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Taken, in part, from Dr.

David Yonggi Cho How to Pray Tabernacle Prayer prayer in the fashion of how the priests would enter through the temple and progressively into the holy of holies as we now have access through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I believe that the purpose of the detailed description of the order of how the priests would enter the temple, lastly the presence of God, is the description of how we enter the presence of God in prayer. The highlighted portions are the words of prayer. Add your words. 1. Imagine in prayer that you are entering the temple of the tabernacle to worship God. As soon as you move into the courtyard you find the brazen alter a. The sin offerings and other offerings were offered on this altar. All of these offerings represent the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary 2. Come to the brazen alter being the cross of Calvary where Jesus, the eternal offering for our sin, was crucified. a. Say dear Jesus through your sacrifice my sin has been forgiven Ive been declared as righteous person so I can enjoy the glory of God as a benefit of the shed blood of Jesus Christ b. Through your blood you have conquered the world and the Devil, and now through the blood I can have sanctification and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, I claim these things through the blood and Jesus through the blood give me the sanctification and give me the fullness of the Holy Spirit. c. Look up to Christ hung up on the Christ and say dear Jesus you carried away my sickness and healed my infirmities. Your Word says that by your stripes I am healed. I am healed through your sacrifice and sickness is illegal because youve paid the price. I claim divine healing to go through my body so I will not experience sickness d. Look again to the cross and see the redemption from the curse. Christ is our redemption from the curses of sin and death. Say God Im a blessed person. I will never live on the thorny patch. You took my curse so the law no longer curses me. My home, my ministry, and my work are blessed. I am the source of the blessing to those around my through your power working through me. You became poor for me so I may be rich in you. Through your blood Im richly blessed and desire to share this blessing with others e. Then look up to Jesus, Jesus through your death Im redeemed from death and hell. Through your death I die together and live through your resurrection and ascended to the right hand of God. God I love you because I know Ive been spiritually resurrected with you. When I get out of this physical body I know Ill be at the right hand of God f. Envision the stream of redeeming grace flowing down to me and making me righteous, holy, healed, blessed and resurrected. g. Through repeating this prayer over and over again you will renew your mind. By praying through the cross of Jesus Christ see the NEW person as the new creation of Christ daily made new and whole. Thereby affirming my identity in Christ Jesus.

3. Come unto the Laver. It is the washbasin for the high priests to purify themselves before they enter the holy of holies. The laver also reflects like a mirror. a. In prayer, use the Ten Commandments as your laver to see how you reflect and measure up to this standard. Speak all Ten Commandments and ask if you are abiding by them. We must fear the Lord and know that God is a fearsome God, God give me the fear of the Lord that I may keep from sin and let me walk softly before you. b. Do I have any Gods? Do I bow down to other idols in my life? Do I take Gods Name in vain? Do I keep the Sabbath holy? Do I honor my mother and father? Am I killing (hating) anyone? Am I committing adultery or allowing my imagination to go to far in regards to women? Am I stealing anything from someone or God (time or money)? Am I bearing false witness against my neighbor (gossip) or lying? Who or what am I coveting? 4. After the laver, come into the holy place. As you enter the holy place you will see the candlestick that represents the Holy Spirit. a. The 7-branched candlestick represents the 7 components of the Holy Spirit; spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear of the lord, and holiness. Holy Spirit through your anointing, bestow upon me wisdom to solve my problems, understanding and counsel for people around me, might to heal the sick and cast out the devil, knowledge of the Bible, fear of the Lord so I may walk softly before you and not commit sin, and give me holiness through your presence b. Quit trying so hard and allow the Holy Spirit to do what he wills in surrender. Experience the fellowship, partnership, and unity with the Holy Spirit. Dear holy spirit I recognize you, I respect you, please go ahead of me and I will follow you. Give me the peace of mind to allow you to work through my life without my focus and own desires, to have you move in life, getting in the way. 5. Come to the Showbread. This is the symbol of the Word of God a. Say God thank you for showbread, the Word of God. Dear father, thank you for the Logos and for the Reima. Logos is the written word of God and Reima is the inspired word of God. There are 7000 promises in the Bible yet they are potential promises. Teach me to surrender to the Holy Spirit and receive Reima from God that these promises can be mine. 6. After the showbread, on the altar we find the burning of incense. Incense is the prayer of the saints. a. O father you are omnipotent. You can do anything and I will always willfully choose faith to believe you are capable. You are omnipresent. God thank you for always being with me everywhere I go. You never leave me. You are always with me God. John 14:20, you are in me and I am in you. My address is the address of Jesus Christ. Dear Jesus you are Omniscient. You know everything, my past present and future. You have created the universe; you are the great God and the wisest one in existence. At the altar of incense, I send the prayers of praise and adoration to God.

7. After the altar of incense we come to the presence of God in the Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant wherein is the mercy seat. Blood sprinkled upon this mercy seat is how the priests accomplished the redemption of sin for all of Israel. a. There on that mercy seat I see the blood of Jesus Christ who has covered all sin and therefore no further sacrifice is required. The blood of the New Testament is present. O God, through this blood the sins of the world have been redeemed throughout eternity. Your blood is the assurance that it is finished and the debts have been paid. Through your blood, we are as righteous as you are oh glorious father. Through the blood we come to God with no condemnation, we can stand before a holy God as blameless. b. Before the blood I imagine seeing my debts and sin paid off and righteousness manifested and I praise God for that wonderful blessing. Through the blood, I imagine the disarmament of the Devil by the true power of God. Fear is the tool of the Devil and is disarmed when followers of Christ know the truth that he has been rendered powerless for us by Gods deliverance and mighty hand. c. O God, Im free from the fear of the devil. I, through the Jesus Christ, overcome the devil from every corner of my life and ministry. Then when I see the blood, I say that the blood is the annulment of the law. The law requires us to work to attain righteousness and yet we can never be free of the sin therefore requiring further sacrifice. But now, the blood ends the curse of the law and we no longer must live in guilt by the law. The role of the annulled law is now to show us simply how to please God. O God, Im free from the fear of the law. I say, no human works are required for receipt of the blood. O God thank you, this blood is freedom from fear of Satan, from the curse of the law, and guilt of the law. Then I quote this scripture, For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God not of works so that no man can boast. Ephesians 2:8. 8. Next comes the ripple prayer, Intercession in the presence of God. a. As the prayer comes from you, it goes out to people near you as ripples flow in water. First pray for the people closest to you. I ask God to impart more strength, ability, revelation, and health to the ones I love. Then I pray for family, then friends, then work and ministry, then finally countries and leaders.