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Past continuous
Active: S + was/were + V_ing Passive: S + was/were + being + V3 Action was happening: - At a certain point of time in past Ex: I was doing the housework at 6 p:m yesterday - When another action occur Ex: I was helping my mother doing the washing when the phone rang. *(2 h trong qu kh: ang xy ra QKTD, p n QK) At 7 oclock last night, at midnight last night

Present continuous
Active: S + is/am/are + V_ing Passive: S + is/am/are + being+ V3 - Temporary action (tm thi) Ex: I am living in Ho Chi Minh city now. - Action happening at/around the time of speaking Ex: He is having dinner now. - Complain about (always/constantly) Ex: She is always making noise at school. - Planned future action Ex: We are flying to Paris next month. Now, right now, at present, at the moment, at this moment.

Future continuous
Active: S + will+ be + V_ing (passive uncommon) Action will be happening: - At a certain point of time in future Ex: She will be bringing me some flowers at 6 a.m tomorrow. - When another action occur. Ex: I will be studying at school when he calls. *(2 h xy ra trong tng lai ( ang din ra TLTD, p n HT) At 7 oclock tomorrow, by this time tomorrow

Simple past
Active: S + V2/ed Passive: S + was/were + V3 - Action happened and finished in past Ex: I went to Spain last year - Fact in past - Habit in past Yesterday, at that moment, last month/year/week, ago, when I was

Simple present
Active: S + Vs/es + O Passive: S + is/am/are + V3 - Routine, habit Ex: He always swims in the evening. - Truth, facts in present Ex: The Earth turns around The Sun - Timetable, schedule Every day/month/week, always, sometimes, never, often, 2 times a week

Simple future
Active: S + will + V1 Passive: S + will + be + V3 - Fact in future Ex: I will take a trip next month - Habit in future Ex: I will visit my uncle in June - Willingness, offer Ex: I promise I will lend you my car. In + (point of time in future), next, later, When I retire

Past perfect
Active: S + had + V3 Passive: S + had + been + V3 Action had completed before: - A certain point of time in past Ex: He had visited England before last year - Another action in past Ex: John had gone to the store before he went home. *(2 h trong qu kh: xy ra trc QKHT, xy ra sau: QK) Before last month/week/yesterday

Present perfect
Active: S + have/has + V3 Passive: S + have/has + been + V3 - Actions have just happened/finished Ex: I have just had lunch - Actions begin in past, and continue to present / future Ex: He has lived in that house for 20 years - Open question (Have you ever + V3) Ex: Have you ever gone to London? - Actions have happened many times before Ex: This is the second time I have gone to London. Just, recently, yet, since, for, already, the first time, the second time

Future perfect
Active: S + will + have + V3 Passive: S + will + have + been+ V3 Action will be finished at a certain point in the future: (hnh ng s hon tt mt thi im tng lai) Ex: [- We will have accomplished the English grammar course by the end of next week. - By the time human being migrates (di c) to the moon, most of people alive today will have died. By the end of, by the time + sentence

Past perfect continuous

Active: S + had + been + V_ing

Present perfect continuous

Active: S + have/has+ been + V_ing

Future perfect continuous

Active: S + will + have + been+ V_ing