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Monthly Newsletter April 2013

Lets Get Things Clear: Q&A about the AmSoc Gala

1. HOW DO I BUY TICKETS? Either contact the AmSoc office or call ticket chairman Judy Zanchi by email We also have lots of board members who all have tickets to sell. 2.HOW DO I RESERVE MY TABLE? Just fill out the order form and send it to the office via fax or email (or snail mail). Make your deposit in the AmSoc account (see order form) and send the receipt with your order form. The office will send you a layout of the tables and you can choose. Payment must be received before the table is reserved. First come, first served. Tables are for 8. 3. WHAT IF I CANNOT GET A WHOLE TABLE OF 8 TOGETHER? Absolutely no problem, buy the tickets you need and we will seat you with other guests. 4. IS THIS FOR AMSOC MEMBERS ONLY? Nope. We want all of your friends and guests to join us. We have 400 places to fill. 5. CAN I HELP? Are you kidding? Just give our Gala Chairman Marlene Rubeiz by email She will definitely find a place to use your talents. There are eight working committees: logistics, publicity, decorations, auction donations, treasurer, tickets. All of them need talented people to help. The planning meetings are usually great fun too! So, do come and join us!

In this Issue
Page 8: If you are a fan of modernist architecture you dont have to venture much further than Republica.

Treasures and Memories

Page 12: Ever wondered what happens after people successfully bid on our gala auction items?

Page 16: Sometimes Facebook can be overwhelming. Maureen argues it might be time to cut back.

The AmSocs Annual General Meeting is on April 25th

This is not your typical boring meeting! The American Societys Annual General meeting is an exciting, fun evening to share with friends and fellow American Society Members. Come and see our beautiful new Consular residence and meet Mr. and Mrs. Denis Harkins, our new Consul General and Consuleza. Meet Sister Angela and watch a performance of her dance students from Projeto Sol. (You do remember that part of the proceeds from our Gala Dinner Dance in May, will go to fund the new kitchen for Projeto Sol?) Meet the students from SPACE that the American Society sponsors in private schools and see their progress. Buy your tickets for our Gala! Meet the hardworking board and committee members. Sample the delightful menu provided by Andy Beebys Buffet and have a glass or two of your favorite beverage. There is no charge. There is no hassle. There is just friendship and fun. Oh yes. You can also help us elect new members for the Board of Governors and our new slate of officers and see the presentation of the Eric Poliak Community Service Award. Space is limited, so make your reservation now. The invitation will only be sent by e-mail this year, so watch your inbox. American Society Annual General Meeting (members only) Thursday April 25, 2013 - 7:30PM to 10:00 PM Granja Julieta RSVP by Thursday April 18, 2013 to the office on 51822074. The address will be provided when you reserve. You must present a picture document at the door.

Our Mission
The American Society of So Paulo promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy and volunteerism.

Presidents Corner
In 2008 I joined the International Ethanol Trade Association. The ethanol business in Brazil was booming so I wrote an article for the August 2008 FORUM entitled Brazils 33 Year Learning By Joe Sherman, AmSoc president Curve. I described Brazils ethanol program beginning in 1975 with ProAlcool and the ups and downs through 2008 concluding with ethanol is here to stay. Investors and companies were rushing to get in the ethanol business, there were 90 new mills built between 2003 and 2008, bringing the total to 416 sugar/ethanol mills. Now these investors/companies are rushing to get out. I still think ethanol is here to stay, but we are going through a long hangover. The sector was hit hard by the following factors: -Banks cut off credit lines during the 2008 financial crisis to a sector that was highly leveraged -The cost to produce ethanol has increased 46% since 2008 -Sugar cane yields have declined by 13% since 2008 due to lack of proper maintenance and climatic problems, i.e. smaller crops -The government controlled price of gasoline has been flat since 2007, only allowed to increase this year, thus setting a ceiling for ethanol prices So we have seen some dramatic changes, bankruptcies, consolidationa change from many small family run businesses to large trading and energy companies dominating the sector. Foreign ownership was 7% in 2007 and has increased to 23% today. We have new players such as Shell, Dreyfus, Bunge, Tereos, BP, Noble and ADM. I am not sure these newcomers are very happy, but they have the financial strength to work on improving the business. In 2005 the 10 largest groups represented 30% of capacity, in 2011 this increased to 43%. The new mills are larger and will benefit from economies of scale, but the key to success is focusing on the sugar cane crop. Agriculture is not the strong point for most of the newcomers to the sector, and once they get this right I expect the business to improve. The U.S. ethanol sector went through a similar learning curve and has bounced back handsomely. Ethanol is here to stay - we need alternative sources of energy. My term as President is up this month and I am pleased that we have excellent officer candidates to continue the American Societys mission. Please join us at the AGM on April 25 to formerly elect the team and continuing Board members. I am looking forward to meeting some of our new members during the social hour. Abraos, Joe
Lynn Cordeiro, editor and layout Ernest White II, staff writer Forum is printed by EGB. ( Views expressed in Forum do not necessarily reflect those of the American Society board of governors, members, or staff. Forum reserves the right to edit content for brevity and/or clarity.

