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Hindi Feature Film

26/02/2013 Ravi Guria (Writer/Director)

Film Title: DATES

Genre: Martial Arts/Thriller/Adventure Duration: 2 hrs. Time Period: Contemporary Locations(s): Mumbai, Darjeeling, Combodia and Bangkok Budget: Low to Medium Target Market/Demographic Focus: Male-female adults aged 5-70

THE TAGLINE We dont need diluted Anti-Rape lawswe need ZOYA ALIs

BRIF OUTLINE DATES is about a young debutant film-maker keen to make her debut feature film. But circumstances force her to take an unexpected detour, which turns out to be rather adventurous. Mumbais most dreaded underworld Don, Bade Mian has seized the dates of her hero that were initially allotted to her. Now if she has to make her film, she will have to get her dates back. And thus starts an adventure that takes her to Cambodia and Bangkok. In the course of journey, Don Bade Mian falls in love with her; then tries to kill her. And in the end Zoya plays a pivotal role in bringing the curtains down on a major international armssmuggling deal. She succeeds in her task only through her sheer determination, intelligence, guts and expertise in Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian martial arts.

Action Chick films are a popular genre in Hollywood and Hong Kong. But unfortunately, it has not been explore much in Bollywood for some reason. In these troubled times, when a womans safety is an intensely debated topic, Dates is screaming to be made. Dates is dedicated to the girl-child of India. Its an underdog story. And the protagonist of the film Zoya Ali exemplifies that status to its very core. First, she is a woman. Second, she comes from a minority community. Third, she is trying to succeed in the film industry where women are mostly relegated to being sexual objects. Fourth, she dares to take on the most powerful underworld Don in Mumbai. Nobody in his/her rational frame of mind would consider that a winning combination, atleast in the Indian milieu. But despite all odds she wins. And its the journey not the destination of Zoya Ali, which is worth capturing on celluloid. Zoya Ali reflects the changing aspiration of an Indian woman. The aspiration of venturing into unchartered territory. The aspiration of finding a prominent voice in the mans world. The aspiration of living a more worthy life than their mothers. The cases of rapes and sexual harassments are growing in our urban Indian society. Hence, a lot of young girls are getting drawn towards some form of martial arts in the cities and villages out of necessity for self defence. Zoya Ali is modelled as an inspiration for such girls. She will inspire the girls to take their martial arts training seriously so that they can walk securely without an escort even in the middle of the night. From the commercial point of view, there has never been a film made in India that is dedicated to martial arts. This film aims to showcase realistic fight sequences, as opposed to travesty we are used to in Indian films. And great fight sequences combined with a dramatic script that encompasses drama, action, humour, thrill and adventure, makes for a winning combination that is tailor made to provide supreme entertainment and success. Dates, is a vision, which has all the ingredients of a successful feature film venture . In Bollywood parlance, its a small budget feature film, designed to accrue high returns. Besides, a film like this has never been made before in India. It is the first film that will look at womens empowerment in a set -up thats dramatic, humorous, adventures, thrilling and action packed. The film will be an Indian tribute to wonderful martial arts films produced in Hongkong.

Production: Title Language Length: Location: Shoot: Feature Film Budget Top Sheet DATES Hindi/English 100 minutes India, Thailand, Cambodia 30 days appox. Actual Cost $10,000 $25,000 $20,000 $350,000 $405,000 $250,000 $25,000 $2,000 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 $15,000 $15,000 $50,000 $10,000 $5,000 $5,000 $3,000 $10,000 $10,000 $15,000 $15,000 $10,000 $25,000 $45,000 $540,000 $10,000 $15,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $15,000 $55,000 $405,000 $540,000 $55,000 $1,000,000

Account # 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030

Category Script & Rights Producer Director Cast Background/Stunts Camera Sound Light/Grip Electrical Expendables Director of Photography First AD Film Crew Arts & Props Hair Stylist/Make-up Film or Tape Stock Lab Insurance Permits Locations Transportation/Travel Lodging & Boarding Food Set Design Editing Music/Score Post Sound ADR Titles Mix

