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: WINTER-Boroplus Advanced Moisturizing Lotion - 100ml : Chilly wind takes away the moisture of skin, Boroplus Advanced Moisturising Lotion contains nourishing ALMOND and moisturising MILK CREAM with other herbs which penetrates depp into skin, maintaining moisture balance, making skin soft, supple and fresh even during winter. Extract of natural herbs acts as preventive and curative lotion too. : Winter special lotion, Nourishing ALMOND and moisturishing MILK CREAM makes your skin soft and supple. Extract of natural herbs in it help protect skin from dry skin diseases, minor cuts, wounds, chapped skin and cold sores. : 5.99 per Pcs : 0.10 lbs : Sandalwood, Nimba, Ghritkumari, Tulasi, Hriban, Khadir, Rose, Milk cream, Almond, Grade seed oil, Olive oil, Saffron etc?


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Instructions to Use : Apply it all over the body, morning & night. Packing : 100 ml plastic bottle

Boroplus is an UK brand and has tied up wit Emami Ltd. in India and they have their Himani Boroplus range promoted by Kareena Kapoor and Amitabh Bacchan.

What the Company claims: Its unique advanced moisturising formula penetrates deep into the skin and helps heal dry skin from inside. It replenishes moisture and forms a " Moisture Shield " on your skin, which leaves you with nourished, soft, smooth & healthy skin. Enriched with natural goodness of Pure Malai, Badam, Rosewater and Saffron. pH skin balanced and Dermatologically approved. A preventive,curative and healing Ayurvedic Lotion for dry skin diseases,minor cuts,wounds,chapped skin and cold sores. Directions for use: Apply it all over the body morning and night.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Each 100ml contains extracts of : Chandan 1.000g, Nimba 1.000g, Ghritkumari 1.000g, Tulasi 0.400g,Haridra 0.300g,Hriber 0.500g,Khadir 0.150g, Kumud 0.150g, Gulab Jal 1.000g, Malai 0.100g, Grape Seed Oil 0.100g, Olive Oil 0.100g, Badam Tel 0.050g. Kesar 0.0005g, Tankan amla (boric acid) 0.800g Base QS MRP: Rs. 48/- for 100 ml Himani Boroplus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion is a light body lotion which does what it claims...provides advanced moisturisation for a long long time.. I am LOVING IT !!! :)

Pros: 1. Does what it claims...super remains moisturised for 2-3 days even if we skip it..:) 2. Absorbs in 2-3 minutes to leave behind super soft skin. 3. I loveee the smell and it stays on for quite a long time. 4. Very travel friendly. 5. Cost effective..but I want more quantity :/ 6. Nice packaging. Cons: 1. Availability...I wanted a large bottle but could not find it..there were only these 100 ml bottles in a local small shop..I dont find these at Super markets...dunno why the availability issues when they are advertising it full on these days...I see the banners at all railway stations in Mumbai ;) Rating:

Quality: 5/5 Value for money: 4/5 Availability: 3/5 Overall rating: 4/5
Price: INR 48 for a bottle of 100 ml. Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacture. Ingredients: Extracts of Chandan (sandalwood) 1 g, Nimba (lemon) 1 g, Ghritkumari (aloe vera) 1 g, Tulasi (basil) 0.40 g, Haridra (turmeric) 0.30 g, Hriber 0.50 g, Khadir (part of acacia tree) 0.150 g, Kumud (white lily) 0.150 g, Gulab jal (rose water) 1 g, Malai (milk cream) 0.10 g, Grape seed oil 0.10 g, Olive oil 0.10 g, Badam tel (almond oil) 0.05 g, Kesar (saffron) 0.005 g, Tankan amla (boric acid) 0.80 g, Base Qs. Directions To Use: Apply it all over the body, morning and night. A preventive, curative and healing ayurvedic lotion for dry skin diseases, minor cuts, wounds, chapped skin and cold sores. Product Description: Its unique, advanced moisturising formula penetrates deep into the skin and heals dry skin from inside. It replenishes moisture and forms a moisture shield on your skin, which leaves you with nourished, soft, smooth and healthy skin. It is enhanced with natural goodness of pure malai, badam, rosewater and saffron.

Packaging: It comes in a sturdy, white plastic bottle with a green flip-open cap. The packaging makes it travel friendly and very convenient for usage. Color and Consistency: It is white in color and fairly thick in consistency. Fragrance: It has a strong, pleasant fragrance. Sandalwood dominates the fragrance.

