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The MTD System

Monitoring Solutions for Individual and

Group Facilities

Monitoring Today’s Hi Tech Facilities

MTD Systems has created a set of Tools, Applications, and

Services that monitors systems and extracts data from the complex
products found in professional facilities. These complex systems Simplify Support
often employ a wide variety of devices from many different
vendors. We unify the monitoring into a single system and a single Easily Identify Defective Devices
alerting process unlike any other network monitoring software. Clear and Rapid Alerting
MTD Systems has created a rich tool set to gather SNMP data, OS
log data, application logs, and any other source of information, and Centralized or Distributed Support
combine these into a homogeneous Monitoring and Alerting Improve System Reliability
System. Users can go to a single user-customizable display to see Increase System Uptime
all critical elements of their facility presented in a clear
understandable presentation.
The MTD Systems family of products and services will greatly
simplify the task of understanding the status of your system.

MTDSentry is the data-gathering engine at the facility. This

product monitors many aspects of Microsoft Windows, Unix or
SNMP devices without affecting the critical functionality of these
systems. Trend data, graphs, alert conditions, operational statistics,
log clips, and many other facets of the system can easily be
observed on most web browsers.
MTDSystems has created a powerful
MTDNOC is the application that combines the remote set of monitoring application that
MTDSentry sites into a common presentation. This is designed to unifies enterprise wide operations
function as a single Network Operations Center or as a Distributed
Network Operations Center. into a single homogeneous system.
MTDCentral is the central server site that manages the data,
tracks the alerts, and creates the presentations. MTD Systems
maintains this site for all your needs, but if desired, users can have
a local central server site. These sites can be mirrored to as many
sites as desired.

MTDConfig is a system configuration tool that greatly simplifies

the monitoring system design. It can combine your own images
and MTD alerts into a display anyone can easily understand.
Complete Facility Monitoring

MTDSentry can monitor your Facilities today

Brought about by many years of experience working on large

complex systems, MTDSentry embodies the accumulated
knowledge of many Engineers into a set of powerful software
modules. These modules are designed to simplify the difficult tasks
encountered in managing systems that must run 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, 365 days a year.
Streamline Support
MTDSentry goes beyond individual islands of support and Reduce Operating Costs
encompasses the complete facility. Status views can easily be Remote Maintenance
created that isolate subsystems, functional islands, or manufacturer
specific areas to provide security and distributed support. Improve System Reliability
Composite website views allow users to check the overall status of Increase System Uptime
all sites at a glance.

MTDSentry goes beyond simple SNMP monitoring. Although very

useful, SNMP data is frequently unavailable, difficult to configure,
or of limited use. That is why MTDSentry uses SNMP along with
data logs, event viewers, application status, contact closures,
environmental parameters, communication channel data, serial port MTDSentry is a powerful monitoring
data, and other available information to provide the most complete
picture of the system.
application that unifies multi-vendor
facilities into a single homogeneous
MTDSentry will generate a rich set of notifications based on the view.
type, location, and severity of troubles detected. Upper
Management is notified with clear and informative messages when
an event occurs that will affect business. Service personnel are Messages that would normally
notified with messages that are more technical and detailed.
Every detected condition is weighted for severity, criticality of
require local operators and highly
operation, and notification thresholds. This prevents false warnings skilled Engineers to understand are
and ensures that the notification system reports only those issues gathered, simplified and presented to
that are valid problems.
users in a clear informative view.
MTDSentry also reports trends in activity. Many applications
suffer from memory leaks, system resource attrition, and other
types of error accumulation. Hard drives frequently indicate
increasing warnings, retries, and errors prior to complete drive
De-Centralized Facility Monitoring

MTDNOC combines the data collected from many

MTDSentry-monitored facilities and generates multi-site views
of the activities, problems, or functions occurring at the various

MTDNOC can be configured to distribute the monitoring task to

different groups of support personnel depending on type of
failure, date/time, products, subsystems, or facility. This
approach can easily focus the right support at the problem
quickly and effectively.

Many different high-level views can be created for the same set
of systems. In the case of satellite distribution, a moving weather
map behind the alert locations creates a presentation that clearly
identifies what environmental attributes will effect reception.

These alert pages can be ‘drilled down’ to what ever level the
user desires, including to the product or application level.

Central Monitoring Database

MTDCentral is the core of the Monitoring System.

It manages the database of all log files, alerts, data
trend calculations, and monitored data. It also
manages the alert notification user lists and the
sending of alert notifications to the appropriate
This is the central database and alerting system for
MTDSentry and MTDNOC. (MTDSystems usually
manages this system for many sites.)
It is a mirrored Linux system.
MTDSystems –Key Features

 User created views of  Hierarchical views of

operations and facilities  Very low network and facility troubles
device resource loading so
 Continuous monitoring of as not to interfere with the  Designed for easy remote
your facilities through normal system operation. monitoring for a centralized
TCP/IP, SNMP, Log file service organization,
analysis, device performance  Tailored failure reporting to manufacturers, or large
services, environmental minimize false emergencies group facilities.
sensors, serial data sensing,
contact closures, etc.  Trend displays for hour,  Support for Microsoft
week, month, and year Windows NT, 2000, and
 Intuitive displays for easy XP, Linux and most flavors
problem recognition  Trend charts can have of Unix
warning and error
 Categorized displays of notifications issued at pre-  Monitoring can be viewed
multiple facilities. These are defined thresholds thru standard Internet
automatically updated when browsers.
errors occur.  Customized alert levels and
escalations for all alert  Advanced monitoring of
 Agent-less monitoring to messaging. Raids, individual drives,
eliminate Operating System capacities, fans, power
conflicts, reduces system  Alert messaging thru email, supplies, etc
resource utilization, and pager, cell phone messages,
minimize CPU overhead. or PC screen messages.  Secure logins to access

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