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Calculation of the padas of the 12 houses General rules: If the lord of a bhava is in the 4th from the bhava, no counting is required. The house occupied from the bhava by the lord itself is the Arudha (i.e. 4th from the bhava). When a planet falls in the same house, the 10th in question there from be treated as its pada. When the 7th becomes the pada of a house, the 4th from the original (i.e. the 10th House from 7th) be treated as its pada. For calculation of Upapada: Take the 12th H for Ascendants of odd signs. Take the 2nd House for ascendants of even signs.
Arudha= image, appearance; raised up, mounted or ascended pada = quarter, or portion Calculation of Arudha padas for the above chart: Lagna Lord, Moon is in the 4th H, in Libra (4 signs away). Libra becomes Arudha Lagna in sign Libra. (General rule) Lord of the 2nd House is in the 6th House, in Sagittarius, 5 signs away. Then count 5 signs from Sagittarius, i.e., to Aries. A2 will be Aries. Lord of the 3rd House is in the 6th house, in Sagittarius 4 signs away. Rule 1. Applies A3 is in Sagittarius. Fourth House lord, Venus, is in the VIIth house, i.e., 4 signs away in Capricorn. Rule no. 1 applies. A4 is Capricorn. Fifth House lord, Mars, is in the 2nd House in Leo 10 signs away from Scorpio. Count 10 signs from Leo, which is Taurus in the 11th House. A5 is in Taurus (general rule). Sixth House lord, Jupiter, is in 8th House (Aquarius) 3 signs away from Sagittarius. Count 3 signs from Aquarius. A6 will be in Aries. (general rule). Seventh Lord Saturn is in 12th House in Gemini 6 signs away from Capricorn count 6 signs from Gemini, and A7 falls in Scorpio (general rule). Eight lord Saturn is in 12th House Gemini 5 signs away from Aquarius. Count 5 signs from Gemini. A8 falls in Libra. Ninth lord, Jupiter is in 8th in Kumbh-12 signs away. Count 12 signs from Kumbh. A9 falls in Capricorn.

Tenth lord Mars is in2nd House in Leo 5 signs in Leo. Count 5 signs from Leo. A 10 falls in Sagittarius. Eleventh lord Venus is in 7th House in Capricorn 9 signs away from Taurus. Count 9 signs from Capricorn. A-11 falls in Virgo. Twelfth lord Mercury is in the 6th House in Sagittarius 7 signs away. Count 4rh from Gemini, it is Virg0, (3rd House). A-12 falls in Virgo. (Rule no. 3 is applied). Names of Arudhas Also known as Pada arudha Vita pada Bhatru pada Sukha Mantra Shatru Kalatra Marana Bhagya Bhava No. first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eight ninth tenth eleventh twelfth
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Lagna Pada Arudha Dhana Pada arudha Vikram Pada Arudha Matru Pada Arudha Putra Pada Arudha Roga Pada Arudha Dara Pada Arudha Mrutyu Pada Arudha Pitru Pada Arudha Karma Pada Arudha Labha Pada Arudha Vyaya Pada Arudha

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From the Upadesa Sutra of Jaimini by KV Abhyankar Wealthy Man : If the 11th from Lagna Pada is occupied or aspected by a planet, the nave will be happy Wealth will come from virtuous means if benefic is related as above. A malefic will confer wealth through questionable means. If there be a benefic and malefic , it will be through both the means. If the planet in question (one related to the 11th House from Lagna Pada) be in exaltation or in own sign, there will be plenty of gains.

A king or equal to a king: If all the planets aspect the 11th house from Lagnapada, the native surely becomes a king or equal to a king. If the 12th from Lagna Pada is unaspected, as the 11th from lagna pada is being aspected by a planet, then the gains will be uninterrupted and the quantum of gains will correspond to the number of planets in or aspecting the 11th from Lagna Pada.

Argala: If there is Argala for the said 11th pada, there will be more gains. A benefic Argala will being more gains. If the said benefic causing Argala be in exaltation, the gains will be still higher. If the 11th is aspected by a benefic from the Ascendant, the 9th, etc. gains will increase in the ascending order.

In all cases the 12th should be free from malefic association. If the planet (s) related to the 12th from Lagna Arudhra, even then there will be gains.

Ch. 31 BPHS A benefic in Ascendant aspecting 11h from Arudhra lagna is beneficial. Lagna pada is helpfulin determining the prospects of the native. Upa-Pada is helpful in determing the qualities of the spouse, progeny, etc. When the 11th from Arudha lagna has a planet or is aspected by a planet, the native becomes prosperous and wealthy. -- Jaimini Sutram (Upadesha Sutra) 3rd pada,2 If the eleventh from arudha Lagnais well associated and aspected by benefics or those in exaltation, in Moola-Trikona and the like, the person has wealth through justifiable means." -- Jaimini Sutram (Upadesha Sutra) Ch 1, Shloka 5