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Project Report On FDI in telecommunication sector Submitted in partial fulfillment for the Award of degree of Master of Business Administration


Submitted By: Manisha Tirthani MBA IInd SEM RTU Roll No

Submitted To: Dr. Manish Jain Head of the Department of Management



I express my warmest thanks & deep sense of gratitude to the individuals for their generous help in discussing the project and giving their valuable time in successful completion of this project. Time to time I got constructive suggestions, guidance and encouragement. I would like to express my deep thanks to Dr. Arvind Agarwal, President, Arya Group of Colleges and Prof. M. L. Gupta, Principal, Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur for extending me the opportunity of presenting the First year project and providing all the necessary resources for this purpose. With much pride and delight I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Manish Jain (Head of the department) for his excellent guidance and valuable suggestions throughout the project work. I express heartfelt thanks to Ms. Nisha Goyal (Project Guide) for her wonderful support and for giving me an opportunity to present project report on FDI in telecommunication sector in india I also want to give my humble regards to Mrs. Padma Sharma, Mr. Pramod Sharma, Ms. Nisha Goyal, Mr. Anshul Mathur, Ms. Ankita Pareek , Ms. Shavika, Ms. Shivali, Ms. Mona and Ms. Usha for their valuable support and believe in my work. Without their sustained interest and encouragement, this work could not have been possible to reach the state of completion with satisfaction. In fact it is their real devotion to the development work, which instilled in me, the need of a passionate commitment to pursue this project. I am also grateful to all my friends for providing critical feedback and support whenever required. There are times in such projects when the clock beats you time and again and you run out of energy, you just want to finish it once and forever. Parents made me endure such times with their unfailing humour and warm wishes.I regret for any inadvertent omissions.

Manisha Tirthani MBA IInd SEM. RTU Roll No.

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