New Member
Name: Mark Horn Origin, time here: New York, 3-1/2 years in Braslia Why Braslia: I was invited to work as an international consultant for Embrapa in Brasilia Best things so far: Opportunity to interact more with people, Brazilian agriculture is exciting, neat experiences like doing simultaneous translation for the Finance Minister, Guido Mantega (favor for a journalist friend) Early frustrations: For the first few months, I had receptionists call for taxis for me, because when I called myself they would always hang up on me. I learned I was being too polite and they thought it was a prank call. Now I speak in bullet language (Oi, mande um taxi para mim) and that works just fine. A number of other examples where being polite didnt have the desired effect. Have saudade for anything back home: (1) Cold coffee & frappuccinos (no starbucks in Brasilia), (2) Trader Joes, (3) Vietnamese and Thai restaurants Progress with Portuguese: Spoken Portuguese is going very well, I presented in Portuguese at an innovation conference last year in So Paulo. Still working on formal written Portuguese. Favorite place to hang out: Coffee shop

About Forum

Forum is published monthly, with the exception of January and July, by

The American Society of So Paulo Rua da Paz, 1431 04713-001 So Paulo, SP Tel: (11) 5182-2074 Fax: (11) 5182-9155 email the editor:



The American Society of So Paulo

Welcome to Our New Members

Welcome the following New Members who joined us recently. We are very grateful for your support! Last Name BARBOUR FRANCA GILLIS LORETTO QUITERIO WINTER CRUZ CONWAY Name Jamey Marco Brian Joseph Vagner Erica Natalie Iacovoni Jennifer Marizilda C. Brian Ruy Tom Katherine THOMPSON Spouse Membership Helping Hands Membership Family Patron Membership Family Membership Helping Hands Membership Family Membership Family Membership Family Membership Family Patron Membership Company Walmart PR Newswire Ltda. Dunnhumby Grant Thornton J.P. Morgan Nationality American American Canadian American Brazilian American American American

ELECTION OF GOVERNORS The Board of Governors has approved the following slate of Officers for the coming fiscal year: President: Vice-President: Secretary: Treasurer: Frank Pierce Ruth Hollard Julie Gattaz Richard Wegman Continuing members: Leslie Reed Frank Pierce John Kennedy Ruth Hollard Joe Sherman Marlene Rubeiz Richard Wegman Eileen Tasso

The following Governors are nominated for terms from May 2013 to May 2015: Isabel Franco Judy Zanchi Julie Gattaz Kevin May Luis Barros Ricky Rubeiz Jr. Suzana Sheffield Valeska Gedeon



Special Thanks To Our Annual Gala 2013 Major Sponsor!



The American Society of So Paulo

Consulate Corner: Smart Travel

By John Szypula, American Consulate At my sons birthday party last week, an expat friend asked (half-jokingly I presumed) whether I am privy to information concerning terrorist threats or other general safety information to which he was not. My answer was the United States government has a strict no double standard policy, requiring us to make such information available to both the official and non-official American community. And I assured him that we take that responsibility to heart. But the reality is there is only so much the State Department can do to keep you informed. For example, were you already aware of the most recent Worldwide Caution regarding possible terrorist or other violent attacks against U.S. interests around the world? The U.S. Embassy in Brasilia sent it by email just last month to all registered Americans living in Brazil. Did you have any difficulty voting from abroad during last Novembers U.S. elections? You should have received multiple messages with instructions on absentee voting over the last year. If you did not, you should consider registering in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), a State Department service that informs you of important information that could impact the safety, security, and convenience of your family. For 65 million U.S. citizens who travel abroad annually, one of the most important things the State Department does is provide information to help travelers avoid problems. STEP lets information to you before you know you need it. It enables you to take advantage of the State Departments ongoing vigilance on your behalf. How does STEP Work? Essentially, it keeps travelers up to date with important safety and security announcements, such as last months updated Worldwide Caution, as well as routine information helpful to U.S. citizens resident abroad, such as absentee voting instructions. It also helps the Department provide you with critical assistance during unforeseen emergencies. If and when something untoward happens, enrolled citizens will get the information they need to make the best decisions. To enroll, click on the STEP icon at It takes about three minutes to register. There are also mobile versions of STEP available through iTunes and Android. Try the shake feature on your iPhone to learn about a random country. The truth is, given the hectic pace of modern life, it is easy to lose sight of things happening in the world that, like it or not, have an impact on us. Dont try to think of everything. Instead, let the State Department help you stay connected and informed. STEP can really help to put your mind at ease.

U.S. citizens travel smart by learning about their destinations before they travel and stay connected while abroad. This is in addition to the other services we provide, from routine assistance with passport renewals and overseas birth registries, to emergency support such as assistance in natural disasters, arrests, and deaths. Unlike other services, STEP allows us to push



You Can Help! YES YOU!

The AmSoc Gala event is right around the corner. Dont forget to buy your tickets so that you can help the American Society and two of the organizations that it supports, Projeto Sol and SPACE. As outlined in the Forum last month, both of these organizations support children at home, at school and even after school. Projeto Sol provides a safe haven for kids who live in a very underprivileged community by caring for them when theyre not in school, offering sports and arts programs. SPACE provides educational scholarships for a small group of children who are especially bright and motivated. These organizations, like all of those that AmSoc supports, struggle to ensure that the children they support have their basic needs met. Since its still early in the Brazilian school year, the Community Action Committee has launched a campaign to collect two sets of supplies that these kids need: school supplies and personal hygiene products. Until the middle of May shortly after the Gala on May 10 CAC is encouraging members of the AmSoc community to donate these supplies. Theyll be distributed to the children at Projeto Sol and SPACE. Hopefully, well surpass our needs for these institutions and be able to spread these supplies to the other institutions that AmSoc supports. For school kids need toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, combs, shampoo, conditioner, soap and other such products. If you enjoy doing this shopping yourself, please email Sue Banman Sileci ( for a list of drop-off points throughout the city. You can also email Sue for instructions on cash donations. As always, we gather cash donations and do a big wholesale shopping trip when the campaign ends. You choose which option works best for you. Our next campaign will begin in at the end of May and run through August as we collect warm winter supplies, from new or gently used blankets to socks and sweatshirts. Winter in So Paulo, while it doesnt snow, doesnt include central heating either! But for now, lets focus on the supplies for a new school year being clean and prepared to learn. Dont forget to buy your tickets to the Gala either. Its not too late!

