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Score: ../80 Name: Lissette Solis Support Centre: ESPE Sangolqui

Grade: ... /20 Date: Monday, October 22th 2012 ID Banner: L00011257


(10 points)

A. Look at the picture and listen to the beginning of the TV programme. Then answer the questions. (The recording corresponds to Audio CD 1, R4.9)

1. Who is a student? 2. Who is a politician? 3. Who works in a university? 4. What question does Mr. Davis ask? should be free?

Jackie Nash Stuart Downs Penny Little Do you think university education

5. What kind of programme is it?

Current affairs programmes

B. Listen to the next part of the TV programme. Are these sentences true or false? (To do this activity, listen to R4.10). 6. 7. 8. 9. Stuart thinks universities need more money. Stuart and Penny had to pay to go to university. There were more university students 20 years ago. Jackie thinks the government spends more money on the wrong things T T T T T F F F F F

10. Mr. Davis went to university.

II. VOCABULARY SECTION A. Complete these sentences using the nouns of the given verbs. Discuss Advertise Assist Examine Collect

(10 points)

11. I got a new job as an assistant in a lawyers office. 12. The advertisement that I saw on TV about the new restaurant is very good. 13. She has a great collection of coins from different countries. 14. He broke up with his girlfriend after having a big discussion 15. The doctor did a very good examination of the patient to give his diagnosis.

B. Match the underlined word with the corresponding opposite adjective. 16. Easy 17. Depressing 18. Fun 19. Unpredictable 20. Terrible ___E___ ___A___ ___B___ ___C___ ___D___

a. b. c. d. e.

The film was hilarious. I couldnt stop laughing. It was so boring. I left before the movie ended. It had a really predictable ending. I knew what was going to happen. The film was brilliant. It was the best film Ive ever seen. The story was difficult to follow. I couldnt understand what was happening.


(20 points)

A. Read the sentences and fill in the gaps with the Present Simple or the Present Continuous of the verbs in brackets. 21. Andy sometimes _____reads______ (read) comics. 22. We never ______watch_____ (watch) TV in the morning. 23. Listen! Sandy ______is singing___ (sing) in the bathroom. 24. My sister usually _____helps______ (help) in the kitchen. 25. My mother _______is making_______ (make) breakfast now. 26. Look! He ______is leaving__________ (leave) the house. 27. Quiet please! I ______am writing________ (write) a test. 28. She usually _______walks__________ (walk) to school. 29. But look! Today she ______is going___________ (go) by bike. 30. Every Sunday we ________go____________ (go) to see my grandparents. B. Read the sentences and choose a or b. 31. She doesn't mind ________a___________the night shift. a. working b. to work 32. Paris is a wonderful city. I have ______been_______ there many times. a. been b. gone 33. My father _____was driving______ at 70 km/h when a policeman _stopped_ him. a. drove /stopped b. was driving /stopped 34. Theyve cleaned almost all the room so far. I think __ theyre doing a great job__. a. they did a great job. b. theyre doing a great job. 35. They ___will arrive______at about 4 in the afternoon. a. will arrive b. are going to arrive

C. Read and complete the text with the Comparative or Superlative of the adjectives in the box. fat thin big small old young

What a cat!!!

Weight Age Size

Spot 8kg 4 years 50cm

Tommy 1kg 1 year 15 cm

Rex 4kg 4 years 30 cm

All three cats are beautiful. Rex is very thin, he weighs 4kg, but Spot is the 36 _______fattest_________ of all of them. Spot is as 37______old________as Rex, but Tommy is 38_______younger________________ than them, he is only 1 year old. Also Spot is the 39______biggest___________ of all of them because he is 50cm long, but Tommy is the 40______smallest______ because he is only 15 cm long.


(20 points)

A. Read the story: A Mystery, and choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.

Something is very wrong, says the detective. I know! says Ms. Gervis. It is wrong that someone has stolen from me! The detective looks around Ms. Gervis apartment. That is not what I am talking about maam. What is wrong is that I do not understand how the robber got in and out. Ms. Gervis and the detective stand in silence. Ms. Gervis is upset. The robber did not come through the window, says the detective. These windows have not been open or shut in months. The detective looks at the fireplace. The robber did not squeeze down here. The detective walks to the front door. He examines the latch. And the robber definitely did not use the front door. I have no idea how he did it, says a bothered Ms. Gervis. It is a big mystery. And you say the robber stole nothing else? asks the detective. No money, no jewelry, no crystal? Thats right, detective. He took only what was important to me, Ms. Gervis says with a sigh. There is only one thing I can do now. And what is that? the detective asks with surprise. I will stop baking cakes, Ms. Gervis says. They are mine to give away. They are not for someone to steal. You cant do that! says the detective with alarm. Who will bake those delicious cakes? I am sorry. I do not know, says Ms. Gervis. I must solve this case immediately! says the detective.

