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Remotely Operated Thermal Observation Sight

Features 360 coverage. High elevation and depression angles. Gyro-stabilised for viewing on the move. Flexible and modular payload. Thales TI camera options: High performance, SXGA (high definition) cooled TI cameras to un-cooled affordable TI cameras. Thales TI cameras considerably increase the probability of detecting ground disturbance. Laser range finder. CCD TV colour zoom camera.

Benefits Uninterrupted visual coverage of the scene in azimuth. Observe high buildings and ground near the vehicle. Increases the tempo of operations. Sensor fit can be customised to customer requirements. 24/7 all weather operation increases the survivability of vehicles and soldiers.

Accurately determine the range of targets and areas of interest. Gives the commander appreciation of colours in the scene at high levels of magnification. Identify potential targets and points of interest to dismounted troops and other vehicles. Integrate with vehicle GPS to deliver target position. Survives the harshest global environments.

Laser pointers and illuminators.

Rugged design that meets all military standards

See Anytime, Anywhere


Remotely Operated Thermal Observation Sight

Thales has developed a state of the art observation system capable of providing surveillance and reconnaissance information to the crew of an Armoured Fighting Vehicle. ROTOS features the latest high performance sensors to be integrated on a platform for advanced surveillance and observation mission. With extensive experience in vehicle integration, Thales has the ability to develop unique solutions made up from a large variety of sensors to meet specific customer requests. Its modular and flexible design makes it suitable for integration on all types of platform, from Protected Patrol Vehicles (PPVs) to Main Battle Tanks (MBTs). Its flexible configuration allows mounting of multiple sensors, such as Thermal Imagers, Laser Range Finders and CCD TV cameras. ROTOS provides on all terrain a 360 degrees visual coverage of the vehicles environment, thus effectively providing surveillance of large areas and ROTOS considerably increases the ability to identify threats, whether those are at a short or long distances from the vehicle. ROTOS head stabilisation makes it possible for the crew to have a steady image when the vehicle is on the move. Observers will no longer have to compromise on essential reconnaissance capabilities. In its mast-mounted configuration, commanders can benefit from an increased vantage point, giving them the means to make the right decision at the right time, even when involved in complex situations. Target position is established through GPS interface and the mast sensors head position.
Thales has a policy of continuous development and improvement and consequently the equipment may vary from the description and specification in this document. This document may not be considered as a contract specification. Graphics do not indicate use or endorsement of the featured equipment or services.

ROTOS also increases chances to detect ground disturbance.

Standard system configuration:

Catherine MP Thermal Imager Celt 2 eye safe laser range finder Colour zoom CCD TV camera Mast or turret/roof mounted Intuitive Joystick control and Man-machine interface High Definition TV Display
Configuration can be modified to suit other requirements

Catherine MP thermal imager

SXGA (1280x1024) Mega Pixel video Spectral Band 8-12m Vehicle identification: 2.25 km Man identification: 1.1 Km Narrow FoV: 5 x 4 Wide FoV: 15 x 12

TV Camera
Optical zoom 36x Viewing Angle 56 to 1.7 (Full Optical Zoom) Image Format 760(W) x 574(H) 440,000 pixels

Enhanced geoposition with Gyro Compass Integration with Battlefield Management System Auto Tracking of Threat and Auto Detection of Threat (future development) Signal Distribution Unit option allows multiple sensor integration with ROTOS mast mounted sensors

Payloads up to 15 kg Speed Min 0.05/s Max 30/s Continuous rotation via slip ring Elevation +40 to -80 Gyro stabilised.

System Environment

Designed to meet military vehicle requirements

Celt 2 Laser Range Finder

Laser type: ErYb: Glass Class 1 Eyesafe Range: 20metres - 19995 metres Wavelength: 1535nm

High Definition TV Display

17 inch LCD Flat Panel SXGA (1280 x 1024) Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

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Thales 2009 Ref: ROTOS:11/09