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First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities VISION STATEMENT

First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities envisions itself as the premier institution of higher learning and research in the Philippines

In support of its vision, First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities is committed to: 1. provide a strong liberal education based on seamless integration of science, technology and the humanities 2. emphasize values formation, civic consciousness, environmental protection and spiritual development 3. promote a culture of academic excellence 4. serve the community through relevant researches, extension and outreach programs 5. empower the entire FAI community to think creatively, act responsively, work fruitfully and live harmoniously within a diverse and multicultural society

College of Nursing
The College of Nursing believes that: Education is an evolutionary process directed towards developing the students highest capacity as a beginning nurse practioner The nursing process is integral to the promotion and maintenance of health and prevention of illness; and that the curative and rehabilitative aspects of care in any setting entails the collaboration of health related disciplines/ agencies In the process of the students development, there are opportunities to develop critical thinking, investigates skill, self-direction, self discipline and moral ethical values that will promote health caring behaviour

The College of Nursing envisions itself to be the center of excellence in Nursing Education, Community Services and Research

Develop competent, committed and compassionate nurses responsive to the fast changing world by providing comprehensive, updated and relevant quality education in the field of health, humanities and technologies

To produce competent nurses and health professionals who are imbue with values and positive attitude To become an excellent center of community extension services and outreach programs To provide quality research responsive to the changing health demands.

List of Academic Instructors

Dean College of Nursing Diane Cherie M. Velecina RN, MAN

Program Coordinators
Ladielyn Alday RN, MAN Jayson Rimas RN

Fennie Villon RN, MAN Irene Narvacan RN, MAN Shyr Agnes Ondo RN, MAN Jennifer Maravilla RN, MAN Marvin Sabatin RN

List of Clinical Instructors

Maribel Esguerra RN, MAN Maxima Bisco RN, MAN Bryan Pascua RN, MAN Rosalie Delizo RN, MAN

Evangeline Hernandez RN, MAN Ma. Leida Garcia RN, MAN, PhD Donna Magpantay RN Mark Anthony Ramos RN Mary Jane Casapao RN Lorna Garces RN, MAN Emma Malabag RN, MAN Estrella Espiritu RN, MAN Nancy Malabanan RN, MAN Luzviminda Dizon RN, MAN Sheryl Magtibay RN, MAN Rebecca Torres RN, MAN