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Rum Brands

Find different brands of rum and drink manufacturers. Use the list below to find your favorite rum brands. This list of rum brands is frequently updated with new brands so check back again for new rum brands.

List of Brands of Rum

10 Cane - Trinidad Admiral Nelson - US Appleton Estate - Jamaica Angostura - Trinidad Barcardi - Puerto Rico Barton - Virgin Islands Brinley Brugal - Dominican Republic Captain Morgan - Puerto Rico Castillo - Puerto Rico Charbay - US Clearheart Rum - US Coruba - Jamaica Cruzan - St. Croix Diplomatico - Venezuala El Dorado - Guyana Fernandes - Trinidad Flor de Cana - Nicaragua Gosling's Kilo Kai Lieutenant Dan Malibu Myers - Jamaica Montecristo - Guatelmala Mount Gay - Barbados Old Mill Oronoco Fazenda - Brazil Palo - Puerto Rico Pampero - Venezuela Papagayo - Paraguay Pusser's - Trinidad Pyrat - Anguilla Rhum Clement - Martinique Rhum Barbancort - Haiti Rogue - US Ron Abuelo - Panama Ron Castillo - Puerto Rico

Ron Matusalem - Dominican Republic Ron Rico - Puerto Rico Sailor Jerry's - Virgin Islands Sea Wynde - Jamaica Starr African Rum - Mauritius Tommy Bahama - Barbados Tortuga Trader Vic's - West Indies VooDoo - Virgin Islands Whaler's Dark - US Wray & Nephew - Jamaica Zacapa - Guatemala Zaya - Trinidad

Tequila is a spirit made with Blue Agave.
Alcohol Content in Tequila

Tequila typically has an alcohol content in the range of 35% to 55% by volume (70 to 110 proof).
The History of Tequila

The first distillation of tequila originated in Mexico in the 16th centry.

Types of Tequila

Anejo (aged) Tequila Blanco (white) or Plata (silver) Tequila Extra Anejo (extra aged) Tequila Joven (young) or oro (gold) Tequila Reposado (rested) Tequila

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Vodka is a colorless liquid that contains a mixture of water and distilled ethanol. Vodka is made from a fermented substance such as potatoes, rye, wheat or sugar beet molasses.

Alcohol Content in Vodka

Vodka typically has an alcohol content in the range of 35% to 50% by volume (70 to 100 proof).
The History of Vodka

Vodka originated in Russia inthe 14th centry.

Popular drinks made with Vodka

Vodka Tonic Bloody Mary Screwdriver White Russian Vodka Martini

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Vodka Brands

Vodka is made all over the world by many different manufacturers some of which produce several brands of vodka. Our vodka brands page contains a list of several different brands of vodka.

Whiskey (or whisky) is a distilled liquid made from fermented grain mash.
Whiskey Classification

Classification depends on the amount of toasting or charring done to the wood, and the type of wood used. Bourbon whiskey is aged in charred new oak barrels. Scotch whiskey has a slower maturation time and typically uses barrels that have already been used for bourbon production.
Types of Whiskey

Malt Whiskey Grain Whiskey

How Whiskey Malts and Grains are Combined

Blended Whiskey Cask Strength Whiskey Pure Pot Still Whiskey Single Malt Whisky

Vatted Malt Whisky

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