supplies, these students need pens, pencils, markers, erasers, pencil cases, notebooks or any of the other items that our own kids also need to succeed in school. For personal hygiene, these

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The American Society of So Paulo

CAC News
Menor Aprendiz Program By Brazillian law all companies have to hire young adults from the Menor Aprendiz Program. These young adults, from the poorest areas of Sao Paulo, have completed an intense vocational training. Two of Amsocs supported charities take part in this program: Vivenda in Parelheiros and Vida Jovem in Ipirana. They both have young adults ready to enter the work force. If your company can find a postion for one or more of these graduates please contact Celina at the American Society Office. These young adults desire to part of the active Brazillian work force. You could change the life of this person! Volunteer Day Please join us for volunteer day on April 20th @ the US Consulate. 100 underprivileged children will be there to run, play, and experience an American Style BBQ. We need volunteers. For more information contact Eileen Tasso To volunteer, contact Lauren Negro, Documentation will be required to enter the US consulate. You must sign up in advance. Welcome new members to the CAC committee Lauren Negro, volunteer coordinator and Kristine Henn. If you are interested in the Amsoc CAC (community action committee), please contact Eileen Tasso,



Tomorrowland, Today Modernist Architecture in Republica

By Ernest White II, Staff Writer As if frozen mid-wave by an antipatriotic Medusa, So Paulos iconic Edifcio Copan looks more like a flag than a building. It looms over the cityscape, broad and imposing. Its curves call you, command you to look at it. It is the citys flagship, its calling card, its most recognizable structure. It is the banner of a certain age, the mark of an era of exponential economic growth and nascent hubris, of an era when Brazil first began to feel like the country of the future. The Copan and its neighborsthe monolithic Edifcio Itlia and the cylindrical Ipiranga 165, which housed the So Paulo Hilton for 33 yearsform the trifecta of the future, striking examples of modernist building design in Brazils most modern city. Modernist architecture has a long history in So Paulo, reflecting the nearly non-existent physical constraints of a boomtown outgrowing its historical boundaries after the First World War, and yielding to the Brazilian penchant for destroying the past to make way for the future. One of the citys most striking examples of that growth spurt is the Centro NovoNew Downtowna clutch of high-density neighborhoods near the neo-classical Luz railway depot and around the wooded and rectangular Praa da Repblica. This is a warren of tightly-packed mid-to-highrise apartment blocks flanking once grand avenues through which a sundry mix of traffic flows: office girls and bike messengers, police officers and transsexual prostitutes, elderly couples and maids and Nigerian immigrants and American expats. Faded luncheonettes and off-price shoe stores and greasy motorcycle parts emporiums and boisterous barber shops help keep most of the street commerce above-board. Scrawny homeless men wait at major intersections, squeegees poised to attack offending windshield grime. A cadre of police, private security guards, observant shop owners, and constant foot traffic ensure the vice stays at respectable levels. The constant buzz of adventure, of edginess, is never absent. Its exhilarating to live here. Repblica had been the multifaceted center of commerce and urban life in the city from the 1920s through the late 1960s, when white-collar jobs and white-collar workersmoved southwest to Avenida Paulista and beyond. It was the car that was the problemor, rather, lack of parking and the neighborhood suffered. That fall from grace makes Repblica an architecture buffs dream. Named after the nearby river where Dom Pedro I declared Brazils independence from Portugal, Avenida Ipiranga is studded with modernist jewels as it funnels traffic southwestward through Repblica. Being rediscovered by young and modern paulistanosas the citys residents are calledwho are tired of maddening commutes from upscale but far-flung quarters, Avenida Ipiranga isnt all movie palaces-turnedsex cinemas and squatter-occupied hotels. Alongside recently-renovated treasures like the Hotel Marab and landmarks like the Edifcio Itlia are boisterous botecos and padarias, scintillating samba spots, and up-andcoming theater and art spaces. Anchoring the eastern end of the avenue is one of prolific architect and Rio de Janeiro native Oscar Niemeyers earliest uses of poured concrete in So Paulo, the Edifcio Montreal. Opened in 1954, the striking residential building with its curvilinear design gave the world a glimpse of the greatness to come, at the opposite end of the street. After admiring the Montreals curves, grab a stool at the Lanchonete Rio Tinto for an icy-sweet orange juice with a coxinhabreaded, shredded chicken, aka golden-fried goodness and people-watch, Repblica-style. Further down Avenida Ipiranga, near the highly trafficked corner with Avenida So Jooimmortalized in Caetano Velosos paean to the city, Sampa,stands the glamorous Hotel Marab and its adjoining cinema, inaugurated in 1940. The ten-story, 170-room hotel, operating as a stylish boutique property recently renovated in 2009, features art deco flourishes such as a bright two-toned faade on the upper floors and carved reeds reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphics set back from the colonnaded lower levels above the hotel and cinema lobby entrances. The cinema also received the magic retouch in 2009 by superstar So Paulo architect Ruy Ohtake, whose watermelon-shaped Hotel Unique has also become a contemporary icon of the city. And right on the famous corner is the bombastic Bar Brahma, one of the citys iconic samba venues, where old- and new-school sambistas whip up crowds of Brazilians and foreigners alike in the rhythmic revelry Brazil is famous for. The place is a bit touristytheres literally a tourist information center onsite and the beer tends to be priced for gringosbut the energy is authentic and the beats are always danceable. Just beyond grungy but leafy Praa da Repblica, with its weekday working stiffs and weekend crafts market, the striking, if not exactly beautiful Edifcio Itlia rises 46 stories into the sky, the citys second-tallest building and a statement to the might of So Paulos Italian communitythe largest nonPortuguese-speaking immigrant group in Brazil. The buildings crowning glory is the elegant Terrao Itlia restaurant, on the 41st floor, with a jazzy, wood-paneled atmosphere, very good Italian and international cuisine, and stupendously jaw-dropping views of the Southern Hemispheres largest metropolis. Behind the Itlia is Niemeyers greatest gift to So Paulo, after the



