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Rahu in 11th House

Written by Sreenadh OG Monday, 13 July 2009 16:46 - Last Updated Monday, 13 July 2009 16:48

Rahu in 11H indicates very interesting results. We know that 11H is usually positive for all the planets. 11th is the house of gain (of wealth), and any planet (whether be malefic or benefic) placed in 11th should indicate gain of wealth as indicated by the significance of that planet. But this does not in any way tell us that a malefic in 11th will not destroy the things signified or indicated by 11th house itself. For example a malefic such as Rahun, in 11th can indicate a bad result and damage to the elder brother (signified by 11th house itself), but also can indicate monetary gain to the native through the significance (such as shares, lottary, cheating, mediatership, brokerage etc) indicated by Rahu itself. Therefore results indicated by Rahu in 11th are neither totally positive nor negative - it would be a mix of the two. But as house of gain, 11H discussion would be more centered upon wealth, the placement of any planet (whether benefic or malefic) is generally considered as beneficial (even though in truth, the same itself can indicate some monetary losses as well related to the significance indicated by 11th house).

Let us see what the sages have to say about the same. Garga hora states that

Yasya labhagato rahur labho bhavati nischayat Mleschadhipatito noonam gajavaja radhadikam (Garga hora)

[For the one for whom Rahu is in 11th house, fore sure gain of wealth would happen (this every body knows - and is a general statement; a known result restated). (A special result to be noted is that) He will gain special rewards (in the form of heavy vehicles) such as elephant, horse, chariot etc from the king (of near by land; adjoining kingdom; place away from native land) who does not follow the vedic path]

The word used is 'Mleschha Adhipatir' - which literally means lord of Mlechha lands. During the BC 1400 period of Garga, this word 'Mleccha' indicated in a de-generated form the people of 'Meluha' (the ancient city of Harappa) that stopped being existence as a reputed land by around BC 1800 itself. Thus the word 'Mechha adhipatir' indicate the lord of Harappa or near by lands who followed ancient tantric cult. They were reputed for their astrological, architectural and systematic knowledge; but was considered as de-generated cult as well to an extend since they (the Meluhans) were not the followers of Vedic or Jain wisdom. Please note that the majority of


Rahu in 11th House

Written by Sreenadh OG Monday, 13 July 2009 16:46 - Last Updated Monday, 13 July 2009 16:48

Aryans at that time might have followed the Vedic path, which the Jains like Garga followed the Jain religion. Mleschha desa might have indicated Afghanistan, Pakistan or parts of Iran, Armenia, Tajakkistan, Baluchistan, Parts of India etc during that period. Thus the statement, "Will be rewarded by lord of Mlescha desa" indicate that "the native would be reputed and rewarded by the non-vedic kings of near by countries, which does not follow the vedic path".This can happen, if and only if the native itself does not follow and appreciate the Vedic path but still would be a reputed scholar. Since he is a non-traditional scholar and follows innovative non-traditional, non-conservative path - he will not be reputed by the conservative vedic scholars; but by the non-vedic kings of adjacent kingdoms who repute freedom of thought and presentation of innovative ideas. Another reason for the reputation by lords of adjacent lands could be his success as a middleman, trades man and human being with crooked intellect to suit the situation. The individual with Rahu in 11th is usually ready to take his chances and does not value his money - and usually wastes money on investments and businesses. He is daring and success comes to him for sure at one time or the other. Going abroad to earn and reap success is not a necessity for him (due to his confidence in his own ability and willingness to follow any method to amaze wealth and success), but usually he does this (i.e. goes abroad).

If Garga only indicate such results with the simple mention of Mleschha king (lord of near by non-aryan lands), Chamatkara chinamani clearly states them in the following quote

Sada mleschato artham labhet sabhimanascharet kimkarena vrajet kim videsam Pararthannartho haret dhurtabandhuH sutotpatti soukhyam tamo labhagaschet (Chamatkara Chintamani)

[If Rahu is in 11th, native will always gain wealth from the lords of near by foreign lands. He will always travel with reputation along with his followers and servants. But in truth why should be go abroad? (there is no need that he should go abroad). He is the friend of money wasters (and wastes money himself as well in business and innovative ideas and investments), and will loss own money but will become wealthy by robbing the money of others (here robin points to generating money through cheating and business, basing oneself on the investment of others). He will have children (don't assume that he won't have children since Ketu is in 5th house; and don't think that he will not have elder coborn since he has Rahu in 11th; definitely he will have elder coborn), if Rahu is in 11th house]

Yes - all that is good guidance. With out such clear guidance we might have assumed that the native will not have elder coborns and children or that Rahu in 11th will give only beneficial results and nothing malefic. Now we know that even though generally beneficial monetarily -


Rahu in 11th House

Written by Sreenadh OG Monday, 13 July 2009 16:46 - Last Updated Monday, 13 July 2009 16:48

Rahu in 11th can indicate much bad results as well - such as wandering, money wasting, interest in shares-playing cards-lottery etc i.e. that is anything that demands intuition and guesswork, not getting proper income source during early stages of life (planets in panapara indicate moderately late results), bad company, non-cooperation and lack of help from the people of native place, cheating others, poverty and suffering at times and so on. Gaining reputation, appreciative abilities, innovative thinking, willingness to travel to gain success, knowledge of human psychology etc stands as the positive result indicators.

Since in brief, the placement of Rahu in 11th is beneficial, Sage Bhrigu only briefly mentions the results for Rahu in 11th as

Putra samriddhaH dhanalabha SamriddhaH (Brigu Sutra)

[If Rahu in 11th the native will have many children, and will have much wealth]

Note that the above quote is also intended as correcting some of our possible mis-understandings

If Rahu is in 11th (and Ketu in 5th) the native WILL HAVE children: Thus the advice is that, don't assume that he will not have children since Ketu is in 5th and don't assume that he will not have elder coborns since Rahu is in 11th. This is not so.

If Rahu is in 11th he will accumulate much wealth: Thus the advice is that, don't assume that he will have wealth since there is a malefic in the house of gain. It is not so - the native will accumulate wealth by utilizing the qualities and things signified by Rahu itself.

Interesting are the lessons taught by the sages! The true perspective regarding the ancient astrological knowledge can be accumulated only if we start learning utilizing the ancient texts itself, and start trying to see things from their perspective. Trying to understand the perspective of the sages, and understanding their knowledge base only will give us the true understanding of ancient indian astrology - half baked knowledge and trying to learn new things without spending enough attention to the foundations is not going to help. Let us bow to the sages and


Rahu in 11th House

Written by Sreenadh OG Monday, 13 July 2009 16:46 - Last Updated Monday, 13 July 2009 16:48

the path they have shown.