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ERROR Case Number: 1UP6WFBH8H [5066:NotPaidInFull] We are unable to successfully process one or more payments.

Please select a different payment and apply it until the balance due is zero. Book a Flight Rent a Car Book a Hotel Find an Activity


Youve almost completed your booking. We recommend that you double check your flight number, date, time, destination and total amount due before you select the mode of payment that suits you best.

Depart total Economy Promo ( BKI - TPE ) 2 Guest @ 217.00 MYR APT - Airport Tax FUE - Fuel Surcharge Return total Economy Promo ( TPE - BKI ) 2 Guest @ 217.00 MYR ATF - Airport Tax and Fees FUE - Fuel Surcharge Services, fees and insurance Check-In Baggage - up to 15kg Check-In Baggage - up to 15kg Check-In Baggage - up to 15kg Check-In Baggage - up to 15kg Current total 434.00 MYR 120.00 MYR 90.00 MYR 140.00 MYR 35.00 MYR 35.00 MYR 35.00 MYR 35.00 MYR 1,372.00 MYR Status (declined) (declined) 434.00 MYR 64.00 MYR 90.00 MYR 644.00 MYR 588.00 MYR

Payment applied to booking

Payment method Credit card Credit card Account number MC XXXXXXXXXXXX0299 MC XXXXXXXXXXXX0299 Amount 1,404.00 MYR 1,404.00 MYR

Amount due at pick-up/check-in 0.00 MYR Amount tendered 0.00 MYR Balance due 1,372.00 MYR

Please select your preferred currency


Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)


Credit card/Debit card E-Gift Voucher Direct debit

Please select the bank for your direct debit payment.


Note: Ownership of a debit card does not quantify use of the direct debit online payment. You must have a valid online banking account to proceed. Once you've selected your bank, you'll be automatically connected to the online banking log-in screen. Failure to complete the online transaction will result in your booking being cancelled.

Total MYR 1,372.00 Depart AK 1518 Kota Kinabalu (BKI) to Taipei (TPE) Friday, 2 August 2013 Depart 0610 Arrive 0930 Return AK 1519 Taipei (TPE) to Kota Kinabalu (BKI) Friday, 9 August 2013 Depart 0955 Arrive 1315 Addon BKI - TPE Fui Mian Chin (Guest) Pui Hwa Au (Guest) TPE - BKI Fui Mian Chin (Guest) Pui Hwa Au (Guest)

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