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2013 Fees Summary


Program Name Diploma in Interior Design Diploma in Graphic Design Diploma in Multimedia & Animation Design Diploma in Fashion Design

Tuition Fee (RM) 35,100 35,100 35,100 39,900

Resource Fee (RM) 1,550 1,550 1,550 1,550

Assessment Fee (RM) 2,170 2,100 2,030 2,240

Total Fees (RM) 38,820 38,750 38,680 43,690

Total Fees (USD) 12,940 12,917 12,893 14,563

The fees above are an estimation only and are subject to change. Please refer to detailed Fees Schedule for the exact fees by semester. The above calculation & summary is on the assumption of USD 1 = RM 3. For further information, please consult with our education counselor.

Miscellaneous Fees Application Fee (non refundable) payable upon application Registration Fee (non-refundable) General Administration Fee General Deposits (Refundable) Insurance Renewal Fee (Per Year) Visa Fees (Per Renewal)

Local Students RM600 NA RM500 NA NA

International Students^ RM500 RM1,300 RM2,500 RM1,200 RM370 RM200

^ Note to International Students: Prepayment fee of RM16,000 is required before the first enrollment payable towards the first semester tuition fee, registration, deposit and general administration fees. Should the total payable fees is different, international student is to pay the exact amount as advised by INTI counselors.If the Malaysian Government enforces new charges on visa processing, INTI reserves the right to adjust the fees accordingly. All payments are to be made via bankdraft, crossed cheque or banking transfer to Payee Name and bank account of INTI as stated below:Bank Details Payable To HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad Malayan Banking Berhad PJ College of Art & Design Sdn Bhd 105 154942 101 5141 8735 5340 Swift code: HBMBMYKL Swift Code: MBBEMYKL Proof of payment with students name, IC no. and telephone no. must be sent or faxed to the Finance Office at +03-7952 1628. Online payment ( and payment via credit card (Visa or MasterCard) are accepted. Please contact the respective INTI Campus for further information. Terms and Conditions i.All payments must be made upon enrolment. ii.Fees paid are neither refundable nor transferable once the semester has commenced. iii.Cash and postdated cheques will not be accepted. iv.Resource fees are inclusive of insurance (local students only), library fee, computer / science lab fee and student services fee. v.Resource fees will be waived during the internship period. vi.INTI reserves the right to revise the fees mentioned above by a reasonable amount on an annual basis. The above constitute general terms and conditions and depending on the programme/campus administration, other conditions may apply. For further information, you are advised to consult with our education counselor.

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Published as at 1-11-2012