My Experience with Himani Boroplus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion:

My mom had got this lotion for herself. I was attracted to it mainly because of its wonderful smell. Also, I found the shape of the bottle quite nice. My mother said her skin stayed wonderfully moisturised for a long time after using the lotion. All this was enough to tempt me to use it.

The lotion is very heavy and thick. It is not so easy to spread and apply it, mainly because it is thick.

However, once applied, it gets absorbed quickly. I was not expecting this from the lotion. I thought it will take a while to get absorbed, but I was surprised to find that it gets absorbed within minutes! However, it makes my skin greasy post application and the greasy residue remains for an hour or so, which according to me, is the biggest drawback of the lotion. It did make my skin soft. That propelled me to use the lotion again, despite the oily, greasy feeling. So, I used it the next day or rather, the next night. I woke up with really soft and smooth skin. The fragrance was as fresh and as strong as it was the night before. I used it for another 2 or 3 days and then stopped using it altogether. However, my mother religiously used it till the bottle was almost over. She told me that once th of the lotion was over, it was very difficult to get it out of the bottle. I guess that is because of its thick consistency. She had to repeatedly thump the bottle on her palm to dispense the lotion. That annoyed her and she gave up after 2 consecutive trials and threw the bottle into the bin, even though it had quite some product left.

Anyway, let me sum up the pros and cons of this body lotion for you:

Pros of Himani Boroplus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion:

It is enriched with a lot of natural ingredients. It is inexpensive. The packaging makes it travel friendly and convenient for usage. It has a wonderful fragrance. It does what it claims, i.e., makes the skin soft and smooth. The fragrance is long lasting. It gets absorbed quickly.

Cons of Himani Boroplus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion:

It is fairly thick in consistency. It takes time to spread. It leaves a greasy residue post absorption. It is difficult to dispense the remnant product once 3/4th of it has been used. Since it makes skin greasy, it is not suitable for daytime usage. Some might not like the strong fragrance. I have not come across this lotion everywhere, not seen it in malls, mostly seen it at grocery stores, so availability might be an issue. I have not tried this on any cuts, wounds or cold sores, so I cannot comment upon its claim to heal those. Will I Buy Himani Boroplus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion Again? No, I wont. This is too oily and greasy for my oily skin. Will I Recommend Himani Boroplus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion? Those with dry or very dry skin will benefit using this lotion, since it is creamy and will moisturise their skin well. Those with combination to oily and oily skin can give it a miss.

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Himani BoroPlus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion - Phew, now that I have gotthe longish name outta the way, lets start the review. What it claims: Its unique advanced moisturising formula penetrates deep into the skin and helps heal dry skin from inside. it replenishes moisturise and forms a moisture sheild on your skin, whch leaves you with nourished, soft, amooth & healthy skin. Enriched with natural goodness of pure malai, badam, rosewater and saffron. It is pH balanced and dermatologically approved.

Directions: Apply it all over the body, morning and night. A preventive curative and healing ayurvedic lotion for dry skin diseases, minor cuts and wounds, chapped skin and cold sores. Ingredients: Each 100ml contains extracts of Chandan (sandalwood) 1g, Nimba (lemon) 1g, Ghritkumari (Aloe Vera)1g, Tulasi (Basil) 0.4g, Haridra (Turmeric) 0.3g, Hriber 0.5g, Khadir (Acacia catechu) 0.15g, Kumud 0.15g, Gulab Jal (rose water) 1g, Malai (milk cream) 0.1g, Grape Seed Oil 0.1g, Olive Oil 0.1g, Badam Tel (almond oil) 0.05g. Keshar (Saffron) 0.0005g (yes, v. little), Tankan amla (boric acid) 0.8g in Base QS Pros: 1. For a change, here is a product that actually does what it claims. Before this I was using Vaseline Healthy white lotion, but that did not really seem to do much good to my winter dry skin. 2. This is a white lotion that takes a few seconds and some rubbing to asborb. It seems a little oily when first applied but it absorbs quickly to leave behind a smooth silky feeling 3. The moisture sheild claim is true! I have very dry skin, and this product is so nourishing that unlike other lotions which I would have to apply once a day, I cab get by this by using it once every 3 days. Skin stays soft and nourished. 4. The sandalwoody smell of the lotion is just divine. But it is a strong sandalwood, there is no getting away from that. I really like it though. 5. Price: a 300ml bottle costs just Rs. 95/Cons: 1. Not easily available everywhere. This came as a shock to me, as I never thought I would reach a day when it would become easier to lay your hands on a St. Ives or Jergens lotion that an Indian home grown brand like Boroplus. No shops seem to stock it, half the people have not heard of it (despite Kareena Kapoor) being its brand ambassador and all. I found this after a lot of hunting at Big Bazaar.

