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SURESH KUMAR Ph: 214-450-8907 Email: msure2u@gmail.

com PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Around 6 years of Experience in System administration and Storage Technologies. Expertise includes Storage Area Networks (SAN), SYMCLI, Navisphere Manager, Administration of EMC Storage Symmetrix, VMAX, DMX-4, DMX-3, DMX-2, CLARiiON CX4, CX3, CX600/700. Very well versed in handling the customer requirements by interfacing with not only customer higher echelon management but with system/database administrators and application owners as well to determine business and technical needs and set expectations for a deliverable solution SAN Experience includes SYMCLI/ECC/SMC, Navisphere/Navicli, Webtools, Fabric Manager/Device Manager, Celerra manger/CLI. Experience in installation and configuration of Cisco MDS 9513/9509/9506 enterprise directors and 9140/9120 departmental switches, Brocade 48k/24k enterprise directors and 4900/4100/3900/3800 departmental switches. Experience in Administration, Troubleshooting and Configuration of V-MAX, DMX-4, DMX-3, DMX-2, Symmetrix8730/8830, Clariion CX480, CX3-80/40/ CX700/600. Implementing and Maintaining FAST Cache and FAST VP and Setting up new hosts for Storage Provisioning and assigning storages to the host, Performing LUN expansions and LUN migrations in VMAX, DMX, Clariion and Implementing, Administrating THIN Provisioning in VMAX Provisioned storage from V-MAX, DMX-3/4, and CLARiiON to various Operating Systems and used Auto Provisioning to assign storage from V-MAX array. Experience in implementing data migrations using Array based solution (SRDF, Open Replicator) and host based solution (Open Migrator/LVM mirroring). Performed Disaster recovery planning and implementation via EMC Mirror View Synchronous and Asynchronous techniques and Migrations using SANCOPY in CLARiiON. Implemented Disaster Recovery solutions using SRDF/S/A/AR for production systems and tested disaster recovery readiness. Design and implement local replication solutions within storage devices using EMC replication software such as SnapViewSnapshots and Clones for CLARiiON, Timefinder BCV, Clones and Snaps for Symmetrix. Knowledge of EMC Control Center 5.2/6.1, Storage Scope. Experience in Netapp. Experience in UNIX Administration. Possesses hands on expertise in troubleshooting day to day SAN/Storage and host related issues quickly.

Highly motivated Team Player with good communication skills.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Masters in Computer Applications. ENVIRONMENT Storage Symmetrix : VMAX, DMX-4/DMX-3/DMX-2, Clariion: CX4/ CX3-80/ CX3-40/CX700/CX600/ CX500. Switches Operating Systems Networking Storage Management: Cisco MDS 9120/9140,9216,9506 and 9509, Brocade 48000, 12000 Red Hat Enterprise LINUX, Solaris 9/10, HP-UX 10x/11x, AIX, Windows 2000/2003/2008 SAN, NAS, NFS, TCP/IP ECC 6.1/6.0/5.2, SMC,SYMCLI 7.x/6.x, Navisphere Manager/NAVISECCLI, Unisphere, EMCAccessLogix, OpenReplicator , OpenMigrator, SRDF, SRDF/A, Time Finder/Clone, Mirror View/Snap view, SANCopy , EMC Recover Point, BrocadeCLI/Web Tools, Cisco CLI/Fabric Manager/Device Manager, Power Path/DMP, Replication Manager, Veritas Volume manager, VXFS. Vmware, vSphere 4.x, Vclient, ESX 4.0/3.5, ESXi 4.X, Vmotion, SVmotion, DRS,HA

Virtualization technologies

PROFESSIONAL HISTORY ACS-XEROX, DALLAS, TX Sr. STORAGE ADMINISTRATOR RESPONSIBILITES Configured and created Auto provisioning groups for mapping and masking using SYMCLI 7.x/ SMC 7.X for creating initiator groups, port groups, storage groups and Masking Views in VMAX Environment. Maintaining the ECC infrastructure, troubleshooting day-to-day issues, Configured alerts for management of the entire SAN infrastructure and also dealt with performance issues. Troubleshooting day to day performance issues and resolving them using Performance Manager. JULY 2012- TILL DATE

