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En5 essay samhllsprogrammet

Essay in English at samhllsprogrammet!

You are going to write an essay in English. Choose a topic about something in our society that interests you. (see list of examples below or come up with your own) Length: 2-3 pages. In the introduction: you present your topic what is the essay about? Think about: How can you catch your readers interest? address the reader, a personal experience, shocking facts, a quote In the body: you discuss the topic thoroughly present your opinions in the matter, reason about the topic from different perspectives, give examples from life, own experiences, literature, etc Think about: Stick to your subject relevant information, be careful with proper paragraphs and structure. you sum up the text, state your opinion once more, perhaps come up with a solution or a convincing answer. As a suggestion, try to end your text with some sort of a twist, a quote or an extraordinary strong sentence. That may have a good impression on the reader and gives the text a fine setting.

In the conclusion:

Examples of topics to write about:

Is global climate change man-made? Is the death penalty effective? Should men get paternity leave from work? Is our election process fair? Do curfews (utegngsfrbud) keep teens out of trouble? Is torture ever acceptable? Should animals be used for research? Are we too dependent on computers? Do violent computer games cause behavior problems? Do we have a fair taxation system? Should students be allowed to grade their teachers? Should cigarette smoking be banned? Should the alcoholic drinking age be increased or decreased? Are cell phones dangerous? Are there benefits to attending a single-sex school? Is homework harmful or helpful? Does participation in sports keep teens out of trouble? Is competition good? Does religion cause war? (

Centralt innehll mnesomrden med anknytning till elevernas utbildning samt samhlls- och arbetsliv Texter av olika slag och med olika syften Hur ord och fraser i muntliga och skriftliga framstllningar skapar struktur och sammanhang genom att tydliggra

Inledningen presenterar tydligt mnet. Avslutningen r tydlig. Texten r ngorlunda sammanhngande. Du resonerar kring och diskuterar tydligt ditt mne enligt instruktionen.

Inledningen fngar lsarens intresse och avslutningen rundar smidigt av den sammanhngande texten. Din diskussion r vertygande med passande exempel.

Inledning och avslutning r genomtnkta och lite originella (sticker ut). Texten r vlbalanserad. Diskussionen r intressant, tnkvrd och fyllig.

En5 essay samhllsprogrammet

inledning, orsakssammanhang, tidsaspekt och slutsats. skriftlig produktion

Sprket r verlag tydligt och klart. Styckeindelningen r korrekt.

Sprket r varierat och visar ansats till ett mer avancerat sprkbruk. Textbindningen r god.

Sprket r vlformulerat och anpassat till texten. Textbindningen underlttar lsningen.