41. Where does this story take place? a. in a bakery c. in Ms. Gervis' house b. at the police station d. in Ms. Gervis' apartment

42. If Ms. Gervis is upset, which best describes how she would look? a. She might smile a lot. b. Her eyes might be teary.

c. Her clothes might be dirty.

d. She might be sitting down.

43. What makes the detective sure that the robber did not come through the window? a. The windows are locked. b. The window faces the police station. c. The windows have not been used in months. d. The windows are too small for a person to fit through. 44. What does Ms. Gervis do with her cakes? a. eats them b. sells them c. hides them d. gives them away 45. Does the detective know how the robber broke into the house? a. He suspects the robber entered the house through the window. b. He is not sure about it. c. He guesses that the robber used a master key. d. He thinks that Ms. Gervis left the door unlocked. 46. What does the detective seem to think will happen if he solves the mystery? a. Ms. Gervis will start baking cakes again. b. Ms. Gervis will bake him extra cakes. c. Ms. Gervis will give him her secret recipe. d. Ms. Gervis will give him money and jewels. 47. What else was stolen from the apartment? a. crystal b. jewelry c. money d. nothing 48. Why does the detective says You cant do that! with alarm? a. He is happy. b. He doesnt want her to stop baking. c. He wants to solve the case. d. He doesnt want anything. B. Answer this question: (2points) 49. /50. How do you think the detective will solve the case? Give your opinion __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

C. Match the words in bold from the reading on the left with their definitions in the box according to the context of the reading.

impatient (D ) ( H ) ( A ) ( B ) ( E ) ( J ) ( I ) ( C ) ( G ) ( F )

Z. not patient A. Fear and panic B. At once C. A partially enclosed space at the base of a chimney for a domestic fire D. Something that cannot be explained E. make unhappy, disappointed, or worried F. A bar with a catch and lever used for fastening a door or gate. G. cook food by dry heat without direct exposure to a flame, typically in an oven. H. "And the robber certainly did not use the front door." I. a respectful form of address for a woman J. Manage to get into or through a restricted space.

51. Mystery 52. Definitely 53. Alarm 54. immediately 55. upset 56. squeeze 57. maam 58. fireplace 59. Bake 60. latch


(20 points)

Write a short report about your FAVOURITE FILM. Remember that an essay has a TITLE, and at least 3 paragraphs. Give 3 reasons why this film is your favourite and give supporting ideas (giving reasons, examples, facts etc.). The opinion appears as part of an opinion statement in the beginning paragraph. The opinion is supported by main reasons, which appear in the topic sentences of middle paragraphs:

A. Use the following chart to organize your ideas before writing the essay. (5 points)

Opinion: I love this movie because it tells about the first love, a beautiful story of two young and different people that they enjoy all their love and romance while it lasts with a sad ending. Supporting Reasons Reason 2 Its a real story

Reason 1 Its romantic story

Reason 3 Its a sad history

Supporting ideas - reason 1 The principal couple (Babi y Hugo) begin hating and after they fall in love The story tells about that the first love is the best moment around all life They are together, though Babi parents didnt accept Hugo

Supporting ideas - reason 2 The parents dont want a rebel boyfriend for their daughters Never in the life, people feel in fall love as at the first love because the things happen once Couples with true love do not always end up together

Supporting ideas - reason 3 Babi and Hugo end up alone because Hugos best friend dies in a motorcycle race Hugo goes to London for to forget Babi

B. Write the essay with the following order; use 100 words to write your essay. (15 points) 1st paragraph: opinion and 1st supporting reason with ideas to support the reason. 2nd paragraph: 2nd supporting reason with ideas to support the reason. 3rd paragraph: 3rd supporting reason with ideas to support the reason and conclusion.


Three meters above the Sky

I love this movie because it tells about the first love, a beautiful story of two young and different people that they enjoyed all their love and romance while it lasts. Babi was a student and rich person, and Hugo a rebel boy. Babi had funny moments with Hugo and she unintentionally fell in love. It is a real story because the first love isnt forever, the movie tells about Babi and Hugo lived a beautiful moments but the things ending. Also the parents dont want a rebel boyfriend for their daughters. The movie explains that Babi and Hugo fell in love, but he was an impulsive person so Babi decided ending her relationship. Hugo felt very sad because he was alone, without his best friend in an accident and his great love, Babi. Although the problems, this film teaches us to appreciate the moments we have with our friends, family and especially in love

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