Administration of several Symmetrix V-MAX, VNX, DMX, Clariion arrays connected to several Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP & AIX Servers. Designed and Implemented FAST for provisioning on EMC VNXs & VMax with Helping Customer needs on day to day tasks. Monitored the Performance issues on the Performance Analyzer or SPA, suggesting to move the effected LUN to move to FAST Pools. EMC Solution Enabler, Navi CLI, EMC Mirror view/Snap view implementation and administration. Configured FAST VP Teiring Levels on these EMC Arrays at both Primary & Secondary Sites. Implemented SRDF/A solution for Oracle mission critical applications. Used migration techniques like Array based i.e. Open replicator and SRDF and Host based i.e. Open Migrator/LVM Mirroring to migrate the data from DMX-4, Clariion to VMAX storage systems in UNIX/Linux and windows environment. Documented standard procedurals and activities for host remediation activities. Involved in conducting DR exercises for Oracle databases using Recover point CRR product. Migrated data from CX3-80 to CX4-960 using SAN Copy. Setting up redundant FC SAN Fabrics using Cisco MDS Directors/Switches and designing and implementing VSANs. Configured zones on Brocade switches using CLI and web tools. Creation of Device & FC Aliases, zones, zone sets and activating the zone sets using fabric manager. Upgraded hosts as per the EMC HEAT report and installed and configured Power path for AIX / Solaris/HP and Windows Operating Systems in the preparation of the servers for migration. Actively involved in installation of ECC and discovery and management of all SAN objects including installation of SDM/Symmetrix agents, FCC and host agents. Troubleshooting, monitoring and reporting on the SAN Environment. Discovered new SAN objects in ECC including DMX, Clariion, Switches and windows and Solaris servers

Environment: Symmetrix: Vmax/DMX-4/DMX-3/DMX-2, Clariion: CX4/CX3-80/CX340/CX700/CX600/ CX500, Cisco MDS 9506/9509, Brocade 48000/12000, Red Hat Enterprise LINUX, Solaris 9/10, HP-UX 10x/11x, AIX , Windows 2000/2003/2008, ECC 6.1/6.0/5.2,SMC,SYMCLI 7.x/6.x, Navisphere Manager/NAVISECCLI, Unisphere, EMCAccessLogix, OpenReplicator , OpenMigrator, SRDF, SRDF/A, Time Finder/Clone, Mirror View/Snap view, SANCopy , EMC Recover Point, BrocadeCLI/Web Tools, Cisco CLI/Fabric Manager/Device Manager, Power Path/Replication Manager. NEUSTAR-ULTRADNS INC, STERLING, VA 2012 STORAGE ADMINISTRATOR JAN 2011 JUNE

RESPONSIBILITIES Migrated TBs of data successfully from CX600/CX700 to DMX-4 and DMX 1000 to DMX-4, V-max using Open Replicator, SRDF,PPME and host based mirroring technologies for multiple servers. Setting up new hosts for Storage Provisioning and assigning storages to the host, successfully allocated Storage using Symcli, Navisphere, Navicli, and Unisphere Manager for open systems storage environment from CX3, CX4, DMX-3, DMX-4, VMAX, to Windows, Solaris servers. Performing LUN expansions and LUN migrations in VMAX, DMX, Clariion Implementing and Administrating THIN Provisioning in VMAX. Implementing and Administrating SNAP View Snap Shots, Snapclone, Mirror View in Clariion Installation and configuring of Recovery point appliances, Configuring SAN to implement Recovery point. Migrated Data to DR site using Recovery point from clariion to clariion & celerra Replicator to Migrate From celerra to DR Celerra. Created the initiator groups, port groups and storage group and added them to masking view using the Symcli and SMC for V-MAX. Involved in data migration from CX 700/CX 600 to CX 480 using San Copy (Full copy/Incremental copy). Implemented and tested Disaster Recovery using Mirror view/S and Mirror view/A for production between CX480 to CX480 Tested and implemented SRDF/A for selected high performance Tier 1 applications. Involved in the pilot testing of SRDF/A and certifying it for production use. Extensively used SYMCLI and SMC to configure and allocate storage from DMX arrays to various hosts (i.e. Unix and windows including VMware nodes (i.e. verifying available devices, creating meta devices, mapping devs to FA ports and masking luns to HBA WWNs and other symcli functions like setting device attributes i.e. setting dynamic rdf attribute to the devices etc. Responsibilities also include registering hosts, creating RAID groups, binding LUNs, creating Storage groups and providing accessible storage using Navisphere manger/Navicli to the respective hosts. Day to day jobs include storage allocation, Zoning, mapping and masking including troubleshooting, monitoring and Reporting on the SAN environment. Maintaining the ECC infrastructure, troubleshooting errors and alerts, configuring DCPs and alerts for management of the entire SAN infrastructure and also dealt with performance issues. Provided the copies of production data for testing and decision making (patch testing and new upgrades) by configuring BCV and clone using Time Finder Business Continuity.

