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com/ more info HID Auxiliary Driving Light KitFV90-HID

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Wireless Remote (non-waterproof) +USD$ 55.00


Compact 90mm HID Driving/Fog Lamps Genuine GE D1S HID Capsules Water-Proof D1 Ballasts Super Long Lamp Cables Long Range Beam Pattern ITEM INCLUDES (2) 90mm HID Driving Lamps (2) D1S 4300K HID Capsules with GE Burner (2) D1 Waterproof Digital Ballasts (2) 58" Ballast to Lamp cables (2) Relay Kit and Toggle Switch Stainless Steel Mount OPTIONS AVAILABLE Wireless Remote Control

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The FV90-HID delivers long range light output using super efficient free-form reflectors. The wide, uniform beam pattern offers an enhanced night time driving experience. This auxiliary/fog light blasts down the road 400+ meters (over 1300 feet) down the road increasing your driving confidence and saftey even in the darkest conditions! The wide band of light floods both sides of the road and extends into the ditches for amazing visibilty allowing you to spot any potential hazards that may otherwise not be seen with most typical auxiliary and stock headlights. Tough aluminum housing, tempered glass lens and all stainless steel hardware & bracket make it super durable. Powered by a long life genuine GE HID D1S capsule and combined with

lightweight and efficient 35W ballasts that are fully waterproof with a lifespan rating of over 3000 hours! Super long lamp cables are 147cm (58") long allowing you to install the ballasts in a remote location. The 90mm housing is small enough to use as fog lights, driving lights, motorcycle auxiliary lights or in many other applications where long range lighting is a must. This is our replacement kit for the 4GHID(4G-HID). Only available here at Future Vision HID!

Long Range Optics

The FV90 has a very efficient and accurate reflector design to produce a sharp, wide driving beam pattern that extends far down the road without any hot spots.

Durable Aluminum Housing

Tough cast aluminum housing is designed to handle all types of abuse and disipate heat quickly. Simple mounting with the stainless steel bracket.

GE HID Capsule
The 90mm HID driving light is lit up using a replaceable, genuine GE D1S HID capsule for maximum brightness, reliability and long lasting performance. visit for more info 35W HID BULB TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS HD-GE-D1S HID Bulb (35W) 3200 Lumen Luminous Flux 4250K Color Temperature 85 +/-17VAC Voltage 35W +/-3W Wattage 3200 Lumen Luminous Flux Nickel clad Moly-Wire Electrode 4.2mm +/- .045mm Electrode Distance 27.1 +/- 0.15mm Light Center Length Horizontal +/- 10% Setting Position PK32d2 Base Type HID Application 2000 Hours Lamp Life (B3) 3000 Hours Lamp Life (TC)

35W D1 BALLAST TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS HD-BD1 (A8073) Model 9-16VDC Input Voltage Range Typical Operating Voltage 13.5VDC 3.2A @ 13.2VDC Typical Input Current 6.1A Max. Inrush Current 35W2W(Constant Power) Output Power 85VAC RMS Output Voltage Output Frequency 260Hz285Hz 86%, Efficiency 26KV Ignition Pulse

35W D1 BALLAST TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Air Cooled Cooling Method Latch Off After 1sec Open Lamp Protection Reverse Voltage Protection No Damage at -40V >8V Input Turn ON <7V Input Turn OFF Maximum Cable Length 2.0 Meters Operating Temperature -40105 Storage Temperature Cable Length Dimensions(mm) Weight Rated Life -4095 380mm / 15" 82L x 62W x 23.5H(MM) 0.175KG (0.385LB) 3000+ Hours

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