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POTENTIAL DIFFERENCE Ideas about Electric Potential Difference

Explanation (anology (a)) :

Figure above shows the difference of pressure. a) The water flows in a pipe when there is a difference of pressure at the ends of the pipe -an electric current flows in a conductor because of a difference in electrical potential at the ends of the conductor. b) If two tanks containing water at different levels are connected by a pipe with a valve, water flows from the tank with the higher level to the other tank when the valve is open. -in electric circuit, a large number of electrons at one point will cause a current to flow to another point where there is a small number of electrons if the points are connected by a conductor. c) When the points are connected by a conductor, electron flow from the point of high potential to the point of low potential.
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Concept of potential difference

Figure show the concept of potential difference An electric field is a region within which electric force acts on a particle with an electric charge. Points within the region surrounding P possess electric potential whose magnitude depends on their distance from P. The electric potential at point A is higher than that at point B because point A is nearer to P. If a positive charge is placed at point A, it will be repelled and move in the direction of the electric force passing point B. The positive charge moves because of the electric potential difference between points A and B.

Definition The potential difference across two points in a circuit is 1 volt if 1 joule of work is done in moving 1 coulomb of charge from one point to the other, i.e. 1 volt = 1 joule per coulomb.

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The potential difference, V, is defined as the work done in moving a unit charge from one point to the other.

The symbol for potential difference is V. The unit of potential difference is the volt. The term voltage is often used to mean potential difference.

Ammeter and voltmeter in a circuit

Ammeter Measures current in amperes.

Connected in series with a resistor or a device. Has a low resistance so that its existence has little effect on the magnitude of current flowing.

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Voltmeter Measure potential difference or voltage in volts.

Connected in parallel with or across a resistor, a device or a cell/battery. Has a high resistance, current flowing through it is negligible.

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