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=~ - 3 PANZERSCHLACH ARMOURED OPERATIONS ON THE HUNGARIAN PLAINS SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER 1944 — Perry Moore Facoia1 7114075 “Email pblshingition “Webte worwhelon souk Poblhed by Halon & Company 2008 yp Helion & Company Limite, Soll, Wes Midlands Cove by ork inte, Sd, lone "etl Cv es i Towbid, Wi © Textand maps © Petry Moose. Be aE Mist ect i «ABV profes © Wydawniown Miia sof the Waffen SS, during fightir Rosse 1 Praca reed Une bc u 1a B “4 1s 16 wv 18 i Preface aie Phorograpic acknowledgements Key to map symbobs Part l The Red Menace is Knocking atthe Door! August 261h-Seprember 25th 1944 reduction ge ‘4 : “The Bate for Tod. _ Dbeecen Offisne~ aon in he Rasan 53d Arey sec0 + “The Bate for Nagar, September 20-Ocrober 4 Prelude tothe Bate for Debrecen Pare I: Operation Debrecen begins “The nd Ukrainian Frone Breakthrough (October 6-8) Suk against Debrecen “The German Counter Attack begins ‘The Bestel and Derek Bates, Ober 13-17 eI Theil Grin Dro te Harri Plains The German Counter Arack continues “The Germans gather their strength “The Sole continue tir hat towards Debrecen andthe Ta River bates: 2 Areick and Counceratack Colour AFV profiles showing camouflage and markings Appendices AppendisE Orders of Bale (Onder of Bate of Axis ground «rps ae ‘Onder of bade of Army Group “South, October 2 1944. « » ‘Order of base of Army Group ‘South’, October 16 1944 « Hungarian Ist Army. « Hungarian 2nd Army « Hungarian 3rd Army ‘Hungarian roops outside Hungary Summary of Hungarian OOB. «+ : Onder of Bue of the Hungarian 12th Reserve Divison 110 German Armour Seagghs September 25-October 519