Above-The-Line Below-The-Line Post-production GRAND TOTAL In words: One Million Dollars Only

1. The Financing: Im seeking to raise $1 million from an investor or group of investor(s) or a Film Producer.

2. Industry Analysis: 96 per cent of the big budget movies made in the last two years have sunk without a trace. Hence, remarkably large number of film-makers have concluded that the best way forward is to play safe and produce low-budget films that cost anywhere between Rs 1 crore (Rs 10 million) and Rs 5 crore (Rs 50 million). The success ratio of a small film is high as the costs are low and therefore risks are mitigated. Most of these are targeted at niche audiences in the metros. They even have a theory for it Small is bountiful.

3. Customer Profile: The target audience for this small film is vast and varied. It has all the entertainment quotient. Action, drama, comedy, adventure and thrill. But since it is dedicated to the Indian girl-child, its targeted at Indian girls/young women across demography.

4. Marketing Plan: Marketing campaign intends to target young girls and women. The Film Production intends to exploit various social media such as facebook, twitter, youtube etc to enlist as many young girls and women in metros and town as possible. The marketing campaign will start during the pre-production of the film. The target audience will be kept abreast with each and every development in the process of film-making. It is important that every girl and young woman identify with Zoya Ali. Zoya Ali is not only the protagonist of the film; she is what every young Indian girl and woman wants to be.

5. Marketing Strategies: Establish a strong presence in digital social media. Establish connections with NGOs and colleges to promote the film in villages, small towns and metros. Conduct short workshops in martial arts in towns and metros. Build a network of Indian girls/women who are training in some sought of martial arts. Make them a part of promotion because they are real life Zoya Ali. Establish Zoya Ali as a brand.

6. Release time of the film: 10th January 2014 (Around Daughters Day on 12th January)

Zoya Ali works in the Hindi film industry as a Stunt double for female leads. Her training in martial arts equips her to handle even the trickiest stunts. But its just a stop gap arrangement, to keep herself afloat financially. Her raison d'tre is to make her debut feature film. A dream she has cultivated since the time her world-view opened up by the films of Ray, Kurosawa and Scorsese. Resistance from her father only made her resolve stronger. So much so that she walked out of her house in Lucknow to chase her dreams in Mumbai; an unthinkable act in the conservative Muslim society she comes from.

ACT 1: Zoya walks out of the film set where she was supposed to perform a stunt, because her Stunt Director wouldnt adhere to her request of having a broken safety cable replaced. She has put up with his total lack of concern for safety for far too long, but no more. However, she is distraught, and out of sheer impulse lands up in the office of a Movie Producer, Bommie Chopra. She is so desperate that against her grain she is even willing to give-in to any demands of the Producer. And her desperation endears her to Bommie. He agrees to produce her film, but for a condition. If Zoya could get the latest heart-throb of Bollywood, Rishabh Kapoor, to star in her film, then he will happily be her producer. Its a feat as onerous as climbing Mount Everest; because Rishabh Kapoor is currently the busiest star in the Hindi film industry. Even established Directors are waiting for his dates. Never-the-less, she travels to Darjeeling where Rishabh Kapoor is shooting for his latest film. Her friend and guide, the resourceful Production Controller Tukaram, who considers her as his sister, gets her a meeting with the star through his contact in the film unit. But Rishabh refuses to listen to the story citing date problems. Zoya employs all tricks to narrate her script to the hero, but fails miserably each time. In a do or die attempt, she waylays him on highway en route to Sikkim, through a devious plan resulting in him being stranded with a couple of flat tyres. And the plan worked. The flat tyres save Rishabhs life. Otherwise he would have been a victim to landslide up ahead, had he continued his journey uninterrupted. Being a superstitious man, Zoya becomes a beacon of light for Rishabh, and he happily allots her dates out of gratitude from his extremely chock-a-block schedule. But her pre-production has to be twice as fast to start production in as short a time as this. Thats not a problem for Zoya. Major hurdle has been surpassed and conquered over. Now its all about making the film. So she dives into her pre-production in full steam. When everything was going smooth for the shoot to start in a few days, Rishabh drops the biggest bombshell that shatters Zoyas dream and life. The biggest underworld Don of Mumbai, Bade Mian has seized Rishabhs dates allotted to Zoya, for a film he is producing. He is a sitting duck if he doesnt adhere to Bade Mians demand.