Environment: DMX-4, DMX3, V-MAX, CX700/600, CX 480,CX3-80, CX3-20F, NSX, NS 80G, NS480, NS702G, Cisco MDS 9513 / 9509 / 9120, Brocade 48K, 4100, SMC, Storage Manager, SYMCLI Solutions Enabler, ECC 6.1, SMC 6.1.2, Navisphere Manager, Cisco CLI and Cisco Fabric

Manager, Unix Servers, ESX series, Windows 2000/2003. STATE OF NEW JERSEY, NEW JERSEY, NJ STORAGE ADMINISTRATOR OCT 09 DEC 10

RESPONSIBILITIES: Involved in migrating complete data from DMX to VMAX and also from CX to VMAX. Planned and implemented migrations using Open Replicator hot pull and Push. Installed and configured powerpath v5.3 Installed and configured VMware ESX 4.X on Hosts Installed and configured SMC and SYMCLI to manage V-MAX. Created storage groups, initiator groups, port groups and associated them to masking view using symcli and SMC. Performed knowledge transfer to the team in customer side regarding V-MAX, migrations using open replicator/ Pull. Created runbook for the customer and received appreciation from customer and EMC project manager. Created pools, Meta devices and performed virtual provisioning using SMC and symcli. Responsibilities include trouble shooting operating system and san related issues. Performed day-to-day storage allocations from V-MAX to various servers and monitored the performance of V-MAX using performance analyzer. Involved in converting SRDF/Advcopy mode to SRDF/A after the copy of r1 and r2 invalid tracks. Analysed Emc grab of both (unix and windows hosts) using DCA tools like Heat report ,Elab navigator and Emc support matrix. Registering/De-Registering the HBAs with Storage Processors (SPs). Performed storage management and monitoring tasks using ECC 6.x and SMC. Provided all the documentation to the customer and helped them in performing dayto-day tasks.Provided 24*7 ON Call Support for the migration efforts. Environment: DMX-3/4, Symmetrix V-MAX, CLARiiON CX3-80, CX4-480, Brocade 12k and 24 k director class,Windows 2k3/2k8 with Microsoft Clusters, VMware, Sun Solaris 10,Powerpath v5.5, PPME, Open Replicator, SYMCLI v7.x, SMC v7.1, SPA v2.0, ECC 6.x, Brocade TALENTSPRO, SAN JOSE, CA 2008- OCT 2009 STORAGE ADMINISTRATOR RESPONSIBILITIES MAY

Configured and implemented Data Center Migration for terabytes of data with no loss of data with little host intervention using host based Open Migrator/LVM and array based Open Replicator, SRDF, MirrorView and SAN copy. Migrated data from DMX2000/DMX3000 to DMX3/4 using Open Replicator with little interfering of host applications. Implementing SAN solutions & providing support in a multidomain storage environment. Monitoring and analyzing I/O performance of the Servers from the SAN side Allocating/ de-allocating space to Unix/Windows servers Analysed Emc grab of both (unix and windows hosts) using DCA tools like Heat report ,Elab navigator and Emc support matrix. Well Versed with DMX-4/3 storage allocation and architecture. Involved in the migration of Clariion CX-500/700 to CX-3-80 using MirrorView and SAN copy. Installed and configured PowerPath for Solaris / Linux and Windows Operating Systems to provide the fault tolerant and load balance. Involved in converting SRDF/Advcopy mode to SRDF/A after the copy of r1 and r2 invalid tracks. Involved in installation of symmetrix management console 6.1 (SMC) and Configuration and management of symmetrix arrays using SMC including discovering symmetrix arrays. Created checkpoints for file systems and restoring files from the checkpoints. Installed and configured Cisco MDS 9513 and was involved in the fabric migration from Brocade 48k switches to CISCO 9513. As part of the Fabric Migration, collected all the Switch reports to verify the Zones, Domain IDs, IP address etc. Installed/upgraded symcli software on control servers to support the storage operations and had a very good knowledge and hands on experience with SYMCLI software. Used Replication Manager for managing consistent data replicas and for setting up schedules and policies. Allocated Storage using ECC, Symcli, Navisphere and Navicli for open systems storage environment from Clariion, Symmetrix DMX3000 / DMX-3/4, CX-3, CX500/700.

