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fais Che | LOT- 4b | EPC PROGRAM ACADEMY, BARODA Larsen & Toubro Limited Five Days Programme on Piping Flexibility Analysis PRDH Auditorium, R&D Bidg. Powai EPC Centre, B P Estate, Chhani, BARODA, TEL: 776206, 774409 FAX:776211, E-MAIL: | L INTENSIVE COURSE ON PIPING ENGINEERING Conducted by MATHIMITATION TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED MUMBAI For LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MUMBAI PROGRAMME MODULE Il ~ FLEXIBILITY ANALYSIS MONDAY, 22.07.2002 ‘0930 - 1100 Stresses ASM 1115 — 1245 Suresses ‘ASM 1330-1515 Pipe Supports "TING 1515 ~ 1645 Pipe (contd) NG ] 1515 — 1645, WEDNESDAY, 24.07.2002 (0930 - 1100, TUESDAY, 23.07.2002 [0930 — 1100. “Thermal Suess is TING. 1115 ~ 1245, Thermal Stress Analysis TNG 13301515 “Thermal Suess Analysis, ING. = [Thermal Suess Analysis | TING ‘Siw Demo ‘ASP ALS ~ 1245, Sfw Demo. ASP” 1330-1515. Joints TNG. Se 1645 ‘Expansion Joints “ENG: 1515 — 1645 FRIDAY, 26.07.2002 (0930 — 1100 Problem Solving cB 11S 1245, Problem Solvi GB 1330— 1515 (Case Studies ‘ASP/ASM. 1515 — 1645 (Case Studies [ASP/ASM. Coffee — 11.00 - 11.15 ‘Lunch - 12.45 - 13.30 Tea - 14.15 -14.30 ASM: ASMOHARIR ASP: ASPATIL GB: GBALASUBRAHMANYAM TNO : TNGOPINATH i i PIPE UNDER STRESS INTRODUCTION Pipes are the most delicate components in any process plant. They are also the most busy entities. They are subjected to almost all kinds of loads, intentional or unintentional. It is very important to take note of all potential loads that a piping system would encounter during operation as well as during other stages in the life cycle of a process plant. Ignoring any such loud while designing, ering, hyo esting, start-up, shutdown, ‘operation, Inantanoe eon ead nadequas design and engineering of a piping system. The ‘rystem may fail on the first occurrence of this overlooked load. (Eailure of a piping system do 99 right things and 1 wrong thing while designing 2 piping system. The end result ‘would be disastrous. One must score a perfect 100 in piping system design. “The idea of this paper is to discuss all possible ‘guidelines to minimize the effect of such loads and keep the resultant stresses under limits specified by the codes are then given. Final design and engineering of a piping system may have to go through rigorous calculations, either manual or on computer, of the collective effect of all such loads and sound analytical skills to take engineering decisions to mitigate this effeet. stress. analysis and safe design normally ‘require appreciation of several related concepts. An approximate list of the steps that ‘would be involved is as follows. PIPE UNDER STRESS PROF. A. S. MOHARIR 1, Identify potential loads that would come ‘on to the pipe or piping system during its entire life 2. Relate each one of these loads to the stresses and strains that would be developed in the crystalsgrains of the Material of Construction (MoC) of the 3. Decide the worst three-dimensional stress state that the MoC can withstand without failure 4, Get the cumulative effect of all the potential loads on the 3-D stress scenario in the piping system under consideration. 5. Alter piping system design to ensure thet the stress patter is within failure limits. ‘The goal of quantification and analysis of pipe stresses is to provide safe design through the above steps. Of course, there could be several designs, which could be safe. A piping ‘would still have a lof of scope to choose from such alternatives the one which is most economical, or most suitable etc. Good viping atm denen ie alway a rise of ‘base in the basics and a lot of ingemay Tas pape aepes to create the necessary base. CLASSIFICATION OF LOADS AND FAILURE MODES Cranes deo of ng o pant os one criteria for design. (Ur steady tovlcaton of load (ea, prem) it entres ‘against failure of the system as perceived by ‘one of the failure theories) If pipe designed for a certain pressure experiences a much higher pressure, the pipe would rupture even if such Toad (rea it splid only one, The failure ov rupture is sudden and Such a failure is called catastrophic failure. It takes place only when the load exceeds far Ueygpd the lod fo which design was arid ‘the years, it has been realized that