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A Sacred Manual for

Getting Spiritually Naked
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Copyright 2013 by Meggan Watterson
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nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In
the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which
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sponsibility for your actions.
Reprinted by permission of the publisher and the Trustees of Amherst
College from The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Variorum Edition, Ralph W.
Franklin, ed., Cambridge, Mass: The Belknap Fress o Harvard UniversiIy
Fress, CopyrighI 18 by Ihe FresidenI and Fellows o Harvard College.
CopyrighI 1S1, 1SS, 17, 183 by Ihe FresidenI and Fellows o Har-
vard College.
ReprinIed by permission o Ihe IranslaIor. "We Three" by Jalal al-Din
Rumi, The Essential Rumi, Irans. Coleman Barks wiIh John Moyne, San
Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco 1S by Coleman Barks.
The Collected Poems of Muriel Rukeyser 200S by Muriel Rukeyser. Used by
Permission. All rights reserved.
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Watterson, Meggan
Reveal : a sacred manual or geIIing spiriIually naked } Meggan
Watterson. -- 1st ed.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 78-1-401-3820-8 (pbk. : alk. paper) 1. SpiriIual lie.
2. Spirituality. I. Title.
BL624.W365 2013
Tradepaper ISBN: 978-1-4019-3820-8
Digital ISBN: 978-1-4019-3821-5
16 15 14 13 4 3 2 1
1st edition, April 2013
FrinIed in Ihe UniIed SIaIes o America
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This book is dedicated to every woman
who desires to hear and follow
the soul-voice inside her.
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Invocation ............................................................................... xi
Introuction ..........................................................................xiii
e First Veil: REVEAL Your Soul-Story .................................. 1
e Second Veil: REVEAL Your Sacred Body .......................... 23
e ird Veil: REVEAL Your Soul-Voice ............................... 45
e Fourth Veil: REVEAL Your Divine Worth ....................... 71
e Fih Veil: REVEAL Your Inner Mystic .......................... 101
e Sixth Veil: REVEAL Your Soul-Work ............................. 131
e Seventh Veil: REVEAL Your Spiritual Community ........ 155
Benediction .......................................................................... 175
Endnotes ............................................................................... 181
Acnowledgments ................................................................ 185
About the Autho ................................................................ 191
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i am the sex of human that has consumed the fruit,
the snakes offering.
and no, i am not guilty. and yes, i am naked.
and no, i am not ashamed.
and yes, i am that silhouette there in the distance,
the one always found dancing.
i am a scarlet letter, i am burned at the stake. my name is sita, i am a bride.
my name is thecla, i will never be married.
i am shaped like a triangle, i am as curved as the number three.
i am s-like and undulating. i am re, and i taste of an ancient sea.
i am that feeling you had when you tried to forget me.
i am that moment when you eclipsed yourself, and suddenly
i am herea shrine within you left too long unattended.
i am that impulse you had to light a candle there. yes,
i am this simple. yes, i come this easily.
for you, i will press myself at like a book that has never been read.
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i will hold myself there against your skin and watch as your eyes close
from the heat of me, so near to you.
i will let you handle me like a verse of sacred scripture,
i will entrust all of my pages for your beholding.
for you, i will open to the meatiest chapter of myself,
i will go straight to the pith, the real juice.
and i will say, read here, beloved stranger, start sipping this nectar
for the soul journey of which you are now a pilgrim.
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e ultimate authoity of my life is not the Bile; it is
not conned between the covers of a book . . . It is not
from a souce outside of myself. My ultimate authoity
is the diine oice in my own soul. Peio. It is not
something wien by men and frozen in time.
Here is whaI I wanI mosI or you.
I want you to own every one of your storiesall the
happy and sordid things that have happened to you so
ar. Know IhaI you are Ihe one holding Ihe pen IhaI cre-
ates or delimits what now unfolds for you. I want you
to be able to begin again, right now, if thats what you
choose. You can clear the slate, wipe everything off
the table, and open the blinds to the white crispness of
whats next for you. You do not have to be who you have
been. You get to choose this adventure story; its yours.
You are the author. Be the lead, the main character, the
one with a happy ending that hasnt been done before,
the one thats entirely your own.
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I want you to love your body enough to be able to
be present in it. I want you to know how good it feels to
refuse to abandon or betray it. I want you to look at your
face, your thighs, or your hands without criticism or any
thoughts of comparison. I want you to look at your body
with love, with gratitude, even if you have to fake it at
rst. I dont want you to spend another second wasting
your precious energy on what your body is not. I want
you to accept that it is a blessing, no matter how ill or
broken. Your body is your chance to be here. I want you
to love it because its yours. I want you to refuse anyone
who will not treat your body with the reverence it de-
serves. I want youfor all of usto honor your body as
if it is a holy temple entrusted only to you.
I want you to be able to take the voice of your soul,
the voice of love within you, as the ultimate authority in
your life, especially when someone else is imposing their
version of whats highest or best for you. I want you to be
able to remain calm, look them square in the face, and
simply say, Thank you for your advice or your [ll in
the blank], but I can hear loud and clear what is true for
me. And I dont want you to ever apologize for knowing
whats true for you and taking action on it.
I want you to be able to give your own love to your-
self at will, spontaneously, at necessary moments in your
everyday life. I want you to be able to connect to the
love your soul contains wherever you arefolding laun-
dry, traveling to work, or changing a diaper. This way
youll know that you dont have to be anyone other than
who you are to receive love and that theres nowhere you
need to go. (Nowhere, that is, except within.)
