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DATE: MAY 17, 2003


1) Resolve discrepancies in the various accounts of the posture and response of

NORAD on 9/11.

2) Investigate accounts that FAA had information a gun was present aboard
one of the airplanes.

3) Investigate reports that Attorney General Ashcroft had stopped flying

commercial flights because of security concerns in the summer, 2001.

4) Were box cutters prohibited items or not?

5) Investigate the processing of those hijackers who were held-up by airport

security on 9/11.

6) What happened to the individuals in charge of the screening areas that

processed the hijackers?

7) Why weren't passengers on the other flights in the air on 9/11 screened for
other terrorists?

8) The commission should make an accounting of all the security personnel

(screeners, administrators etc.) who had a roll in processing the passengers
on the hijacked flights; provide a status report on their employment in
security; make recommendations about their status in future aviation
security jobs.

9) Investigate the "9 warnings in July" and the "8 warnings in August" about
terrorist plots.

10) What were the standards of security at the FAA as of 9/11/2001?

11) Why did screening contractors pay 10 cents on the dollar for fines imposed
on them for violations? Please get Jane Garvey's response about why the
fines were lowered.
12) Why were timelines scrapped from the Gore Commission Report's

13) Study the relevant security protocols in effect on 9/11 and report upon those
that were not followed.

14) What was the status of military aircraft in the air on 9/11? How many?
Where were they? Why were they there?

15) Investigate reports that FBI and FEMA officials were checking out the WTC
buildings just prior to 9/11/2001.

16) Investigate why the State of Florida was in heightened alert on September
7th, 2001.

17) Investigate reports that an extraordinarily high level of "put options" were
placed on the airlines just prior to 9/11/2001. Were such trades and
anomalous trading volumes monitored as a metric for terror alert? Who
placed the trades? What happened to the money?

18) Why wasn't the alarm bell rung by Air Traffic Control when the flights
deviated from their flight plan?

19) What is the status of the black boxes on the four flights?

20) Why don't we have cameras recording what's going on in the cockpit? Was
cost a factor in not putting this technology in place?

21) Why don't we have hidden cameras in the airports, like casinos?

22) Investigate cell phone records to determine who called from the planes.

23) Investigate why the FBI can't tell us who they've interviewed and talked to in
its investigation. What is the FBI's guidelines about not reporting

24) Why didn't Federal officials take over search and rescue after the buildings
were hit?

25) How do the requirements on paper in all aspects of the hijackings and
aftermath, match-up with what happened? What protocols and procedures
weren't followed?

26) Which were the seven NORAD bases on alert on 9/11?

27) What tactics did pilots learn to respond to hijackers? (Two AA pilots were
told that the policy was if a hijacker is present: get him on the plane).

28) Did the hijackers purchase extra seats on the airplanes?

29) Were the flights less crowded than normal? Did this raise any red flags that
something was amiss?

30) Investigate reports that some of the named hijackers have been found alive

31) Was flight 93 shot down?