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School of Business: I YEAR MBA - 2012 - 2014 Organization study Introduction: For students of MBA, knowledge relating to 'how

organizations function' is vital. It is important to understand key issues in strategy deployment like mission, vision, goals, objectives and so on. It is equally important to understand as to how the different functional areas of an organization work together in realizing the common goal of the firm. Accordingly, students are required to carry out an "Organization Study" during the break in between the 1st and 2nd Semesters. Choice of Organization: The unit taken up for study should be performing the core functions of HR, marketing, manufacturing/service delivery, finance, quality etc. The study should not be carried out in branches/franchisee outlets. It should either be carried out in corporate offices or in organizations where all the abovementioned functions are performed in an integrated manner. Areas to be covered during the study: 1. Industry profile Global Scenario Indian Scenario Key players in the industry - market share analysis, their key strategies PEST analysis 2. Company profile Background and History The Vision, mission, objectives, goals, SWOT analysis Products, Services and Markets A study of the organization design A review of choices in design. Present organization structure. Critical review of the structure Mckinseys 7S Model



A study of key business level functions and processes The Marketing function The Operations and quality function The Finance Function The Human Resource Function Enterprise level initiatives like Six sigma, ERP, JIT, CRM, Logistics & SCM, Shared Service Centers.

Methodology 1. Students should report to their project guides and are expected to keep in regular touch with them. A brief 2 page synopsis of the Organization Study proposed has to be submitted through mail to the respective guides. Project report must have Company certificate indicating satisfactory completion of Organization study. Maintain a work diary, focusing on discussion with executives in the organization. Project on organization study should be done in Bangalore. Duration of the study is for four weeks. Prepare and submit a hard bound report having 30-35 pages excluding annexures.



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Important Dates
Particulars Date March 20th to April 13th 2013 April 15th , 2013 On or before April 22nd, 2013 April 25th, 2013 April 26th & 27th, 2013 April 15th, 2013

Organization Study Submission of Draft OS report to the Guide (Spiral Bounded Only) Approval from the guide

Submission of Final OS Report to the Office Viva Voce Examination

Commencement of II Semester Classes

STRUCTURE OF THE REPORT Organization study report should consist of three main sections: the preliminaries, the main text and the end material. PRELIMINARIES: Cover Page Company certificate College certificate Guide Certificate Declaration by the student Acknowledgement Executive Summary Table of Contents List of Tables (If applicable) List of Graphs (If applicable) MAIN TEXT Chapter I: Industry profile (5 to 6 pages) Chapter II: Company profile (8 to 10 pages) Chapter III: A study of the organization design (8 to 10 pages) Chapter IV: A study of key business level functions and processes (7 to 8 pages) Chapter V: Findings and Suggestions (1 to 2 pages) Chapter VI: Learning Experience and Conclusion (1 to 2 Pages) END MATERIAL Bibliography (References) Appendices (Additions if any)