers when she notices a file in her hand. The file has Rupalis mobile bills, flight expenses and medical expenses which Rupali wants Arjun to pay. The fact that Rupali asks Arjun to pay all her bills surprises Arohi. Meanwhile, Arjun desperately searches for the same file and gets very angry with Arohi when she brings

the file to him. He tells her not to interfere in his matters. On the other hand, Salil invites Purvi and her entire family for a Holi party at their office. Arohi refuses to go there since Arjun will also be present at the party, even though Holi is her favorite festival. But when Purvi tells her that Arjun will not be present, she readily agrees to go. Badi Ma and the other sisters wonder why Arjun has started affecting her so much! Salil tells Arjun to come for Holi to which Arjun effuses saying he never plays Holi. But when Salil tells him that Arohi is also coming for the party, Arjun secretly wishes to be a part of it but doesnt voice it in front of Salil. On the day of Holi, Mohan goes to visit Pt. Hariprasad to get him to sign the papers for the land next to the music school on which they want to build a studio. Hariprasad respectfully denies saying the land was allotted by the government for a music school and he cant agree to give it for commercial use. Disappointed, Mohan leaves. Much against her wishes, Purvi goes for the Holi party along with the sisters. Salil gets a cut-out of Arjun and places it right in the middle of the ground and tells everyone that they can apply color to the cut-out since their boss Arjun cant be a part of the celebration. Back home, Arjun gets a call from Rupali asking for some papers that she needs. Arjun realizes that the papers are in office. He goes to office to discover that a cut-out of him has been kept at the Holi Party. Out of curiosity, he heads towards the cut-out to see it when from the other side, Arohi heads towards the cut-out to spray colored water on it. According to her, there couldnt be a better way to let out her anger for Arjun. Just then, the cut-out is accidently moved by some kids and Arohi sprays colored water on Arjun, much to the horror of the on-lookers! 31 Arjun gets extremely annoyed and he blames Arohi for putting his cut-out. He is in no mood to pardon her or listen to her explanation and amidst all this; Arohi falls in a tub full of colored water. This seems to have given Arjun some satisfaction when Salil tells Arjun that he put his cut-out in the middle of the party! Arohi sees Hanishs watch on Purvis wrist and asks her why she is wearing it. Purvi tells her that the ticking of the watch means Hanish is still with her. Salil tells Arjun that he really loves Purvi. Arjun tells him to tell Purvi what he thinks about her. Salil goes to Purvi and due to his drunken state; he goofs up between Arjun and Purvi. He tells Purvi that he loves Arjun and wants to marry him and is super-excited about it. Purvi cant help but smile at Salils state and his keenness to express his feelings. Salil realizes the goof up but is thrilled on seeing Purvi smile. Purvi is surprised at herself and just then, she looks at the watch and the watch has stopped ticking! It is almost like a sign for her from Hanish that she should move on with Salil. Meanwhile, Arohi steps out of the party after drying herself and is stunned to see Rupali romancing in the car with a man whom she assumes is Arjun. Deep down inside her heart, she doesnt like what she is seeing. Mohan tells DK about Hariprasads unwillingness to sign the papers. DK assures him that they will get a way out to get the papers signed and will also succeed in breaking off Salils engagement.

Next day, Arjun tells Arohi to search for his watch which he lost the day before. He tells her all the places he went to. Arohi wonders why he doesnt mention the car park where he was with Rupali. She tells Siddharth how much she hates Arjun, his habits; his nature and how she cant even stand him for a second when unknown to her, Arjun Punj overhears everything! 32 As a punishment for whatever Arohi said about him to Siddharth, Arjun tells Arohi that she cannot go home till the time she doesnt find Arjuns watch. Desperate to find the watch, Arohi goes to Rupalis place where she finds Rupali with another man. Arohi overhears Rupali saying that she is simply using Arjun and is doing everything she can to blackmail him and get money out of him. Arohi gets upset hearing this and goes straight to Arjun to tell him this. Contrary to what she expected, Arjun blasts her for interfering in his life. He comments on her status and the fact that she comes from a poor house. Arohi is extremely hurt hearing this and she resigns on the spot. She returns home in a foul mood and starts cursing Arjun. Purvi asks her why Arjun is affecting her so much. Why did she have to go to Rupalis place and report whatever she heard to Arjun? Why is she so concerned about him? Arohi has no answers to all these questions but Purvi tells her that for Arohi, Arjun is much more than being just her boss. Salil requests Arjun to get Arohi out so that Purvi can accompany her and he can spend some time with Purvi. Arjun refuses at first, but then lands up at Arohis place to tell her to accompany him for an HR convention to display a project. Arohi reminds him that she has resigned to which he tells her that she has to give a 3 month notice period before leaving. He then tells her to get Purvi along so that Salil can talk to her. Arohi is left with no choice but to see Punjis face again the next morning! 33 Left with no choice, Arohi, along with Purvi goes for the HR convention. Mohan Mittal introduces Arohi and Arjun to Mr. Raman Balsara who is a successful businessman and can give them a very big project. But for that they have to prove that their company is better than the competitors and that Arjun and Arohi share a very good rapport at work, since their inter-personal relationship will make a huge impact on Mr. Balsara. In the middle of their discussion, Arjun gets a call from Rupali. Rupali reaches the hotel that they are in and Arjun takes her up to a room and shuts the door. Arohi gets extremely upset seeing this. To add to her misery, Vikas Gupta, who has joined hands with the competitor, passes nasty remarks about Arohi working her way up the success ladder with the help of Arjun and comments about them having a special relationship. Arohi gets even more disturbed hearing this and cant stop crying. Taking advantage of the situation, Vikas adds a pill to Arohis drink so that they dont get the contract. Arohi gulps the drink and rushes out of the party. Meanwhile, Arjun searches for Arohi since the results of the contract are about to be announced in an hour and Arohi is nowhere to be found. Someone tells him that they saw Arohi moving out in the car. Arjun frantically searches for her when on the other hand, Arohi can barely drive straight since her head starts spinning due to the effects of the pill. At the right time, Arjun spots her and tells her to return back to the hotel with him.

Under the effect of the pill, Arohi tells Arjun what she thinks about him and Rupali. She tells him that he is totally two-faced and that he need not care about her since he has Rupali whom he loves so dearly. Arjun gets extremely angry hearing this and tells her that he went into the room with Rupali for his dad and is paying for his dads mistakes! Arohi is shocked hearing this. 34 Arjun tells Arohi that he is trying hide his fathers mistake and is hence sending Rupali abroad. Infact he hasnt told his father about it because he doesnt want him to worry. Arohi refuses to believe this and turns to leave. Arjun tries to stop her but accidently pulls her sari and it rips off from the pinned-up portion. Arohi tries hard to manage her sari and is embarrassed at the same time. Arjun senses this and helps her cover-up. Arjun then offers to drop Arohi home. Arohi refuses at first but gives in after Arjun pleads and says please which is quite unlike the Arjun Punj Arohi has always known. Arjun goes for a swim after reaching home, recalling the incidents of the day, when Paddys daughter Natasha spots him and is awed by him. Arjun in turn totally ignores her and moves off. Paddy tells Natasha that Arjun is a hard nut to crack as he hates women. Natasha tells her that she is ready for the challenge and will marry Arjun only. Arjun goes to D.Ks room late in the night and tells him that he saw a girl today and couldn't take his eyes off him. It was a strange feeling and he has never experienced it before. D.K tells him that he should speak to the girl about it and get some sleep now. Arohi is in deep thought about the days incidents and looks at her torn sari. Antra asks her how did her sari rip off but she doesn't tell her anything. Just after Arjun leaves, DK spots Natasha and assumes that she is the one Arjun was talking about. He shares the news with Mittal and tells him that their friendship will soon turn into relationship. Paddy however is unsure if Natasha is the girl Arjun is talking about. We come back to the present when Ganga Rai tells him that they both finally realized that they were in love. Arjun disagrees saying that you never realize when you actually have fallen in love! 35 Purvi and Salil land up going to the same caf where Hanish and Purvi frequently visited. Salil notices Hanish's picture and asks the caf owner about him. The caf owner tells him that it is his friend Hanish Sharma's picture and he is no more. Infact his wife is coming here after very long. He says this and points towards Purvi but Salil misunderstands this as some other girl. Purvi cant bear to be in that caf for any longer and she moves out of there. Arjun can barely sleep in the night and cant stop smiling every time he imagines Arohi. The case with Arohi isnt too different. Her sisters wonder what could be wrong with her. Natasha tries to befriend Arjun when he taken an apple without knowing that Natasha had already picked it for herself. Arjun is unmoved by her desperate attempts and gives her a cold shoulder. Natasha however is not going to give up so soon. Arjun spots a hair clip in his car which apparently belongs to Arohi. He keeps it with himself. Arohi and

Arjun bump into each other in office. They dont talk to each other but their eyes meet and speak volumes! Meanwhile, Siddharth declares his observation about Arjun and Arohi to his other colleagues. He heard Vikas passing remarks about Arjun and Arohi having an affair and he quite agrees to what he said. He had also seen Arjun going after Arohi the other day after the party. Saloni tries to reason with him saying Arjun and Arohi are colleagues only and Vikas himself in an extremely cheap person. However, Siddharth refuses to understand anything and lays a bet with Saloni about them having an affair. Arjun summons them to his cabin where Siddharth notices the hair clip. He asks Arjun about it but Arjun doesnt reply. This strengthens Siddharths belief. Arjun and Arohi are both lost in each others thoughts while aimlessly running through their respective files. 36 Arohi goes to her office pantry to grab a coffee when a guy comes up to her to ask for a favor. He wants her to talk to Arjun to get his younger brother a job in the company. Arohi is surprised hearing this and tells him she cant help. Just then, another person comes up to her to ask her to speak to Arjun to sanction his loan. Arohi is confused at the way everyones behaving and she clearly refuses saying she cant do anything to help them. Arohi goes to the common canteen with Saloni and some girls there start commenting on Arohis new and expensive dress. Arohi tells them that she stitched it herself but the girls continue to speak about how Arjun can now afford to get her designer outfits. Arohi gets very angry. The girl continues to pass nasty remarks about Arohi and her promotion straight from office to Arjuns bedroom. Arohi cant take it anymore and she slaps the girl hard on her face. Thus begins a cat-fight between Arohi and the girl. The two of them are unstoppable. Finally Arjun senses the chaos and finds the two of them fighting. He screams at them to stop it. The girl and Siddharth tell him that they all know about his affair with Arohi. Arjun is shocked hearing this. Later, Arohi tells Saloni how hurt she is after hearing what everyone in office thinks about her. She has anyway given her resignation. But even after she leaves, people in office will continue thinking that she left because her affair with Arjun was out in the open. She tells Saloni that she only works to solve her familys financial problems. Her real passion is singing! Meanwhile, Paddy asks Natasha that when there are so many biggies willing to marry her, then why did she choose Arjun? Nutasha tells her that she likes challenges and Arjun is the biggest challenge for her. Arjun summons everyone to the conference room and declares that he and Arohi are indeed having an affair! Everyones stunned hearing this, especially since Arohi has been denying it right from the start. But the one who is taken aback the most at this declaration is Arohi she cant help but blankly stare at Arjun for saying this. Everyone leaves from the conference room. Arjun winks at her and leaves! 37 Arohi is upset with Arjun declaring about their affair to the entire office, when they actually arent in one. Arjun tells her to wait and watch. He has a plan and if all goes according to it, within 2 days everyone in office will stop talking about their affair. Arohi is unsure about it since her reputation is at stake but Arjun tells her to trust him and soon the entire city will vouch for the fact that the two of them were never in an

