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A Sacred Manual for

Getting Spiritually Naked
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Copyright 2013 by Meggan Watterson
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nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In
the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which
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Reprinted by permission of the publisher and the Trustees of Amherst
College from The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Variorum Edition, Ralph W.
Franklin, ed., Cambridge, Mass: The Belknap Fress o Harvard UniversiIy
Fress, CopyrighI 18 by Ihe FresidenI and Fellows o Harvard College.
CopyrighI 1S1, 1SS, 17, 183 by Ihe FresidenI and Fellows o Har-
vard College.
ReprinIed by permission o Ihe IranslaIor. "We Three" by Jalal al-Din
Rumi, The Essential Rumi, Irans. Coleman Barks wiIh John Moyne, San
Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco 1S by Coleman Barks.
The Collected Poems of Muriel Rukeyser 200S by Muriel Rukeyser. Used by
Permission. All rights reserved.
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Watterson, Meggan
Reveal : a sacred manual or geIIing spiriIually naked } Meggan
Watterson. -- 1st ed.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 78-1-401-3820-8 (pbk. : alk. paper) 1. SpiriIual lie.
2. Spirituality. I. Title.
BL624.W365 2013
Tradepaper ISBN: 978-1-4019-3820-8
Digital ISBN: 978-1-4019-3821-5
16 15 14 13 4 3 2 1
1st edition, April 2013
FrinIed in Ihe UniIed SIaIes o America
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This book is dedicated to every woman
who desires to hear and follow
the soul-voice inside her.
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Invocation ............................................................................... xi
Introuction ..........................................................................xiii
e First Veil: REVEAL Your Soul-Story .................................. 1
e Second Veil: REVEAL Your Sacred Body .......................... 23
e ird Veil: REVEAL Your Soul-Voice ............................... 45
e Fourth Veil: REVEAL Your Divine Worth ....................... 71
e Fih Veil: REVEAL Your Inner Mystic .......................... 101
e Sixth Veil: REVEAL Your Soul-Work ............................. 131
e Seventh Veil: REVEAL Your Spiritual Community ........ 155
Benediction .......................................................................... 175
Endnotes ............................................................................... 181
Acnowledgments ................................................................ 185
About the Autho ................................................................ 191
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i am the sex of human that has consumed the fruit,
the snakes offering.
and no, i am not guilty. and yes, i am naked.
and no, i am not ashamed.
and yes, i am that silhouette there in the distance,
the one always found dancing.
i am a scarlet letter, i am burned at the stake. my name is sita, i am a bride.
my name is thecla, i will never be married.
i am shaped like a triangle, i am as curved as the number three.
i am s-like and undulating. i am re, and i taste of an ancient sea.
i am that feeling you had when you tried to forget me.
i am that moment when you eclipsed yourself, and suddenly
i am herea shrine within you left too long unattended.
i am that impulse you had to light a candle there. yes,
i am this simple. yes, i come this easily.
for you, i will press myself at like a book that has never been read.
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i will hold myself there against your skin and watch as your eyes close
from the heat of me, so near to you.
i will let you handle me like a verse of sacred scripture,
i will entrust all of my pages for your beholding.
for you, i will open to the meatiest chapter of myself,
i will go straight to the pith, the real juice.
and i will say, read here, beloved stranger, start sipping this nectar
for the soul journey of which you are now a pilgrim.
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know I felt hopehope that such a protected, coveted
place could exist in me; hope that one day, like the uni-
corn, I could look out at the world from a sacred, invio-
lable place in my own body and unshakably know my
own worth.
That moment reminded me of a crucial something
that I knew could never be taken from me. I had no
name for it at the time, but I know it now as my bodys
unbreakable holiness. The image of the unicorn inti-
mated that there is an eternal, unconditional aspect
within each of us, a secret garden that no one else
can touch. It has a hidden latch that only we have the
power to open. And its there waiting within us, like a
neglected oasis visited too infrequently or not at all.
A Movr Mr\+v M\vv
I would always hesitate before opening the door to
SI. ElizabeIhs InanI HospiIal because once inside, Ihe
rest of the world would cease to exist. Nothing else could
compete with the presence I met once I entered. St. Es, a
Catholic Charities organization in San Francisco, was a
place of mothers milk and indigestible pain, a place for
the excludedthe controversial population of pregnant
teens and teen moms.
An icon of the Virgin Mary was perched on top of
Ihe rerigeraIor in Ihe sIa lounge. Her our-ooI plasIic
frame was so light that she teetered every time a child-
care counselor or Sister of Charity opened the refrigera-
tor door to retrieve their lunch from inside.
She was the classic Virgin, I was toldthe Mary
most readily found in small enclaves in places of wor-
ship, especially in stone grottos on the periphery of
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The Second Veil
church grounds. Her solemniIy was expressed in her
downcast eyes, her pursed lips, and her white hands
pressed tightly beneath her chin in prayer.
