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EXCEL 2007 MENU SHORTCUTS RIBBON (Ctrl + F1) Home Insert Page Layout Formulas Data Review View

Add-Ins Windows (File) HOME Cut Copy Paste Format Painter Clipboard Font Face Font Size Increase Font Size Decrease Font Size Bold Italic Underline Borders Fill Color Font Color Font Align Top Align Middle Align Bottom Align Orientation Align Left Align Center Align Right Decrease Indent Increase Indent Alignment Wrap Text Merge & Center Format Category Currency Style Percent Style Comma Style Increase Decimal Decrease Decimal Number Conditional Formatting Format as Table Cell Styles Insert Delete Format AutoSum Fill Clear Sort & Filter Find & Select Alt + H N P M A R W X F Alt + H X C V FP FO FF FS FG FK 1 2 3 B H FC FN AT AM AB FQ AL AC AR 5 6 FA W M N AN P K 0 9 FM L T J I D O U FI E S FD INSERT Pivot Table Table Picture Clip Art Shapes SmartArt Column Line Pie Bar Area Scatter Other Charts Charts Hyperlink Text Box Header & Footer WordArt Signature Line Object Symbol Alt + N V T P F SH M C N E B A D O K I X H W G J U FORMULAS Insert Function AutoSum Recently Used Financial Logical Text Date & Time Lookup & Reference Math & Trig More Functions Name Manager Define Name Use in Formula Create From Selection Trace Precedents Trace Dependents Remove Arrows Show Formulas Error Checking Evaluate Formula Watch Window Calculation Options Calculate Now Calcuate Sheet DATA From Access From Web From Text From Other Sources Existing Connections Refresh All Connections Properties Edit Links Sort AZ (Ascending) Sort ZA (Descending) Sort Options Filter (Autofilter) Clear Reapply Advanced Text to Columns Remove Duplicates Data Validation Consolidate What-If Analysis Group Ungroup Subtotal Show Detail Hide Detail Alt + M F U R I L T E O G Q N M S C P D A H K V W X B J Alt + A FA FW FT FO X R O P K A D S T C Y Q E M V N W G U B J H VIEW Normal Page Layout Page Break Preview Custom Views Full Screen Ruler Gridlines Message Bar Formula Bar Headings Zoom 100% Zoom to Selection New Window Arrange All Free pages Split Hide Unhide View Side by Side Synchronous Scrolling Reset Window Position Save Workspace Switch Windows Macros Alt + W L P I C E R VG D VF VH Q J G N A F S H U B VS T K W M REVIEW Spelling Research Thesaurus Translate New Comment Delete Comment Previous Comment Next Comment Show/Hide Comment Show All Documents Show Link Protect Sheet Protect Worksheet Share Workbook Protect & Share Workbook Allow Users to Edit Ranges Track Changes Alt + R S R E L C D V N H A I PS PW W D U G

PAGE LAYOUT Colors Fonts Effects Themes Margins Orientation Size Print Area Breaks Background Print Titles Page Setup Width Height Scale Gridlines: View Gridlines: Hint Headings: View Headings: Print Sheet Options Bring to Front Send to Back Selection Page Align Group Rotate


Note: This lists Excel 2007 menu driven keystrokes. The old Excel 2003 menu driven keystrokes (via accelerator keystrokes) still work in Excel 2007 with some minor variations & differences; the vast majority of Ctrl and Shift- related shortcuts still work please see our Advanced Excel Shortcut tips.
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