affair. Arjun drops Arohi home that day and also picks her up the next morning. He gives her special attention in office, leaving everyone thinking that there is something wrong. Arjun Punj, the guy who hates women, cannot go around showing off his affair so openly. Arjun then summons Arohi to his cabin and constantly praises her and tells her that she is the one he has been waiting for. Arohi gets uncomfortable hearing all this and they both start fighting. Arohi understands his plan when she sees the entire office witnessing their love-hate relationship. As Arjun predicted, the entire office now starts talking about the improbability of them being in an affair. On the other hand, Natasha gets Purvi home to surprise Salil. Purvi then cooks breakfast for everyone leaving DK nostalgic since Purvis paranthas taste the same as his wifes. He asks Purvi who taught her cooking and she says her Badi Ma did. Salil asks DK to book honeymoon tickets for the two of them. Mohan in angry with DK for planning their honeymoon, when he knows that their marriage is about to break very soon. DK calls up the travel agent and cancels the tickets. The travel agent tells him about the tickets Arjun booked for Rupali Sen for New York. DK is shocked and he asks Arjun about it. Arjun tells him that Rupali has been blackmailing them and she has pictures to prove that she and DK were in a relationship. DK is shocked and embarrassed hearing this. 38 Arjun tells DK not to worry as he can understand the need for DK to have a partner. DK tells Arjun that he never was in a relationship with Rupali. She often tried coming close to him but he never let her. He tells Arjun that the day he fired Rupali, that evening they were at the same party. DK was very drunk and Rupali constantly tried coming close to him. After the party, DK collapsed on his way back to his car and the next he remembers is waking up at Rupalis place. Arjun now understands where the pictures came from. Arjun and DK go to Rupalis place and trick her into revealing the truth. Arjun tells her that she will have to pay a heavy price for trying to trap them. Next day, Arjun continues his plan by calling Arohi to his cabin and sharing a coffee. He also tells Siddharth to write a love letter on his behalf for Arohi. But Siddharth spots Arjun tearing up the letter and understands that not everything is the way it appears to be. Salil invites the entire office for the party at his place the next day, which has been thrown by Paddy for Natasha. Arjun declares in front of the entire office that the party is also to celebrate his and Arohis affair. The employees then ask Arjun if he and Arohi will dance in the party. The theme is Salsa. Arjun agrees but realizes that he doesnt know even the basics of Salsa. Arohi faces the same problem but they both portray to each other that they are pros at salsa. DK tells Arjun not to lose hope as he knows some steps of Salsa. Someone taught him years back and he can teach the same to Arjun. Arjun is happy hearing this and looks forward to showing off his salsa skills to Arohi! 39 Arohi tells Savita about her problem i.e. she doesnt know Salsa at all and she has challenged Arjun for it. Savita tells her not to worry and trains her in salsa. On the other hand, DK does his level best to teach whatever little he knows about Salsa (which was taught to him by Savita) to Arjun. Just then, Savita has an unexpected visitor in the form of Rupali Sen. Rupali tells Savita about DK using

her and also shows her the pictures as proof. Rupali begs for justice. Savita is extremely hurt after hearing about DK being involved in this but promises to Rupali that she will make sure she gets justice. Next day, Savita calls DK and tells him that she wants to meet him. DK tells Mohan about this and tells him that if Savita thinks that he will take her back after so many years, she is wrong. Hell never take her back in his life. Savita asks DK about Rupali and whether he was in a relationship with her. DK gets very angry with her for not trusting him and tells her that he indeed was in an affair with Rupali. Savita is heart-broken hearing this and now has to live-up to her promise given to Rupali. That evening, Arohi and Purvi arrive at the party. To fuel the success of his plan, Arjun gives Arohi a bouquet of flowers in front of his office colleagues and tells her to throw them in the dust-bin. Arohi doesnt want to throw the pretty bunch of flowers but Arjun tells her to do as he says if she wants to save her reputation. Arohi now awaits the salsa competition to prove to Arjun that she is better than him. 40 41 Natasha tries to strike up a conversation with Arjun at the party but he doesn't show interest. Natasha then asks him if there is anything between him and Arohi. He tells her that he isn't interested in girls and Arohi is no different. Natasha tells him that she likes guys who don't show any interest in her. Arjuns co-workers notice the two of them in the corridor and are convinced that there is nothing between him and Arohi, but instead there is definitely something between Natasha and Arjun. They go and apologize to Arohi. Arohi is relieved that her reputation is saved. Some women from Savitas NGO protest outside the Punj mansion. DK gets angry and tells them that Rupali has been lying. He tells the women to speak to his lawyers about whatever they want to. Savita is relieved knowing that he is innocent. Arohi then picks up the flowers she had earlier thrown in the bin. Purvi asks her about them and she explains that it was a dream which came true for a day and shes not sure if it will happen again. But it was a beautiful feeling and she wants to keep the memory intact for all her life. Arjun also comes looking for the same bouquet and is informed that a girl has taken them away. He wonders to himself that the one who has taken the flowers doesn't know that there were true feelings hidden behind the whole lot of lies he has said in the last few days. That night, Arjun is upset finding his dad drunk and realizes that the protest was initiated by his mother. He rings her up and demands to see her at his office. Savita is extremely happy but Arjun is in no mood of a reunion. He warns her to be out of his and his dads life or else he might go to the extent of fighting a legal battle with her. Siddharth apologizes to Arohi for his behavior and tells her that they all know that the affair is actually between Arjun and Natasha. Arohi is shocked and hurt hearing this and asks Arjun about the same. She goes to the extent of asking when they are getting married. Arjun gets very angry hearing this and clears his stand saying that he doesn't even like her. He then comments on Arohi's behavior as being that of a girlfriend. Arohi is shocked hearing this and is at a complete loss of words.

42 DK gets a call from the local police station to tell him that the complaint filed by Rupali Sen against him has been proved wrong due to Savita, who came to help at the last moment. DK is angry since he thinks Savita wants to put him down at every possible occasion. Meanwhile, Paddy is losing her patience with both Purvi and Arohi getting extremely close to Salil and Arjun respectively. Arohi is embarrassed to the core due to what Arjun said and Arjun senses this. He goes up to her and tells her that he didn't feel bad at all about her questions and she may ask whatever she wants to. He clarifies that he doesnt like Natasha and shes not his type anyway. Arohi teasingly asks him who his type is anyway. He tells her that he doesnt really like girls but there is one girl who is his type. Arohi is amused watching him blush and asks him who the girl is. Just then, Paddy enters the cabin and is not too happy seeing Arjun and Arohi having a fun time. Arjun leaves and Paddy tells Arohi that she is in a problem since her model for the photo shoot ditched her at the last moment. She asks Arohi to replace the model and save the company and its reputation. Arohi says she cant but gives in after Paddy insists and tells her to do it for the companys sake. Arohi is extremely uncomfortable in the clothes given to her and doing the poses. Some colleagues from office pass nasty remarks at her when Arjun comes there and overhears them. He gets extremely angry with Arohi and tells her that this is the problem with middle class girls. Glamour gets into their head and they forget their job. Natasha realizes Paddy has set it all up and she warns Paddy not to manipulate Arohi. She intends getting Arjun to love her by using her own beauty and intelligence. Next morning, both Arjun and Arohi are upset over the previous evenings incident. They both apologize to each other but start fighting the very next moment. They realize their relationship isnt complete without the daily dose of fights and they cant stop laughing over it. 43 Arjun invites Arohi for a dinner date. He wants to tell her who the girl is whom he really likes. Arohi accepts his invitation and they decide the place and time. Salil brings Purvi home to select a design for her mangalsutra. He innocently goes on to explain the importance of a mangalsutra for every married woman. Purvi wonders why he is explaining her about it when he knows she was a married once. Salil goes on about how romantic the entire custom of mangalsutra etc. is. Purvi gets very angry with him for taking everything so lightly. Salil fails to understand the reason behind Purvis reaction. Arjun comes home and requests Salil to select a suit for him. By mistake he reveals to Salil that he is going for a date but covers up later saying he has a meeting. Arjun then asks Salil for the fragrance he was wearing for the re-union (since Arohi had liked it). Salil is now cent percent sure of the fact that Arjun is going for a date. He calls Arohi and tells her about it. He tells Arohi to keep an eye on him and let Salil know if she comes to know who the girl is. Arohi also spends a good amount of time getting ready which leaves Purvi thinking that she is definitely going to meet someone special. Arjun reaches the restaurant and waits for Arohi. Meanwhile, Salil and Nikhil plant themselves outside the restaurant to find out who Arjuns date is. Just as luck would have it, the fat lady who was eyeing Arjun at

Purvis engagement reaches there and spots Arjun. Arjun tries his level best to shoo her off but is unable to do so. Salil and Nikhil cannot believe their eyes that Arjun would date her! Just then, Arohi also reaches the restaurant. Salil and Nikhil spot her and tell her about Arjuns date. Arohi is amused at the situation Arjun is in and sends him a text message. 44 Arjun receives a picture frame from Jasmeet and he is irritated while Arohi laughs and Arjun tells her not to tell anyone about it then he changes his mind.