The American Society of So Paulo

monumental Parque do Ibirapuera, the Copan. Designed as part of a multi-building commercial, hotel, and residential complex on behalf of the Pan-American Hotel and Tourism Company (whose abbreviation was Copan in Portuguese), and intended to celebrate the citys 400th anniversary, the curvy landmark was originally slated to have 900 four-bedroom apartments with theaters and shops in the ground-level arcade. By the time the first tenants moved into the reinforced concrete structure, the number of individual apartments had climbed to 1,160 individual units with a peak population of 5,000 residents. The Copan loomed over its neighbors in free and sensual potency. Ever the symbol of the zeitgeist in which it was erected, the Copan is a bit worn for wear these days. The luxury apartments are still there, occupied by well-placed families and wellheeled intellectuals who appreciate the buildings aesthetics and the regions dynamism. But some of the flats are in serious need of renovation, and many of the tiny kitchenettes can be rented for less than US$500 a month. Completing the triad of towers is the whimsical Ipiranga 165, which opened in 1971 as the Hotel Hilton So Paulo, one of the last outposts of glamour to be built in Repblica and stirring intense feelings of resentment in its neighborsthat is, according to Brazilian pop singer Tom Z in his humorous A Briga do Edifcio Itlia e do Hilton Hotel (The Fight Between the Edifcio Itlia and the Hilton Hotel). Sporting a pool, theatre, and convention center at a time when such amenities were still rare at a downtown business hotel, the Hilton abandoned its distinct downtown property in 2004 for a shiny new tower along the Marginal Pinheiros. The building now houses, disappointingly, state court offices. If Avenida Ipiranga seems a bastion of faded chic, Avenida So Luis, which branches off at the Edifcio Itlia, still retains an air of urban aristocracy, with a row of sophisticated modernist high-rises exemplified by Joo Artacho Jurados Edifcio Louvre. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other apartment houses, the pastel-colored Louvre features a shopping arcade separated from the sidewalk by goldpainted ornamental iron. Part of the Louvres charm is that it stands across the street from the lush Praa Dom Jos Gaspar, home to the imposing 22-story art deco Mrio de Andrade library, and the boisterous Cachaaria do Rancho, with its insanely delicious Saturday afternoon feijoada. If you feel food coma coming on, its easy to waddle over to the sleek Novotel Jaguar notable for its iconic streamline-modern rooftop clock and for having hosted a young Queen Elizabeth shortly after its opening in 1954. As most of the buildings are residential condominiums, tours are not very common. Still, experienced tour guides like Flavia Liz Di Paolo of Unique in SP tours and architecture experts like Jorge Eduardo Rubies, president and founder of the historic conservation society Preserva So Paulo, are two of the citys leading experts regarding its growth and development. Walking around Repblica is like being in a modernist architecture class, says Rubies. Here, you have buildings at the vanguard of the modernist movement of the 20th century. Modernist Buildings in Repblica Biblioteca Mrio de Andrade, R. da Consolao 94, +55 11 3256 5270, Designed by Jacques Pilon, 1942 Cine Marab, Av. Ipiranga 757, +55 11 3223 7001 Edifcio Copan, Av. Ipiranga 200, +55 11 3257 6169, Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, const. 1951-1966 Edifcio Itlia, Av. Ipiranga 344, +55 11 2189 2997, Designed by Franz Heep, 1965 Edifcio Louvre Av. So Luis 192, by Joo Artacho Jurado, 1958 Edifcio Montreal Av. Ipiranga 1284, Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, 1954 Hotel Marab, Av. Ipiranga 757, +55 11 2137 9500, Opened 1940 Ipiranga 165 (Old Hotel Hilton So Paulo) Av. Ipiranga 165, Opened 1971 Novotel Jaguar So Paulo, R. Martins Fontes 71, +55 11 2802 7000, Designed by Jacques Pilon and Franz Heep, 1954 Other Links Preserva So Paulo, +55 11 3105 3053 Unique in SP, +55 11 8119 3903

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AMSOC Adult Sports Calendar First Semester

