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Robotino Learning and researching with mobile robots

Robotino Learning and researching with mobile robots

Robotino: Experiencing, understanding and using technology

How do I make a robot move along a line?

Experiencing technology The Robotino not only contains technology, it also enables the technology to be experienced through a large number of captivating tasks drawn from the everyday world. Understanding technology Modularity means that all technical components, such as the electric drive units, sensors and camera, of Robotino can not only be directly understood but can also be learned about through their integrated system response. Using technology Trainees integrate and apply lots of technical features and functions, such as electric drive engineering, kinetics, sensors, control technology, vision systems and programming techniques. Ready-to-use immediately Unpack Robotino, switch it on and start the lesson, experiment or research project. The special appeal The Robotino is autonomous! Numerous sensors, a camera and a high-performance controller provide the system with the necessary intelligence. So when it is correctly programmed, it can handle the tasks assigned to it autonomously. The current trend Alongside industrial robotics, the market for mobile robots and service robots is becoming increasingly important. By using the Robotino, you will be keeping your training in line with a major technical and commercial advance. The awards Worddidac Award 2006 reddot design award winner 2006

Which robot team scores most goals?

Which robot can complete an obstacle course in the fastest possible time?

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Robotino Learning and researching with mobile robots

Interactive learning with Robotino View

Always online Robotino View is the interactive, graphical programming and learning environment for Robotino. It communicates directly with the robot system via wireless LAN, with no need for code compiling or downloading to the controller. You can send signals directly to the motor controller, display, scale and evaluate sensor values, or have a live camera image displayed and further processed. Robotino thus becomes an online experimentation field, e.g. for control technology.

Intuitive programming Robotino View is a visual programming language. Sequences and links are formed by wiring functional modules. The program corresponds to your idea of robot behaviour and is created intuitively. This means that parallel processes (multi-tasking) can also be defined and are easy to program. First steps with Robotino SIM Demo The integrated 3D simulation simulates the moving behaviour, the distance sensors and the camera in a predefined working environment. This enables you to test your first Robotino View programs in the simulation before usingthem on the real Robotino.

Robotino View basic principles The application window The workspace is divided into two areas: Display of the created functional block or flow diagrams. The current input and output values of the functional blocks can be displayed as an option. Display of the parameterisation/internal data of the status units, such as, for example, the live camera image, or the PID parameters for the motor regulation, whichcan be changed online. Printout of the graphical program as a PDF document

The library categories Logic contains all the major logical linking operations Mathematics contains the basic mathematical operations Vector calculation with conversion in Cartesian or polar coordinates Generators contains the basic functions for signal generation Filters for smoothing values Robotino hardware contains all the components of the robot system, such as the motor controller, camera, distance sensors, protection strip, power supply, odometry, grippers, power output, rotary encoder input. Input devices for controlling using a joystick or via a virtual operating panel Sequence control contains basic functions for creating a sequencing program Communication: write global variables/data to or read from a file, OPC client for communication with external control systems

Robotino Learning and researching with mobile robots

The complete Robotino package

Robust construction The three Robotino drive modules are integrated into a stable, laserwelded stainless steel frame. The frame is protected against collisions by a rubber protection strip with integrated switching sensor. Numerous additional components, such as sensors or handling units, can be mounted on a platform with prepared threaded holes.

Fast mover With its omnidirectional drive, the Robotino moves swiftly in all directions forwards, backwards, sideways and rotates on the spot. Three sturdy industrial DC motors with optical shaft encoders, having a resolution of 2048 increments per revolution, and gear units with a transmission ratio of 1:16 permit speeds of up to 10 km/h. These are the best prerequisites for their successful use in sporting competitions.

Everything in view The frame contains nine infrared distance sensors. An analogue inductive sensor and two optical sensors are also available, enabling the Robotino to recognise and follow predefined paths that are marked in colour or with an aluminium strip. The Robotino is supplied with a colour web camera with jpeg compression. The compressed web camera image can be transmitted to an external PC via the WLAN for image evaluation by Robotino View or used as a live camera image. The Robotino may not be able to find a needle in a haystack, but it can see whats going on around it with a high degree of accuracy.

