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Notes for Red Pieces

Andante Chorus of the Happy Spirits / Chr. W. von Gluck arr. Barnes - Do repeats as written, and do DC with no repeats after going back to the beginning - Play grace notes before the beat - Can play some of the two-note chords with one hand open (measure 2), but then close again (starting on beat 2 of measure 3) - 3rd line 3rd measure: the dotted quarter should really just be a quarter Den Lille Ole Med Paraplyen / O. Jacobsen arr. Haazen - Play all 3 repeats make repeats interesting! Also, note rall. and molto rall. in 3rd ending - Keep middle voice (left hand) soft in measures 8-11 - **For broken chords measures 13-14, play middle-bottom-top** - The top note of each of the broken chords should coincide with the corresponding note in the feet Menuet / arr. Haazen - Play the first repeat, but dont play second repeat. Do DC al Fine without the repeat - In 2nd to last measure 23, note that this is an E-natural. Also, do not play trills (measures 3, 7, 16) Mrs. Anne Harcourts Galliard / F. Pilkington arr. Gerken - Do all the repeats and be sure to make the second times interesting - In measure 20, play first beat in pedal - Tempo is approx. quarter note = 96: a sprightly dance - Follow handling, including the feet (measure 13, for example) De Winter is vergangen / arr. Haazen - Do the repeat and make the second one interesting - Note the poco rit., poco accel., rit. and rall. Musette / F. Sor arr. Buchanan - Repeat first section as written - Dotted eighth-sixteenth rhythm should contrast the triplets. It should not be a triplet or a double-dotted rhythm. Accuracy! - Handling is important do not hook a sixteenth with the following note - In measure 19 (last bar in the second to last line), pedal note is D and not F. This can be played with hand instead of foot - Note p marking in measure 4 after crescendo Pastorale / Sor arr. Buchanan - Repeat first 8 measures. Do not repeat B section - First ending pedals should be right-right-left-right - Grace notes can be played before or on the beat this is the Heelers choice, but she/ he must be consistent. Also, play note after grace note with an open hand (measure 2) if desired Praeludium voor Beiaard / E. Denyn - First time through, play ending 1 and jump directly to measure 14. Play measures 14-20 as written with repeat. Take DC al Fine without repeat and end with second ending (A-B-B-A) - Take notice of the marking about the slower tempo beginning in measure 6 - Vary dynamics, taking dynamics markings liberally make it interesting! - Take notice that the chords in measure 19 are twice as long as those in measure 18. Also note the rall. marking in measure 18