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1/1. Earth work in surface excavation not exceeding 30cm. in depth but exceeding 1.

5 meter in width as well as10 Sqm on plan including disposal of excavated earth up to 50 Mtr. and lift up to 1.5 Mtr. disposed soil to be levelled and neatly dressed:All kinds of soil (B-1/1.1)

2/2. Carriage of earth incl. loading ,unloading & transportation with lead upto 1.00 Mtr. Complete as per direction of Engineer in charge(G-35/4.1.8) 3/3. Surface dressing of the ground including removing vegetation and inequalities not exceeding 15cm deep and disposal of rubbish lead up to 50 Mtr. and lift up to 1.5 Mtr.: All kinds of soil(B-5/1.28)

4/4. Providing and laying in position cement concrete including curing, compaction etc. complete in specified grade excluding the cost of centering and shuttering - All work up to plinth level. M10 grade Nominal Mix 1: 3: 6 (1 cement : 3 coarse sand : 6 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size).(B-9/3.1.4)

5/5. Making holes in stone masonry wall upto 450 mm x 450 mm size and making good in CM 1:6. (B-66/13.19) 6/6. P&F rigid PVC Pipe (IS:4985 mark) class II/ (4 2 Kg. /Cm .) approved quality /make including joining the pipe with solvent cement rubber ring and lubricant. 110 mm dia (S-27/3.17.3)
7/8. S&F of M-20 Gr precast cement concrete Kerb or Dand up to 30 CM length over 20mm thick base of CM 1:6 including jointing earth earth painting & Jointing with CM 1:4 of size (20x25)/2 x 30 CM (R 70/ 16.30.5)


(ii)------do-----8 Extra. Random Rubble stone masonry for with hard stone in foundation and plinth in Cement Sand mortar above 30 CM thick wall in:Cement Mortar 1:6 ( 1-Cement : 6-Sand). (B-21/6.1.6) 9 Extra. Providing & fixing precast cement concrete coping 1 : 2 : 4 mix 50mm thick complete as per specification : (B10/3.8)

Add.T.P.07% above as per w/o

Part :-B
1/1. Collecting ,screening ,stacking existing ballast recived after screening in charged yard with the halp of wooden basket and doing the job in day houurs by taking complete precaution against any accident as per direction of Engineer In Charge. (Screened ballast to be measured) 2/2. Supply of graded crusher broken ballast of size 40-53 mm of hard and stuff stone free from kutcha stone, organic matter and vegetation, with all lead, lift and transportation charges etc. complete including stacking as per standard specification. 3/3. Spreading the existing crusher broken ballast in existing leveled and dressed ground by manually including all lead and lift etc. complete in all respect