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Nothing fishy about it.

Dr. Krishnaja A.P. 6-4-2013

Nothing fishy about it..

Change is the only permanent thing in life. Those who adapt survive. "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." So says Darwin. Evolution further lends supportive evidence. Like a graceful willow, the inexhaustible flexibility to bend around obstacles in our path takes us ahead, followed by the realization that contained within every loss is the potential for something new. Coming straight to the point, it was while still struggling and trying my best to accept and adapt to the limitations, an unexpected diagnosis imposed on my life, that I forayed into online shopping. I was hurt, confused and lost, reluctant to accept this sudden twist at a time, when I had just managed to put my life together after a major blow. As the novelist Willa Cather wrote, "I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do." During this tough period of my life, the image that I held close to my heart thanks to Peggy van Hulsteyn is that of a giant redwood that has survived for centuries. The redwood watches a deer walking gracefully below or a hawk soaring above. The tree doesn't make herself miserable trying to emulate the mobile creatures around her; she doesn't strive to be something she isn't. Instead, she knows how to be a tree, and she's good at it. At that vulnerable stage in my life, online shopping made me feel confident, allowed me to be myself again. Reassured, slowly the playful, whimsical, quirky, funny child in me, not known to many surfaced again.

Profound philosophical thoughts aside, life needs to be lived on a mundane plane exactly where online shopping steps in. OS makes life simple and living manageable. At the click of a button, in the comfort and convenience of a cozy home you can order anything required and get it delivered right there at your doorstep. No more worries about unexpected traffic jams, irritating high pitched sales talk and pressure selling by overenthusiastic salesmen. The obvious advantages are infinite choice, more informed purchases based on price comparison and product reviews, more value for money, since a lot of discounts are offered trying to stay ahead in competition and finally save time, energy and money on travel and no botheration of lugging in the goodies. Before you plunge in, privacy and security matters need to be properly addressed. HTTPS protocols,

installation of free spyware removal tools, know-how to identify online scams and hoaxes, anonymous surfing, keeping web usage private etc. are some ways to address these issues.

Deterrants to OS are many, views differ from person to person. Few comments often heard are, the actual products and the pictures vary, you don`t get the feel of virtual shopping, you can`t try on clothes and accessories, you can`t talk to anyone for further details, bogus sites and credit card scams abound.

My foray into OS started with books, moved onto apparel, clothes, accessories, kitchen tools, home utilities, furnishing, dcor, furniture, lighting, health aids, food, gifts etc. During the last three years I had never encountered any major problems in my new venture. One advice is never do impulsive shopping, always make informed choices. Credit card usage is restricted to sites that do not offer the facility of cash on delivery. In the rare event of discrepancy or dissatisfaction with a product, always ensure that the matter is rightfully settled. These exciting and enjoyable shopping expeditions did help in widening my knowledgebase on brands, products and pricing strategies. IT has completely revolutionized our daily lives. For me, computer has become a window to the outside world in certain ways.

During these sojourns, I was on the lookout for online initiatives exclusively dealing in fresh sea food and meat. I could hardly believe it, when I first saw this small advertisement for a site called on Facebook. The interesting website and Facebook page led me on to my first online seafood purchase. It aroused a lot of curiosity and excitement at home; and the lovely fresh fish and prawns added a zing to our lunch and dinner menus! The ardent fish lover in me heaved a sigh of relief at the thought of being free at last from the hassle of going to crowded, noisy fish markets, carefully maneuvering my way through dirty wet floors, holding my sari a bit high with one hand to ensure the edges didn`t get wet, bargaining with vendors, getting the fish cleaned etc. Any one passionate about seafood cooking knows that its freshness makes all the difference: So it is a real boon to have fresh (not frozen), cleaned, ready-to-cook

seafood delivered at my doorstep. With this newfound freedom, I am waltzing towards making my culinary meditations Zen-like, much simpler and easier to manage, yet quite exciting to look forward to. Here's a look at some of these fishy adventures.

Our first taste of MM on 10-09-12. Surmai - Fish Molee

With Appams

Surmai was so fresh enjoyed it

Surmai Fry & Halwa Curry on a Sunday

Dry fish - Mackerel / Bangda

First taste of Rohu from MM. A move from salt to sweet waters

Rohu Fry A move from salt to sweet waters

Dry Bombay Duck / Bombil - tastes amazing

Halwa Black Pomfret . Green coriander fish fry and Malabar fish curry

Kardi - prawns dry with Farm fresh Kokum fruit, Garcinia indica - a source of garcinol