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1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Register and Fill in the Examination Form (TBE) Receiving Forms from ICARE Agency Sit for Examination and Submit 3 Forms to Us Sit for Basic Agent Examination
After pass Receiving Documents from ICARE Agency to Sign Up a Contract. Attending Compulsory Course 'Family Takaful Basic 1'

1. Register and Fill in the Examination Form (TBE) Click 'REGISTER' and fill in the form OR Download AGENT EXAMINATION FORM , NEXT Documents; i. A copy of I.C (both sides) on A4 paper ii. A copy of your Highest Education Qualification, (SPM or Diploma or Degree) iii. Postal Order / Cheque of RM 50.00 given to 'ICARE AGENCY' (Examination fee RM48 and RM2.00 (courier and stamp) OR Deposit to Agency Maybank2u Account : Bank Name: Maybank2u Account Name : Account No : iv. The Completed Examination Form (TBE ) & documents in (i & ii) have to be sent to (If Download) -by courier / email / fax to ICARE AGENSI (Tel : 013-5814141 Fax : 05-2562005 Email : 2. Receiving Forms from ICARE Agency After we receive all your documents above, we will register your name to sit for Basic Agent Examination. Next we will send to you; i. Examination slip ii. EtiQa Takaful Reference Book (For Examination Questions Reference) iii. 3 Forms
a) Form of Family Takaful b) Application Form to be an Agent c) Form of Carian Fakta Pelanggan

We will send documents above directly to you or by courier

3. Sit for Examination and Submit 3 forms to us. After receiving the documents in step 2 above , please read through all the documents NEXT Fill in the 3 forms in step 2 above and send them back to us with documents below
i. ii. iii. iv. 2 copies of I.C on an A4 paper (both sides) 2 copies of Highest Education Certificate - SPM (or higher) 3 photos (passport sized), with name written at the back 1 copy of MUAMALAT BANK book or BSN GIRO- first page

Fill in the forms is according to "Proper Advice Practice" Note:Call us if you got any problem, InsyaAllah we will send our respective agent to help you solving this matter. 4. Sit for Basic Agent Examination Apart from the eTiQa Takaful Reference Book, you are also adviced to join a seminar before sitting the exam organized by the Unit Manager at your location. Please contact ICARE Agency for more details about the seminar On the examination day, please go to the examination location as in the exam slip. WISHING YOU BEST OF LUCK! After 4 weeks please contact us to know your result. 5. After pass Receiving the Cantract Documents from ICARE Agencye ETiQa Takaful Sdn Bhd will send you a Takaful Agent Contract
You just have to put your signature on the contract.

You would also have to prepare RM 25.00 Agreement stamp duty & (At the same time you will be given your agent No.) You will be given also Pass Card as a Family Takaful agent.

Congratulations! Now you can start your day as a Takaful Agent!

6. Attending Compulsory Course 'Family Takaful Basic 1'
It will be held only for 2 days. We will inform you about the location and the date of the seminar Upon completion you seminar, you will receive your participation certificate.

Dont worry, if you got any doubt about any or all the steps above we will surely help you. You can contact us at. When you were an agent it is advised for you to contact us as regular as possible to ease your work and get more tips.

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