Environment : DMX-4, DMX3, DMX2,CX700/500, CX 480,CX3-80, Cisco MDS 9513 / 9509 / 9120, Brocade 48K, 4100, SYMCLI Solutions Enabler, ECC 6.1, SMC 6.1.2, Navisphere Manager, Celerra manger/Cli, Cisco CLI and Cisco Fabric Manager, Unix Servers, VMware, Windows 2000/2003 WINCHESTER SYSTEMS INC, BILLERICA, MA APRIL 2008 STORAGE ADMINISTRATOR

2007 TO

RESPONSIBILITIES Participate in the installation, customization, and integration of SAN/NAS solution that includes EMC Symmetrix DMX & CLARiiON

Allocated storage from a CLARiiON array using Navisphere manager and naviCLI to different platforms such as Solaris and windows. Allocated storage from Symmetrix DMX arrays using ECC, Solutions enabler (SYMCLI) in various operating environments. Involved in connecting DMX FAs to the Fabric and creating the aliases for the WWN of both systems and DMX. Created the members, Zones, Zone Sets and adding to the Configuration and activating the configuration on CISCO-MDS switches. Mapping the LUNs to the FAs and Masking them with Update of VCM database usingSYMCLI commands. Install/Upgrade the PowerPath 3.0.1 to 3.0.3. Created the SRDF groups and starting the data synchronization from the Symmetrix DMX-3000 over SRDF. Deployed the Sun Solaris host agents and Database agents for Oracle on SUN Sparc systems. Install and configure the CLARiiON CX-500, CX-3-40 and connecting it to the Fabric. Connected the Windows2003 servers to Switch and Zoning them with CLARiiON accordingly. Create the RAID groups and Binding the LUNs. Create the Storage groups and associating the hosts with groups. Involved in McData to Cisco Migration. Registering/De-Registering the HBAs with Storage Processors (SPs). Install/Upgrade the Navisphere Agents and NaviClients on the Client systems. 24*7 On Call Support.

ENVIRONMENT: DMX 8830, DMX2, DMX-3, CX700, CX3-80, Cisco MDS 9513 / 9509 / 9120, Brocade 48K, 4100, SYMCLI Solutions Enabler, ECC 6.0, Time Finder, SRDF/A, Cisco CLI and Cisco Fabric Manager. Solaris 8/9, Windows 2000/2003 PATNI SYSTEMS, NOIDA, INDIA SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR MARCH 2005 TO DEC 2006

RESPONSIBILITIES: Installed, configured and maintained UNIX and Windows operating systems, including the system software and provided hardware. Responsible for system monitoring, application and security support. Responsible for providing high system availability and, performance management. Responsibilities include knowledge on patches, Troubleshooting, firmware, file system maintenance Monitoring system security, network traffic, network connections, and adjust system parameters to increase system performance. Maintain the systems up-to-date with patch maintenance. Created Volume groups, Logical Volumes, File systems.

Creating root disk encapsulation/mirroring using VERITAS volume manager. Remote installations of Solaris OS using Jumpstart Involved in hardware maintenance, upgrading the memory and interface cards, add and replace the failed disks. Trouble shooting of day-to-day UNIX problems. System administration includes NFS, NIS and DNS maintenance. Responsible to upgrade the Operating Systems and patch them up-to-date.

Environment: Sun Solaris, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Sun Fire V20Z, V40Z, SPARC server 1000, Pentium PCs, Genicom Printers, Veritas Volume Manager 2.5 .