By John Kennedy, AmSoc board member If you are an athlete and enjoy the camaraderie of team sports and competition, we have a diversified schedule of sporting and related events for you. So if you are interested in partaking in any of them, please contact the AmSoc office for further information. Softball Starting on April 6th at the Graded School in Morumbi, and continuing until June, AmSoc has reserved a sports field at one of the three American schools in Sao Paulo for anyone interested in playing slow pitch softball. The games which start at 1pm, and go until 3 or 4pm, are usually pick-up games amongst whoever shows up. Then in May at PACA School, on the 18th and 25th, if there are enough teams, we will have the preliminary rounds of a tournament. Then on the 15th of June at Graded well have the semis and finals. Dates and schools are as follows: April 6 at Graded School April 13 at Chapel School April 20 at Graded School April 27 at Chapel School May 4 at Graded School May 11 at Graded School May 18 at PACA School (tournament begins) May 25 at PACA School (tournament continues) June 15 at Graded School (tournament semis & finals) In June well have the awards ceremony at BOS BBQ Golf On March 30th an AmSoc team of 10 golfers will go to Campinas where they have been challenged in a 4-ball Match Play golf tournament by 10 Americans belonging to the Campinas Golf Club. Then on April 27th at a golf course in the greater Sao Paulo area (to be determined), an AmSoc team of golfers will host a team of Campinas golfers to the second leg of this newly

created annual golf tournament. The 19th hole will have awards and cheer for all golfers too. Basketball On May 11th at the Graded School, Amsoc will its Annual Basketball Tournament. The tournament is full court 5 on 5 with two 10-minute halves. We start at 10am and go until about 3pm, depending on the number of teams that enter. The last 2 years we have had 6 teams. Then in June well have the awards ceremony (combined with softball and golf awards) at BOS BBQ in Itaim, who will provide all attending with some specialties of the house!




The American Society of So Paulo

2013 Corporate Sponsorship Drive

The 2013 Corporate Sponsorship Drive is off to a fast start, with close to R$15,000 already received or pledged. As in the past, the 2013 Corporate Sponsorship Drive is critically important to the purpose of the American Society. It represents 55 percent or the Societys revenues for the year. Corporate Sponsors help AmSoc foster the U.S. cultural and philanthropic traditions, as well as maximize the Societys outreach programs, supporting some of the citys poorest neighborhoods and people. Our Corporate Sponsors receive valuable benefits from their sponsorship, including advertising rights in AmSocs publications that reach a highly qualified audience, sponsorship and/or naming rights in the Societys many prestigious social happenings as well as recognition in all of the Societys official events. Most importantly, Corporate Sponsors have the satisfaction that they are contributing to very worth charitable organizations throughout Sao Paulo. Please contact the AmSoc office to learn more about these very effective sponsorship benefits. Many thanks to the following companies who already are 2013 Corporate Sponsors: Sapphire Sponsors (R$10,000 - $14,999) Cabot Brasil Aquamarine Sponsors (R$ 1,000 - $4,999) Abaco Sao Paulo Marketing Center Opice Bloom How to Help This year, the AmSoc aims to raise at least R$100,000 through corporate donations. Over the last four years it has distributed, directly or indirectly, more than R$1 million in community assistance programs. Companies interested in becoming Sponsors should call the AmSoc office at 5182-2074.


Cognitive weaknesses are a result of ongoing learning struggles. Fortunately, obstacles can be overcome and improved signicantly. Specializing in sensory cognitive treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD, Learning and Communication Disorders, and Behavior Modication.

Comprehensive Evaluation
In-depth pre- and post testing for the following areas:
Expressive Language Mathematics Phonology Reading Written Expression

Initial and Follow-up Consultations include:

Identication of strengths and areas for improvement Recommendations for follow-up treatment and/or support Homeschooling available

Dr. Wendy M. Smith

Credentialed Learning Specialist 55 (11) 3885.7256 [oce] 55 (11) 9.9236.5267 [mobile]




Gala Auctions Offer Treasures and Memories!

By Ann Aubrey Hanson, AmSoc member Last years winners include Jo Ann Ivy, whose family purchased the David Dalmau painting for her as a surprise Mothers Day gift (see below). Jo Ann says, In addition to the elegant evening, delicious food and entertainment, these auctions are a wonderful opportunity to acquire some things you always wanted to have but never managed to buy for yourself. The game of competition to win increases the level of enthusiasm for the item, and when you do win, the item becomes even more valuable and grand to have. Last year at the AmSoc Gala in and added some restaurants and trinkets to my successes. However, the Dalmau was not meant to be this time, and I was quite disappointed, to say the least. But never stop believing! Lo and behold, come our family Mothers Day lunch in Itu, I was blindfolded and led into the living room to find the wonderful, beautiful, coveted Dalmau painting as my present from my son David, daughter Laura, and her husband Alex Feijolo! Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected such a huge gift from my dear family! How they managed it and kept it such a secret is a mystery to me, and I am ever so grateful for my lovely gift! So dear friends, be sure to come to the auction, you never know what treasures, large or small, await you there! Hope to see you on May 10th, and maybe well even compete for something as we enjoy the elegant, fun evening! Marlene Rubeiz also won Swarovski Its that time again!The American Societys Annual Gala 2013 is May 10, and promises to be an evening of elegant dining, dancing, and auctions. This years event will be held at the beautiful Buffet Colonial in Moema. The evenings entertainment will include two auctions: The silent auction will take place during cocktails, and the live auction will be held before dinner. Again this year, the auctions will feature a delightful range of items for bid: art objects by famous Brazilian artists (an original David Dalmau and Aline Fonteneau were featured last year), wonderful trips to exotic destinations (both here and abroad), pousadas, fazendas, hotels, and some of the most elegant restaurants in Sao Paulo (Amadeus, O Porto, Fogo de Chao, Kinoshito). We also have jewelry, electronics, selected wines, spa visits, massages, and a range of beauty products. The best part about these auctions is that these items can be yours (if you are persistent) for a fraction of their actual value. Leslie Reed and Brian Zivicky won a three-day trip to New Orleans, the Big Easy: At the last years Gala, Brian and I won a trip to New Orleans during the evenings live auction. It was a special win for usNew Orleans is the place where we took our first trip together just a few years ago. American Airlines and Marriott Hotels, sponsors of the trip, made it very easy to plan our weekend getaway last December. Being able to support AmSoc charities and get a special trip out of our contribution made this visit to New Orleans even more special.