45 Arjun tells her that before meeting her, he was going to say the same thing to Arohi but something happened in between that changed his mind and got him back to his senses at the last moment. Arjun was leaving from his place when he saw DK totally sloshed. DK tells Arjun that his mother hasnt stopped interfering in his life and affecting him in every way possible. She tries to put DK down and has now gone to the extent of calling him a cheat. Arjun assumes that to be the Rupali issue whereas the real issue is that Savita has come to know that DK is fooling Pt. Hariprasad and she calls him a cheat for fooling a poor, innocent man. Arjun gets very angry and goes to meet Savita. Savita tries to explain that she knows DK and Rupali had nothing between them but Arjun doesnt give her a chance. He demands an explanation for Savita leaving him and his father when they both needed her the most. Savita tells him that she left because DK wanted her to be home and take care of Arjun whereas she wanted to pursue her dreams. Arjun is hurt hearing this and as a result he tells Arohi that his belief about women has only become stronger. He has always hated them and will continue to do so. He tells her that even if she begs for his love, he will never accept her. Arohi promises to herself that she will give it another chance but this time around, it will be Arjun who will beg for her love. Next day, Arjun sees DK signing a contract with a pen which he has been using ever since. DK tells him the pen is special because it was given to him by his mother and whatever he is today is because of her. Arjun asks him if all women are the same. DK tells him that all women are not like Savita and his mother is the best example for this. Arjun gets thoughtful at this. That evening, Arohi is getting ready for the sangeet when Sur notices her feet bandaged. Arohi tells her it was a small accident and it isnt anything serious. At the party, Arohi tries to make Arjun jealous by showing interest in another guy for marriage. Arjun clearly doesnt like it and Arohi only awaits the moment when he will beg to her for love. 46 Arohi distributes her Badi Ma's dish and Arjun taunts her about her earlier comment. Later a lady comes in and Arohi recognizes her from the party and the lady goes to meet Arjun who tells his employee that he is in a private meeting. Arohi "spies" on Arjun talking to Rupali and is suspicious

47 Arohi overhears Arjun and Rupali talking to a doctor asking if she is pregnant. 48

Arohi continues to ignore Arjun, while Arjun scouts for her attention and time all the while. He even goes to the extent of declaring girls side as the winners for the competition, much to the shock of Salil and Nikhil who always knew him as a woman-hater. Arjun finally gets hold of Arohi and proposes to her. Arohi is very happy hearing this. Arjun then goes on saying that she doesnt deserve to be with a moody and harsh person like him and wishes that she gets a guy who is not like him and will keep her happy. Saying this he walks off. Arohi realizes that her drama is being carried on too far and she tells him that even though he doesnt deserve her, she has decided to be with him. She made the mistake of proposing to him first at the cliff and now she will have to bear the consequences. Arjun now wants her to say that she loves him too but Arohi seems to be in no hurry. 49 Arjun is the last one to leave Arohis place with the promise to call her that night at 12. Just as Arjun leaves, Badi Ma comes in and they have a close hit and miss situation. Badi Ma senses that Arohi has started liking Arjun, as much as Arohi would like to decline it. Arjun anxiously waits for the clock to strike 12. Finally he calls Arohi and she leaves no stone unturned in teasing Arjun. While Arohi secretly talks to Arjun, Antara hears muffled noises and she lifts the quilt over Arohis face and spots her talking on the phone. Arohi makes up an excuse and tells Antara that she was talking to her friend Shruti. Antara refuses to believe her and they land up in an argument as a result of which, Arohis phone breaks. Next morning, Arohi mends her phone and smartly changes Arjuns name as Shruti is her phonebook and manages to convince Antara that she was talking to Shruti the previous night. That day in office, Arjun gets into the common lift with Arohi and refuses to let her out until she tells him that she loves him as well. Arjuns effort doesnt go waste this time around as Arohi finally tells him that she loves him 50 Just when Arjun thought that Arohi has confessed that she loves him, Arohi proves him wrong. The lift this time opens with everyone outside worrying about the two of them. Arohi pretends to be unwell so that her colleagues dont make stories about her being in the lift for so long with Arjun. And it works!! Later that day, Arjun sends Arohi her favorite flowers. He insists on both of them having coffee from the same mug. He does all kinds of filmy things to impress Arohi and Arohi is mighty impressed by his effort! Arjun however doesnt stop at that. He then insists on Arohi calling him Arjun and not Sir in front of anyone. Arohi is sure that Arjun has totally lost it and doesnt take it seriously initially. But when he insists on her calling him by his name in the conference room in the middle of a board meeting, she knows he means it. But Arohi is not the ones to give up so soon. She smartly devised a tactic wherein she named their upcoming album as Arjun and kept repeating the name. Arohis changed attitude towards Arjun is evident from the fact that this time around she describes him as someone who is extremely adorable and understanding a sharp contrast to his earlier image of being arrogant and rude. Meanwhile, Purvi has a tough time digesting the fact that in a couple of days she will be gone and will have to stay without her sisters and her father.

51 Arohi and Arjun are in office when the electricity goes off. Arohi s in the library when Arjun comes in and tells her that he is going to show her his childhood pictures, which Arohi had asked about earlier but he had angrily denied her permission to ask anything about his personal life. Arjun is about to show her his mothers picture who is responsible for spoiling his life when someone knocks on the door and the picture falls on the ground. The security guard doesnt realize these two are in the library and locks it from outside. Arjun and Arohi somehow manage to get out from the window and it suddenly starts raining. Arjun tries to behave like a gentleman and gives his jacket to Arohi, even though he is shivering due to cold. Finally Arjuns driver arrives with the car and they manage to get back home. Arjun cant stop daydreaming about Arohi and his behavior makes Salil wonder what Arjun is up to. Arjun catches a bad cold the next day and wonders why Arohi is alright. Arohi tells him that its all because of her Badi Ma. She took care of her last night. Arjun remembers his mom and wonders how different she is from Arohis Badi Ma. Arjun asks Arohi if she talks about him to Badi Ma. Arohi put off the topic in front of him but the truth is that she talks about the minutest details about him with her Badi Ma, her friend, guide and confidante. 52 Aman, Mohan Mittals youngest son returns to India after a long time. He tells everyone that he has topped his university. Everyone congratulates him when Salil comes in with the truth that Aman has actually failed in most of the subjects. Salil reprimands him for lying as he absolutely hates liars. Aman later apologizes to him. Nikhil asks Salil if he has kissed Purvi. Salil says he doesnt believe in all this before marriage when Nikhil says that every girl expects this after the first date. Arjun gets thoughtful at this and calls Arohi to meet him. Arohi and Arjun meet at the rooftop. Arohi tries to be romantic but Arjun spoils the fun. Arjun reminds her of the first time they met and she had slapped him. Arohi tells him that the first time they met was at the singing superstars competition when Arjun refused to audition her because she was late. Arjun remembers the day and feels guilty for not giving Arohi a chance that day. Arohi tells him not to feel guilty as she is soon going to get another chance. Famous music director Karan Singh is coming to town to conduct auditions and she is definitely going to participate. Arjun is overjoyed hearing this as the music competition is being sponsored by their company. He tells Arohi that hell make sure she wins. Arohi tells him not to do anything to affect the results. She wants to win or lose on her own might. Arjun tells her that he thinks they should kiss now. Arohi feels slightly awkward hearing this and asks him if they really have to do it. Arjun says no they dont have to. They spend rest of the time talking and giggling away to glory, unaware of what destiny has in store for them. Arohi tells Badi Ma about the competition and also that she has fallen in love with Arjun. Badi Ma is taken aback on hearing this. Back at Punj and Mittal mansion, Karan Singh has arrived. 53 Arjun and Karan Singh are introduced to each other. Arjun tells Karan that unlike him, Karan should judge the competition based on talent and not on mood because there was a time when he rejected a good candidate because his mood was bad. Karan asks him if he wants to recommend anyone. Hell make sure

the recommended candidate wins. Arjun remembers Arohis words that she doesnt want him to interfere in the competition at all. He tells Karan that he doesnt want to recommend anyone but just wants him to be fair and keep his head in place. Arjun also asks Salil to arrange for a nice dress for Arohi. Salil thinks it for the fat lady and half-heartedly agrees to arrange for a dress. Meanwhile, Karan Singh tries his level best to flirt with Nutasha but Nutasha is interested in Arjun and not him and she tells him so. Next day, Arohi is standing in the queue for the auditions in scorching heat. Arjun spots this and arranges for a chair, umbrella, fan and juice for her. All the other contestants comment on Arohi being treated like a princess. Arohi goes up to Arjun and tells him that she doesnt want him to do all this as it is very embarrassing for her. Arjun takes all of it back. Arohi however appreciates his effort which peps up Arjun a bit. Arjun then gets out of the car and stands in the sun. Arohi tells him to go inside but he refuses to do so since she is also standing out in the sun. Arohi requests him to support her morally and not in any other way. Arjun promises her that he will let her take the journey from thereon alone, though hell always be by her side when she needs him. The contest volunteer then announces that the forms are over and everyone remaining will have to go back. Everyone including Arohi is disappointed. Arjun sees this and orders 100 more forms to be issued. Everyones happy hearing this but the talks doing the rounds are that the forms were issued because Arjuns associate Arohi is also participating in the competition. People talk about how Arohi has an advantage and greater chances to win because she is Arjuns associate. Arohi is extremely disappointed and hurt hearing all of this. 54

The competition is about to start. The judges are announced and everyone swoons over Karan. Arohi is extremely angry with Arjun and refuses to go for the competition. Arjun comes up to her and tells her to get in as her number will be called out any moment. She tells him that she wont take part in the competition. She wants to be a singer like her father and not by someones recommendation. Arjun tells her that he hasnt told Karan anything and the forms were issued so that everyone gets a chance. Arohi then feels sorry for her behavior and apologizes to Arjun. Arjun tells her that he will always be by her side, no matter what happens. Arohis completely taken by his words and hugs him. Arjun tells Arohi that he has got a dress designed for her. Arohi sees the dress and is amazed at the size! Salil got the dress designed thinking it was for the fat lady and the dress is super-huge for Arohi. Arjun notices an apple in her bag. Arohi tells her that she hasnt eaten anything and Badi Ma gave her this apple. Arjun tells her that even he hasnt eaten anything since morning. They both share the apple, while doesnt go unnoticed by Karan. Karan tells Natasha and Natasha goes green with envy. She tells Karan to make sure Arohi doesnt win. Arohi tells Arjun that her Badi Ma has also come and tells him her seat number. But before Arjun can go up to meet her, Savita swaps her seats with an elderly couple. The competition starts and Arohi sings