Uninterrupted use Power is supplied via two 12 V leadgel rechargeable batteries, permitting a running time of up to two hours. The scope of delivery includes a further set of batteries for even more uninterrupted learning pleasure! The system is automatically shut down when the charge status is too low. A charging device and a jack are included in the scope of delivery, which means that Robotino can also be used for electrical drive/control technology experiments while its charging. A charging station is available on request, at which the Robotino can supply itself with the necessary voltage autonomously.

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Robotino Learning and researching with mobile robots

Complete Robotino package 544247 The complete learning system consists of: Mobile robot with a round stainless steel frame and three omnidirectional drive units. Diameter: 370 mm Height incl. housing: 210 mm Total weight: Approx. 11 kg Frame with: Rubber protection strip with built-in collision-protection sensor 9 analogue infrared distance sensors Analogue inductive sensor 2 digital optical sensors Colour web camera with USB interface and jpeg compression Control: Embedded PC 104 plus with real-time Linux operating system and numerous communication interfaces: Ethernet, 2 x USB, 2 x RS232, parallel port and VGA connection Wireless LAN access point in accordance with 802.11.g and 802.11.b. Can be switched to client mode. Optional WPA2 encoding Two 20-pin I/O plugs for integrating additional electric components Voltage supply via two 12 V lead-gel rechargeable batteries. A charging device and an additional set of rechargeable batteries are included in the scope of delivery. Software Robotino View, System requirements: PC with Windows 2000/XP/VISTA At least Pentium IV 512 MB RAM Recommended: Wireless LAN adapter

The ready-to-use package Included in the scope of delivery: Robotino Systainer Software Rechargeable battery pack Charging device Extensions and accessories available on request.

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Instructors handbook

Festo Didactic 544307 EN

Instructors handbook DE 544306 Students handbook DE 555706 Instructors handbook EN 544307 Students handbook EN 555707 Instructors handbook ES 548606 Students handbook ES 555708 Instructors handbook FR 548607 Students handbook FR 555709

Embedded PC for top performance PC 104 plus with AMD LX800 processor (800 MHz) SDRAM 128 MB Compact Flash card 1 GB Linux operating system with X Server Linux C++ API for controlling Robotino Linux-compatible version of Robotino View with GUI in PC 104 The monitor and keyboard can also be connected to the embedded PC 104 plus for programming and diagnostics. Download of RobotinoView programs Open communication interface which also supports the standard protocol SOAP (Simple Open Access Protocol)

Motor controller The three motors are controlled via a built-in PCB with 4 Atmel microprocessors and digital and analogue inputs/outputs, which is connected to the PC 104 via the serial interface. Power outputs for 3 motors, incl. PID controller Additional power output for controlling another motor Expandability The controller PCB has the following additional connections for future expansion: 8 analogue inputs 0 10 V, 50 Hz 8 digital inputs/outputs (24 V, short circuit proof and overload protection) 2 relays for additional actuators These free interfaces ensure future expandability at any time.

Open programming environment The Robotino server, a real-time Linux application, forms the heart of the controller. It controls the drive units of Robotino and can communicate with Robotino View or other external PC applications via WLAN: API with library for controlling via .Net , C++, C , C# and JAVA Numerous example programs show how API is used. MatLab and LabView interface for programming Robotino Web server application allows Robotino to be controlled via the Internet (e.g. by using an iPhone)

Direct access The membrane keypad integrated in the controller housing enables the Robotino to be controlled without a WLAN. Start the boot procedure for the controller Select the language (DE, EN, ES, FR) Status information Rechargeable battery status display Network connection configuration Select autonomous demo programs Starting of user-specific autonomous programs

Robotino Learning and researching with mobile robots

NorthStar Navigation system New!

Logistics Kit New!