May, I coveted the painting by David Dalmau. I had always wanted one of his paintings, going back to 1999 when I was president of AmSoc and he generously donated his painting for the cover of our annual Directory. I had the pleasure of presenting him to our AmSoc members and guests at the annual Christmas Egg Nog party. He is as charming as his artwork is beautiful! Thus began my interest in David and his captivating works of art. But I never quite got around to acquiring one. So when I learned from Marlene Rubeiz that his painting would be part of the 2012 Gala auction, my heart began to beat a little faster. The evening was delightful, delicious and elegant. The silent and live auctions added to the excitement,

jewelry (above) and an Aline Fonteneau sculpture that evening: I won a stunning necklace from Swarovski. The design is beautiful and instantly I knew I wanted it, really!




The American Society of So Paulo

Since the Gala was near my birthday and Mothers Day, I asked my husband to bid seriously! Whenever I wear the necklace, people comment. I now always go into Swarovski stores both here and abroad, looking for other specially designed pieces. We also bought the Aline Fonteneau sculpture. I see them in all the top galleries in Sao Paulo and during a time in the Sculpture Garden in the Museum on Avenida Europa. The opportunity to buy something I have always wanted at a much lower price than at the galleries was really great. Everyday, I enjoy Alines beautiful use of color and form. John and Darlene Germaine won ride with about 25 riders heading into the nearby village for ice cream. The group just tied up the horses to trees in the street and we all stopped in for our treats. Unique! The grounds of the fazenda are vast, with a number of waterfalls and sugar cane fields within walking distance of the main resort. I took advantage of the exhilarating Mega Tirolesa, or zipline, which actually goes directly over one of the waterfalls in the main valley, about 150 feet below. Very cool. A smaller zipline is also available next to the main resort building which goes directly over a pond, so you can dunk yourself to cool off. Another more adventurous option is rapelling directly down one of the larger waterfalls! Darlene and I checked out the lighted tennis courts the evening of our arrival and had an informal doubles match with Brazilian guests whom we met on court. Everyone at the resort was very laid back and friendly, staff included. Sun worshippers will really like the main deck and swimming area with adjacent bar, and there is also an indoor pool and a pool for children. Other sports options are football, table tennis, kids games, and hiking; you will have a massive choice for fun activities. We suggest you take full advantage of the food by arriving in time for Friday dinner. In addition to the traditional massive buffet, each evening there are additional dining options, such as pizzas, churrasco, and Italian food. The vibe in the dining area is casual and warm. I also personally evaluated the caipirinhas, and highly recommend them! Also if you are leaving for home on Sunday, make sure to have lunch before leaving. You may need to have a cafezinho or two prior to departing, so you dont fall into a food coma on your drive home. There are a number of accommodation options at the fazenda; our particular room was an open apartment-style that was absolutely huge, with large windows overlooking the grounds. Larger groups can select chalets that are really more like houses than rooms. The main building also has a library, flat screens, and a lounge area. This trip was our last treat prior to repatriating to Michigan, and this was one of the best. Fazenda Santa Clara is a great weekend break, and is so easy to access from Sao Paulo . . . no flights required!! Enjoy! Andrea Berce won a trip the Med

a trip to the Fazenda Santa Clara (above): The fazenda is a short, scenic trip from Sao Paulo, heading toward Campinas, then beyond about two hours through some very lush countryside with rolling hills. Total travel time for us from Alphaville was about three hours. First impressions of the fazenda . . . its all about relaxation, great rustic food, and being outdoors. The resort is very family friendly, and although we visited as a couple, the fazenda has a very comprehensive program for children, with monitors looking after their every need. Activities we really enjoyed were the horseback riding. One day, my wife spent a two-hour ride in the countryside, and I joined her the second day for a very family-friendly

Spa Sorocaba (above), Brazils largest health spa, for a week. The spa unites all of the comforts of a luxury hotel, a leisure club, and a medical facility, and offers recreational activities, massages, individual weight management consultations, and a variety of other luxuries with which to spoil oneself. I spent seven days in the Med Spa Sorocaba with my aunt and we spent very nice moments, says Andrea. The medical staff were very good and the food was excellent, consisting of 600 calories per day. We left relaxed and were very happy with the results. As always, proceeds from this event are used to fund AmSocs general activities and two of AmSocs sponsored special programs. This year, the Community Action Committee has selected Projecto Sol and SPACE as the recipients of the proceeds.




