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Introduction: The performance of an organization is managed by monitoring and managing the performance of individual employees in the organization.

Performance appraisal has been traditionally connected to rewards and punishments in the organization. In recent times however, the concept of developing employees based on the appraisal has gained popularity. While a system of performance appraisal can be very effective and productive in the organizational context, the problems in appraisal are related to its application and implementation. Therefore it could be said that a well designed performance appraisal system adds value to the organization.

Scope of the study: The study is purely of academic interest and includes the procedures of performance appraisal followed by the company located in the city of Mysore. This project provides a brief overview of the Performance Appraisal procedures for the management staff and Workmen category.

Objectives of the study: To have a brief insight into the prevailing performance appraisal system. To understand the role of HR department in the performance appraisal process. To get a exposure to the practical applications followed by the industry.

Research Methodology: The research methodology used for data collection is with the help of a questionnaire along with personal interview with concerned official.

Collection of data: Collection of information is nothing but gathering of the required information. Data collection is done in two ways: Primary data Secondary data

Primary data: Primary data was gathered with the help of a questionnaire and with the help of personal interview with concerned official.

Secondary data: Secondary data used in this project is inclusive of annual reports, formats provided by the company, reports and journals.

Limitations of the study: A major constraint for any study is the limited availability of time. Though a thorough attempt has been made to include all aspects relating to performance appraisal, there is every possibility of some aspects being left out due to the policy of the management to keep them confidential. The study is purely of academic interest and to get practical exposure but the inexperience makes the study less precise than professionals.