beautifully. Everyones mighty impressed and so is Karan. He gives her full marks in spite of Natasha telling him not to. Badi Ma is very happy with Arohis performance and tells her that finally the pain is evident in her voice. The host is now about to announce the winners and everyones waiting with bated breath. 55 he winner of the competition is announced and to Arohi and Arjuns surprise, the winner is not Arohi. Natasha is surprised as well but isnt complaining for sure. She asks Karan what made him change his decision. Karan tells her that Arohi sung really well but she wasnt the perfect voice for Karans album. He however adds that Arohi has tremendous potential and is a serious threat to Natasha. Arohi is heartbroken hearing the results. Arjun assures her that she sung really well. He tells her that he is surprised at the results because he saw her scores and she was at the top. But he also saw Karan cancelling her name. He wants to teach Karan a lesson for doing this and being unfair to Arohi when Arohi stops him and tells him that this is her struggle and she has to do it herself. Moreover she is happy that he is by her side. Arjun assures her that he will always be with her at every step of life. Arjun then asks her to sing the same song for him and she does so. Arohi reaches home and was expecting her sisters to feel bad that she dint win the competition but instead is surprised when her sisters dont really react. She feels bad initially but then realizes that it was all staged so that Arohi doesnt break down. They manage to pep her up and she soon gets over the fact that she lost the competition. But Arjun surely isnt in forgiving mood. Karan instigates him and tells him that Arohi gave an awesome performance but her dressing and her style wasnt up to the mark and thats the reason he rejected her. Arjun tries arguing that it isnt justified rejecting a good candidate on these grounds but Karan sarcastically says that maybe next time Arjun will be able to help her. 56 Antara and Sur put up 3 dresses for Purvi to choose for her wedding. Purvi chooses the red one which makes Sur and Antara believe that Purvi is finally in love with Salil. Badi Ma takes Arohi, Antara and Sur shopping for Purvis wedding. Badi Ma gives Arohi her bangles which she had always wanted to give to her daughter-in-law. She is extremely happy to know that Arohi is the one Arjun has chosen for himself and she believes that they are made for each other. She then gives Arohi chocolates for Arjun. Arjun constantly calls Arohi to ask her why she isnt in office as yet. When Arohi tells her that she is shopping with Badi Ma, Arjun tells her to wait there since he wants to meet her Badi Ma and is coming there right away. But as luck would have it, by the time Arjun reaches, Badi Ma has left from there. Arjun gives Arohi a dress that he had got specially designed for her. Arohi is skeptical initially as she doesnt want the dress fiasco to be repeated but is relieved when he tells her that it is her size. Arohi gives him the chocolates Badi Ma has gives for him. Arjun is very happy seeing the chocolates and tells Arohi that his mom always bought these chocolates for him and they are his favorite. Later, Arjun thinks to himself that there certainly is some connection between him and Arohis Badi Ma. She might just be the one element missing in his life, the void left by his own mother. He then decides to take a gift for Badi Ma and go meet her personally that evening at Arohis place. Meanwhile, Salil calls Purvi in the night and tells her that he loves her. Before Purvi can say anything, Antara, who has heard the entire conversation from the other phone, interrupts.

Arjun gets a cookery book for Arohis Badi Ma and goes to their place. He rings the bell and Badi Ma opens the door! 57 Badi Ma opens the door but by then Arjun has left. Just as Arjun is moving out, he overhears Pt. Hariprasad talking to Purvis parents and he comes to know that Purvi is not his daughter but his daughter-in-law. He is shocked to know that Purvi is a widow. He wonders if Salil knows about this and decides to speak to him. Salil is in the bachelors party and is drunk to the extent of collapsing. Arjun tells him about Purvi being a widow but Salil hasnt heard anything in his drunken state. Arjun assumes that he is ok with this fact and is proud of Salil for having taken such a brave decision. DK comes to know about the dress Arjun had ordered from Sabina Khan. He assumes the dress is for Natasha. He confronts Arjun about it and there is major misunderstanding between the two since Arjun talks about marrying Arohi but DK assumes the girl to be Natasha. Arohi comes to Punj mansion to give Salils sherwani, as according to customs the girls side gives the outfit for the groom. She meets Natasha at the mansion. Just then, DK summons Natasha to the Bachelors party and Natasha tags Arohi along. DK announces in the party about Arjun and Natasha's marriage and everyone is shocked hearing this. However, the worst affected is Arohi and she completely breaks down. Arjun doesn't get a chance to clear out the misunderstanding and he rushes out to calm Arohi down. Arohi tells him that she has finally realized her standing and her status. She tells him that the problem with middle class people is that they day- dream and wish for their dreams to be fulfilled when in reality it doesnt happen that way. Arjun tells her that it is only a misunderstanding and he only loves her. He can leave everything for her. He tells her that he will declare his love for her in front of everyone the very next day during Salil and Purvis wedding. He then tells her that she has the most beautiful eyes in the world and he cant see tears in them. 58 Arjun makes Arohi believe that he only loves her. He then asks his driver to drop Arohi home. Arohi leaves and Arjun notices her kangan fallen on the ground. Meanwhile, Arohi reaches home and tells Badi Ma about everything that happened at the Bachelors party. She tells her about DKs announcement of Natasha getting engaged to Arjun. Arohi assures her that Arjun will clear out all misunderstandings but Savita is worried because she knows DK will never go back on his words. Just as they are talking, Arjun comes to Sukh Nivas to return Arohis kangan and is shocked to see Arohi talking to his mom. He comes to know that Arohis Badi Ma is his mom, whom he hates from the bottom of his heart. He misunderstands Arohis conversation with Savita and assumes that he was victim of his mom and Arohis plan. He leaves from there without saying anything and completely loses control of himself. He cannot believe that Arohi, the girl whom he loved so much, has betrayed him. On the other hand, Salil sends sweet notes to Purvi and Purvi has started liking all these sweet gestures of Salil. Purvi also realizes that something is wrong with Arohi. She is often found dreaming, smiling to herself etc. Purvi asks Arohi is she likes someone and Arohi tells her it is Arjun sir. Purvi is initially shocked hearing this coz she always thought Arohi hates her sadu boss. But Arohi tells her that he isnt a

bad guy. Infact he is exactly opposable of what she thought of him. Arohi tells Purvi that Arjun is going to ask her to marry him the next day during Purvis wedding! Meanwhile, Arjun drowns himself in alcohol and cant get over the fact that Arohi lied to him and used him. 59 Arjun has been drinking all night long and passes out in the bar itself. Salil on the other hand frantically searches for Arjun and finally decides to call him on his cell phone. Arjun has set Arohis song as his ringtone. He suddenly gets up thinking it is Arohi and then remembers last nights incidents. He speaks to Salil and Salil tells him that its his wedding and the ceremonies are going to start in a while and he wants Arjun to be there asap. He then adds that Arjun was trying to tell him something about Purvi last night at the bachelors party but he couldnt understand anything coz he had almost passes out. Arjun realizes that Salil doesnt know anything about Purvi being a widow and is about to tell him when his battery conks off. Arjun rushes home and he wants to reach before Salils baraat leaves from Punj mansion. However, he is caught by the cops on the way and is charged for speeding and drinking. Back at Punj mansion, Paddy is extremely angry with DK and Mohan for extending this drama for so long. Mohan assures her that Salil and Purvi will not get married. The legal proceedings of the land in question took way too much time and moreover they want to reveal it to Salil when he has no time to think and he impulsively breaks off the marriage. The baraat leaves from Punj mansion. DK decides to stay on and come with Arjun. Meanwhile, the girls are all set for Purvis wedding. Purvi wants her kaleerey to fall on Arohi as it indicates the one wholl marry next but it falls on someone else and Purvi is somewhat disappointed. The girls are super excited as the baraat arrives. Arohi gets into the outfit gifted to her by Arjun. They all welcome the baraatis. Arohi keeps searching for Arjun but he is nowhere to be found. Salil is eagerly waiting for Purvi to arrive at the mandap. Paddy says shes had enough of this plan and is now going to tell Salil the truth about Purvi. 60 Paddy goes towards Salil to tell him the truth but before she can do so, Hariprasad intervenes asking if she needs anything. Paddy tries her level best to tell Salil everything but Mohan stops her every time saying that the time is not right. Antara and Sur succeed in stealing the grooms shoes as per the custom by talking Salil into it, much to the fury of Nikhil and Aman. Salil impatiently waits for Purvi to arrive and even calls her up to tell her to hurry up but she tells him that she cant come down till the time she is called down. Meanwhile, DK is eagerly waiting for Arjun at home when Arjun arrives and tells DK that they are being deceived. Purvi is a widow and was married to Pt. Hariprasads son Hanish. DK is aware of all this but he decides to keep quiet and allows Arjun to expose the truth to everyone including Salil. Just then, someone from the jewelry shop arrives to take payment for the ring Arjun ordered. Arjun tells DK that the ring is not for Natasha, but for Arohi. He was talking about Arohi the other night but DK mistook him and assumed the girl to be Natasha. DK is shocked to hear this. Arjun then tells him that he has found out the truth about Arohi that her Badi Ma is actually his mom. Arjun stresses that Arohi was never like this; however, he's failing to understand why she hid the fact from him. Arjun pleads for his dad's guidance just one reassurance that Arohi may be innocent - as it's possible that he's misunderstood the situation or Arohi is unaware of the fact too. DK tells Arjun that Purvi and Arohi are nothing more than a set of instruments in his own mother's masterplan of regaining control over the wealth/property. DK tells him that she's succeeded in almost cheating the Mittals by hiding Purvi's reality. He tells Arjun that Arohi and his Mom are the same they will only cause more suffering to Arjun and will repeat history all over again. On the other hand, Arohi is eagerly waiting for Arjun to arrive and is waiting for the moment when he will

propose to her in front of everyone. Antara and Sun wonder where Badi Ma disappears every time there is an important occasion at home. Paddy is getting increasingly impatient and decides to take the matter in her hands if DK doesnt arrive in ten minutes. Arjun promises DK that he will never let Arohi and Badi Ma succeed in their plan of separating them. Saying this, they both head towards the venue to stop the wedding. 61 The wedding is going on in full swing when DK and Arjun reach the venue to stop the wedding. Arohi spots them and goes up to Arjun to ask him why is he late. She asks Arjun how she is looking in the dress that hes gifted her. Arjun doesnt answer or respond to any of her questions. Arohi tells him that she is eagerly waiting for the moment when he will propose to her in front of everyone. In response Arjun just asks her about her Badi ma and addresses her as Ms Arohi which quite surprises Arohi. The pundit asks Pt. Hariprasad to come forward for kanyadaan and just as he is about to do so, Arjun interrupts and asks Hariprasad about Purvis parents as they are the ones who should perform this ritual. He then tells everyone that Purvi is Pt. Hariprasads daughter-in-law and His sons widow. He tells everyone that they hid this fact from everyone because their intentions were wrong. Pt. Hariprasad then tells Arjun that he had already informed Salils parents and DK about this. DK, Mohan and Paddy clearly deny being informed about any of this. Pt. Hariprasad and his daughters are shocked at this denial. Arohi tells Arjun that her dad can never lie. The ones who are lying are his dad and Salils parents. Arjun refuses to hear a word against his dad and accuses her and her entire family of deceit. He then tells Salil that they all should leave right then. Everyones shocked hearing this. Purvi is in tears and she walks out of the house. Salil and family also leave the venue, leaving Hariprasad and the entire family in unbearable pain. Natasha takes advantage of the opportunity and tries to console Arjun but Arjun doesnt acknowledge her at all. Purvi, Arohi and Arjun are all heartbroken for their own reasons. Purvis new life ended before it could start and Arohi and Arjuns dreams are shattered. 62 Paddy is worried about Natasha and Arjun. She tells Natasha to act now as this is the time when she can control over Arjun. Natasha tells her not to worry. She knows her game well and will act when the time is right. Meanwhile, Hariprasad is heartbroken at the turn of events. He feels bad for Purvi as he was the one who forced Purvi to start a new life. Little did he know that Salils parents would conspire against them and play with Salil and Purvis life? Arohi tells him not to get dejected. They should look at the brighter side of life. It is good enough that they came to know about the family else they would have made Purvis life miserable. Paddy tells Salil not to lose heart. She has a much better girl in mind for him and is sure that Salil will soon get over Purvi. Salil however is in no mood to get over Purvi. He goes to the park where Purvi is and tells her to marry him. Purvi is shocked and refuses to marry him after the days events. Salil tells her that he will kill himself is she doesnt. He tells her that he heard his parents talk and knows that Pt. Hariprasad had told them about Purvis past well in advance but they hid it from him. Purvi and Salil then head to the temple to get married. Meanwhile, Paddy and Mohan raise an alarm when they dont find Salil anywhere in the house. Arjun sets out to look for him. Arohi is also worried on not finding Purvi and she also leaves to look for her. Nikhil and Aman make all the arrangements in the temple for Purvi and Salils marriage. Arohi and Arjun reach there and are shocked to find Purvi and Salil doing the marriage rituals. They try and stop them but Nikhil and Aman convince them otherwise. Arohi and Arjuns paths then cross to never meet again! 63