H ousing
Brand new 2br apt for rent near Graded School Customized 2br/2bath apt (1 suite), 90m2, w/ built-in closets, laundry, lg open kitchen w/ appliances incl side-by-side fridge/freezer, porch w/ view of SP skyline. Bldg: 3 pools, playground, gym, sauna, 2 parking spaces. Close to Graded, Shopping Jd. Sul, Pq. Burle Marx. Rental R$3,000/mo. Contact Olivia at oliviaf@ or 98447-4672 for photos and info. TriplexApartment for Rent by Graded School Apt. w/650m2, 4 large suites each w/ built-in closets.Fireplace living w/ separate dinning and lunch rms. Ample apt w/ central air, all marble and hardwood floors, xtra large Jacuzzi + private sauna, large party rmgreat for home theatre and entertainment. 4 garage spots and great bldg amenities. Av. G.Gronchi 4822, next to Graded. Rental R$12,000/mo.Call Andrew at 982020008 or Vila Nova Conceio So Paulos best place to live. Near Ibirapuera Park. Modern building, with all Sports facilities, heated swimming pool, gym, play room, barbecue, multi purpose sports court. Three bedrooms (1 suite), living room with terrace, complete kitchen,maids bedroom and bath, big service area, two parking spaces. Fully furnished,with all appliances. Call Ana Beatriz or Eliane Phone (011) 3849.7085 or (011) 99626-6229-mail to: anabeatriz@caboverde. Commercial building for rent/sale Rent/Sale a brand new Commercial building in Itaim Bibi ,Vila Olimpia , Av Paulista , Moema. The beautiful modern buildings are located in a privileged street in SP and near to the Subway. Useful area between 260m2 , 427m2 , 500m2 ,850m2 ,1,090 m2. Private parking space, flexible floor plan, Air Conditioning. Also we have luxury residential for Rent/Sale with all amenities services. Please contact to Diana (011) 97515-1213 Email :

S ervices
For Sale Mercedes Benz C200 Turbo Sport 2013 - Black. Light Kevlar Blindagem. Mileage: 2250 KM On board Computer, DVD, Sunroof, GPS, Bluetooth. Still under factory warranty. Price--upon request. Contact Matt: (11) 99988-4690 Family Dentistry Dental care you can trust for your whole family. We want to make sure you are comfortable and confident in our care. We work only with the highest quality products and equipment, bringing specialists to you so that you dont have to face traffic and providing you with clear information to make the dental decisions that are right for you. Native English. Tel.: (11) 30443111; Math and Science tutor Fernando Knijnik has being offering tutoring services for over 25 years to the international community. Physics, math and chemistry are taught for all levels, including IB SL & HL, AP, SAT, ACT, GMAT and Brazilian Vestibular, to name a few. Mr. Knijnik has worked for several years in the American schools of SP and is presently at St. Francis College. For more info, please call (11) 991346700 or e-mail: Experience Relocation Consultant and Sociologist Experienced Relocation Consultant and sociologist, fluent in English and Portuguese, offers professional services to foreign families and individuals to help them adapt to Brazil, integrate into Brazilian culture and learn how to get around, and overcome logistical and bureaucratic hurdles commonly encountered by newcomers. Assistance also provided with English-Portuguese interpreting at business meetings. 20+ years of experience working with international clients. Fees are hourly and tailored to the clients specific needs. Tel: (11) 9 7997-8808. Real English Native english teachers needed ( with or without experience ) to work in a quickly growing english school in the zona sul of So Paulo. Please contact us. REAL ENGLISH, (11) 56313794, (11) 97318-5881 or

America-licensed Expat Psychologist Richard Morhaime, Psy.D., offers skilled psychotherapy for children and adults. He also provides complete diagnostic evaluations in English for children with academic or behavioral difficulties, featuring individualized recommendations for school and home. For more information, contact Dr. Morhaime at 5538-0099 or 99669-8057 or visit www.expatpsychologist. com Psychologist My name is Mirella Giglio, I am a Brazilian who went to an American school (Graded School) and I got my Bachelor Degree in Psychology at PUC-SP. Sometimes it can be difficult to adapt to a different city. Other times we move to a different country but we still have the same issues as before. As a psychologist I am here to help you with new or old issues. I have experience with autism, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, relationships and other concerns. Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima,1572 cj. 1110 So Paulo- Pinheiros Tel.: (11) 3032 5737 Cel.: (11) 99259 9445 American-Licensed Psychotherapist In this busy and ever-changing world, people often feel stressed and overwhelmed with no place to turn. Psychotherapy/ counseling can provide a safe place to receive professional guidance and support. Brief or longer-term therapy offered depending on your needs, goals and expectations. Services: individual, couples, child/adolescent. Certified to conduct Adoption Home Study for American Citizens. Contact: Pamela Wax, MSW/LCSW at 99656-2106 or send an e-mail to Located in Moema. Music for Children Piano lessons for beginners. Recorder & Flute lessons for beginners & advanced. For further information please contact Ms. Sandra Tuthill Stanicia. E-MAIL: CEL: 99654-4987 Piano and Keyboard Classes Beginning music classes for piano or keyboard. Special method for children four years or older, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. Classes in portuguese or english. Contact Suely Azevedo 98456-5365. Years of successful experience! Class in your house in Morumbi or south area.




