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Sunt propozitii subordonate introduse prin : if , unless (= if not ) ,on condition (that) , in case (that) , provided (that) , providing (that) , supposing (that) , suppose (that) . [ unless este conjunctie negativa , deci verbul va fi la afirmativ ] . In astfel de propozitii nu putem folosi viitorul sau conditionalul . I. Daca in propozitia principala avem viitor dupa IF vom avea prezent . , prezent sau imperativ ,

Conditia exprimata este reala si posibila (90% sanse de realizare). Se refera la VIITOR , la o actiune care are aproape toate sansele sa se realizeze . Exemple : The pain will go if you take some medicine . Where will you put your books if she takes your bookcase ? The sun shines if there are no clouds in the sky . People eat if they feel hungry . Dont touch the wire if you dont have rubber soles (talpi) . If you think the mushrooms are poisonous , dont eat them .


Daca in propozitia principala avem conditional prezent ( would + Vb.I ) dupa IF vom avea past tense . ( Pentru verbul TO BE este forma WERE la toate persoanele ) . Conditia exprimata este probabila si imaginara Se refera la PREZENT , ar putea realiza dar este foarte putin probabil . (~ 49% sanse) . la o actiune care s-

Exemple : We wouldnt postpone the exam unless we could . Providing Jack were here he would know what to do . If I were you , I wouldnt turn him down ( a refuza) . Where would she go for help in case she really needed it ? OBS. Exista posibilitatea de a-l omite pe IF , in acest caz are loc inversiune dintre auxiliar si subiect . Pentru regula a II-a ,

auxiliarul este should si were pentru verbul to be .

pentru verbele obisnuite

Exemple : Should I find some money I would pay the rent . Were they eating , you would have to wait . Should it start raining , how would you go on playing ?


Daca in propozitia principala avem conditional perfect ( would have + Vb. III ) dupa IF vom avea past perfect . Conditia exprimata este nereala si imposibila ( 0% sanse ) . Se refera la TRECUT , la o actiune care nu sa realizat conform asteptarilor dar nu se poate modifica .

Exemple : How would you have reacted if you had been invited to the principals office ? If they had lost the match they would have been punished . Suppose he had spoken in French , nobody would have undestood him . If she had been sleeping she couldnt have heard the phone . Atentie ! : frazele conditionale de tipul III se pot traduce prin IMPERFECT. Exemple : Cum reactionai daca erai invitat . ? Daca pierdeau meciul . Daca vorbea .. nimeni nu-l intelegea . OBS . Il putem omite pe IF , facand in acest caz inversiunea dintre auxiliar (had) si subiect . Exemple : Had they been late , everybody would have had a shock . What would you have done , hadnt she told you the truth ?