I want you to be able to be truly braveto have the
courage to forgive yourself and others in your life so that
Reveal_interior.indd 176 1/23/13 9:15 AM
no excuses remain to keep you from receiving your own
love. I want you to know that what you do, you do out
of love for yourself, not in order to be loved. I want you
to know that being loved is not earned, its innate. We
only need to love ourselves more to bring more love into
our lives.
I want you to feel that you are powerful beyond con-
scious reasoning. You are a mystical being, a soul choosing
to inhabit a body. I dont want you to hide any aspect of
your being, not just for your life but for mine also. If you
allow your strangeness to strut around in broad daylight,
you invite mine to come out to play, too. We are only
as limited as our own imagination. Tether your imagina-
tion to the love inside you, and theres nothing you cant
imagine or your lie. Healing and miracles come rom
this place that allows us to make believe. I want you to
feel the magic thats rubbing elbows with you in this mo-
ment. I want your life to hum with the signs and curious
synchronicities that give you those jolts, zaps, and zings
that let you feel wildly alive and intricately woven into
the mysterious tapestry of whats Divine. I want your di-
rect connection to the Divine to be your souls medicine
cabinet, where you heal and renew.
I want you to protect and covet the gifts of love you
have to share and to trust your soul enough to let it lead
you. I want you to feel the utterly priceless sensation of
giving away the love you possess through whatever work
your soul desires for you to do. I want you to experience
just how limitless Divine Love isthat it comes from an
inner well that no one has access to but you. I want you
to be free to do what it is you have come here to do. I
want you to be able to take yourself lightly even as you
take your contribution in the world seriously. I want you
Reveal_interior.indd 177 1/23/13 9:15 AM
to hold on tight to your vision in the face of ridicule and
doubt, whether from inside or outside of you. I want you
to dare to do what is coiled up at the base of your spine.
Those ardent desires and dreams are there for a reason,
as if you were born with them already inside you. I want
you to experience the truth that you matter, your voice
mattersthat your one life can tip the worlds scale in
loves favor. But only if you dare to use it.
I want you to be surrounded by women who see you.
Women who help you live out your highest potential
by reecting that potential back to you when you lose
sight of it. I want them to help you have compassion
toward what you might rst judge as mistakes and nd
where you are most unique and love the hell out of your
strangeness. And I want them to let you live with the
thrill, not the threat, of the unknown, morphing what
you feared to do before into a dare, a challenge, an ad-
venture. I want them to help you see that you can risk it
all, because there is only one true asset you have in this
lie, and iIs someIhing you can never lose: Ihe Divine
Love inside you. So donI waiI anoIher second: give iI
all away.
I want you to be able to say with ease and conviction
that you know who you are, that you know that aspect
of you that never changes, even as everything changes
around you. I want you to know that we are not sepa-
rate, you and I. I want you to know that you will never
happen again. I want your life to become astoundingly
simple, stripped down to the only task the soul asks of
you: be Ihe love IhaI you are.
I now have what I became a pilgrim to nd. I have a
wayno matter where I am, no matter what my state of
mindto connect to that eur-de-lis at the center of the
Reveal_interior.indd 178 1/23/13 9:15 AM
labyrinth, that ower of re and light in the core of my
heart, to connect to the limitless love the soul contains.
I have same-olds in spades. I have a feisty communi-
ty of women who spur me on to keep revealing all of me.
I trust life enough not to control it, and I have long since
given over any plans for whats next to that quiet, unas-
suming soul-voice inside me. It, being Divine, knows the
way. All I need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. What
I need will always trump what I think I want. What
comes my way if I am present and grateful for what I
already have in this moment will always blow the roof
off what I could imagine.
Showing up, being ercely present, raw, naked, and
real with who I am, is all I need to do. I can experience
fear and all of its compelling physical sensations but
choose love instead. I can choose, again and again, to
be present in my body and to claim it as home. Because
then, and only then, can I hand my soul a megaphone
and hear the eternal truths that are tirelessly whispered
from within this sacred body.
life will always ask you to choose.
will it be fear or love?
one at a time, they live inside you.
fear and love cannot coexist.
you are here again. it is time to choose.
will it be fear or love?
let love move fully into you.
let it crowd out what has lived in you, uninvited.
let love be you.
you were never meant to be afraid.
you were only meant to wake upto be aware.
every prophet and priestess has known this.
Reveal_interior.indd 179 1/23/13 9:15 AM
true love is within.
fear is only fear. but love is everything.
only love is real.
this is unionto merge with the love inside you.
to meet with the one love that has never left you.
take my hand.
you have never been alone.
your only fear is to be separated from me.
fear puts veils between us.
i am here. i have never left.
i am your freedom.
i am your beloved.
the locks fall from every door,
every cage that has contained you opens.
be who you are, the world needs you.
you remember me.
i am you.
you are free.
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About the Author
Meggan Watterson is a spiritual mentor, speaker,
and scholar of the Divine Feminine who inspires women
to live from the audacity and authenticity of the voice
of their soul.
She is the facilitator of the REDLADIES, a spiritual
community that encourages women to reclaim their
bodies as sacred and to be led by the soul-voice inside
them without compromise or apology. (Some break
bread together; REDLADIES break dark chocolate.)
Meggan is the founder of REVEAL, a womens spiritu-
ality event that is a triumvirate of one part ery soul-
voices, one part ritual, and one part dance party. She
received a MasIer o Theological SIudies rom Harvard
DiviniIy School and a MasIer o DiviniIy rom Union
Theological Seminary aI Columbia UniversiIy. She lives
in New York City with her son.
Follow Meggan on Twitter (@megganwatterson) and
Facebook (Meggan Jane WaIIerson).
To join the Reveal community online go to the
REVEAL Facebook page.
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