Now if Zoya still wants to make her film with Rishabh Kapoor, then she will have to wait atleast a couple years. Tukaram explains to Zoya that this is an impossible situation she has in hand this time, and she should simply forget about her film for the time being. But he underestimated her resolve. ACT 2: Tukaram arranges Zoya to meet with Bade Mian. Bade Mian is aghast and amused by Zoyas naivet. Clearly, she doesnt know who she is talking to. No one has ever dared to speak to him like this before. His cronies are also taken aback, and then break into peels of laughter. But before Bade Mian could snub Zoya, an assassination attempt on him takes place. Bade Mians own bodyguard tries to shoot him. At this moment, Zoyas presence of mind and agility saves his life. She kicks the rogue bodyguard to miss his target. And a shootout ensues. Bade Mians loyalists immediately sneak him out of there through a back door. But Zoya gets trapped in the cross fire. She immediately hides in the only almirah in the room which is big enough to accommodate her. As a result she happens to witness the man who attempted to kill Bade Mian, but only partially. His face eludes her. Tukaram is relieved that Zoya is alive. But Zoya is disappointed that she couldnt make the most of the meeting with Bade Mian. And as luck would have it, she gets another opportunity to meet the Don; and this time at his bidding. Bade Mian is eager to know if Zoya saw any one at the location after he had escaped. He suspects someone from his own gang is trying to kill him. Zoya has had a partial glimpse of him; but she may or may not be able to recognise him. However, she gives the impression that she has indeed seen his killer clearly and could recognise him well. Bade Mian orders Zoya to describe him immediately, but she plays her cards here. She tells Bade Mian that she will identify his killer only when he agrees to return her dates as a quid pro quo. Bade Mian tries to intimidate her and even gets his men to teach her a lesson. But they get a taste of Zoyas martial arts fighting skills. Bade Mians frustration knows no bounds. He cannot kill Zoya because she is the only one who claims to have seen the traitor in his gang. And nothing is more important to him at this point than identifying him. Bade Mian capitulates. He agrees to return Ris habh kapoors dates provided Zoya identifies his traitor. So Zoya travels with Bade Mian to Cambodia, where all his gang members are gathering for a major arms deal. In Cambodia Zoya is introduced to Shivam, who is like Bade Mians younger brother . He looks after Bade Mians work in South-east Asia. Shivam and Zoya instantly dislike each other. Shivam thinks Bade Mian is hiding the true nature of his association with Zoya, which is true. The arms deal in Cambodia doesnt go as planned and Bade Mian had to overnight relocate to Bangkok.