Salil and Purvi go to Pt. Hariprasad to seek his blessings. Everyones shocked seeing them married but Salil tells them that he has come to know the truth about his parents lying to him. He loves Purvi irrespective of her past. Everything happened all of a sudden during the wedding and hence he dint have time to think or react. Pt. Hariprasad asks Purvi if she wants to be with Salil all her life after what has happened that day. Purvi tells him that she has certainly started liking Salil and has seen genuine love in his eyes for her. Hariprasad blesses them and they head towards Punj and Mittal mansion. Paddy and Mohan are shocked seeing Salil and Purvi come home married. They are even more stunned when they come to know that Nikhil and Aman have helped them in their pursuit. They however are helpless and have to accept Purvi as their daughter in law. Meanwhile, Arjun and Arohi cry all night over that days incident. Next day, Pt. Hariprasad tells Arohi to resign. He doesnt want her to work under the ruthless and manner less Arjun who can only make her life a living hell. DK poisons Arjuns mind further by saying that all this was a part of his moms plan to get Arjun back. She has simply used Arohi for this purpose but Arjun shouldnt let them succeed. He wants Arjun to fire Arohi that day itself. Arjun tells him that he will not let Arohi escape with everything she has done so easily. He will make sure she suffers and he can do this only by retaining her in office. 64 Arohi cant help but think about the time spent with Arjun. Each and every place has a beautiful moment attached to it. She goes to Arjuns cabin and tells her that she wants to resign. He accepts her resignation letter but tells her to serve a notice period of 3 weeks. He then calls the peon and tells him to throw the flowers kept on his table. The peon tells him that Arjun himself and asked him to keep these flowers everyday in his cabin. Arjun tells him that he doesnt like them anymore. He hints towards Arohi and tells the peon that the flowers should be thrown in the public dustbin in the worst possible corner, because it is important to show people (and flowers) their right place. Arohi is shattered at being insulted this way and that too by Arjun, who till yesterday was an inseparable part of her. Arjun then tells her about the Bhoomi Puja the next day for their new plot and the brunch thereafter. He tells her to be there on time and she dare not be late. Paddy invites media from all over the country to cover the Bhoomi Puja of their new plot. She however is worried as hell about the entire country getting to know about Purvi and Salils wedding. Meanwhile, Purvi, like an ideal daughter-in-law, prepares breakfast for everyone at home. Pr. Hariprasad gets another shocker when he comes to know that the land the government had allocated for orphaned kids is now being used to build a music school by the Punj and Mittals. His dreams are shattered and he cant believe that the entire wedding was staged only for this land. Meanwhile, at the party, Arjun tells Arohi to get mocktails for him and his guests. Arohi refuses saying she is his associate and not a waitress. Her contract clearly defines her duties and she advises him to go through the contract and be clear about her role and responsibilities. 65 Arjun and Arohi continue their cold war when Arjuns old friend Aneesh comes over to him and praises Arohi. He also passes some nasty comments which infuriate Arjun. Aneesh wonders why Arjun is getting upset when Arohi and Arjun arent related in any way. Arjun tries to hide his true emotions and stresses that she doesnt make any difference in his life and he doesnt care whether she is alive or dead. Aneesh then goes up to Arohi and asks her to join him as he is soon going to start a hotel. Arohi is in no mood to entertain him but she continues her conversation when she spots Arjun looking at the two of them from a distance. She gives Aneesh her number, much to the annoyance of Arjun. Arjun goes up to Arohi and tells her not to wear pinks or any such color to office. Arohi asks him why he

can't digest the fact that someone else has praised her. Arjun tells her that the reason for this is because he doesnt want her to be dressed shabbily and like a street beggar. He tells her to dress up decently and to only wear white or black. Arohi agrees, not because he has told her to do so, but because white and black are worn when someone dies and something within her has died as well. Arohi cant control her tears and she goes inside and cries. Arjun follows her and tells her to stop crying. For a moment, Arohi thinks that everything has become alright between them but she couldnt be more mistaken. Arjun accuses her of playing a game with him for money. He tells her that in that case she should now go to Aneesh as he also has a lot of money and she wont have to try too hard to extract the same out of him. Aneesh also comes in at the same time and sees them together. He wonders if there is anything between them to which Arjun clearly denies saying she isnt even close to his class and there is absolutely no comparison between him and Arohi. The puja is about to start when Savita comes in and tells everyone the puja cannot take place. Everyones shocked. 66 Savita tells them that they have illegally captures the plot and this plot was allotted by the government for an orphanage. DK tells her that he has received all permissions and has also received the signature of the sole trustee Pt. Hariprasad on the papers which clearly state that the land has been handed over to P&M media. Savita refuses to budge. Just then, Arjun arrives and insults Savita. He asks her to leave with her entire NGO gang ASAP. Savita is hurt by Arjuns attitude but leaves without saying anything. Arohi wonders why Arjun is being so rude to her Badi Ma and why she is so hurt by his attitude. Arohi asks Savita to tell her the truth. Savita tells her that Arjun is her son. She is the reason he hates women. Savita tells Arohi the reason she left Arjun and DK. Arohi realizes that it is all a misunderstanding and it will be cleared once Arohi tells Arjun the truth. Arohi is overjoyed at the thought of everything being normal once the truth is out in the open. Meanwhile, Salil and Purvi get ready to go for their honeymoon. Paddy tries her level best to ruin their plans but in vain. 67 Arjun desperately waits for Arohi to arrive but realizes he cant wait any longer because he has to go home and meet his dad. Just as he is about to leave, Arohi comes in. Arohi and Arjun meet in the lift of their office. Arohi stops the lift mid-way and tells him that she has to talk to him. She tells him that she kept wondering what was it that made Arjun hate her to such an extent. How can a person love someone unconditionally on one day and not look at the other person the next day? She wondered if she had committed a mistake or had Arjun changed overnight. None of it made sense though. And then she figured out the reason for his hatred. Along with it, she also figured out the misunderstanding with which Arjun has been living for the past 16 years. She tells him what Savita told her about the reason she had to leave Arjun. Arjun is shocked hearing this but is also grateful to her for having opened his eyes to the truth. He takes her to his place so that he can get his dad face-to-face with the truth and further misunderstandings can be avoided.

Arjun and Arohi enter Punj n Mittal Mansion but find no one in the living room. The lights are switched off as well. Arohi tells Arjun that once the misunderstanding is sorted, everything will be ok between them. All his relationships will be sorted and he will see his mom in a new light. She then tells him that she loves him, something he had always wanted to hear from her. She tells him that he is the first and last person to enter his life and she will never say this to anyone else ever. She loves him more than any of them realize and can do anything for him. Arjun comes close to her and starts laughing. Arohi is shocked at this sudden outburst. He then switches on the lights and everyone including DK, Paddy, Natasha etc. comes in the living room. They are all awaiting a surprise from Arjun. Arjun then declares in front of everyone that he is getting married to Natasha. While everyone else is pleasantly surprised, Arohis world is shattered right in front of her eyes. 68 Arohi begins to walk away after Arjuns announcement. Arjun follows her and tells her that she cant leave without congratulating him. She congratulates him and he tells her to pass on the message to his mom that her plan has failed. He is not going to believe in false stories cooked up by her about his dad. He even tells her to ask his mom to find some other eligible rich bachelor for her, now that he is getting engaged to Natasha. Better still, he tells her that he will himself introduce her to some rich guys when she comes for his engagement. Arohi doesnt say anything all the while. Just when she is leaving again, he tells her to get the color of the lift changed, as he doesnt like it anymore. She assures him that it will not be the same ever again. In his room, Arjun is unable to control himself and he drinks one shot after another. He breaks things until DK hears the noise and comes to his room. He tells DK that he has insulted and hurt Arohi like no one has ever done. She told him that she loves him, and even though it was a part of her plan, for a moment he felt that she meant it. He tells DK how happy he was to see Arohi cry. DK then asks him the reason he is crying. Arjun is unable to understand why he isnt happy after hurting Arohi to such an extent. DK advises Arjun to forget everything and leave Arohi and his mom behind and start life afresh with Natasha. DK wanted Arjun to humiliate Arohi to such an extent that she never comes back to his life and hence he had suggested that he call her over and insult her. 69 DK is upset with Arjuns condition. He tells Mohan that he is feeling really bad about lying to Arjun. Infact he has lied to him only twice in his entire life. The first time was when Savita was leaving them and he told Arjun it was Savitas fault, when it actually was his. He had to choose Arjun and Savita or Arjun and success and he chose the latter. The second time he lied to him was today, when Arjun had his love on one side and his future on the other. He doesnt want Arjun to get married to Arohi who is a simple school teachers daughter, as opposed to Natasha, daughter of his best friend and partner, Mohans daughter. Paddy meanwhile is also worried about Arjun and Natashas relationship. She is sure of the fact that Arjun only loves Arohi and he marrying Natasha will only spoil their life. Mohan reassures her and tells her that it is not essential for a couple of be in love with each other for their marriage to last and his and Paddys life is a living example of this. Natasha goes to Arjuns office with a gift for him a brooch. Arjun tells her he isnt interested in the brooch and doesnt want her to come to office but he completely changes color when Arohi comes in the room.

