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The following is a message thread from a stranger in regards to me questioning the fact that there is no evidence either video

or from satellite photos that Libya is bombing civilian non-combatant towns on Remember Qaddafi was a legitimate leader who we do Biz with two weeks ago. He is having an internal uprising and has mutinous troops rebelling against him. If the same thing happened in the US there would be fighting. I am jsut making the point that we are gearing up for another foreign involvement and I don't believe the reasons for it. Our gov and media has a proven track record for lying.

Lynne Fisk March 3 at 8:28pm Report What the fuck are you smoking, and what ever it is I want some. Over 6,000 people Libayans have been killed by the ass Kadfafy try watching Democracy Now............ John William Holland March 3 at 8:52pm really? says who? the same media that said Iraq had WMD's or That Iraq was pulling babies out of incubators? The clip I saw had people firing there guns in the air and a man hanging in a tree. And I think my comment was that there is no evidence of townc being bombed. i I think that if you look you will find the same 'show me' attitude coming from major global powers. This is about the OIL thats all kuwait was about, ITs what Iraq is about (O operation I raqi L iberation), Its what Kuwait was about. Afghanistan is about control of the Pipeline Heroin, AND are earth metals. Show me video of Libyian planes bombing towns. show me. If there wasn't oil there we would have as much interest as we do in Darfur. John William Holland March 3 at 9:03pm

Media= US/NATO military propaganda What did the Sec. of State say yesterday about an infowar? Eyewitnesses say media whipping up Libyan uproar RT

Lynne Fisk March 3 at 9:14pm Report here is a link that may show you a whole lot more than mainstream media try watching and follow this: The Sec Of State said that Al Jazzerra should be allowed on American TV and she is totally correct, Have a Great Day and do try to open your mind a bit more than A horse with blinders on....................

John William Holland March 3 at 9:52pm You completely missed the point about what the secretary of state said. John William Holland March 3 at 9:52pm any you have refuted nothing i have said

Lynne Fisk March 3 at 9:57pm Report I refuse to go to your level in regards to this disscussion any longer and BTW that profile pic SUCKS Please Do Not Reply B/C it will Not Be Answered John William Holland March 3 at 10:52pm fuck you you government line shrill. Its libs like you that we have the patriot act and hundreds of thousands dead by following what you were told. Bitch you started it