In Bangkok, Bade Mian and Zoya get some time to get to know each other. He is impressed with Zoyas fighting skills and in jest even offers her to work for him. On the other hand Zoya discovers that Bade Mian is not as ruthless as he projects. He is actually a very emotional man. He has an unrequited love story. Zoya reminds Bade Mian of Ruksana, the woman he once loved. He grows fond of Zoya and develops an infatuation for her. But Shivam plays spoilt sport in this developing chemistry between Bade Mian and Zoya. One day he discovers Zoya hob-nobbing with their rival gang. He instantly exposes her. Bade Mian is shattered. Shivam wants to kill her outright, but Bade Mian stops him. He orders Shivam to keep her locked till he decides what to do with her. And as the grave situation unfolds, Zoya discovers that its none other than Shivam who is the traitor in Bade Mians gang. Now she has to find a way to tell Bade Mia n and get her dates back. But her credibility has been compromised. ACT 3: Zoya escapes Bade Mians captivity. She has no money and no where to go. An old foul mouthed Thai lady who sells Kababs in her van comes to her rescue. Zoya narrates her tale to her, and the Thai lady is instantly impressed by her courage. She provides Zoya with shelter. But Zoyas mind is working overtime to figure out how to expose Shivam before Bade Mian. She needs to have incontrovertible evidence in order to convince the Don. She shares her predicament with Tukaram on phone, and inadvertently comes up with an ingenious idea. She decides to do a sting operation on Shivam. Tukaram arranges a crew for her in Bangkok through his contacts. During the sting operation, Zoya discovers that Shivam is doing his own arms deal bypassing Bade Mian, at the end of which he will kill him. Once she has enough proof, Zoya confronts Bade Mian. But Zoya realises that she was a pawn all along to a well thought out plan of Shivam. Shivam shoots Bade Mian and takes Zoya captive. Shivam offers Zoya life in exchange for a battle with Chan. The fight will be unto death. Chan is a much superior fighter than Zoya and has beaten her convincingly on a previous occasion. Zoya has no way out but to fight to survive. And she fights. Even though Chan beats her to pulp initially, she finds strength through her determination to succeed and somehow wins in the end. Shivam wouldve still killed her, if Thai police hadnt intervened in time. Shivam and his men are arrested. If Zoya identified Bade Mians traitor; Bade Mian also lives up to his promise. He had called up Rishabh Kapoor before succumbing to his wounds. Zoya finally makes her film and wins a national award for it.

In the last fifteen years in television industry; having lead some of the best national and international technical talents in India, Middle-East and Africa as a Creative Director; I have only one thing to enumerate, Creativity emerges out of meticulous planning and keen eye for detail. Currently, Im based in Delhi, and under my banner, Creativeadda, facilitating government, corporates and television channels with Audio-Visual production services such as Corporate films, Safety films, Ad films, Documentaries, Animations etc. My clientele includes Unilever, Hindustan Times, Kotak Mahindra, Lalit Suri Group of Hotels, UB Group, Dettol, Rajasthan Government, Jammu & Kashmir Government, KRIBHCO etc. I am an alumnus of prestigious Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai, where I finished my professional course in Film-Production more than a decade ago. But my hunger for knowledge in my chosen profession has constantly taken me to various film related professional workshops to augment my professional skills from the best in the industry. Kodak Cinematography workshop; scriptwriting workshop with experienced Hollywood scriptwriter Tom Abrams; and cinematography workshop with famous Hollywood cinematographer of famous films like Black Hawk Down and Harry Porter, Slawomir Yitziak, are some which stand out. In the last fifteen years I have been associated with various prestigious institutions. N.C.E.R.T- Scriptwriter: Fiction/non-fiction series targeted at rural girl child. Amul Surabhi- Team Director: Award-winning cultural series on Doordarshan hosted by famous television personalities Siddharth Kak and Renuka Shahne. During my three productive years with them I travelled a lot and experienced many cultures and traditions in India. Enigma Ad films Production Company- Executive Director: I Directed ad films for some of the prestigious brands on Indian horizon such as Dettol, Kwik, Henco etc. We worked with some of the best technical crew and facilities available in India. Zee Network- Sr. Producer, Promo & Commercial Department. Studio52 Media Company, Dubai- Creative Director: I handled film and event based projects for their international clients in Middle-east and Africa.

I shifted back to India in 2009, and formed Creativeadda. My Ad commercial for Surf Excel won first prize at Mofilm Goa festival 2010. Ravi Guria (Writer/Director) Contact: Mobile#09910391971 Email: /