He behaves extra romantic with Natasha only to hurt Arohi. Natasha is thrilled at the attention she is getting and on putting Arohi down. Natasha tells Arjun to join her for shopping at the Oberois. Arjun purposely gets Arohi along. Natasha and Arjun leave no stone unturned in hurting Arohi but Arohi tries not breaking down. She indirectly tells him that she knows her place now and she will never try and mistake a fairy tale for real life, as the two are completely different. Fairy tales have a happy ending whereas real life doesnt 70 Arohi hires a cab to go home post shopping for Natasha but Arjun spots this as another opportunity to hurt her. He insists on dropping her home, because he likes dropping and hurting Arohi over and over again. Arohi also gets extremely uncomfortable with Arjun and Natashas closeness. It starts raining while theyre on their way. Natasha spots a corn seller and moves out of the car to buy corn, unaware of the fact that some men are staring at her and passing lewd remarks. Arohi and Arjun notice this. Arjun gets out of the car and accompanies Natasha to save her from the men. Natasha is mighty impressed by Arjuns possessiveness while Arohi is left feeling uneasy. To add fuel to the fire, Arjun removes his jacket and wraps it around Natasha. Arohi remembers the time when he had done the same thing to her and wonders what has caused this massive change in their lives. Meanwhile, Purvi and Salil share some moments together with Purvi helping Salil change his kurta and then giving him an injection for his severe cold. Just then, Salil gets a call from Mumbai informing him about Natasha and Arjuns engagement. Salil is super excited but Purvi gets upset because she knows that Arohi and Arjun loved each other. Savita also reads the news about Arjuns engagement and wonders what went wrong between Arjun and Arohi. She gets an inkling that DK is behind all this and she goes to meet him in his office. She accuses him of using all his loved ones for money and power. She tells him that the day Arjun comes to know the truth, he will leave DK forever and at that point of time, DK will have no one to call his own. DK remains unaffected by all this. Savita tells him that she still remembers that fateful night which changed their lives forever. 71 Purvi returns from her honeymoon and asks Arohi if it was true that Arjun and Natasha were getting engaged. Arohi confirms the same. Purvi asks whose fault it was and why their love turned into hatred. Arohi says that she was unaware about whose fault it was. Infact it would have been easier if she knew and could blame someone for the break-up. Meanwhile, DK and Savita have a confrontation where Savita reminds him of the reason she left him 16 years back. DK had wanted to build a studio on a land meant for poor kids but Savita was against this and sent him a court notice. DK had chosen money over her and had decided to leave the city forever. He was determined to get Arjun and the court proceedings would have left a scar on Arjuns innocent mind. Savita preferred Arjun hating her for the rest of her life rather than scarring Arjuns childhood memories. However, she had promised to return whenever she felt that DK has had Arjun. And the time had come for her to return. DK is well aware that Arjun and Arohi love each other but he doesnt want Arjun to marry Arohi since she

is an ordinary school teachers daughter and Natasha is his business partners daughter and of their class. Once again DK is using Arjun for money. Paddy, Mohan and DK are extremely excited about the engagement. Meanwhile, Arjun is signing some documents in office when he comes across a document where Arohi has taken 10 lakh rupees for something. Arjun calls her and starts insulting her as he thinks that she is finally getting to the real reason she did the entire drama with him, i.e. money. He tells her that 10 lakhs mean nothing to him and can give it to her as charity. 72 In order to set things right, Savita Punj returns to the Punj household, and this time around, she makes it official. She calls media and declares that she is DK Punjs wife. She wisely diverts all questions regarding the reason for their separation towards DK, who obviously doesnt give any answer. Savita tells DK she will convert his hatred into love for her. Sun and Antara get ready for Arjuns engagement. Arohi makes an excuse of her being unwell and backs out of going for the engagement. Just then, Arjun calls her and tells her to come for the engagement as he has to give her some dictation. Arohi finds this strange but she cant do much to avoid it. Savita warns DK that she will make sure Arjun and Natasha dont get engaged. Paddy overhears this and is scared to the core. She decides to make her plan foolproof. She hires a wedding planner to help her in this job along with her sons, Nikhil and Aman. Savita Punj also wants to hire a wedding planner for her sons engagement but Arjun tells her that only Paddy can do so. Later, Paddy overhears Savitas conversation with someone over the phone that she is going to be out that evening but will return in time for Arjuns engagement i.e. at 11 pm. Paddy decides to pre-pone the engagement to 10 pm so that everything is done by the time Savita comes back. Paddy is shocked to find that Maddy Mehra, her wedding planner is gay and is hitting on her sons, Nikhil and Aman. Meanwhile, Arohi, Sur and Antara arrive at the engagement. Arjun calls Arohi to his room and tells her to take a dictation. Arohi wants to do this post the engagement but Arjun insists on doing so right then. Arohi remembers the day when Arjun had gifted her a mobile phone only to be used to talk to him. Things however have changed drastically now, and Arjun does everything possible to humiliate and hurt her. 73 Arohi gets into a fight with another employee who accuses her of having an affair with Arjun. 74 Arjun comes and stops the 2 girls and the other girl talks about the "affair". 75 Paddy wants Natasha to go ahead and get engaged to Arjun but Natasha flatly refuses saying she will not wear a ring already worn by someone else, and definitely not on her engagement. Savita meanwhile tricks DK into telling Arjun the truth himself. He tells Arjun that he was the one who got

Arjun kidnapped while he was with his mother and thus proved that Savita is incapable of taking care of Arjun. Arjun is shocked and heartbroken to know this. He is in a state of total disbelief that his father, whom he has loved and trusted the most, has backstabbed him. Meanwhile, Antara and Sur are apologetic as they forced Arohi to come for Arjuns engagement. They werent aware of their affair. Arohi tells them not to mention anything about the engagement to their father as she herself will tell him everything tonight itself! 76 Arjun is very angry with his dad for keeping him in the dark for so many years. He has hurt the only love of his life, Arohi, because of DK. He insulted her in front of everyone and made a mockery of her love. But now he has to go and ask for forgiveness. DK tries explaining that whatever he did was for Arjun but Arjun will take none of it anymore. Arjun heads towards Arohis place. DK insists on coming along and gets into the car with Arjun. On the other hand, Arohi goes to her father's room to tell him everything about her and Arjun. She begins to tell him that she and Arjun fell in love with each other when she suddenly notices that her father is perspiring and not reacting to anything shes saying. She finds him unconscious and panics. She calls Purvi to take the doctors number when Purvi tells her that their father is a cancer patient and this probably is his last stage. Arohi is shattered hearing this. She rushes him to the hospital in a cab and tells Antara and Sur to stay at home. Arjun's car is also rushing towards Arohis place. Arjuns mind gets diverted due to DK and his car hits the cab Arohi and her father are in. Arjun and Arohi exchange a last look. Back to the present, Ganga Rai is shocked to hear the story. She asks Arjun what happened post the accident. Arjun tells her that that day he killed Arohi. Ganga is shocked hearing this and asks him if he is in jail for killing Arohi. Arjun suddenly goes numb and cannot respond further. The jailer summons the doctor and holds Ganga responsible for spoiling Arjuns condition. Ganga goes home disappointed and upset. Her fianc Gaurav excitedly tells her that he has finally finished distributing cards. Ganga tells him that they will have to postpone the wedding because she wants to fight Arjuns case. Gaurav is shocked at first but then agrees when he receives a call from the jailer saying that Arjun wants to meet Ganga to narrate rest of his story. Ganga meets Arjun and he tells her to prepare herself as he begins narrating the rest of his story. 77 Arjun tells Ganga Rai that on the night of the accident, he had hit Arohis car and the car fell into a cliff. His dad and Arohis dad were both injured. After a desperate search, he found Arohi lying unconscious and covered in blood somewhere deep in the forest. He rushes all three of them to the hospital. The doctor tells him that he bought them at the right time and while his dad and Arohis dad will recover soon, Arohis life is in danger. Arjun is shocked hearing this. Antara and Sur also reach the doctors cabin and lash out at Arjun for hurting their sister so much. Arjun then passes by Arohis room. He goes up to her and tells her that today

he has understood the meaning of the lines she had once written ek dil ke liye duniya de di ek pal ke liye Zindagibas itni Mohabbat hai. He prays to God and asks for Arohis life instead of his. He makes a deal with God that he will dedicate his entire life to Arohi if he just lets her live for one more day. Arohi slowly holds his hand and Arjun promises to her that this is the last time he is holding her hand. From now on, his hand will only extend to help her at every stage of her life. He rings the bell for the doctor and leaves from there. A month later, Arohi is slowly recovering but is still unable to walk. Arjun keeps a close check on her health without letting her know about it. Arohi makes an attempt to walk and promises to herself that she will move ahead of Arjun and she will move so far away that even he wants to get to her, he wont be able to. She tries to walk and is about to fall when Arjun, who is hidden behind the door of the room, pushes a table towards her to help her. He promises to himself that he will help Arohi stand up and go ahead in life. He tells his mom not to tell Arohi anything about all that he is doing. 78 Salil calls Purvi and begs to her to return home as he is terribly missing her. Purvi tells him that she cant as her Baba is still unwell and even Arohi is getting discharged. So she has to take care of them. Salil sneaks in the house in the middle of the night and goes to Purvis room. He is unaware that Purvi had swapped her room with her Baba and that he is talking to Hariprasad instead of Purvi. When realization strikes, Salil covers up saying he had come to see Baba. He is then forced to sleep in the same room in one of the bunk beds. Next morning, Purvi is shocked seeing Salil there and while Baba praises Salil for being a dutiful son-inlaw, she knows the real reason he has been there. Arohi is getting discharged from the hospital and while she finishes the formalities, she is informed that her bill has already been paid in cheque by the man sitting at the end of the corridor. Arohi sees that it is Arjun and tells him that she doesnt need any help from him. Arjun taunts her for being from a middle class family and not being able to afford the medical bills to which Arohi says that she will manage everything on her own. Arjun tells her that if she wants to return the cheque, she must come up to him and give it back. Arohi, with great difficulty, goes up to him and tears the cheque. She tells him that he time will change and that one day she will be in a position to throw money on his face. She tells him that his hatred will be an inspiration for her to move ahead in life and succeed. Saying this, she walks off and Arjun picks up the torn pieces of the cheque as he knows that all he deserves now is hatred from Arohi. 79 Paddy notices Aman and Nikhil talking to some girls and is happy her sons are back on track. Meanwhile, Arohi comes back home and Antara and Sur are pleased to have her back in the house. They tell her how much they missed her. Purvi then tells them to let Arohi rest. Arjun wants to send Arohis reports to the best doctor in Delhi but the local doctor tells him that it is not required as Arohi is feeling much better and she is recovering. Arjun however wants to be absolutely sure. DK overhears this and gives Arjun a cheque since he has noticed Arjuns account balance reducing.

