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Emirates Vs.

Etihad Airlines: Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways are two premium airlines of the Arab world operating out of UAE. While Emirates is based in Dubai, Etihad is based in Abu Dhabi. It is difficult to directly differentiate between two of the major airlines from United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially when they consider each other a bitter rival, let us first know a bit about both of them. Though Emirates was considered to be the superior of the two, Etihad has grown rapidly and has managed to bridge the gap in recent times. While Emirates has a world class airport base in Dubai, the base of Etihad at Abu Dhabi is pathetic in comparison. Etihads cabin layout and design is better than that of Emirates. Etihad provide more leg space, and their 3-3-3 spacing is considered better than 3-4-3 arrangement of Emirates. Emirates was once a top notch airline now falling in standards while Etihad is rising in stature all the time.

Quality standards

Quality standards Emirates

Etihad, on the other hand is a premium airline of Abu Dhabi, it is the National Airline of the UAE. It is conducting 147 daily flights to more than 64 cities in 42 countries.

Emirates is the largest airline in the entire Middle East. It connects Dubai with 105 cities in 62 countries all over the world.

Etihad has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi with Abu Dhabi International Airport as its base.

Emirates is a part of the larger group called The Emirates Group having over 50000 employees. It is owned by the government of Dubai.

Air quality standards in the Union 1 - electronic services on the Internet and excellent Bamlae through the site: 2 - Quality processes for customers booking

1- the eservices are introduced on line and thrugh offices 2-the customers can book through

through: A - booking on the site. B - Reservation on the phone. C - Booking through airline offices. 3 - Security and safety standards applicable in the Etihad Airways high. 4 - Information security applied in the Etihad Airways highly confidential. 5 - There is a system of miles Special guest of the Union and is a leading system and special. 6 - Customer transfer system to and from the airport through the transfer of the distinctive and high and high security features buses Union Bmhadha comfortable stylish design and appearance and entertainment systems that include a CD player and a screen size of 14 inches. 7 - Securing visas visit for travelers entering the United Arab Emirates. 8 - The ad distinctive and wide across the Internet, radio and television. 9 - A difference care system and distinctive sports clubs and Formula 1 racing. 10 - Aviation personnel have high efficiency of expertise and management. 11 - Aviation services within the plane of high quality. 12 -, a car with driver service, bus service upscale and luxury lounges. 13 - Air has a fleet with the latest entertainment and the finest cuisine and the finest services. 14 - Guardian free market system on its planes. 15 - Providing luxurious waiting lounges for guests Diamond First and Pearl Business in all airports. 16 - check-in facilities within the city of Dubai.

A- On the official sites B- By the phones calls C- Through Agencies 3. the security standards are medium 4. there is no system for leading customers 3- there is no focus of the special transportations from and to the Airport 6. Security visas are not valid The advertisements are wide and applicable only on the paper ads Emirates also indulge in cargo

operations under Emirates SkyCargo division. Emirates belong to top ten airlines of the world as far as revenue and passengers are concerned. Emirates have carved a niche for itself and is considered a brand in the aviation sector. It is known for excellent customer service, fast growth and an airline that has consistently produced profits. Emirates created record of sorts when it became a profit making venture within nine months of commencing operations in 1985.

17 - Provide Etihad Airways for residents in the city of Dubai trip easy and convenient by buses free luxury, for traveling to Abu Dhabi International Airport from two locations in Dubai, would this service to facilitate access quick and convenient for guests arriving on Etihad Airways and destined for Dubai.