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Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo these global brands and a host of other IT companies are

e rapidly and fundamentally transforming the way in which we work,

communicate, collaborate and enjoy entertainment such as movies and games. All These TECH Giants employs the same particular cutting edge technology.THE TECHNOLOGY IM TALKING ABOUT IS NONE OTHER THAN CLOUD COMPUTING .AND ITS EFFECT TO THE ENVIRONMENT. HOW many of you in the AUDIENCE own a gadget ,a cellphone or a device with web browsing capabilities,?And how many of us have at least uploaded a picture ,or file to the internet in the last 28 days ? Or collaborated on the Spectrum portal .There are real life examples of CLOUD COMPUTING use which exist in this technological era . Cloud Computing is a technology which is able to store all data in a large data factory .At the same time making it highly accessible via internet. Our lives today are so dependant on cloud computing,especially in the university where were required to be efficient in research,effective in communication and synergized in collaboration .Coupled with Small handheld devices, Cloud Computing has brought us CONVENIENCE was not made availble in previous decades. Im Sure We have all benefitted in one way or another , and having a hand in building content into a technology which highly interactive .

The growth and scale of investment in cloud computing technology is truly mind-blowing. Industry experts estimates that therell be 50% increase in the amount of digital information by 2020.And Nearly half a trillion in investment in the coming year,. All to create and feed our desire for access to infinite information from our computers, phones and mobile devices instantly. THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH The engine that drives the cloud is the data center or data factories of the 21st century .It contains thousands of computers servers that store and manage our rapidly growing collection of data for consumption at a moments notice. A research done by Greenpeace International reveals that these cloud data centers, many of which can be seen from space, consume a tremendous amount of electricity; to the equivalent of nearly 180,000 homes. Electricity is essential to power the data servers and the cooling mechanisms that keep the machines

running smoothly.One begins to ponder where did all that electricty come from? They are mainly powered by electricity which is often derived from burning coal.Which in turn , emit Carbon into the atmosphere. CHOICE OF ENERGY At the same the energy choices made by these companies are completely invisible to consumers. As consumers continue to rely more and more on our online world, there are places where the cloud actually touches the ground. As a matter of fact,cloud

computing is responsible for a very significant and rapidly growing impact in the offline world. Places where these data centers are situated.

CONSUMERS MUST INFLUENCE CHANGE As users of the technology , we are partly to be blamed for the mismanagement of environmental situation by the very cloud

companies we support . We did not realise that we are actually behind these sophisticated IT companies.Companies which didn't bother linking their IT innovation to equally innovative clean sources of electricity.Many IT companies are simply choosing to attach their information factories to some of the dirtiest sources of electricity . And these utilities suppliers, unlike the IT companies, are not known for their innovation and are polluting the environment with carbon emissions of devastating proportions. Greenpeace activists have reveal that Three of the largest IT companies are found to be in the environmental red , Amazon, Apple and Microsoft rapidly expanding without adequate regard to source of electricity.They relying heavily on coal energy to power their clouds. The lack of transparency from major IT brands remains one of the major environmental concern among environmental activist.. There is this shared secrecy due to fear of disclosing business information among major cloud brands.

There is also a desire to suppress the story of how the IT sector, often perceived as clean by the public and its employees, is actually heavily reliant upon coal and other dirty sources of energy to fuel its growth. We as consumers should demand our rights to be made aware of the environmental impact that is derived from the cloud computing industry .And we need to express the urgency rather quickly. Through the social networks we use, we should spread the awareness of the detrimental effects which cloud computing pose on our environment. Our tremendous urgency will pressure cloud companies towards renewable sources of energy.Taking the example of facebook one of the largest online destinations with over 800 million users around the world.It has now committed to power its platform with renewable energy. Facebook took the first major step in that direction with the construction of its latest data center in Sweden, which can be fully powered by renewable energy such as wind energy. That serves to prove that as a consumer, we do have the power to influence the companies to look into the potential of cleaner energy. As a summary to what I have delivered in my speech, I wish to reiterate that the cloud computing has brough many convenience and benefits in the field of communication and information technology. However ,the inconvenient truth about cloud

computing is that many companies have yet to sought cleaner energies to fuel the expansion of the investments. Furthermore the lack of transparency , has allowed consumers to be oblivious of the dangers the industry pose to the environment. Consumers

exert their power asthe agents that can influence change in the industry As a conclusion, I would like to encourage all cloud users such as the audience I have here with me to practise educated and

environmental judgment . Use the cloud only when necessary. If possible ,do not rely on online storage platforms such as Icloud.In my personal experience,as an owner of of many Apple devices, I am guilty of Apples ignorant stand on environmental issues

.Recently ,I have disabled all my icloud subscription in my devices. I believe if we do not do something about this,, future generations will question is cloud computing just a cloud of pollution and if it is why did we all allowed it to happen