Arjun doesnt take the cheque and only asks for his salary for the last 6 years. DK is stunned and tells him that this entire empire is his. Arjun tells him that he doesnt need the empire and he wants to be paid like any other employee. Arohi meanwhile cant stop thinking about her challenge to Arjun. She doesnt even know what her goal and ambition is anymore. Purvi tells her to keep her eyes open. There will be a sign from somewhere. Just then, there is an announcement on TV about a singing competition in Mumbai. Purvi encourages her for trying for this competition and Arohi gets thoughtful. 80 Arohi is thinking about the singing competition in Mumbai when Sur tells her that their dads student Ayesha lives in Mumbai and she will be more than happy to help Arohi. Arohi also thinks it is a good idea and she calls Ayesha. Ayesha clearly tells Arohi that thousands of people come to Mumbai each day chasing their dream but only handfuls succeed. Moreover, she is way to busy with her work and her house isnt big enough to accommodate Arohi. Arohi is disappointed but doesnt give up. She tells her sisters that she isnt going to Ayeshas place but is definitely going to Mumbai. Meanwhile, Arohi comes to know that her father is selling all his books and musicial instruments to collect enough money for Arohi to go to Mumbai. Arohi tells him not to do so but Hariprasad insists saying that her future is more important and she can get him new books and instruments once she becomes a singer. The auctioneer then hands over 3 lakhs to Hariprasad which he gives to Arohi. Arohi and her family are unaware that Arjun has bought all of Hariprasads books and instruments and that too at several times more than what it actually is worth. He tells Dhondu to take care of it all while he is away. He also tells him to take care of his father while he is in Mumbai. Arjun and Arohi head towards their destination via two different paths but with the same aim in mind Arohis success! 81 Arohi is preparing for the journey to her dreams. Hariprasad feels helpless as he hasnt been much of help for his daughters. But for Arohi and her sisters, everything that they are today and will be is only because of him, who has been their father as well as their guru. Savita tells DK that today because of his greed, he is losing his son. His son is leaving him forever and he cant do anything to stop him. Arohi goes to the lake one last time before leaving Shimla. Arjun is already near the lake but he hides the moment he sees Arohi. Arohi spots an injured puppy and bandages his wound. She thinks to herself how she had fallen for Arjun when he had bandaged a puppys wounds in the woods. Little did she know that the same person will give her the biggest wound of her life. She also lets go of Arjuns scarf which she had kept with her since the time she first encountered him at the woods, thus letting go of her past life and all the memories attached to it. Meanwhile, DK tries to stop Arjun and tells him that it is impossible for him to survive even for a day without DK and his money. Arjun tells him that for the first time in his life, he only needs love and it is this love that will give him the power to survive. He has already lost Arohi once because of DK and is not willing to do it again.

Arjun and DK set out to Mumbai to chase their respective dreams Arohi wants to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer and Arjuns only wish is to fulfill Arohis dream. 82 Arjun sets out with Arohi to Mumbai. Arohi's sisters Antara and Sur also accompany her as their Baba has gone to US for his treatment. Arohi wonders what is in store for her in this city of dreams, where thousands come every day and very few succeed. She however is determined about one thing, that if she doesnt succeed, she will not go back to Shimla, not because she is afraid of facing her family, but because she doesnt want to face Arjun. The train reaches Mumbai and while Sur and Antara manage to get out, Arohi gets stuck in the crowd. Shes about to lose her balance when Arjuns hand stretches out to help her. She is stunned to see him there but he tells her that he wasnt chasing her, but wanted to get out of Shimla since his mom has come to stay with them. Arjun also faces the harsh realities of life when he is out by himself without the tag of being a Punj attached to him. He finds himself more grounded and also drinks water from a tap at the station. Arohi and her sisters are waiting for the bus when it starts raining. They have no place to cover their heads because the place inside the bus stop is occupied by people. Arjun sees this and starts dancing in the rain. While everyone wonders what is wrong with him, he removes him watch and gold chain and drops it on the ground. People standing under the bus shed rush out to take it, thus giving Arohi and her sisters some solace from the rains. Arohi and her sisters are greeted coldly by Ayesha. They have 2 days to search for an apartment. Arohi comes to know that Ayesha is organizing a show for music director cum singer Karan Singh. She manages to convince Ayesha to get her an entry into the show and she now awaits the show with a hope to get a break through Karan Singh. 83 Arohi returns home to find Sur outside with the bags. She is informed by Sur that Ayesha has asked them to spend the night outside since her landlady is supposed to come for rounds and will not allow more than one girl to stay in the apartment. Sur has asked Antara to go to her friend's place. Arohi and Sur set out to search for a place to stay for the night. They call their father and lie that all is going well in Mumbai. Hariprasad senses something wrong and catches their lie about having had dinner. He tells them to take care of themselves and have dinner the first thing. Arohi and Sur go to a restaurant but decide not to order anything after seeing the prices. Just then, a waiter comes up to them and tells them that the dinner is on the house. It is sponsored by one of their customers for everyone. He points at Arjun but Arohi and Sur dont see his face as he has covered it. Arjun, in his own way helps Arohi at each and every step without letting her know. He also goes to Ayeshas place and tells her that he is the landladys nephew. And she ought to take Arohi and Sur in, or else hell inform his aunt, the landlady and she will lose the apartment forever. He tells Ayesha that he is Arohis office colleague Siddharth but tells her not to mention anything about this to Arohi. Ayesha gets worried hearing this and rushes out to find Arohi and Sur. She manages to get them back home.

Meanwhile, DK, who has been missing Arjun ever since he has left, goes to Sukh Nivas and tells Hariprasad that his son has also left him and gone to Mumbai to chase his dream. Hariprasad hopes for both Arohi and Arjuns dreams to come true but DK wishes for the opposite since he knows Arjuns dream is to see Arohi succeed. 84 Arohi and Sur reach the concert but Ayesha in unable to help them get in. They try their level best to tell the security guards that she knows Karan Singh and her friends in the organizing team. But the guards oust her and Sur from there, thinking they are fans trying to get in. Arjun sees this and takes one of the guards aside and gives him money, in return of which, he asks for the guards uniform. He then goes to the other guard and tells him that Arohi and Sur are Karans special guests and they have to get in. He thus manages to get inside and also instructs the manager to take good care of them. He however makes sure that Arohi knows nothing about all this. Karan Singh makes an entry and bowls everyone over with his performance. He then announces the launch of the year and the final performance of the night begins. Karan Singh starts singing and his new find of the year, Mallika, joins him but to Arohis horror, they both start singing her song, Kitani Mohabbat Hai, the one she sung at the auditions held in Shimla! 85 Arohi is shocked that karan has stolen her song.She confronts karan but he instead gives her his no and tells her to call.Arjun taunts arohi for which she replies saying that she now convinced being good and she will prove it to not only him but the entire world 86 Arjun spends his night in a garden on a bench when Salil calls him up to find out his well being. Arohi makes a promise to herself that she would make a mark for herself in the city and Arjun promises himself to help her anonymously. Ayesha removes Arohi and Sur from the house.While Arohi is worried what she should do and where to go and then suddenly she happens to meet the lady she had once helped who offers them a place to stay . 87 Salil and purvi share some sweet romantic moments to themselves when they are interrupted by Natasha. Arohi is unable to pay the deposit for the rent for which Arjun interrupts and readily agrees to pay the rent .Arjun taunts Arohi yet again but Arohi replies saying that she would never hurt anyone. Salil meets his childhood friend Wendy after ages and seeing their closeness Purvi gets a little uncomfortable. 88 Arohi along with her sisters waits at the lobby until the rains stop and realises that they have mistakenly have the keys to the flat. Arjun has blasting music and women around him when Arohi comes to return the keys. Arjun refuses to take the keys on the pretext that they should wait until the house owner returns.

The house owner interrupts Arjun's party and asks him to leave. Arjun asks her to return the money he had given as the deposit. Arjun suggests that she should keep someone on rent so that he could get his money back. This way Arohi agrees to stay. Now that Arohi is going to stay in the same house, Arjun puts down his terms but Arohi replies saying that although they are in one house, she would have no business with him and both of them would not interfere in each other's lives. 89 Arohi tries calling Karan but is unable to get through. Arohi reads the ad in the paper and decides to go for the singing audition. Arohi prays that everything goes well, Arjun finds out that the audition is a farce and the winner is already decided so he tricks the winner to go to his PnM company for better money and fame. Arohi prays to God to give her this opportunity. Wendy lands up in Salils room in a discussion with Purvi on what colour shirt Salil should wear making Purvi very uncomfortable. 90 Arohi eagerly awaits for her turn to give the audition and after that she is announced as the winner. Arohi is very happy when she is complimented about her voice and shares her happiness and victory with her sisters. Arjun on the hand celebrates Arohi happiness too. 91 Arohi goes for the recording of the song but she sees another singer and is horrified to know that Mr Punj has told them not to take her. Arohi is broken and shattered . Arjun also overhears this and calls up his father and tells him that whatever he does he will never let go of Arohi. Arohi comes looking for Arjun Punj. 92 Arohi screams at Arjun and tells him that he was the biggest mistake of her life. Arjun silently listens to her and takes all her allegations without uttering a word. Arohi now decides she has to meet Karan Singh for taking credit for her song and reaches his office. 93 Arohi reaches Karan Singh's office and bumps into a lady who leaves back some important file.The people at the office mistake Arohi to be the IT officer and let her into Karan's cabin. Arohi gets to meet Karan but as usual he brushes her off. Arohi depressed and lost decides to go back to Shimla. Arjun decides that no way can he let Arohi go back unsuccessful. Arjun, after hearing on TV about Karan Singh signing a new deal with Music baron, Bhavin Kumar

decides to meet Arohi and is delighted to know the next day that Arohi is going for a walk in the same park as Bhavin Kumar. 94 Arjun asks Arohi out on a date I was thinking ki I should se what I was trying to say.. so what I was trying to say is Who mai soch raha tha ki hame dinner karne ke project karna chahiye na.. so mai soch raha tha ki hum bahar dinner karle.. blah blah.. so tum he kya pasand hai continental indial Chinese??..reply.. acha toh when shall I pick u uphurriedly-9 o clockbu but why that late??.. arre its a dat I mean dinner at a restaurant so Ill hav to wear something good na so. Ok fine so Ill pick u up then 95 Arohi and Sur are packing their bags when Karan comes and tries to convince Arohi and apologizes for stealing her the song and says he shouldn't have done that. After much pleading gets a Yes from Arohi. Arohi is very happy and rushes to give the good news to her father Arohi tells Sur that now she will be able to apply for the fine arts college and since they needed money right away, she will do a part time job. Arjun decides to ask for his money to help Arohi but DK blocks Arjuns bank accounts and tells him that now he needs to earn his own money and prove himself and only then can he claim his hard earned money. 96 Arjun starts looking for a job but all in vain. On the other hand D.K takes out all his anger and frustration on Purvi. Arjun doesn't lose hope and sets out again to hunt for a job. After a whole day of searching, out of desperation he purposefully steps in front of a car and bullies the manager saying he does not want money but a job. The manager gives him a job offer of being a clown for kids' party. 97 Arohi asks Sur not to do a part time job and instead concentrate on her entrance exam. Instead, Arohi goes for the part time job that Sur had applied for. Arjun and Arohi happen to be at the same bus stop. His first time bus stop venture does not seem to be pleasant. Arohi saves Arjun from being beaten up by the other ladies at the bus stand. Both Arjun and Arohi reach the birthday venue for kids. Arjun is almost caught by Arohi as a clown but is saved. Sur comes and tells Arohi that she has got a scholarship and both are extremely happy but wonder as to who could have given a recommendation. Arjun overhears their conversation and feels happy... he is actually responsible for this.