One of the main challenges in mobile robotics is navigation, i.e. the localisation of and search for the right path to the target point. The simplest method for localisation is odometry, but this is relatively imprecise. Therefore, additional external sensors are required. The NorthStar Navigation System is an infrared localisation system which uses infrared points of light as orientation points. An infrared sensor determines its position and orientation from the position of two points of light. Evaluation data and check of the detected infrared points of light are included as a functional module in Robotino View. The NorthStar Navigation System consists of a NorthStar Projector Kit and a NorthStar Sensor. With these, a Robotino can be localised within a working space of max. 4 m x 4 m. Additional Robotinos can be included in the navigation system with additional NorthStar Sensors.

Scope of delivery NorthStar Projector Kit The NorthStar Projector is an infrared light source which generates a special light pattern on a reflective surface, such as a ceiling. This light pattern can be detected and evaluated by the NorthStar Sensor. Through careful calibration, a positioning accuracy <5 cm can be achieved in a maximum working space of 4 m x 4 m. The two Northstar Projectors can be positioned independently of one another. 2 NorthStar projectors with assembly device, 1 infrared indicator, 1 power supply unit with cable for supplying projectors with power, 1 CD-ROM with technical documentation and software NorthStar Sensor The NorthStar Sensor is mounted on Robotino with an assembly device included in the scope of delivery. Systainer with 1 NorthStar Sensor with assembly device , 1 USB cable, 1 memory card with operating system, 1 NorthStar Sensor manual
Order no. 549833 Accessories for more Robotinos: NorthStar Sensor 549777

The Logistics Kit consists of an electric gripper, flat storage area with 2 rows, an inductive sensor and a set of workpieces. The electric gripper is completely integrated in the Robotino platform, so that while it is moving, monitoring is not necessary for potential collisions with the gripper. The gripper detects workpieces between the gripper jaws by means of an integrated through-beam sensor. To pick up a workpiece from a bearing surface, a slide is integrated, which signalises the optimal position for the gripping process to the Robotino. The gripper end positions are checked via the motor current evaluation. The gripper function is available as a functional module in Robotino View (starting from Version 1.7).

Scope of delivery Electric gripper Gripper stroke: 4 mm Maximum workpiece diameter: 40 mm Maximum workpiece weight: 300 g Gripping force: 140 N Closing/opening time: 2 s Operating voltage: 24 V DC Maximum current: 140 mA Analogue inductive sensor for mounting in the middle of the robot frame Flat storage area with 2 rows and 3 storage places per row for cylinder-shaped workpieces with a maxi mum diameter of 40 mm Workpiece set Aluminium adhesive tape for marking the access routes to the storage area, which the Robotino can align itself on for gripping the workpieces
Order no. 564179 The most important components at a glance: Electric gripper Order no. 564176 Analogue inductive sensor Order no. 564177 Flat storage area Order no. 564178 Workpiece set Cylinder bodies Order no. 167021 Aluminium adhesive tape Order no. 564213

Robotino Learning and researching with mobile robots

Robotino project ideas

With its modular structure, attachable devices and the open software interfaces Robotino is the ideal platform for project work. With Robotino, we provide the platform you develop the exciting enhancements. This is how fascinating projects evolve, a small selection of which are listed below. For more information see The advantages: Reliable design stable frame: no investment in mechanical maintenance needed LINUX operating system for software reliability Powerful drive unit and high-quality omnidrive concentrating on an intelligent solution for a task Technical defects, non-reproducible effects and unwanted project delays are therefore a thing of the past. Would you also like to implement projects with Robotino? Send an e-mail to

Control with a PLC For simple integration of Robotino in classical automation control technology: wire your PLC with Easyport or select a direct connection from the PLC to the new OPC client of Robotino View to control Robotino via a PLC.


Driverless transport system with gripper system In connection with the modular production system MPS, Robotino takes over the task of a flexible driverless transport system with an industrial gripper system and additional positioning control. In the Science House in Europapark Rust, Robotino shows what it can do in another attractive logistics application every day.

Official competition equipment at the WorldSkills international competition The range of tasks includes the exchange of components, the mounting of new sensors or handling components, troubleshooting in hardware and software and the creation of attractive applications with the graphical programming environment, Robotino View.

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