American-Licensed Counselor Dawn Morelli, MSW, LCSW. I am an American with USA training and licensing. My expertise includes; mood, anxiety, cultural issues, relationship and family concerns, self esteem, trauma, and personal growth. I have strong skills in assessment/evaluation which allow to identify the best and most effective treatment. I work with individuals, families and children. 98963-2871 or Personal Trainer I will come to your home, office, or workout facility and create an exercise/fitness program tailored to your health concerns, fitness goals, and schedule. For adults and children, individuals or groups. Sessions in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. For more information please contact Daniela Franco at (11) 99739-6191 or

The American Society of So Paulo

Interiors Rental Furniture Quality and refined furniture rental for your home away from home. We offer great variety! A complete line of appliances, kitchen devices and linen & towels. Complements such as rugs, lamps and decor items. or

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April 2013
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Important Dates: 1 April Fools Day (BRA & USA), 21 Tiradentes (BR)

Scottish Country Dancing Club

1st Monday of every month in the Brazilian British Centre in Pinheiros (R. Ferreira de Arajo, 741). At 8pm. Dancing the traditional Scottish reels is an important and enjoyable part of the Societys events. In order to help newcomers learn the basic steps and encourage the more adventurous to learn new ones, St. Andrew Society organizes a meeting of the Scottish Country Dancing Club (SCDC). Location: HSBC Brasil. Address: Rua Bragana Paulista, 1281 - Chcara Sto. Antnio, So Paulo . Time: 9.30pm. For more information: Time: 8h30 - 11h00 . Location: Emprio Santa Maria . Address: Av. Cidade Jardim, 790 - So Paulo - SP, 01454-000. Tel: 3706-5211. Website: Please RSVP to At US Consulate. You can sign up for Volunteer Day shifts from 11:00-2:00 and from 2:00 5:00 by contacting the CACs new Volunteer Coordinator Eileen Tasso eileentasso@gmail. com. Thank you in advance for your involvement. We are looking forward to a fabulous day! Location: HSBC Brasil. Address: Rua Bragana Paulista, 1281 - Chcara Sto. Antnio, So Paulo. Time: 10pm. For more information: The reception will start at 7:30 p.m. with cocktails and refreshments. After the meeting a social hour will follow. In order to participate in the AGM, you must be an AmSoc member. If you wish to participate, it is essential that you RSVP by April 18th, as spaces are limited and the deadline will be strictly enforced. To reserve your space please contact amsoc@amsoc. or (11) 5182-2074. Also, be sure to bring your passport or RNE to the meeting, as identification will be checked at the door.

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Maria Bethnias Concert

Wednesday Monthly Coffee by the International Newcomers Club (INC) Saturday Volunteer Day


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Burt Bacharachs Concert Annual General Meeting

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Breaking Up With Facebook

By Maureen Kennedy Alves, AmSoc member The other day I was having lunch with a couple of my girlfriends, when we started talking about a funny topic: Facebook. Not that Facebook is funny, per se, but we all seemed to have a similar feeling about it, a sentiment that I didnt realize others shared. And that is that a little Facebook can be a good thing. But a lot of Facebook can make you feel bad. Really bad. Now, dont get me wrong. I think Facebook is a wonderful tool that when used well, can help you keep up with friends and family (something thats especially important when you live so far away from home). Personally, I love seeing pictures of my friends children, reading funny updates, or getting a link to an interesting news article or blog entry that I wouldnt have otherwise stumbled upon. And how great is it to post something and then receive all those likes and comments? Theyre like little shots of love that make you feel terrific. We get into trouble, or at least I do, when I log in when Im all alone or when life is just sort of humming along with not too much going on. Invariably people in my network are out and about taking fabulous vacations, attending amazing concerts, checking in from trendy restaurants, or celebrating lifes milestones (a wedding, birth, graduation). Suddenly, I start to feel like my friends are moving forward, doing incredible things and there I am at home, just reading about it. Every secret little self-doubt creeps in and all those posts and pictures seem to be irrefutable evidence that yes, the whole world, with the exception of yours truly, has life figured out. Or at the very least, is happy all the time. Rationally, of course, I know this is not true. Life is like a coin with its heads and tails, or ups and downs. No one is exempt from that truth and frankly, I dont think wed want to be. But Facebook is like a penny that only has Abe Lincoln on both sides. We put our best foot forward in our profiles, sharing mostly good news, pretty pictures and updates of happy times. Ive yet to see a status that reads, Whew! Divorce papers are final. Think Ill go lie in bed for a week. or Wow, I just got laid off from work! Not sure how Im going to tell my wife or support my family. Any ideas? LOL. To be clear, I dont think we should post that stuff. Thats best saved for our closest confidantes rather than our 500 nearest and dearest Facebook friends. But we need to remember when we log on to the site that were entering into a semi-alternate reality. It shows us life at its finest moments, and its a beautiful thing, but its never the whole story. Theres also what I call the zombie factor to Facebook, which means I tend to numb out (and I suspect most other people do, too) while scrolling down my endlessly long homepage. When I come to, I look at the clock and realize 30 minutes have passed. The sensation is not unlike eating a small serving of Hagen-Dazs and then realizing that youve somehow downed the entire pint while watching TV (not that thats ever happened to me). Recently, I spent a couple of weeks in Florida visiting my parents (check out the photos on my Facebook profile to see just how amazing it was!!). My computer conked out on me while I was there and I ended up having no Internet access for most of the trip. That meant no Facebook for 14 days and I can tell you it was wonderful. Ive been back in So Paulo for almost a week as I write this and have only been on Facebook once since I arrived. I realize I dont need to see what everybodys latest update is an occasional check in suffices just fine. In the meantime, I plan on using the hours I spent on Facebook in more constructive ways, like studying Portuguese. This way, I figure, I can post a few status updates in another language and everyone in my network will think Im fabulously bilingual.