98 While Arjun plays the clown at the party Arohi fails to recognise him and admires his goodness. Arohi compliments him for being so jovial and gives him the money which she had received. A tarot card reader tells Arjun that the coming days are full of danger and one day he will have a real gun in his hand and that a life will be lost. Ganga Rai asks Arjun if what the lady said did it come true but before Arjun can answer, the cops come to take him for his court hearing. 99 At the court hearing, the verdict is given - Arjun Punj is to be hanged to death. Ganga Rai requests the judge to give her a chance to prove that Arjun is innocent but the judge refuses and asks her to appeal to the supreme court. 100 Arjun tells Ganga rai his story... Karan goes over to Arohi's house where he is surprised to see Arjun. Karan offers Arjun a partnership in his company. Arohi goes to Karan's studio to sing but is disappointed when Karan tells her that she will be singing as a back up while Mallika will lip sync. Karan appreciates Arohis singing and pats her at an inappropriate place and Arohi slaps him in front of everyone. 101 Arohi slaps Karan in front of everyone after he pats her back. Karan Singh covers up his embarrassment very intelligently. Arjun tries convincing Karan about his enmity with Arohi, but Karan is doubtful. Karan announces to everyone that Arjun would now be is business partner. He also introduces Arohi to everyone as his lead singer. Purvi thinks that Salil is not paying much attention towards her like he used to. Instead she feels he is more attentive towards Wendy and feels insecure. Natasha tells her that she has to know Salil more so that their relationship becomes stronger. She also hints that if she doesn't, she might lose Salil. While in a conversation with Karans manager Arjun is advised that he should give his relationship a second chance and not take the decision for himself 102 Arjun confesses his love to Arohi and tells her that he is here only for her. Failing to believe him Arohi refuses to listen. With the past in mind she doesn't want to be hurt again. Karan happens to hear their conversation and then Arjun cheats the conversation and shows as if he is having an argument with Arohi, and hence convinces him of their enmity.

Karan now being convinced that Arjun hates Arohi, tells him his plan of taking a revenge on Arohi since she had slapped him in front of everyone. Arohi is alone at home when Arjun enters the house from the window and Arohi attacks him mistaking him for a robber. Arohi trips over and hurts herself but refuses Arjun's help. 103 Arjun indirectly tries to get Arohi to change her mind from going to the party but Arohi makes up her mind to go. Purvi feels that she should no longer stay with Salil since she doesn't know anything about him and childishly tells him to divorce her. Salil replies saying that even if she wanted she couldnt get rid of him. Arohi is very happy with the dress Purvi and Salil send for her to wear at the party. Arjun he is worried about her going to the party because he knows Karan's plan of humiliating her. Karan introduces Malika to Bhavin kumar as the singer of the album. While Karan awaits Arohis arrival with the intention to take his revenge ,Arjun tries to find out his exact game plan. 104 Karan sarcastically comments on Arohi's way of dressing. Arohi inquires about meeting Bhavin kumar who Karan was supposed to introduce to her, but he puts off the topic and introduces her to his dancers and tells her that they are producers and singers. Karan asks Aman to spike Arohis drink so that she embarrasses herself in front of everybody, this being his whole game plan. Malika is envious of Arohi since Karan is giving Arohi all the attention. Karan plans to get Arohi to change her clothes and then make a fool of herself. Arjun, in order to save Arohi from changing her clothes, creates a commotion and tells everyone that his money has been stolen, but his plan doesn't work and Arohi changes into a short dress. Arjun gets angry and reminds her of the self-respect and values she herself under no circumstance wants to forget. 105 Karan introduces DK Punj as his surprise guest .Arjun takes away the spiked drink from arohi which she thinks to be a mocktail and gives it to malika saying she deserves to have it.Arohi unaware gets upset with him. Dk Punj taunts arohi of being devious of her actions to have bagged a singing contract .Dk punj gives arjun a bag with all his stuff over his conversation with him but arjun refuses to take it. Dk Punj is vents his sadness of not having his son with him and doing the things his way. Misunderstanding is created in arohi's mind when tshe questions the waiter .Arohi starts feeling dizzy and karan singh takes advantage leading her in to the room followed by arjun 106

Karan takes Arohi into the room and arjun follows him, in the course of protecting her shoots karan. He is rushed to the hospital. Arjun confesses to the police but is bailed out by DK Punj .Unaware of the truth Arohi assumes Arjun guilty. At Salil's birthday party his friends mistakes Vendy and Salil to be the married couple which takes salil, purvi for a surprise. Karan calls for arjun out of all the people awaiting his consciousness and questions him. Arjun unable to reveal the truth tells him that his intention was to shoot Arohi .Arohi on overhearing their conversation is convinced of his hatred towards her, but somehow the same excuse fails to convince Karan. 107 Purvi seeks out for Natasha's advice on what to wear for the surprise party arranged by salil. Natasha tells her to change her dressing sense and be a little happening with what we call "in trend" if she wants Salil's attention. Arjun brings Karan home from the hospital when arohi comes to visit him and Arjun stops her from doing so. Arohi in anger curses him that the person he loves the most more than your life will be the one who will hate him to such an extent of wishing your death.Karan listens to all of their conversation and is convinced that arjun was lying .Karan calls up Natasha to yet confirm the same and karan decides to now play the game with arjun arohi. 108 Vendy at the party awaits what the surprise. Everyone along with Salil stunned to see Purvi with a complete makeover. Salil calls Arjun for a piece of advice to understand what could have got Purvi to change into something she is not at all comfortable .Finally Salil announces the surprise for which the party is held, Akshay Malhotra assumed to be Vendy's boyfriend. Purvi congratulates Vendy but instead vendy lies to her saying that Salil and she are in love and that salil also wants to divorce Purvi . Purvi is very hurt and shocked leaves the house with a note for salil .Karan tells arohi that he has registered her name for the contest among the top 3 finalists .Arohi refuses saying she would rather be called a star by going through the hard way and achieving a name for herself. 109

Arjun says I LOVE YOU to Arohi 110 Arohi playfully runs from Arjun. 111 Arohi says she doesnt feel like saying I Love You to Arjun 112 Arjun tells Arohi that he will call her. 113 Arjun calls Arohi up at midnight and both talk but Arohi is caught by her little 114

Arjun-Arohi go in a lift and Arjun keeps on motioning to her 115 Arjun makes Arohi say I love You after she refers to herself as his girlfriend. 116 Arohi pretends to faint after coming out of the elevator.

117 Arjun comes unexpectedly in Arohi's cabin and holds her hand. 118 125 Arjun is horrified to see it Sheetal bua instead of Arohi and he tells her that he was expecting someone else. Sheetal bua is upset and they both leave the room but to Arjun's dismay, he is caught by Hari Prasad. Hari Prasad ticks off Arjun and refuses to listen to any of Arjun's explanations. Arohi realizes what has happened and now knows that Arjun will be very upset with her. She tries to pacify with him but he refuses to listen. Arjun is determined to stay upset but cannot hide his smile when Arohi very cutely apologizes to him and says I love you. Arohi smiles at him and waves goodbye to him. As Mitu bua sees Arohi wave to someone and sees that its Karan that Arohi is waving to ,she feels that something is happening between Arohi and Karan, sees a light of hope that things could work out between them. 126 Arohi knowing that Arjun is still not happy because of the lehenga confusion gets the lights switched off and plants a kiss on Arjun's cheek. Salil tries all possible ways to be around Purvi. Abhay calls up Karan Singh to ask him whether he still wants to destroy Arohi. Arohi over hears only a part of the conversation and is shocked when she hears Karan talking about wanting to take revenge on her but does not hear him saying that now he has no hatred against Arohi and neither does he intend taking any revenge. Arohi is shattered and feels very hurt that all this while Arjun tried telling her about Karan but she just refused to listen to him . She decides that she will not work with him and next day goes to put in her papers but is shocked when Karan tells her the entire truth that he wanted revenge on her for saying no to him and how the girl he married had betrayed him and how after that he has never trusted woman .He further tells her how he had planned the fire in his studio because his wife wanted a share of his studio. He tells Arohi that only because of her he has changed and now it is her decision if she wants to work with him or not but he will still launch her album. Arohi without saying anything leaves from there.

Arohi now has to choose between Karan and Arjun. However, after Arjun saves her from a burning building, she realizes that Arjun still loves her very much and despite what she had thought of him, she falls in love with him again. Then, Arjun and Arohi decide to marry. Arjun's father, D.K. Punj refuses this marriage and emotionally blackmails Arohi into leaving Arjun without giving him a reason. He says that if she doesn't leaves his son so he will reveal this to everybody that Arjun is not his son and because this is a secret which is known by only him so Savita will break and Arjun will lose his so-called family. At the same point Arohi thinks "Arjun kii zindagi mein koi-na-koi aa hi jayegi lekin, maa baap woh waapas nahi

aayenge". So, she leaves him by giving him an excuse that he is nothing without his dad and his surname. Arohi than decides to accept Karan's wedding proposal. On the wedding day, Arjun kidnaps Arohi to prevent her from marrying Karan which makes her question his character. She escapes by sending him jail but Arjun's dad's friend comes there to his rescue and this gives him a chance to convince Arohi. During the wedding, Arohi's father, Hari Prasad, falls off the slippery balcony while talking to Arjun about him accepting his and Arohi's love. The blame is placed on Arjun thus sending him to jail for two and a half years before he is executed. Arohi's marriage is halted and during this time, she accomplishes her dream of becoming a famous singer. She gains everything money,fame and property but loses two most precious things i.e. her baba(who she wants back) and Arjun(who she wants to be dead) On Arjun's execution day, Arohi decides to watch her sister Sur's wedding video which is actually a real account of Hari Prasad's death. She runs to the prison in time to save Arjun's life however decides not to meet him. Instead, Arohi decides to return to Shimla to lead a quiet life with Arjun's memories and their beautiful past. Arjun also decides to return to Shimla. After a lot of mishaps and almost meetings, Arjun and Arohi both decide to travel to Shimla via train. At the train station, as Arohi is helping an old lady, she is about to miss the train. As she sees it, she remembers her mother's letter from the beginning of the show which says her destiny will find her. As she is thinking, a hand comes out of the train and she runs to it. The hand belongs to Arjun. As they look at each other, they simply hug to express their love for each other. Back in Shimla, they have the big, traditional wedding they have always dreamed of.