It irritated and intrigued me to see Mary so easily
jostled. I would shoot a frustrated glance her way every
time I caught her teetering back and forth, as if to ask in
exasperaIion, "How did we leI you become so eIhereal7"
It took approximately three minutes to ascend the
stairs that separated the staff lounge from the oor where
the teenage clients of St. Es Parenting Program resided.
I walked up those stairs slowly, savoring the silence and
the light. Once I stepped onto the linoleum tiles of the
third oor, the raw intensity I met with demanded every
ounce of me.
The smell in the corridor of the third oor was a po-
tent mix of cocoa butter, baby formula, and disinfectant.
The sounds of babies crying and music blaring blended
in an unsettling cacophony of too much seriousness too
soon, real life interrupting youth.
All the teens etched themselves into my heart, but
one in particular struck a match up against it and lit it
on re. She had been raped and then thrown out of her
mothers house for being pregnant. After spending sev-
eral nights in jail for prostitution, she was sent to St. Es.
One morning, I was there when she found herself
suddenly very vulnerable and afraid, as the reality of the
imminent birth nally hit her. She turned to me and
on this rare occasion actually looked me in the eyes and
said, I could use some God right about now.
I started to ask about her religious or spiritual
background, but she stopped me with a quick ick of
her hand and said, Find me a more meaty Mary, then
well talk.
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My jaw dropped. Her honesIy sIunned me. I looked
at her in awe. The recognition in her quick, sideways
glance at me was electric. We both smiled, as if sud-
denly and if only for that second, we were on the same
sacred team.
ThaI was iI. She had named iI: a more meaIy Mary.
We needed an embodied Mary. We needed images and
stories of the Divine Feminine that afrm the sacred-
ness of the female body, images and stories of a Divine
Feminine that can carry the weight of the darkness as
well as the light.
How could Ihese Ieenagers, some as young as 13, be
reminded that they are sacred, that their bodies are holy
regardless of rape, incest, and prostitution? Would these
girls even be in this situation if the female body was re-
vered as holy in the major world religions?
Where had Marys body gone?
At that time I didnt identify with the more tradi-
tional religious sense of being called. So I wont tell
you I was called to go on the group pilgrimage to the
Divine Feminine the summer before entering divinity
school. The truth was far more ordinary. It was simply
too painful to stay still, to see these teenaged girls who
were so uncared for materially and spiritually. And it
was especially painful to see that these young girls, with
names I will never forget, cared so little about their own
bodies. Because I was righI Ihere wiIh Ihem: I had no
idea how to love my body or even be in it.
Theres a sIory in an ancienI Hindu IexI, Ihe Ma-
habharata, abouI Ihe goddess Kalis birIh. All Ihe male
gods have gotten together in a godlike conference call,
and theyre freaked out because the world is complete-
ly out of balance. The demons, or asuras, are running
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The Second Veil
rampant. And the male gods, despite all their efforts, re-
alize that they cannot defeat the demons on their own.
Though they had created this imbalance, they could not
correct it. So the male gods agree that their only chance
o survival is Io collecIively call or Kali Io come inIo
being so she can clean up their mess. They needed the
ercest form of the Divine Feminine to come in savior-
style and defeat the demons.
So Kali is born ouI o Ihe orehead (or Ihe conscious-
ness) of the goddess Durga. (Durga is also a great warrior
goddessjust not quite as erce as the sword-swinging,
skull-wearing Kali Ma.) Kali comes barreling ouI o Dur-
gas forehead and with a kick-ass sharp sword slays the
demons, which represent the false beliefs created by the
imbalance between the masculine and the feminine
beliefs like the one that says its okay to tolerate rape and
violence againsI women and girls. Kali sweeps in and
chops all those false beliefs to bits, and peace is restored
because the erce Divine Feminine has brought the mas-
culine back into balance.
I knew as I witnessed and worked with the teenaged
mothers at St. Es that this is where we were as a world
culture. We were at the point in the Mahabharata when
the male gods sound a unied cry for the erce Divine
Feminine to rise.
I heard the call.
No+vr D\mr or V\ss:v:Ivr
I had seen the Black Madonnas of Chartres, Marsat,
Clermont-Ferrand, and Le Puy with China Galland and
a bevy of women mostly 30 years my senior. And now
we were nestled in the mountains of central France, in
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About the Author
Meggan Watterson is a spiritual mentor, speaker,
and scholar of the Divine Feminine who inspires women
to live from the audacity and authenticity of the voice
of their soul.
She is the facilitator of the REDLADIES, a spiritual
community that encourages women to reclaim their
bodies as sacred and to be led by the soul-voice inside
them without compromise or apology. (Some break
bread together; REDLADIES break dark chocolate.)
Meggan is the founder of REVEAL, a womens spiritu-
ality event that is a triumvirate of one part ery soul-
voices, one part ritual, and one part dance party. She
received a MasIer o Theological SIudies rom Harvard
DiviniIy School and a MasIer o DiviniIy rom Union
Theological Seminary aI Columbia UniversiIy. She lives
in New York City with her son.
Follow Meggan on Twitter (@megganwatterson) and
Facebook (Meggan Jane WaIIerson).
To join the Reveal community online go to the
REVEAL Facebook page.
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