Will I buy this again: Yes, that is if I can find this :-) This is a great body lotion. (Btw, I liberally applied this on my legs in Goa, before a beach bumming session and got the most beautiful light goldenish tan - Though I am unsure what role this had to play it. My arms which were devoid of this got toasted to a biscuit brown) This was recommended to me by a friend, who tried this on a lark (she bought the smaller 100 ml bottle for 45 Rs.). Her bottle is over now and she is just unable to locate it anywhere. I too could lay hands on just one bottle at a Big Bazaar store - where it wasn't even displayed on the shelf btw. It was hidden behind bottles of Vaseline Body Lotion. It is really sad that a home grown brand is being over-shadowed (quite literally) like this, just because they have got their entire positioning worng. I felt the biggest mistake Himani made was to associate itself with Madhuri Dixit about 68 years ago. Pardon the brutal frankness, but she was done with her bollywood career, by then. By associating with her, they thought they would get mass acceptance, instead all they got was a huge dose of her jadedness. And now their campaign with Kareena too is quite lackluster. They must be paying her a lot, but have failed to build their brand through her. Besides they also need to work on their supply chain, even kirana stores in my area have not heard of this.
4. Boroplus Headline: In sardiyon mein unhein banao bavra Baseline: Do guna komal... reshami tvacha Agency: NA DESCRIPTION: The film opens with five handsome metrosexual men describing the way they feel about their women. In a subtle, romantic way the men tell about the feelings they have for their women. They then go on to compare the skin of their women to rose, milk, strawberry, honey, et al. 4Ps TAKE: Winter season can be extremely stressful for our skin, so a host of beauty products targeted at women are launched in this season. The latest TVC of Boroplus advanced moisturising lotion is a deliberate attempt to move away from the run-of-the-mill beauty product ads, where women are shown applying these products. While subtly endorsing the skins of their women, the men go on to extol some of the virtues of the product used to enhance the beauty of their lady-love.

Price: INR 48 Quantity: 100 ml Shelf life: 3 years Texture:

The consistency of the lotion is slightly thick. It spreads easily on my skin but takes a couple of minutes to sink in. Once it gets absorbed, it doesnt leave any greasy residue behind and makes my skin soft and moisturized the whole day. Fragrance: The fragrance is awesome. Though it is slightly strong but is not overpowering at all. It lingers with me very faintly for 2-3 hours. In fact I bought this lotion just because of its smell . Packaging: Himani Boroplus Advanced Moisturizing Lotion comes in a white sleek bottle with a light green flip top cap. You can easily carry it in a purse without any fear of spillage.

My take on Himani Boroplus Advanced Moisturizing Lotion Himani Boroplus Advanced Moisturizing Lotion makes my skin super moisturized. I dont need to reapply this lotion throughout the day unlike other lotions. The best part is its smell. The fragrance lingers on for few hours and it makes me feel so fresh. It spreads evenly on my skin but takes few minutes to sink in. My skin feels soft, supple and nourished right after applying this body lotion and the effect lasts the entire day. It doesnt make my skin greasy or sticky. The ingredient list is quite fascinating as it contains pure malai, almonds, olive oil, grape seed oil. This lotion has always proved to be a savior for me in chilly winters. Even in summers it doesnt make my skin sticky. But I need to apply sunscreen over it as it does not contain SPF. The major

con is the availability of larger bottles. A 100 ml bottle runs out in a week or two. I tried finding it everywhere but alas couldnt get any. Swatch

My likes Smells awesome My skin feels soft and nourished Light lotion (you can layer sunscreen over it easily) Great for winters

Doesnt not make my skin oily and heavy even in summers Easy to carry Contains natural extracts Inexpensive Easily available(small bottles) Nice packaging

My dislikes Couldnt find larger bottle. No SPF Final Verdict: Himani Boroplus Advanced moisturizing lotion is a slight thick lotion. It spreads on my skin easily but takes few minutes to get absorbed into the skin completely. It doesnt give greasy kind of feeling and makes my skin soft, supple and nourished the whole day. It worked for me in all seasons whether it is summer or winter season. Great for price too!!! Rating: 4.8/5