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Joseph Andrews: Character List

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About Joseph Andrews Character List Summary and Analysis
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Joseph Andrews
By Henry Fielding

Character List

Joseph Andrews A handsome young fellow who battles for his virginity throughout the novel. Gaffar and Gammar Andrews Parents of Pamela and, it is believed, of Joseph. Mr. Booby The nephew of Sir Thomas Booby. Sir Thomas Booby The deceased husband of Lady Booby. Lady Booby A hot-blooded young widow who tries every way possible to seduce Joseph. Mrs. Slipslop A repulsive servant woman who also pursues Joseph. Peter Pounce The steward to Lady Booby. Mr. Abraham Adams A charitable curate. Frances (Fanny) Goodwill A beautiful young country girl; Joseph's beloved. The Wilsons The real parents of Joseph Andrews. Lady Tittle and Lady Tattle Two gossips. Plain Tim A good-hearted host. Postillion A generous fellow who offers Joseph an overcoat to cover his nakedness. Mr. Tow-wouse A bumbling, good-natured innkeeper. Mrs. Tow-wouse The greedy wife of the innkeeper. Betty A warm-hearted chambermaid. Barnabas A punch-drinking clergyman. Tom Suckbribe The constable. Leonora A silly young girl who loses two lovers because of her vacillations. Horatio A suitor who has no money but much love for Leonora. Bellarmine A suitor who has little love for Leonora but who hopes to inherit her father's fortune. Lindamira A gossip. Mrs. Grave-airs A prude. Parson Trulliber A hypocritical country parson. The Pedlar (peddler) The man who reveals the secret of Joseph's parentage. Lawyer Scout An unscrupulous lawyer.



Joseph Andrews: Character List

Mrs. Adams Parson Adams' disagreeable wife.
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Character Analysis
Joseph Andrew s Fanny Lady Booby Mrs. Slipslop Parson Adam s

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In Book I, how does Joseph react to Lady Booby's sexual advances? He asks Mr. Adams for help. He sleeps with her. He doesn't understand that they're advances. He uses them to make Mrs. Slipslop jealous.

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